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OCT 21, 2017
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Sermon The Life of John Wycliffe | Dr. David Allen UK
David and Karen Biser from Cumberland, MD
"Outstanding lecture on the life of the pre-reformer, John Wycliffe, the..."
-2 hrs 
Sermon Rip Van Winkle | Ed Moore
Renee from United States
-9 hrs 
Sermon A Family Life Verse | Chris Starr
Sally Jo Pyle from Glen Rock, Pennsylvania
-10 hrs 
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News Item9/15/12 8:37 AM | not on mars  Find all comments by
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WHAT YOU dont know we are all conspiring against God b4 we knew God .What people are not conpiring against christian today. ??
Again you are the one who has quoted rev... which is a miss quote. because I dont talk about what you think is right on sermon audio you judge me Do you know what I do every day with the lost!watch your tongue!You know what I do beside sermon audio same puffed up people.How is your pride or ego.
every person conspires against God your joking right to say they dont? my whole life and not only mine but every person is conspiring against God rule. pay attension this is not about conspiracys as you put but its about lies. Get it lies. you claim you dont care but nothing can be further from the truth. nothing in your reply as your miss claim on newton?? where your repentance.
pay attention if you want to get truth by the tv then then do so .
In heavan their is no medals on how well you or i claim to witness on sermon audio this is the reason I dont log on to reply on religious banterings with the same people which is not at all glorifying, but the fuffing up of the flesh!
my justified text is ye shall not lie!pay attention lies. there is next to no atmosphere on mar and how is a parashute going to slow somthing down from 13200mph common sence!

News Item9/9/12 7:04 AM | aust  Find all comments by
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Lurker wrote:
.I first met you 7 or 8 years ago you loved to discuss the bible. Now you want to discuss conspiracies. What's happened to your first love (Rev 2:4)?
Hi again Lurker. offer me a little humility please brother. The bible tells me in psalm 2 there are those conspiring, does it not, the whole of the bible shows this, what part of the bible do want to .. I am saded by your comments as if this is not important. what? we need to talk about the same things after 8 to the arminians is that pleasing to God. Christ talks to me about this conspicy in His work do you hear HIM Ps 2 .The world tells the people we come from monkeys do we tell them what the bible says when the world show something that is a lie dont we tell them the truth regardless if you think it odd or not. if u thinks its ok for the media to lie and say nothing do you think your pleasing the Lord Jesus?ARe you saying because I want to say something about lies, will you say its not important to the Lord Jesus because what i say offends u?where is the enemey that Jesus warn you and me off do you know where his seat is. The Gospel of the kingdom of God!If you care not about all matters truely does Jesus cares for lies?com on I was just stating what I know.u replyed to me.

News Item9/9/12 12:59 AM | australia  Find all comments by
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a para shute stop a suv in a near vacuum come on guys common sence.what about the heat side of things Lies Lies Mars average density = 3,933Kg/cubic meter
= 245 pounds per cubic foot Earth average density = 5,520Kg/cubic meter
= 345 pounds per cubic foot
Mars escape velocity = 5.03 Km/sec
= 3.12 miles/sec = 11,250 miles/hr Earth escape velocity = 11.19 Km/sec
= 6.95 miles/sec = 25,000 miles/hr
it would take fuel
several times the size of the payload to slow the payload down from 13,200mph in the Martian atmosphere - just as a rockets fuel weighs more than the rest of the rocket,same for going the opposite direction from 13,200mph - 0. It just fails the common sense test - I can't make it more clear.My defence the the past was how could so many be fooled even me big me. The bible show me the answer we are so fickle so easyly to go astray going after vanity instead of testing things

Another common sense test a big plane with wings makes a hole like this below with little to no plane parts??
Where are the engines and wings just a round hole from a soft nose plane?? But TV showed me so it must be true they are lying to us.
The media is lying to us every day and they are making fun of that fact.

News Item9/6/12 5:39 AM | australia  Find all comments by
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[QUOTE]..[/QUOTE]sourse cbs.Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld ... to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions," Rumsfeld admitted.
thousands saw what lol. I used to fix races before i was saved to make thousands but the people saw a race which ever one saw they were trying.
You and i saw a whole plane go into the building and building 7 free fall to the ground. I care not that millions saw what or thousands. .its impossable for this to happen if it were Almigty God doing it then yes. A soft nose plane engines and all impossible do you know? some eyewitness said they say a small plane or rocket like plane. I would say Jasmin rocket the some media even aditted they forged the news to show what they missed but who cares its news.Building 7 free fall to the ground? and a plane didnt even hit it.

Neil do that same chalenge for NASA real test too i hope u r your fair or it just me, or are they snake oil too.
A 2 ton object tralling 12000 mph stop in 7 min but a fake sky crane with little fuel- parachute a little bigger than the type a man uses on Earth (50ft in diameter one source said - not very big)?.Mass of Space Crane + Mass of Curiosity DIVIDED BYMass of Loaded Rocket that leaves earth, MULTIPLIED BYMass of Fuel in Loaded Rok dont add up

News Item9/5/12 7:02 AM | australia  Find all comments by
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Neil wrote:
I knew that impress
who first...
If you knew it wouldnt impress why use it. would it be usefull in any case.with a budget of 4 trillion you would think you have one test dont you?
you might get arockets to work -vacuum but does it produce thrust?

Lurker why so many? one good reason is money and lots of it.the root of all evil is the love of money.not only that they are trying to find a way out of Gods presence. Dont i remember NASA loosing 2 trillion some where..hmm 2 trillion do you know how much money that is nasas budget is 4 trillion for what?
Ps 1 tell me there is a conspircy agaisnt God.
That religion that fights against Gods people is Freemasonary the worship of satan, every president has been one, the queen phillip charles every leader in the world today belongs to this secreat society every media is owned by the same people Reuters, our murdoch is a known mason, why do you think we are bombarded in every nation about gay agenda its the same club. Mike the media is not hostile its may appear to you as being but its not Big companies own the world BIG banks.
I was like you guys when 911 a plane hit your towers as the tv showed me. But it was fake my proof a soft nose plane engines & all threw a b?. & buid 7. cont

News Item9/3/12 10:28 PM | australia  Find all comments by
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Lurker wrote:
Hi buddy great to hear from you again. I didnt have time to put that in it(newton law is mis applied if u r reffering to a vacuum as well as here).its pushing against the atmosphare not nothing in every direction i might add shawly, think)
doesnt it? also thats my point and not just mine or so called looneys lol. Newton is wrong on that point if u mean thats in space as well. Prove to me not via like a picture that neil provided of wallace & gommit going to the moon. but a real test..I use to beleive as you do until little over 5 years ago isntead of laughing and making fun of them as i did at people who challanged me with the very same arguments which is just what i had been taught and said look at the tv its real, but when it came to actualy, test there is none.well none as of now still do u have one , one. doest that send alarm bell to your mind.What there not one tangable test that shows a rocket working in a vacuum?That even NASA say they have all their satalites and shuttle in low orbit atmosphare?

yes the gasses are expanding rapidly out of one end of the rocket, but they are expanding every into a vacuum, this vacuum is 'sucking' on the gasses as quick as they expand so the net result is zero force in one direction.

News Item9/3/12 2:39 AM | Australia  Find all comments by
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Neil wrote:
(about 50s into the clip)
But why would a skeptic about the moon landings, or the space program in general, accept any video as evidence?
neil, neil , neil thats not a test so thats your truth? ever asked your self where is the videos testd for a rocket working in a vacuum?
and mike you need more proof than the word physics, your not going to tell me that in a vacuum it pushes against itself?? duh
or curiosity can slow down from 12000 mph with a parachute yer right when the atmosphare of mars is .01 of earths. No i believe what i am told by nasa they wouldnt lie, tv showed me.. whats logical. any video tests of this shute working... ah no..anamation only or for security reasons lol. its like trying to stop a shooting star with a shute!!Imposible.
here rover catch...
but you guys are brainer than me thats fine. show me the evedence real evedence tests real science tests not some movie neil. neil or mike show and i will be happy repent

News Item9/2/12 4:00 AM | Australia  Find all comments by
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Mike wrote:
C'mon now, admit it. You're Tony, right?

Your name is not fall is it? fall for anything. Show me one video where a rocket works in a vaccum and Ill believe you!!!Or no tv told me so...

News Item8/28/12 5:42 AM | Australia  Find all comments by
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which moon did he land? in hollywood maybe.

News Item8/12/12 4:57 AM | australia  Find all comments by
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equals slavery

News Item8/8/12 8:32 PM | Australia  Find all comments by
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jpw wrote:
this is kind of a no brainer.
whole societies can build their paradigm out of something that makes no sense!
yet many have to leave country to get simple treatments like vitamin c and baking soda.
amen.. like cot death if only people knew...
people have to stop believing what they see on tv they are lieing to you and its in their interest to do so...

News Item8/8/12 5:49 PM | Australia  Find all comments by
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GetReal wrote:
You'll follow the show, argue on cue over all sorts of things, have your heart-strings pulled, be entertained, be shocked, get angry, be amazed and then you'll vote.
Then you'll begin complaining all over again about government intrusion.
It's perfectly clear to me what the Australian is saying. He's saying hardly anyone trusts their governments.
Could there possibly be a reason for that?
thx get real right on the button. its hard talking to some americans let alone pommies...

News Item8/8/12 5:43 PM | Australia  Find all comments by
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Mike wrote:
However his inability to lie straight in bed, he is straight as an arrow compared to the pretzel we presently have.
i agree obama is bad but not straight as an arrow compared too...but romney was only chosen to make clear mockey of him when the race is on, so sadly americans will vote for obama for a 2nd term. i hope iam wrong.

News Item8/7/12 7:03 PM | Australia  Find all comments by
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BOB wrote:
America is so unique in History in that we actually get to chose our leaders....and we have chosen leaders that continue to run the nation in debt, that promote "gay rights".....yet, osavings rate in American is a negative %, abortion and birth control abound because we do not love children, and "gay rights" abound while we who call ourselves christians divorce and fornicate.....
It is time for a change.....
but it must start with Repentance before the one, true, living God!
bob do you really get to choose your leaders. you dont get to choose your leaders you only get the choice after they choose first. the sooner people around the world see this the better. its the same all around the world our leaders wether dem or rep, or here labor-libs are the same they give the people the impression one is left the other right but they are puppets for the rc church..hos 8...They have set up kings, but not by me:saith the Lord..If obama care is wrong and against conservatives why are they still blessing it. so the web is harder to take down. they choose romney then stage mistakes by the other candidate to force you to choose whats left of the muck. its staged like the shooting r staged actors nasa stagged scam for more money more control

News Item8/7/12 6:39 PM | Australia  Find all comments by
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Romney is a fake let alone a fake mormon he definatly not a Christian. He could not lie straight in bed, let alone with that mouth of his. he;s good at 2up.

News Item7/21/12 4:36 AM | australia  Find all comments by
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Those in hollywood worship satan and with the name dark knight rises, we all, i hope know who that is refering to and its not the charactor in the movie its all about symbolism with them!

News Item7/9/12 4:32 AM | australia  Find all comments by
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well what do u expect when they the americans think when the vote republican they are voting for good government. all they are voting for is another satan worshipper another satanic freemason, yet i would not fear look what happen to Haman
CJW wrote:
Isn't it kind of odd a Muslim would use the term "Anti-Christ system" when referring to CHRISTianity? Sadly, there seems to be many in politics who also carry this same level of being rediculous in what they say.

News Item7/6/12 5:20 PM | Australia  Find all comments by
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Wasnt he a high ranking free mason?? Whos god is the devil himself. Obamas not a christian and I suspect this gut neither. you need to be bornagain.

News Item6/22/12 6:35 AM
R.Gr | Aust  Find all comments by R.Gr
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i would have to agree 100%

Mark My Words wrote:
Not even 1% of them will quit I guarantee it, mark my words.
99% of them love money too much. Doctors here killed my father 2 months ago by overdosing him on heparin inducing a brain hemorrhage and not one of them would admit it openly because they would rather lie then risk loosing their 2-300k per year jobs serving the filthy Canadian tax funded deathcare system. They get even more money in the USA, so they wouldn't dare quit there. Its the same with expatriation. Smart people would expatriate from cursed lands like these but not even a tenth of 1% ever do, everyone else bows down to the antichrist system as was foretold and receives his mark so that they can buy and sell and be left alone.
Mark my Words.

News Item6/9/12 7:30 AM | australia  Find all comments by
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There is only 2 ways. Glad to see there is a country thats see's evelution is just plain wrong.
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