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MAR 19, 2018
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Sermon Destroying Pop-Christian Views of Marital Bliss -... | Paul Washer
grateful wife
"all 3+ hours of these two sermons on marriage are worth the listen."
-8 hrs 
Sermon Finding Real Contentment in Christ | John Chapman
Joseph R. Terrell from Rock Valley, IA
-8 hrs 
Sermon Running the Race | Chad Prigge
Anna Schrock from Ixonia WI
-9 hrs 
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News Item11/11/12 5:23 PM
Observationpoint | UK  Find all comments by Observationpoint
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Frank wrote:
I watched half the film and I couldn't agree more with your comment. I just hope and pray that Christ's church has enough discernment to simply recognize this subtle form of brain washing and reprove and exhort and "confess" Christ before them.
For any passing by please consider going to the video and for 2 minutes of your valuable time (from the 10 mins 30 secs) watch the following part about a certain 1958 book...

'The Naked Communist Goals 1958'

10.35 to 12.41

AGENDA: Grinding America Down (free video online)

It might make you weep for your beloved land.

News Item11/11/12 9:26 AM
Observationpoint  Find all comments by Observationpoint
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Jeremiah 17:5-7(KJV)
Thus saith the Lord; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord. Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is.

I was reading today: 'The evangelical church continues to believe that they can influence society through political means – nothing could be further from the truth THERE ARE NO POLITICAL ANSWERS TO SPIRITUAL PROBLEMS...The early church turned the world upside down because they were faithful to the Great Commission – societies were changed when peoples hearts were transformed by the Gospel.'

Communism has a goal and team USA are incapacitated without the God of the Bible as their only strong defence. The political arm of flesh will not save USA from Satan's varied attacks, especially when the goal-minder is blind.

At least be aware of one strategy how Satan is grinding you down-

AGENDA: Grinding America Down (free video online)

News Item9/5/10 10:35 AM
Observation Point  Find all comments by Observation Point
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Having just now received the latest Trinity Review 'Papacy Set To Recapture England'See

I was struck by Richard Bennett's quote:

"We all know that we live in difficult apostate days. In very similar circumstances J.C. Ryle encouraged believers in the UK in the 19th century to remain strong and not to compromise. In “The True Church,” he declared, This is the church, which does the work of Christ on earth. Its members are a little flock and few in number, one or two here and two or three there, a few in this district and a few in that. But these are they that shake the universe; who change the fortune of kingdoms by their prayers; these are they who are the active workers for spreading the knowledge of pure religion and undefiled; these are the lifeblood of the country, the shield, the defense, the stay and the support of any nation to which they belong. Thus the Lord’s people “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 3), knowing that “whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith” (1 John 5:4)."

"little outposts" (the Lord's people who will not compromise)...can still be the lifeblood of the very country!

News Item9/5/10 8:25 AM
Observation Point  Find all comments by Observation Point
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Alan Schwarb

It appears Alan is an apostate from his own comments, having joined the RC institution. May God be merciful in His providence and should you read this Alan please contact former RC Priest-R Bennett at Here
Alan says: See Allan Schwarb
PCA convert to Catholic Church (2007)
June 22, 2010 10:09 PM

see also: Here

There is an obvious danger when any are blurring the true faith of God and failing to follow Jude 3. Rc convert Alan seems to be sinking in the same apostate ship as Mormon Glen. Can either REALLY be depended on to call a nation or an individual to faith in God? Isn't that the calling of God's gospel servants?

May we be praying for Alan that God would be pleased to yet save and deliver him, despite his own sad confusion.

News Item9/5/10 6:11 AM
Observation Point  Find all comments by Observation Point
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John Yurich USA wrote:
Perhaps the reason why there is a lack of interest in the visit of Benedict XVI to England is that the percentage of Catholics in England is small compared to Anglicans. And another reason could be that secularism is rampant in England.

There are more RC's 'worshipping' than Anglicans, John.

News Item9/5/10 6:08 AM
Observation point  Find all comments by Observation point
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Plink Plonk wrote:
how many are thriving?
Mmmmm...the charismatic church is thriving?

Depends how you define THRIVING, do you only mean numbers?


Improving, growing, or succeeding steadily, *** flourishing***...

Britain has become a 'Catholic country'

"A survey of 37,000 churches...shows the number of people going to Sunday Mass in England last year averaged 861,000, compared with 852,000 Anglicans ....
"It isn't a competition. I'm delighted to see all Christian denominations ***flourishing***," said the Rt Rev Graham Cray, the chairman of the Church of England's report on evangelism."

An apostate who delights in a flourishing and thriving but apostate church?

Is it about numbers or a faithful church as Jude 3?

Plenty of faithful Protestant churches who will be faithfully evangelising lost RC's and lost Protestants in the coming weeks-30,000 tracts “What Every Catholic Should Know" (and every Protestant!)

Some churches dead or dying can be seen to be outwardly the multitude of weeds in my garden

Which thriving churches will also be protesting against the Pope's UK visit?

News Item9/4/10 6:51 PM
Observation Point  Find all comments by Observation Point
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Plink Plonk wrote:
If the truth be told the majority of them are dying out!
Free Presbyterian Church Of Scotland

Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster

Free Church of Scotland Continuing

Church Of England Continuing

Reformed Presbyterian Church

A host of Reformed Baptist Churches etc

Now Plink Plonk which churches are evangelsing Roman Catholics when the Pope arrives? (Also PROTESTING?)

I know each of the above denominations have organised evangelism...preaching the gospel and handing out tracts. All the above are confessional churches and STILL PROTESTANT (holding to the Pope as Antichrist as said confessionals)

Note the above denominations are strongly AV.

Check out the Free Church of Scotland Continuing as an example of a Church denomination blessed of God.

News Item9/1/10 7:11 PM
Observation Point  Find all comments by Observation Point
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Jim Lincoln wrote:
What counts observation point,
What counts is how folk, by the enablement of the HS, read those prophecises in Isaiah and Micah without Wallace's notes. Yet the HS won't enlighten by reading the NET Bible for either prophecy WITHOUT the aid of Mr Wallace. Is your NASB mistaken in both prophecies

We don't need Schofield, MacArthur or even Geneva notes (or even Mr wallace )...we simply need the HS who will enlighten and teach ALL TRUTH

The Society's publications contain the Word of God alone without note or comment beyond references and headings...


News Item8/31/10 3:00 PM
Observation point  Find all comments by Observation point
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Jim Lincoln wrote:
Since Dr. Wallace was on the Net Bible translation team,

Note the NET BIBle compared with the KJV and the NASB, are the notes helpful here?

News Item8/31/10 2:17 PM
observation point  Find all comments by observation point
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Jim Lincoln wrote:
John MacArthur's article covers it very well, The Biblical Position on The KJV Controversy.
John Mac Arthur not always right

Gary Shepard
3 Things I Know About Christ 3

2 Corinthians 5:21
13th Street Baptist Church
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Proverbios - Spanish
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Shawn Reynolds
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Thus Saith The Lord

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Sermon: The Necessity of a New Birth
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