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Sermon The Visible Is The Devils' Domain | Pastor Kent Black
Lynne Messerer from South Carolina
"Gives real understanding of 'lean not unto thine own understanding.'"
-8 hrs 
Sermon The Father and the Son | Dr. David Graves
Vincent from Boise Idaho
-17 hrs 
Sermon Seguir o coração - Jeremias 17:9 | Daniel Vale
Aldenir A Ferreira from Harrison
-17 hrs 
· Page 1 ·  Found: 7 user comments posted recently.
News Item5/5/17 4:30 PM
Gracie | SA  Find all comments by Gracie
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John UK wrote:
Ah yes, it makes better sense to me now. Thanks Sr B.
Desegregate the churches and revolutionize world view. Desegregate the churches and experience the authority Christ left his church.

News Item5/5/17 4:15 PM
Gracie | SA  Find all comments by Gracie
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Someoneudontknow wrote:
we got rid of the biggest race baiter who tore this country apart with his divisive politics, Obama treated us like we were white south africans with black servants in our houses, America was the FIRST to stop SLAVERY, stop trying to shame Americans, go shame the colonialist countries who have not built infrastructure for their poor, like brasil
if you know who this is then come to my house and get me, i'm ready to fight today is a good day to die in the service of the Lord
"We will not have this man be our king the crowd cried out about Jesus." You worship Obama like he was Jesus, you will get your reward
you want WHITE GENOCIDE because whites make up the MAJORITY CHRISTIAN POPULATION,
Gee, Someoneudontknow

I was addressing "white" thought.

Now for myself, there is no barrier in the Body of believers. For those crucified with Christ, there is neither Jew, Greek, etc. Men are either Christians or sinners in need of saving grace.

In the world there is white and black, etc.

I am sorry to hear that your identity is in your whiteness and not in the one new man.

News Item5/5/17 4:05 PM
Gracie | SA  Find all comments by Gracie
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ladybug wrote:
Well, Paula White is Trump's 'spiritual advisor' -that says it all.
This is a sort of ecumenical move, Trump is clueless to true biblical Christianity. May God have mercy on him.
Jim 'Liberal' Lincoln, how did you react when your idol, Obama, met with the pope? Let me refresh your memory, "Holy Father, your visit not only allows us, in some small way, to reciprocate the extraordinary hospitality that you extended to me at the Vatican last year. It also reveals how much all Americans, from every background and every faith, value the role that the Catholic Church plays in strengthening America." B. Obama, from
Trump is no different than any other president concerning a meeting with the pope.
This is how he addressed issues concerning women. AND SHE NO DOUBT SUFFERS FROM THE BLOND SYNDROME.

News Item5/5/17 4:02 PM
Gracie | SA  Find all comments by Gracie
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ladybug wrote:
Brother Frank -
It behooves us to revisit things done at the inception of establishing American government. You'll find that almost every social policy was replete with racism.
Terry Gross'es explains much of what is still being done - 'Sanitize' How Our Government Created Ghettos in his book
A 'Forgotten History' Of How The U.S. Government Segregated America
People are not coming to Christ because of racism; hypocritical church goers.

Richard Rothstein "says the housing programs begun under the New Deal were tantamount to a "state-sponsored system of segregation."
He further states
. "If we want greater equality in this society, if we want a lowering of the hostility between police and young African-American men, we need to take steps to desegregate."

Desegregate the churches and revolutionize world view.

His study revealed "... anywhere where African-Americans lived, anywhere where African-Americans lived nearby were colored red to indicate to appraisers that these neighborhoods were too risky to insure mortgages."

Tares in churches support discrimination and are a large part of the problem

We need to stop pretending to be ignorant of these attempts to ABORT ones progress in life.

News Item5/5/17 11:13 AM
gracie | SA  Find all comments by gracie
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Praise God from whom all blessings flow

News Item3/31/17 5:01 PM
Gracie | Mercy Seat  Find all comments by Gracie
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Angela Wittman wrote:
Christopher is right and I also think that if one is left in a false church, they'll be taught false doctrine and actually will be motivated to share a false gospel. Would you want it on your conscience that souls are in hell because you didn't reject a false religion for the truth? How can one be effective for the kingdom if they're untaught? The Gospel truth will make a soul thirst for righteousness and do good works out of love for the Savior - not for fear of going to hell. John Y., you really need to make a decision and stop trying to keep one foot in Rome with the other seeking the Savior. You won't get very far in such a precarious position.
Ditto, Angela

Just this morning I was rebuked by a Christian who invited me to a "Sunrise" service. I asked if the Bible supported such an observation and if it evolved out of pagan worship. I was bluntly told that I have a critical spirit.

Of course, I could not convince him that the reason the church is largely ineffective is that we have meshed our beliefs with the world. I recommended Isaiah 58 to him.

I stand with you Angela. Be ready to find the narrow road a lonely road if you take your eyes off the Via Delorosa road.

News Item3/30/17 3:54 PM
Gracie | Mercy Seat  Find all comments by Gracie
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Unprofitable Servant wrote:
pretty sure Israel doesn't allow Christian missionaries you can only get in on a work visa.
There are a few Christian churches there already.

As for American Christians who go there on tour, they could turn Israel upside down.

BTW, is having Jerusalem a tourist attraction equivalent to Peter wanting to build a tabernacle for Jesus, Moses, and Elijah on the Mt of Transfiguration?

Just thinking about the role the Holy Spirit has in converting the soul when we are moved by inventions of men.

Bill Parker
The Word of Substitution - 2

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Tech Talk Zoom // Episode 06
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