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Sermon The Darkside of the Internet I | Dr. Rand Hummel
Samantha M
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-18 hrs 
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Sandra Ratcliff from Houston, Texas
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· Page 1 ·  Found: 9 user comments posted recently.
News Item7/5/2020 6:48 PM
Watchman.r. | Australia  Find all comments by Watchman.r.
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HEAR Here. I witnessed in my own church changing the old hymn book to hillsong one song at a time.Why i said.. Now i am called a troubler of Israel..

News Item7/5/2020 6:28 PM
Watchman.r. | Australia  Find all comments by Watchman.r.
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Morning John had another look paragraph 3 is a ripper stronger than W.c. para 5 .. sorry to say, reminds me of those naughty hymn writers . Could my zeal not respite know, could my tears FOR ever plow..or if the whole of nature mine.....thou must Save Thou Alone.

As to DHK. Be patient.  Under the guise of discernment Help him. If James Q is right misguided as he also said we all have been dupped at some time..pray for Him.Dhk.

Its to easy to be like Luther and the other guy he would not HAVE fellowship because of how to do the Lord supper. Too easy to say never return.  Who says this. Not Jesus even a Judas.

Remember Peter. Jesus prayed for him. Peter denied Him 3 times. Peter brought shame again with ceremonies with the Gosple. Jesus is long suffering.  We are to reconcile non believers and believers, restore such as one,help, yes rebuke when grave error, the bible is clear which these are. Sourse is King. Who! The Person Jesus. Even the how 1 preach christ in envy in.... Paul rejoiced in this because if one is truly saved they wont do after their works. Like Jesus said of the pharasees go back in their synagogue but not after their work. Foolishness of preaching. CROSS!

My morning read 1cor 15.9 used weakness for your advantage. 

News Item7/5/2020 4:08 AM
Watchman.r. | Australia  Find all comments by Watchman.r.
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John UK wrote:
Good morning Remo, and I wish you a happy
I like to get to know people and what they believe. Fellowship is always enhanced the more peo 16th chapter of the 1689 Baptist confession of faith, and . Thank it is:
Blessed morning to you John. I really only came on this site to help people know about the fake virus and the biochip that may come which one wont be able to buy or sell.
All my children are not allowed to go to school not vaccinated but thats fine as we home school anyway.
They have s.a banned me yesterday on my phone which i do all my internet on.
Some take' no repentance after salvation to their grave. He he he.They dont mind throwing things but when you point it out like children you are doing it 2 me dont do it to me .called lier. bullied. When the numbers on here build up ,they come out to challenge other. By there fruit which some dont need
So my typing is on a 2×4 inch screen with large thumbs its hard to get things right.
I went to a good reformed Baptist church 10 years ago in western australia but moved to the progresive state. At times wished i was back there. Will have a look latter. Our milking cow just calved so have to attend. Cheers Brother John

News Item7/4/2020 9:37 PM
Watchman.r. | Australia  Find all comments by Watchman.r.
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Part 2
or i can treat other Christians badly because they are really not my brother and rail on them under the guise of purity of doctrine. The doctrine of Justification is best summed up by Gods Word and not the opinions of men.But when men like the reformers they had to put insepreable .. never alone...
Be Born again and walk in the newness of Life. If you live 1 hour.. theif on the cross 7 Graces.We jusly.. remember me readyness of forgivness witnessed cared for his soul to his neighbor do you not fear God....or 1000 years. His Seed remains.
We all need to treat people even those we dont like with Love Christ Love not fleshly love because i have too. But because real Love demands a responce effectual . Just like we believe in effectual call and we respond. So too when Jesus says let there be light there was light. The Glory of the Cross is our only hope. Paul could see all the fleshly things the corinth church was doing even ministers. But Paul knew The Cross only the Cross draws them to turn from the flesh and walk in the Spirit and for fill not the works of the flesh.Just like the legalist you began in the spirit and want to add circumsition. Or knowledge. But Love not your brother... How can one Love God..blessed are the peace makers.

News Item7/4/2020 7:46 PM
Watchman.r. | Australia  Find all comments by Watchman.r.
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Mike wrote:
If questions of the permanence of salvation come up, simple is best. Ask self or others easy questions, like "Can you be saved, then lose your salvation?"
If the answer is yes, then remember to be saved means you have
eternal life, present tense. If you can lose your salvation, it follows you can lose eternal life. If you.can lose eternal life, ask self or others this. How can you have eternal life temporarily?
Just remember mike there are those who also say if you fall way you were never saved in the frist place.. The daisy Christian is wrong he loves me he loves me not..thats for sure. But we tulip not daisy calvinist will say if someone falls away he was never saved in the first place. All the best brother mike😊

News Item7/4/2020 7:39 PM
Watchman.r. | Australia  Find all comments by Watchman.r.
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Just because someone posts a video dont mean anything. Like i might quote Spurgeon but not believe in his baptism. In yhis video ..

Why did this guy say stealing pears for fun was greater in sinning than adultery.I wonder if people know and why its important tday . Augustin of hippo. Is called a believer.. yet had alot of strange teaching also. But still a brother...Hmmm stealing pears..
now the link doent mean i believe all of Sproul but a brother. There are foke that say he not a brother of mime..But those who are Born again abide in the vine for without which no one can do nothing..
Why can people say of others your a lier , bully' i have false relion.Mind your own business. . Is it because theses others stealing pears for fun..are free from sin because we dare not add Jesus. Naughty Jesus by their fruit ye shall know them.
Must be Born again. Born b4 the foundations of the earth. Yet in the fullness of time we walked in them. Good pleasure of His Will.
Inseparable.. Spirit and Body.Fruit of the Spirit.
Love your weakest brother. I am to love both brothers in the prodigal son.
Have a blessed Lords Day all.

News Item7/4/2020 5:20 PM
Watchman.r. | Australia  Find all comments by Watchman.r.
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MS wrote:
I will not answer for Bro. Lurker as I know he is on the forum today. But remo has spoken a lie in regard to an incident that took place on another thread about a week ago.Hopefully he will see this and address it accordingly.
did not you do it too.what lie? I could be wrong and apologize ..but i think you agreed with lurker and said also. But again i am sorry if i am wrong.
we are to be equal in all things in Christ. Impartial. We can all say things we regret Jesus know we are weak. But he is strong and sticks closer than any brother. We are to be fathers and nurses to those who profess Jesus. Yes if they are in grave error like the ones in the bible. One of them is not loving your weakest brother. Denying the God man. Adding fleshly works even understanding or explanation of mans Justification . The Person Jesus. The who Born again. This. Unless your Born again the others dont flow. But those who are .Do of the Fathers good pleasure. Because His Seed remains!

Mr tim neither will you answer my question. Its ok for the select few to ask what ever his name is but if i ask its called butting in myob a troubler of Israel. God is not impartial neither should we!

Please dont bully anyone and 1 points it out its not called the same.

News Item7/4/2020 5:10 PM
Watchman.r. | Australia  Find all comments by Watchman.r.
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Over in test case victoria. We have a brand new mantra. You ready for it. They are now saying their may be a "Super Spreader" that is infecting all these new lockdown areas.
Proverbs 28.1.. Alot of sleepy churches are waking up to this fake virus theory..when they thought its was real.God sends strong delusions to believe a lie. Because they belong to the father of lies.Born again Spirit and body. Inseparable.

News Item7/4/2020 4:55 PM
Watchman.r. | Australia  Find all comments by Watchman.r.
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Which of these statements. Have an understanding of Justification ALONE. And LOVE NoT Your WEAKEST Brother.Yes Every one Must be Born Again. Unless your Born again the rest means nothing.
The Spirit without the body is Dead! All the reformers agreed. Inseparable! Inseparable means you cannot seperate. . On Justification 11...its never alone.. i repeat its never alone.Never alone. What partnof never dont you 4 understand.
Its ok for you people to bully and when its pointed out i am called trouble maker and a bully. Jesus is not impartial. Be equal. Its ok for people to say get out of here and never return to someone for giving his understanding of Jesus. Its ok for others the 4 call in question of their faith. But when you point out that abusive Grace is called lawlessness body with out the Spirit.
The Reserection. Its is God who works in you to do of His Good Pleasure. ..The 10 commandment of the Spirit gal 5.22. Fruit!
Or the Royal Law..Anyone can say I am Bornagain. Justification ALONE no more fleshly works. Paul calls this works of the flesh. By their Fruit ye shall know the true believers. Fruit of Grace. Yes someone can falseafy this. But if they are trully saved God who is merciful is able to make one stand. Grace and mercy kissed. Be a nurse foke not lords.

Kevin Swanson
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