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NOV 20, 2017
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Sermon What does it mean to Pray? | Simon J. Green
Elsie from Salisbury
"I appreciated the ministry very much it was a great blessing thank you."
-8 hrs 
Sermon Biblical Reason -- Exclusive Psalmody | Kyle Borg
Marc Thomas from South Africa
-9 hrs 
Sermon The Effect Of The Cross | Pastor Mark Richardson
Gail Brown from Alexandria, Louisiana
-9 hrs 
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Survey7/16/08 2:50 AM
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I can communicate in English and American Sign Language.

When I was little I could communicate in Italian and Japanese, but, alas, I no longer remember them.

I can also ask for the check and the bathroom in German... but that's not really communicating, is it?

Survey6/3/08 5:18 PM
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martin wrote:
Is there a need for secondary/high school level Christian schools for the homeschooling community? I think many families would be stretched to provide a broad academic programme for their children at that level? What is the preference of homeschooling families?
I can't speak for all homeschool families, but in my family our children will not go to highschool, Christian or otherwise. We have found that by the time they are at that age, they are so self guided that there is nothing the highschool has to offer them. At this point they either go to community collage classes, take online courses from a collage, or just find a job and do their own thing. It's amazing how many homeschool kids out there start their own businesses!

Survey5/12/08 1:34 AM
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Susanna wrote:
i dont have a pastor.
I don't have one either! We use the Bible's example of fellowshipping and meet in each other's homes from week to week. We have elders to guide us, though there is not a "service" so to speak. We are lead by the Holy Spirit and when He prompts us, then we do. 1 Corinthians 14:26 is a great example.

Anyway, as a result of my not having a pastor over me, I was unable to answer this pole...

Survey4/14/08 6:14 PM
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bernie wrote:
There comes a point of no return in a sinner's life, by repeatedly denying the truth, they sear their own conscience, unable to discern right from wrong....

May God richly bless and keep the blood bought brothers and sisters who rightly divide His word.

Are you saying that there is a point in time where God is unable to save? That Christ's blood is not really available for all because a few have a difference of opinion than you?

You have not shown us where in the OT or the NT that God specifically says that a man is to only have one wife. You have ignored our references where He not only blesses a man with multiple wives, but He actually refers to Himself as having two wives.

Now you are telling us that we are so far out of reach that God can't even save us! In my opinion, that is quite wicked. If you feel we are so mislead then pray for us, but don't tell us that God is unwilling, or unable to save us, or that we are not allowed His grace! That goes directly against His word!

Survey4/14/08 6:00 PM
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bernie wrote:
These polygamists are blinded by their sin.... They have never been humbled by Almighty God, cried out for forgiveness, repented... Their hearts remain unchanged.
So your opinion of polygamy practicing or promoting people should also include the polygamist of OT times too - right?

The argument that it was always one man and one woman should be evident throughout Scripture, both OT and NT. However, we don't find that to be true. The very man, Moses, who wrote about Adam and Eve was, himself, a polygamist.

How about Abraham? God made a promise to him about his seed. We are also told how righteous his faith was. Yet he too was a non-repentant polygamist.

How can this be if what you say is true? Or am I mistaken and Moses and Abraham are currently in Hell for their non-repentant sins as polygamist?

Survey4/13/08 8:21 PM
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Dr. Phil wrote:
(except for an occasional deluded female)
That comment should be considered name calling. I, at least, found it quite rude! Though I disagree with your view points, I have never called you deluded (or any name for that matter). Please show the respect ALL people deserve, whether or not they agree with your beliefs!

Remember, Christ died so that ALL might be saved!

Survey4/11/08 12:23 AM
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Faithful Remnant wrote:
Open to all believers. A simple confession of "I believe Jesus is the Son of God" from the eunuch was all that Phillip needed to baptize him and I believe it is all that is needed to be welcomed at Communion.

Survey4/11/08 12:06 AM
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It has always been my understanding that communion was intended for Christ believing people to remember Him by. It would be pointless for non-believers to take communion, it means nothing to them, they are not remembering anyone. However, I also don't believe that it is some kind of magical event that is going to make a non-Christian sick if they take it in error. Why not break bread and drink wine (or grape juice if you like) while sharing the gospel of Christ to someone? Everyday can be the Lord's Supper!

The idea of making it a members only tradition seems, to me, to be missing the point of remembering Christ's sacrifice for ALL of us.

Anyone out there with similar ideas?

Survey4/10/08 3:55 AM
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Walt wrote:
You are a serious deceiver on this site. Your promotion of polygamy leads to terrible sex slavery for these women.
Sex slavery?!? That kind of opinion is one of many misconceptions that most Christians have about polygamy. There are sick people out there, but they will be sick whether monogamists or polygamists.

I am a woman and am very aware of how wives are treated within a Christian polygamist family. None of the women I know are sex slaves. They entered into the relationships on their own free will. They were all consenting adults when they fell in love with and married their husband. There was neither pressure from a church group or religious misconceptions of holiness. They entered into the union because they were in love and wanted to. In every instance both women knew about each other. The first wife was not bowled over by her husband or forced to accept another wife in the family. Actually it is usually the first wife who seeks out a second for her husband (and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with lesbianism).

Have you ever been in contact with a Christian polygamist family before? I bet if you were to spend a day with one you would find that they are just as normal as you are.

Survey4/9/08 2:05 PM
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Dr. Phil wrote:
Apostle Paul by the Spirit of God tells us that an elder of the church should be "the husband of ONE WIFE". (1 Tim. 3:2)
That interpretation of 1 Tim. 3:2 (is very debatable. In Greek it says "husband of a/first/one wife". The meaning is that an eldermust be married and must be faithful to his wife or wives.

I'm not a Mormon, so I can't say what they teach.

However, I have seen Christian polygamist families, and I have seen the kind of leadership that it takes. They are good men that take care of their family, and love their wives and children, and are more well-adjusted than the average monogamous family.

Dr. Phil wrote:
Let's talk about shameless power lustful fornicators. adulterers, and pedophiles selectively using OT scripture...
The Mormons did do those things. Some people do those same things in monogamy today, so the problem doesn't lie with polygamy, but with wicked hearts.

As for polygamy, it is good and righteous, when entered into the proper way, just the same as monogamy.

If you would de-escalate and read some of the Scriptures that several of us have provided, I'm sure you would be able to see our point. We are not telling you that everyone should be a polygamist.

Survey4/8/08 11:04 PM
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Observation Post wrote:
Twain means two. Paul confirms in Eph 5:31.
The statement of the two shall become one flesh is in reference to sexual intercorse.

"Or do you not know that he who is joined to a harlot is one body with her? For "the two," He says, "shall become one flesh." 1 Corinthians 6:16-17

Thus, Paul indicates that a man can be one with his wife at the same time as with a harlot.

The two shall become one in every marriage, whether a man with his first wife, or a man with his second wife, etc...

Survey4/8/08 9:51 PM
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Observation Post wrote:
YES HE IS in His immortal spirit reality, not our mortal carnal reality.
Are you saying that God is, in His reality, married to several women because He used it in an allegory? I must say, I am a bit confused by your statement. Please expand so that I may understand your point better.

[QUOTE]You cannot take an allegory which God intended to be interpreted and understood spiritually and use it to justify mortal carnality.I am not stating that God is in fact practicing polygamy. What I am saying is that in an allegory He has referred to Himself as having two wives. He has not done that in reference to any sins, for example homosexuality.

Do you not see how that works? God can not say that polygamy is a sin AND use an allegory in which He is practicing it.

[QUOTE]Question for you: At the time of this allegory do you believe there were no men alive in Samaria and Judah... only women and only one in each kingdom? After all the allegory does state two women.... right?Of course I don't believe that. Do you? An allegory is a symbolic representation of a spiritual meaning.

[QUOTE]Sorry but I trust you understand the error.Yes, I do, and I hold no ill will towards you.

Survey4/8/08 8:22 PM
WSG | Earth  Find all comments by WSG
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Observation Post wrote:
Pay attention please....
Which things are an allegory:

(which obviously none of you men are able to discern)

"Son of man, there were two women,
The daughters of one mother.
3 They committed harlotry in Egypt,
They committed harlotry in their youth;
Their breasts were there embraced,
Their virgin bosom was there pressed.
4 Their names: Oholah the elder and Oholibah her sister;
They were Mine..." Ezekiel 23:2-4

That is the part of the allegory to which I am referring to. God is plainly stating that He has two wives. Of course, we all know that in reality He is not actually married to anyone. However, He is using this allegory to explain something. He has never used an allegory where He is commiting a sin (that's not a possibility with Him for obvious reasons).

Now, can you explain why you think He is able to use such and allegory AND say polygamy is a sin (there is no reference in the Bible to polygamy being a sin)?

By the way, I'm not a man.

Survey4/8/08 5:26 PM
WSG | Earth  Find all comments by WSG
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Observation Post wrote:
Wow! An allegory of the two families of Samaria and Judah turning their backs to God and going after other gods is interpreted literally that God is a polygamist! And therefore God has eternally approved polygamy literally! That putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 22. Wow!
Hmmm so, when God says that he has two wives that means nothing? Remember, God is NEVER referred to as doing ANYTHING sinful or wrong. If God feels that polygamy is wrong, He would NEVER use an allegory that uses polygamy. Or is that wrong?

Survey4/5/08 11:52 PM
WSG | Earth  Find all comments by WSG
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For those of you who are against polygamy, be sure to read Ezekiel 23. God gives an allegory of Himself as a polygamist and of course, God's approval of polygamy is eternal. He does not change.

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