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NOV 23, 2017
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Sermon Why Effeminate Men are Shameful - Effeminacy =... | Kevin Swanson
Yolanda from AZ
"I have not listened to the tape. However, I want to clear up many..."
-15 hrs 
Sermon Understanding Sin | Doug VanderMeulen
Jeff Ludwig from New York City
-17 hrs 
Sermon Thanks for the Unobvious | Dr. David Peacock, Pastor
NJ from PA
-20 hrs 
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News Item6/15/10 4:47 PM
WR  Find all comments by WR
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Counter wrote:
"THESE ("nestor", "lurker", "wr" & etc.)" love the truth and speak the truth to you in love. I do not believe that even 1 of these are your enemy.
May you seek help, counsel and wisdom from among those that love the Lord and His Word.

News Item6/15/10 4:44 PM
WR  Find all comments by WR
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Papacy set to recapture England

John Henry Newman鈥檚 work bears fruit
By Richard Bennett

Have a read and put our brains into gear.

Then consider who is behind the first attacks on the Textus Receptus...Rome.

Who would want the Protestant Bible to be obliterated? Rome.

Jim Lincoln is an expert on Anglicanism...well the 39 artilces were Protestant and Anglicanism was a strong witness against Rome untill....

What happened after Newman and then Westcott and Hort with their famed hatred of 'the vile' Text.

I won't spell it out seems obvious why England is in such a state, and no Jim it isn't anything to do with an archaic KJV, but the rejection of it and all things Protestant!

News Item6/15/10 4:24 PM
WR  Find all comments by WR
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'A Bible Christian Who Belives' Tony.

So if you examine 'A Bible Christian Who Believes' posts in detail (see link below in my previous post) you will come to a simple conclusion.

Tony needs our prayers!

What is it all about, Tony?

News Item6/15/10 4:03 PM
WR  Find all comments by WR
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Tony Lopez-Cisneros wrote:
YEA, The Rest Of The Devils & Demons Who Directly &-Or Indirectly Post Comments On This Sermonaudio Website
You forgot 'A Bible Christian Who Believes' who very strangely posts in the style of Tony, but visit aliens and talks with demons etc.

Have another look Tony..see what you think?


The man with his fantasy friend JV and an obvious mongerer!

News Item6/15/10 7:44 AM
WR  Find all comments by WR
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Lurker wrote:
Who do you think you are fooling TLC? Certainly not Counter, nor me, nor God. I witnessed the same posts Counter spoke about in which you supported BO for president right up to voting day. But the truth of the matter is; you, TLC, a dishonest railer and accuser of the brethren, are not worth the effort it would take to find those posts. The only thing you are worthy of on these SermonAudio threads is to be ignored.

Spot on Lurker. Note the posts by 'A Bible Christian Who Believes' and any one believe that a true servant of Christ could write such?

see my post below and click on 'christian who believes'

6/13/10 6:15 AM

News Item6/13/10 6:15 AM
WR | wet rain  Find all comments by WR
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John UK wrote:
The truth is, Tony, that you CAN'T ANSWER THE QUESTION, can you? And if you decide to answer this post, please do not woffle, woffle, woffle, like a woffle-monger.
I wonder if WR has a pic for mongering.
person promoting something undesirable or discreditable.

tr.v. mon路gered, mon路ger路ing, mon路gers
To peddle.

We all know who was promoting his JV with alien contacts and visits to other planets, meeting aliens who have throwing competitions, amongst other things. So here is a suitable picture
Alien peddling

'A Christian who Believes' will no doubt soon appear out of the woodwork and peddle his clownery, but the Lord knows who he is.

On yer bike son ....

Discerning one peddling clownery

Christian Who Believes?

Proverbs 12:15
The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise

Sermon3/14/10 7:10 PM
W.R.  Find all comments by W.R.
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Asahel Nettleton
“ Great Sermon! ”
" where else can we look for the origin of such a change as makes believers pass from death to life but the omnipotence of the divine Spirit? Is it our understanding which accomplishes this change? But our understanding is darkened. 'The natural man receives not the things of the Spirit, neither can he know them.' Is it our will? But we are 'prone to evil as the sparks fly upward.' Our wills are perverse and rebellious. Is it our strength? Christ died for the ungodly who are without strength. We are not sufficient of ourselves to think a good thought. Is it our merits? We merit nothing but utter rejection. Is it the ministers of God who persuade us? Paul may plant and Apollos water, but God gives the increase." "a new spiritual taste or discernment, and principle is implanted by a sovereign creative operation" Quoted from the sermon.

Sermon3/14/10 6:23 PM
W.R.  Find all comments by W.R.
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“ Great Sermon! ”
In 1844, The New York Observer said that Nettleton was 鈥榦ne of the most extraordinary preachers of the gospel with whom God has ever blessed this country.鈥 The New York Evangelist agreed, 鈥楩ew men, since the apostolic days, have been honored with such a signal success in preaching the word, and in the conversion of sinners as he.鈥 鈥 "It was the full conviction of Dr Nettleton, that all genuine religious experience is based on correct views of the doctrines of grace; and, consequently that the religious experience of those whose views of these doctrines are defective, or essentially erroneous, will be, in like degree, defective or spurious". I read the above quotes and wondered at certain modern American professing Christians who are so hostile to the doctrines of grace which they think negate evangelism, yet Asahel Nettlton was such a blessed instrument of God in preaching those very truths with over 27,000 converts. Full calvinistic doctrines preached in Revival!!! How we need such faithful Preachers today who will reject the unbiblical methodology of Finneyism! May Christians study the ministry of Nettleton and return to Biblical preaching. Thanks Jon for this instructive sermon.

Survey10/10/07 2:15 PM
WR  Find all comments by WR
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"These signs shall follow them that believe...they shall speak with new tongues"

Reading Mark 16 verses 10 and 11 have you noticed that the disciples 'believed not'...amazing as it might be. Now note verse 14. Why did Jesus then upraid his disciples-please read that verse?

verse 19-20 it is the diciples that go forth preaching everywhere as commanded in verse 15. Verse 20 they (the disciples who believed) went forth preaching everywhere..the evidence that the Lord was working with them 'confirming the word WITH SIGNS FOLLOWING' (emphasis mine)

There was no New Testament remember at that time. No Bible translators amongst the fishermen or ability to speak foreign languages. So they had that miracle gift of new unlearned languages. as Acts 2: 4-11.

We have the complete sufficient revelation-the word of God...the holy Scriptures. An honest look at missionary work over the centuries and you will note that all missionaries had to learn 'new tongues'...foreign language of that particualr pagan unconverted people. Read Hudson Taylor., William carey etc.

That understanding of mark 16 was a particular help to me. Why doesn't God today THEN give the gift of unlearned languages to those with missionary zeal? I think the answer is obvious from scripture and history

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