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NOV 25, 2017
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Sermon The Parents of the World's Strongest Man | Dr. Ernest Pickering
Florin Motiu from Oradea, Romania
"Good teaching about the responsibility of parents in praying for their..."
-18 hrs 
Sermon El Evangelio En Un Verso | Mark Conway
Henry Caquimbo from Davenport, FL
-18 hrs 
Sermon Cattle, Fields, and Garments | Jonathan Hutchison
NB from Georgia
-23 hrs 
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Survey2/6/10 12:57 AM
Voice of Reason | Washington  Find all comments by Voice of Reason
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Brother Williams wrote:
only a reprobate who is ashamed of his faith wouldn't bless their food in public. but, there are many fearful and unbelieving.
Get off your pedastool. Matthew 6 5-6 needs to be branded on your head.

PS Reprobate is a verb. You need an education before you can even begin to try to educate others.

News Item7/30/07 11:12 PM
Voice of Reason  Find all comments by Voice of Reason
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Vic, you are repeating propaganda.

The Jews are the ones taking over the world, and it is they who will bring in the false messiah antichrist and set him up to rule the world from Jerusalem, which we read in Rev. 11 is referred to in the last days as "Sodom and Egypt."

God is not a racist, and the true Israel is the Christian believers, not the Christ-hating Jews, whose religion is shocking and demonic (ie the Talmud and Cabala), full of hatred for Jesus and Christians. These "holy" books are also full of superstition and occultic Satanism straight out of their Babylonian captivity. The Cabala is the foundational document for all secret societies.

Abraham is the father of all believers, our father, and the story of the Jews in the OT is our story. The true Jews are the Christians, per Galatians.

The false Jews from the Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2, 3) have no right to take away the land from the Palestinians, kick them out of their homes, bulldoze them down, and move on in. Do you know the story of Rachel Corey? Read online how the Israelis bulldozed right over her and killed her, a beautiful American girl who went to Israel to try to help the Palestinians.

Survey7/20/07 11:18 AM
Voice of Reason  Find all comments by Voice of Reason
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"Ronald Reagan is claimed to have made the statement that 'the problems with liberals is not that they are ignorant but that they know so much that simply is not true."

Choke. Yeah, I'm a liberal. Sure.

You are a kneejerk brainwashed dupe. You are still caught up in the left/right paradigm, which most Americans are shaking loose from, have seen through it.

I used to be a Fox News junkie and thought Hannity was a wonderful, conservative. One day I realized, the guy is a liar, a paid liar. I turned off the TV and haven't turned it on since.

I listen to Alex Jones on-line, and others on GCNlive. Alex is a Constitutionalist, a patriot, and he cares -- about the kids being snatched by CPS, by the pedophiles, by the abortion, by the criminal gangsters who have taken over the governments of the U.S, England, Canada, Mexico. These are EUGENICISTS who have plans for the serfs, or plebs or slaves as they call us, who they consider subhuman, who are no longer needed for their purposes, and who they are working to eliminate (kill).

You are living in a fantasy world, and need to wake up. You're about four years behind the rest of the country in awakening. Time is running out and people need to hurry up and wake up. The people you idolize are planning and working to kill you.

Survey7/20/07 10:49 AM
Voice of Reason  Find all comments by Voice of Reason
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JD blows some smoke: "The Bible is written in a historical context and not a strictly theological one whether anyone on this forums, likes it, accepts it, or is just plain indifferent, and if that is not taken into account we will have utter chaos and confusion like is constantly illustrated by some of the ridiculous comments on this forum."

Yeah, JD, that's what I just got through saying, that the Bible is the historical account of God's interaction with His people.

That's not the debate here. The debate is: who ARE God's people?

You claim God's people are Christ-hating Jews, occultics who follow the Talmud and Kabala, who are working to take over the World, install their false Messiah/Antichrist, and who will eventually persecute and kill the Christians, as they already are in Lebanon, Iraq, Iran and Israel.

Whereas the Bible says God's people are those people who believe Him, some of whom were Jews in the past, but not now, that Israel is the believers, not the Christ-hating, NWO-loving, physical Jews and cryptoJews with their modern-day Jerusalem which the Bible calls "Sodom and Egypt."

JD, a shapeshifting chameleon using the bible like a parlor game, at it again. Most everybody here sees through it.

Survey7/20/07 10:29 AM
Voice of Reason | Word of Truth  Find all comments by Voice of Reason
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"God has called them to repentance during this time and has warned them of the consequences of failure to embrace the saving message of their Messiah, Jesus Christ. Hebrews should be read in this connection."

Bullfeathers. The Epistle to the Hebrews was written by Paul to the believers, not to some group of Jews who he was trying to convert.

Here we have JD again trying to wall off portions of the Scripture as "just for the Jews."

The Bible makes it plain that Israel is the believers, Christians, and it's our spirit that matters, not our DNA. God is not a racist.

Abraham is our father, and we are Israel. The Bible says so. And the Bible is ours, all of it.

The Bible isn't a group of isolated, unrelated short stories. Rather, it's the ongoing, cohesive story of God working through his people.

"His people" being all those who believe in Him, ie Christians.

Modern day Jews turned their back on the Torah and embraced the occultic Talmud and Kabala instead. Many of these Jews are not even descendents of the original physical Jews, but converted to Judaism a few hundred years ago.

The Bible says in the last days Jerusalem becomes "Sodom and Egypt," (Rev. 11:8) a wicked place where the Antichrist will reign and which Jesus will destroy at the Second Coming.

Survey7/20/07 6:06 AM
Voice of Reason  Find all comments by Voice of Reason
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Michael H yuks it up w/ NY Mike about this being the wrong thread to discuss Israel-first and WWIII. But who is the one who put up the hatemongering sermon called Why Islam is our Worst Enemy, ON THIS THREAD? It was you, Mr. Yuk Yuk.

I tried to reason with you to show you that God is not behind the move to kill all the Arabs and to exalt Israel to rule the world, and your only response is to yuk it up with NY Mike.

You're just a reprobate, with no conscience, no sense of justice, and no mercy to the billions of people living under the nuking power of the United States.

Just like before you were advising people not to join in fighting against abortion (because they might end up like Randall Terry).

Our nation is coming down, down, down, so thank you for helping to destroy our country and murder billions of people. The concentration camps that your hero GWB has built will hold you, your family and friends.

You speak of the synagogue of Satan as though it were just a ball of fluff to ignore as of no importance.

Those who speak of murder and mayhem with approval, jesting and backslapping, are reprobates of the synagogue of Satan, murderers themselves according to Jesus. The Bible says no murderer has any part in the Kingdom of God.

Survey7/19/07 8:54 PM
Voice of Reason | Texe Marrs  Find all comments by Voice of Reason
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Christian Nation Given the Kingdom

Jesus, in Matthew 21:43, declares that the Kingdom of God will go not to the Jews of earthly Israel but instead to a nation bringing forth fruits. What nation, then, is given the kingdom?

The Kingdom of God was taken from the Jews and physical Israel and given to Christians! Christians are God's Chosen People, and Christians are His Holy Nation. I Peter 2: 4-6, Christians—not Jews as a race—are "chosen of God and precious." " are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people… Which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God."

The above Bible verse, believe it or not, is hated and despised by today's evangelical leaders and church people. It totally destroys their man-made theories regarding Israeli superiority and Jewish racial supremacism. It elevates spiritual things over fleshly things. This they cannot accept.

Earthly Jerusalem, too, because it has become modern-day Sodom and Egypt (Rev 11:8), shall be removed and burned. But as for the Kingdom of God, it shall never fall.

"Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear: for our God is a consuming fire." Heb 12:28-29

Survey7/19/07 5:39 PM
Voice of Reason | Texe Marrs  Find all comments by Voice of Reason
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Judaizers insist the Jewish race must be exalted as "God's Chosen People." But why do they always avoid the many pertinent scriptures that teach otherwise?

Jesus castigated the Jews who disputed His divinity: "Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?" Does that sound like the Jews were "God's Chosen People?"

Some Judaizers even insist that the physical nation of Israel is eternally "Chosen" by God. But in Matthew 21:43, Jesus declared to the Jews: "Therefore say I unto you, the kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof."

So the unrepentant Jews are declared to be "serpents" and the kingdom of God is taken away from them and given to another nation! Who said so? Jesus Himself.

Based on the testimony of Jesus our Lord, we know for sure that Jews who reject Jesus—and almost all the Jews who live in the USA and who populate today's nation of Israel fall into this category—are not God's Chosen. They are in fact, of the "Synagogue of Satan" (Revelation 2:9 and 3:9).

Don't let the Judaizers deceive you. Don't be a racist. Reject Jewish supremacism. Believe what Jesus said. Refuse to go along with the Lie.

Survey7/19/07 8:14 AM
Voice of Reason  Find all comments by Voice of Reason
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"And as to your anti-Jewish beliefs you just might want to learn from the attitude of a born again Holy Spirit filled Jew in what he writes in Romans 10:1"

Michael, FYI Judaism is a false religion. If you think otherwise, go get yourself a yarmulke and join it! Then you can be a chosen superChristian.

The Bible says there's two kinds of people, believers and nonbelievers, and the real Israel is the believer, that Abraham is the father of all the believers. That's us.

The Bible also says to Beware the Synagogue of Satan, that in the last days they will take the believers to prison and kill us, and Jerusalem is called "Sodom and Egypt."

The Torah contain the OT Scriptures, but most Jews could care less. It's the Talmud and Kabala they are interested in, the twisted and occultic and Christ-hating interpretations and secret knowledge brought from Babylonian captivity.

So while you are romanticizing a false cult (Judaism) you are at the same time heaping more hatred and enmity on the Muslims who really don't need it, who are quaking in fear while our aircraft carriers lurk outside their shores waiting for an excuse to blow them away.

Survey7/18/07 11:00 PM
Voice of Reason  Find all comments by Voice of Reason
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Michael H, I haven't listened to the message.

I was horrified and sickened by the title. My comments were only about the title. Nothing the man would or could say in his "message" would ever make me change my mind about the horrid, warmongering title, so unfair and so bigoted and so unscriptural, because the bible tells us to beware the Synagogue of Satan.

Who crucified Jesus? Was it the Muslims?

Who chased the Christians from town to town, stoning them, persecuting them? The Muslims?

These so-called Christians who worship at the feet of the Synagogue of Satan and do their dirty work for them, stirring up hate and war just really grieves me.

Survey7/18/07 6:32 AM
Voice of Reason  Find all comments by Voice of Reason
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"Have you heard his message Islam America's Number One Enemy? If you haven't I believe you would appreciate how he gives such a contrast between Jesus Christ and Mohammed and Allah in a way that in my opinion is very much to the praise of God for how he approaches the whole matter."

More hate-mongering. Disgusting. Imagine someone entitling their sermon, Judaism, America's Number One Enemy?

Yet, Jesus warns us to Beware the Synagaogue of Satan, that it would in the last days be imprisoning and killing Christians.

Does the Koran say, as does the Talmud, that Jesus is a devil, that he is burning in Hell, that his mother was a whore? Does it say that anybody who is not a Muslim is a "Goyim," a subspecies like cattle?

The Kabala and the Talmud are as evil, or more evil, than the Koran ever was, and Judaism is as false a religion as is Islam.

Haven't we had enough killing, mayhem, and destruction? Must we obliterate every Muslim person from the earth before the people who call themselves "Christian" on this site will be satisfied?

God have mercy on us all.

News Item6/30/07 8:21 PM
Voice of Reason  Find all comments by Voice of Reason
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Jim, re "A Cal Thomas commentary on Islamic terrorism,

Cal Thomas is a NeoCon, Israel-firster, and a paid agent for the govt.

Scripture warns to beware the Synagogue of Satan.

Check out WWIII, Isreal & Kabbalistic Witchcraft on Sermon Audio:

Dr. Scott Johnson
Sermon Overview: We will look at three major pivotal events just transpired in the Mid-East which will most certainly bring the start of WWIII. The entire Mid-East has just lurched toward planned chaos and regional war planned by the Illuminati since 1870, to produce the WWIII and bring the Antichrist on the world scene. We will look at the formation of Israel in 1948. Current day Israel is thoroughly controlled by politicians and rabbis that practice the highest form of Jewish mysticism/witchcraft (Kabbalah). This week Shimon Peres and several rabbis performed a nationally reported ceremony to remove curses from VP Peres using Kabbalistic witchcraft. Many Christians blindly support Israel, but we need Biblical balance.

News Item6/30/07 5:44 PM
Voice of Reason  Find all comments by Voice of Reason
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"A reasonable voice would provide specific evidence directly relevant to the case in point before making wild and inflammatory public statements."

I did. You need to do some research yourself. Start with Alex Jones film called TerrorStorm about government sponsored terrorism throughout history. You will be shocked when you see the mischief we have been pulling all over the globe, with the help of the British and Israeli intelligence.

Here's the link to Alex Jones' TerrorStorm.

Rated 4.7 out of 5.0

Here's one link of many on the
USS Liberty attack by Israel w/
BBC documentary you can watch

News Item6/30/07 5:25 PM
Voice of Reason  Find all comments by Voice of Reason
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This is more government sponsored propaganda and government sponsored terror.

This is more mischief by U.S., Britain and Israeli intelligence, all one big happy family, stirring up mayhem and bloodshed all over the planet, seeking desperately to ignite WWIII and bring on the NWO.

Check out survivors of the USS Liberty website, learn how Israel attacked the Liberty during LBJ's term, tried for three hours to sink the ship w/ sub missles, straffing in low-flying planes to where the soldiers could see the faces of the pilots, all while the American flag was waving. There's no way Israel could not have known who they were attacking.

LBJ ordered the military to stand down, wouldn't let them come to the aid of the USS Liberty. A foreign nation finally came to the Liberty's aid and Israel backed off.

The plan had been to sink the ship, kill all the Amaerican soldiers, every one, and then blame it on Egypt, ushering in WWIII.

This is known as a false flag attack, government sponsored terrorism, and there have been many others throughout history (watch Alex Jones Terrorstorm online, free).

We get these phony "terrorist" busts in America all the time that turn out a year later to have been nothing.

IMO, Wayne and Arthur are Neocon Masonic dupes, per their theology and

News Item1/15/07 10:16 AM
Voice of Reason  Find all comments by Voice of Reason
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Craig, how is Greta these days? I haven't seen her in over a year.

Good post!

News Item1/13/07 1:25 PM
Voice of Reason  Find all comments by Voice of Reason
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Craig, your mocking of the way the Muslims dress, mocking their beards, is just ignorant bigotry. You are just a pawn of the propaganda mill known as the controlled media.

You need to step back and use your brain. Who is opening the floodgates and bringing in all the Muslims to the U.S.? Who is opening the borders to Mexico, even sending two heroic young border guards to prison for aprehending a Mexican drug smuggler (so as to put a chill on the border guards). These men will be promptly murdered once they get into the federal prison, as everyone says.

You need to wake up and see what's happening. Not to say Islam is not a false religion, because it is. But blowing up the planet and destroying our country, pitting one man against another to bring death and destruction for no good reason --

look behind that Fox News propaganda. You do know they are backing Hillary for President as a "conservative," they've been having frequent strategy meetings with the witch for over a year?

News Item1/2/07 9:11 AM
Voice of Reason  Find all comments by Voice of Reason
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GG, go apply for a job with the Bush Administration (if you don't mind working with a lot of homosexuals).

You are one of the last holdouts. I figure pretty soon you will be waking up also, just like everyone else is.

Don't blame the people who are trying to tell you the truth. It's not our idea of a good time. We didn't ask for this to happen and would prefer to just be able to live a peaceful life, but unfortunately we have a madman who wants to blow up the world.

If you want to make excuses for him and go along with his plans, you obviusly haven't thought through what's at stake here, namely your life, your freedom, and everthing that's decent and good you ever knew.

News Item1/2/07 8:41 AM
Voice of Reason  Find all comments by Voice of Reason
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GG, latest polls show the American soldiers do not support the war in Iraq. They want out. Who wants to breathe depleted uranium and blow up women and little kids in a once peaceful country that never asked us to come in and "Help" them.

If you believe in this war so much, why not go enlist and maybe one of the poor soldiers over there who has already served two terms and would give anything to get out will not be redrafted AGAIN.

Everybody will be drafted eventually the way things are going.

The only ones who don't want out are Congress and the President.

The people want out, the soldiers want out, and the Iraqis never wanted us there in the first place.

Would you like somebody to come and Shock and Awe your country and then take your leader and hang him in front of your face?

Put yourself in others' place and you'll be able to see that America has turned into the Beast in Revelation.

Get on the Internet and start surfing. Start with doing a Google on Bush, Illuminati and then go on from there.

News Item1/2/07 8:31 AM
Voice of Reason  Find all comments by Voice of Reason
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GG, you are deceived. You've been watching too much Fox News.

I guess you know that Fox News has been meeting with Hillary on a weekly basis in order to help plan her run for the Presidency? Fox will be backing her as a Consevative.

Turn off your TV. It's all lies by the controlled media on behalf of the Illuminati (ie CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergs, Bohemian Grove, Freemasons, Skull and Bones and other societies like it). Sean Hannity is a multimillion dollar fraud who sold his soul a long time ago. They all did.

It's all lies, a sham, an illusion. They are masters at deceit, trickery, brainwashing. You think they wouldn't stoop so low? You are wrong.

I suggest you get Texe Marrs incredibly thorough documentation of this in his latest book, Codex Magica. The book is over 700 pages long, crammed chock full of all kinds of proof, pics, reproduced media stories. Once you read that book, you will never kiss the feet of George Bush and the rest of the criminal globalists again.

News Item1/1/07 10:46 AM
Voice of Reason  Find all comments by Voice of Reason
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This war is for oil --

to shut off the spigot.

There's unlimited oil in the world; oil is constantly being replenished deep within the earth. There's also hydrogen power from water fueled cells, but the inventors are either bought off or murdered.

Oil wells never go dry. You cap them up, and in a couple years they're full of oil again.

We have unlimited oil in Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico.

Saddam Hussein refused to play the game, wasn't cooperating, threatening to jump ship and sell his oil for something other than American dollars.

The main reason we went into Iraq is because it was all planned years ago by PNAC (the NeoCONs) who wanted to take over the MidEast, conquer the world for the New World Order.

So it is and isn't about oil. Very little oil is being produced in Iraq now, but that's the way we wanted it. You can't charge a lot of money for something that's plentiful, and if Saddam wouldn't prop up our play money, we had to stop him.

Same with any country (like Venezuela) who tries to jump ship on us.

see Water car inventor murdered:

Watch video of Stanley Meyer's water-powered car here:

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