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NOV 22, 2017
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Sermon Thanksgiving as a Christian Trait, Free Will, the... | Dr. James White
Chuck from UK
"excellent, spirited discussion of the creaturely will versus God's free..."
-7 hrs 
Sermon Married to Another | Henry Mahan
Rnel from South africa
-7 hrs 
Sermon Can I Lose My Salvation? Are the Freewill... | Sean E. Harris
-8 hrs 
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News Item8/15/15 6:46 PM
Takeheed  Find all comments by Takeheed
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TrueHolyBibleChristianBeliever wrote:
As I've Said In Several Other News Article Threads On This Website:
That J.V., The Spiritual Messenger/Warrior Of The LORD JESUS CHRIST & Our Beloved Brother In THE FAITH Of THE TRUE HOLY BIBLE:
Has Said That THE ANTICHRIST, ***DEMETRIUS***, Has Already Been Here On Planet Earth Since 1777 (1779 IF You Compute Leap-Yrs.) !
In 2008 you told us that according to JV the ANTICHRIST was in his 30's and his name ended in 'ov' and that JV had visited aliens who quote: "Walked diagonally", "spoke/communicated with one-another with a high schrilling sound" and had an "object-throwing" contest with these "Creatures" in their "Far Distant Planet".

You know you are a RC deceiver pretending to be a CAPS LOCK manic KJO'ist fundie futurist.

Read your posts again and REPENT especially using the moniker A BIBLE CHRISTIAN WHO BELIEVES which is shameful.

'A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall perish' Proverbs 19.9

You'd better believe it applies to you...

News Item6/22/15 5:25 AM
Take heed  Find all comments by Take heed
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Pope says, blah blah blah.
Jesus Christ says: "Repent and believe the gospel"

News Item6/18/15 12:39 PM
Take heed  Find all comments by Take heed
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Many have entrusted their little ones into the hands of paedophile priests and 'Sunday School' teachers....and have cursed the day....
Better to keep your little ones by your side and raise them up in the admonition of the Lord.
We live in a reprobated wise as serpents, harmless as doves...

News Item6/7/15 2:37 PM
Take heed  Find all comments by Take heed
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When the Josh Duggar molestation charges were made public, everyone and his brother took to social media to voice their opinion either in support or condemnation.
But this ongoing rape, sodomy, molestation of women, boys and young children is almost daily in the news in some part of the world that this religious institution clergy has committed and there is hardly so much as a peep.....and many Christians and leaders stay quite, pretend it's not happening and embrace this farce as Christian....what an abomination!
Wake-up house of God!!!
You have no right to voice your indignation against one who commits these sins, then remain silent on an entire system that is riddled with perverts and sodomites

News Item5/5/15 8:50 PM
Take heed  Find all comments by Take heed
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The civil magistrate is a ministry of justice, obeying and enforcing God's law in the punishment of the lawbreaker for the protection of the lawkeeper.
The church is a ministry of grace, obeying and enforcing the law of God in the preaching and teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Thus, Gods law is to be supreme in the state as well as the church.
Any attempt to base a theory of the civil magistrate on secular axioms rather on Scripture results in anarchy.

News Item1/24/15 11:06 PM
Take heed  Find all comments by Take heed
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Spiritual terrorists and saboteurs within the church pose a far more serious threat than manifestly hostile forces on the outside.
From the very start of the church age, all the most spiritually deadly onslaughts against the gospel have come from people who pretended to be Christians- not from atheists and agnostics on the outside.
John MacArthur

News Item3/3/14 3:42 PM
Take heed  Find all comments by Take heed
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Son of God movie
The movie is Anti-Christ
Sermon ID32142217402
Preached 3/2/14. Found on SA

News Item2/23/13 7:16 PM
takeheed  Find all comments by takeheed
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Jim on "Tony Cisneros"

Sam Gipp sends James White a gift

Texe Marrs frog in throat conspiracy
I think your comparison with Ruckman may be spot on! Yet the continuous 'CAPS'; continuous personal insults; continuous smearing of posters as 'jesuit(ic)'; the attacks on SA moderator; various untruths; the bombshells of 'friends who have visited hell and wrestled with aliens- further suggests he is deliberately out to discredit evangelicals by giving appearance he is one! His posts are often venomous and lack any Christian charity; nor does he attempt 'fellowship' with any other poster!! Alarm bells?

Btw I have little affinity with US KJO'ism and James White has exposed such foolishness. Examples such as the first link we have Gipp sending a colouring book and crayons and the second we have Texe Marrs and that silly frog in the throat conspiracy. If Satan wanted to discredit the KJV would it not be be through such unwise and erroneous extremism. We know Satan does work exactly by such means!

Personally I am Textus Receptus and the KJV is well established as a proven and accurate translation, so that remains my own preference. I too have no time for a debate!

News Item2/22/13 5:37 PM
takeheed  Find all comments by takeheed
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Jim Lincoln wrote:
Ah, thanks for pointing Tony Cisneros comments!
You are welcome, Jim!

Keep warning others, though I very much doubt any discerning believer will be taken in.

His best one was when he said he had been to Ralph Ovadal's church, but Ralph came on SA and warned that he hadn't!

TLC is one strange individual. He is either a complete fraud who uses SA to stir the pot...maybe even a clever RC? Just read those posts by TLC under 'A BIBLE CHRISTIAN WHO BELIEVES' and tell me that is the work of a sane evangelical? Just makes Bible believers look very odd and maybe that is his purpose with his irate CAPS

News Item2/19/13 7:14 PM
Takeheed  Find all comments by Takeheed
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Observer wrote:
He is your politically aware candidate, narrowly defeated by only half a million votes in his last campaign.
The rest we know because he is indiscreet.
Vatican: Space Aliens Might Actually exist


Tony posted under A Bible Christian Who Believes

Please look at the above link and read all his posts under that name and ask yourself: Would a Christian write such garbage and why?

Then would you pay attention to anything Tony posts. TLC was banned by SA and now posts with much CAPS often the same silly comments under his various split personalities.

Make your own mind up

I think we should all 'takeheed'!

News Item2/19/13 10:50 AM
Takeheed  Find all comments by Takeheed
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Cranium wrote:
Text in Bold! Clever!
Yes £100 or $500 and I'll let you know the secret that I have absolutely no idea how that happened!

TONY CAPS will see some SA jesuitic conspiracy, though

News Item2/19/13 9:15 AM
Takeheed  Find all comments by Takeheed
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Observing Biblical Literalist
**I Personally Have Spoken To An Individual Who Claims To Have Seen &-Or Had An Encounter With One Of These HOLY BIBLE Prophesied/Predicted FUTURE COMING "LOCUST" DEVIL-DEMON "CREATURES", "HYBRIDS" OR WHATEVER THEY BE; WHO NOW PRESENTLY ABIDE--OR ARE "CHAINED"--IN THE "ABYSS" &-OR "BOTTOMLESS PIT" !**

Cough! Splutter!

Tony Lopez Cisneros...we still recall your posts under 'A Christian Who (makes) Believe(s)...' when YOU claimed to have a friend who wrestled with aliens etc. NOW YOU CLAIM THE ABOVE as a 'BIBLICAL LITERALIST'



If the literal locust or whatever is literally chained.. was your pal one of the PRISON GUARDS in the "ABYSS"? OR AN INMATE ON A PSCHIATRIC WARD?

What comics are you reading...not the Alberto series still?

Take heed that no individual deceive you

News Item1/15/13 6:46 PM
Takeheed  Find all comments by Takeheed
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A True Blue Jew wrote:
"WALT (DISNEY) grew up fascinated with the occult and in an abusive home situation. He was fascinated with cartoons, nature and children. "--FRITZ SPRINGMEIER !
'UFO, Conspiracy theorists, **LUNATIC FRINGE**' quote word for word exactly what you state, seems like a forum where you could waste your time?

That links to another daft conspiracy website and 'THE SKILL OF LYING, THE ART OF DECEIT'

AS you are fond of Wickepedia, ..."--FRITZ SPRINGMEIER" is another conspiracy nut.


Just a reminder TONY. Most of your recent posts as a true blue jew have been removed. Just like your silly nonsense as 'A Christian Who Believes' with the deceit about your magic friends and meeting aliens and worse.

It doesn't take a magician to work out deceit, only a sound mind. Jesus said: 'Take Heed that no man deceives you'. You are a conspiracy addict and whatever your aims on SA comments appear to only deceive yourself.

News Item1/5/13 5:37 AM
takeheed  Find all comments by takeheed
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John UK wrote:
There was a time Christopher when I gave out chick tracts..
John is wise and correct.


'Jack Chick has a history of publishing sensational stories that proved to be false testimonies, such as John Todd and the Closet Witches (Rebecca Brown and Elaine). This should be an alarm bell in itself. Chick should have been required to provide significant proof Rivera is for real. Based on the fact that Chick has printed fraudulent testimonies in the past, it is very risky to accept Chick's response the he knows Rivera was for real because he prayed about it.'

Having once spent months researching Alberto Rivera and being involved in a debate several years ago, the only witness was another supposed former RC Priest who said that the Pope signed Rivera's death warranty with a golden pen and invisible ink! How convenient! Contacting brethren in the country where this guy lived (Canada) there was no evidence he had even existed, never mind a witness to Rivera. Conveniently he then had cancer and couldn't answer any emails

You don't need conspiracy nuts or sensational claims as there are plenty of proven sound resources by real former RC priests see

News Item9/14/12 8:46 AM
takeheed  Find all comments by takeheed
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TLC slandering sa (SERMON AUDIO) and at last his posts are removed as he appears as Taking A Public Stand...well done MA!

I agree with him for once that we are not all stupid here as we can discern inane posts which demonstrates the real heart of those that post them.

I am 100% convinced that TLC appears just to sow discord and make Bible Christians look like they have severe mental problems. No bible believer could be taken in by such. View his posts on life on the moon before 1969 and much worse. Now he even discredits Sermon Audio...only like a wolf in sheeps clothing appearing within the ranks.

The Lord knows what you are TLC so time to repent like David did in this evening's Spurgeon Devotional... if you do possess any spiritual life at all (I personally doubt such) you will take heed.

Your addiction to the jesuits might suggest much, eh? as you pretend to be an off beam and off the wall extreme KJV ONLYIST loony fundamentalist?

Why? Have you no friends or a jigsaw?

Why waste your time here?

News Item6/15/12 11:18 AM
take heed  Find all comments by take heed
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The Southern Baptist Convention: A Cauldron of Compromise and Corruption, Part 1

The Southern Baptist Convention: A Cauldron of Compromise and Corruption, Part 2

News Item4/5/12 5:27 AM
takeheed  Find all comments by takeheed
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John UK wrote:
But the facts show otherwise, especially in Presby circles, as many of their ships have already sunk, and those sons of God on board have had to find a new fellowship in which to worship the Lord.
"If the salt have lost his savour..."
Some good points, bro'

Sadly the problem in the UK has been evolving for over 50 years even more particularly amongst non-reformed churches. As the Baptist Union is ecumenical (the downgrade since Spurgeon's days) and many independant evangelical churches display serious compromises. Even brethren assemblies are fast disappearing.

e.g. Why Do Our Assemblies die

The major presbyterian churches in the UK are still strong evangelical defenders of the faith and hold to the TBS Bible position...Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, Free Church Continuing; FPC of Ulster etc.

There is a creeping new calvinism and 'charismatic' doctrines of grace that needs to be examined, before it is more rampant in the UK.

Crich Baptist Church

We all need to takeheed and stand for the old paths no matter what our individual church distinction might be!

News Item3/30/12 12:06 PM
Takeheed  Find all comments by Takeheed
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superlatives wrote:
Are we really....,
Some sermonaudio sermons on the dark ages and that darkest of cults called the Roman Catholic Church

As John says: To think, you are so very close to the truth on this website yet, in your totally depraved nature, you cannot comprehend what is before your very eyes.

News Item3/1/12 5:03 PM
Take Heed  Find all comments by Take Heed
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Jim Lincoln wrote:
New American Standard Bible.
"Trust, discover and enjoy the NASB for yourself today."

I will never trust a Bible that makes our Lord lie!

John 7:8-10 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

Go up to the feast yourselves; I DO NOT GO UP to this feast because My time has not yet fully come.” Having said these things to them, He stayed in Galilee. But when His brothers had gone up to the feast, THEN HE Himself ALSO WENT UP, not publicly, but as if, in secret.

John 7:8-10 English Standard Version (ESV)

You go up to the feast. I AM NOT[a] GOING UP to this feast, for my time has not yet fully come.” After saying this, he remained in Galilee. But after his brothers had gone up to the feast, THEN HE ALSO WENT UP, not publicly but in private.


a.John 7:8 Some manuscripts add YET

John 7:8-10 King James Version (KJV)

Go ye up unto this feast: I go not up ***YET*** unto this feast: for my time is not yet full come. When he had said these words unto them, he abode still in Galilee. But when his brethren were gone up, then WENT HE ALSO UP unto the feast, not openly, but as it were in secret.

Proverbs 14:5 tells us: "A faithful witness will not lie..."

News Item2/23/12 6:45 AM
Takeheed  Find all comments by Takeheed
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Concerned Father wrote:
Obama is all about Obama. His desire is for power. Jesus told us to care for the poor, but he did not tell us to steel from one person in order to do that. Jesus also did not tell us that the government was supposrdd to teach our children for us, no matter how good their intentions supposedly are. There is nothing sanctified about the agenda that the governmrnt is foisting on our children. sex ed is an example.
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