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OCT 23, 2017
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Sermon Fallacies of the Day-Age Theory | Mitch Lush
"Lays bare the irrational Theory that the Bible on creation can be made..."
-7 hrs 
Sermon A Holy Desire | Rev David Silversides
David and Karen Biser from Cumberland, MD
-9 hrs 
Sermon Is God Still Saving Jews? | Jeff Arthur
Philippus Schutte from Australia
-10 hrs 
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Sermon2/26/15 5:46 PM
Shannon | California  Find all comments by Shannon
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“ Great Sermon! ”

Sermon1/13/15 1:53 PM
Shannon | Sacramento  Contact via emailFind all comments by Shannon
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The Briefing 01-13-15 (Episcopal Church,...
Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
“ Great Sermon! ”
It is so sad people are replacing dinner with family for dinner with smartphones. So many times I have seen family's eating out and all of them are just interacting with their smartphones not with eachother. I cherish dinner with my kids and talking about our days!

Sermon1/12/15 5:45 PM
Shannon  Contact via emailFind all comments by Shannon
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“ thank you for this Sermon! ”
God led me to this sermon when I needed it most. I pray to be released from this addiction I have to alcohol. It's crazy how satan uses addiction to keep you from your relationship with God and I logically know it but keep going back to what I hate! I just want to be free and I know I can if I turn away when temptation comes and turn to Jesus instead. Please pray for strength for me. Thank you.

Sermon5/23/14 2:24 PM
Shannon | Sacramento  Find all comments by Shannon
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ADHD Meds for Toddlers
Dr. Paul J. Dean Jr.
“ Great Sermon! ”

Sermon3/3/14 6:11 PM
Shannon | Sacramento  Find all comments by Shannon
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What is Forgiveness?
Dr. John Vaughn
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you.

News Item1/13/14 9:31 AM
Shannon | MI  Find all comments by Shannon
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I think that it's sad what CC is doing. I do not think that classic literature should be done away with.

In regards to some of the comments on here I will say this, I do not see anything wrong with Christians reading classic literature but there's also no need for them to if it goes against their God given conscience.

Before I was saved I dove into literature and arts in a way that was dark and obsessive. It actually controlled my life and changed me. Now as a Christian my conscience tells me to be on guard when reading anything worldly. I must listen to my conscience. Do all Christians have that struggle or past? By no means!

What's my point? I do not agree with what the CC is doing. But as for us Christ followers, let's remember we must not disregard the Holy Spirit. And we also don't need to condemn those who can read literature without it affecting their walk with The Lord.

News Item7/30/13 1:29 AM
Shannon | MI  Find all comments by Shannon
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I'm always happy to share what Jesus did in my life. And thank you for everybody's kind and encouraging words!! God bless

News Item7/29/13 4:15 PM
Shannon | MI  Find all comments by Shannon
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Hello Jim, although I'd like to remove my tattoos I must admit, my budget wouldn't allow it at the moment. It's something I could pray about and maybe in time, God would bless me and I could get them removed. Until then, I'd much rather focus on my spiritual growth and church family. Jesus has washed me clean with His blood, my name was written in the book of life before the foundations of this world, He knew every single sin is commit and He still saved me. Tattoos and all. Maybe it doesn't make me more beautiful. But God does.

News Item7/29/13 12:31 AM
Shannon | MI  Find all comments by Shannon
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Let us also remember that all of us are fallen and all of us lived lives in sin before Christ drew us toward redemption. I am a born again Christian woman with tattoos that I put on my body before I knew The Lord. And I do regret it. I also regret every other sin I've committed before salvation (as well as after, oh how our flesh is a battle!). I suppose my point is, I would be saddened to know that my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ saw them and immediately thought "tramp with loose morals". However, I guess that could also be a consequence I'll have to deal with. It's just one more reminder of my life apart from Christ. And we must remember, Christ has the power to save the worst of sinners...even me I'll stop now! Haha

Sermon7/25/12 4:59 AM
Shannon | Oklahoma  Contact via emailFind all comments by Shannon
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Christ, The True Vine
Paul Washer
“ Great Sermon! ”
This sermon was used as a growth tool for me, thank you. Towards the end when you said the branch didn't have to go on, although this is true, I believe that is why God prunes the ones that don't bear fruit. A branch does need to exist in order to bear fruit, that is the reason for our existence, to bear fruit. I hope that helped. God bless, and I enjoy the honesty God brings through you!

News Item4/17/09 9:58 AM
Shannon | Madison WI  Find all comments by Shannon
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Mike wrote:
I suspect the economy will/would recover without government "stimulus." We need to remember that it is financial instability brought on by government itself that has investors holding back. "What will they do next?" is no incentive to invest. But that's the idea. Keep it shaky till 2010, (which "coincidentally" is an election year) when most of the stimulus money will actually get into the economy, and lo and behold, an economic miracle. Guess who gets the credit? You gotta hand it to the LibDems, they get applause, and take over a chunk of business at the same time, buying it with deception and nonexistent dollars.
How can you say this!? If the rich white guys who run wall st hadnt been so greedy we would not have all these problems!!!! i'm glad that we FINALLY have a president who cares and is really doing what is necessary to fix the HUGE MESS BUSH LEFT!!!! if it wasnt for Barack and the democrats we would all be out of work right now

News Item1/22/07 6:15 PM
shannon | Maine USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by shannon
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I thank you both for your posts.
I'm not sure how many worked on "fleshing out" the constitution already in place. But since Pastor is the only new person and is so strongly for leaving the phrase "we are not KJV only" in the constitution it was clearly his idea. we were given two weeks to look over the new constitution but being a homeschooling mom of 8 I had no time to look it over. I dont want anyone to think ill of my new pastor or that he is a tyrant. we had a meeting Sunday and the subject was brought up but there was no discussion on removing it only arguments from him for leaving it in. After my objection and explainations a vote to pass the new constitution was held and of the 15 or so members 3 abstaind (myself included) from voting. It was passed. But I dont think the issue was even given due time or consideration. I admit I'm partly at fault because I had not read the new constitution. I'm not sure if my husband read it or not. I just assumed there wouldnt be much change and if there was it wouldn't be objectionable. But instead of perhaps postponing the vote and keeping the old constitution in place till the issue was resovled it was just pushed through. I dont think most members really care if we use KJV only or not.

News Item1/22/07 2:18 PM
shannon | Maine USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by shannon
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My church is still a "baptist" church. However our new pastor has changed our constitution in a way that I find unacceptable. We use to say "We Teach and Preach only from the KJV." Now our new pastor has added "however we are not King James Only." I belive the two cancel out each other. we are or we aren't KJV only. Because of this I can not sign the new membership application and will no longer be a member in two weeks time (after being a member for over five years}. Pastor says there are "extreemist" out there that claim only people saved by the KJV are truly saved, however that is NOT what we preach. Anyone attending would realize that in a very short time. What do you think?

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