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NOV 21, 2017
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Sermon Surety For A. Stranger | Marvin Stalnaker
"Beautiful picture of God’s mercy and grace a must watch."
-3 hrs 
Sermon Why Mercy Seat Church is NOT Incorporated | Matthew Trewhella
Yolanda from AZ
-12 hrs 
Sermon The whole have no need | Greg Elmquist
Cindy dishman from New Castle, Ind
-13 hrs 
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Sermon2/6/15 1:37 PM
Sean | Charlotte, North Carolina  Protected NameFind all comments by Sean
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Biblical Marriage
Dr. William Barcley
“ Working on audio ”
Thanks for the feedback Bob. We think we've fixed the problem with our equipment and hope it won't happen again.

Sermon11/17/14 1:49 PM
Sean | Northern Ireland  Find all comments by Sean
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“ John Robbins... ”
I appreciated much of your message, as the FV is a growing plague on the church today. I have never read or heard anywhere where the late John Robbins suggested that Van Til taught something equating to the Federal Vision. He instead made the valid point that the concept of believing contradictory propositions (you can add the word "apparent" if you like) has enabled FV advocates to themselves believe and teach contradictory things, as to them, the contradictions are also only "apparent." Once you dispense of the use of "logic" and embrace "mystery", you are going to have to deal with heretics who do the same exact thing, except that you will no longer have the advantage of refuting their false propositions with "logic" anymore (eg. Jesus said "I am the door." Yes Jesus is God, but somehow he is a physical door too, and no I can't resolve the contradiction because it is a mystery and "apparent" contradiction.)

Sermon9/13/14 3:36 AM
Sean | Indiana  Find all comments by Sean
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A Lecture on the Global Flood
Sean E. Harris
“ Great Lecture ”
Hey Pastor Harris, I always enjoy your sermons and lectures. I've never commented before, I just wanted to say, I've read in commentaries that the 120 years may have been the duration until God would flood the earth, rather than the maximum age men would attain. The other thing was about what you said about the ozone layer. I believe the depletion was said to have been caused by chemicals called CFC's, not by greenhouse gases. Anyway, have a good weekend.

News Item6/8/14 11:07 PM
Sean | Trenton, NJ  Find all comments by Sean
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Let me preface this by saying that I'm a Catholic, and I have absolutely no problems with this whatsoever. Letting a non-Christian into a Church isn't a bad thing, nor is letting someone pray in a non-Christian way a terrible thing, either. As long as these people don't change the way that actual Christians pray in a church, what's the big deal? After all, Christ came for all mankind, not just for Christians. And who knows, someone who might be on the fence about Christianity might end up converting after seeing how we Christians react when they set foot in a Church, how welcoming and happy we are.

Sermon11/16/13 12:04 PM
sean  Contact via emailFind all comments by sean
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Pope Supports Gay Marriage NOT!
Sean E. Harris
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thanks for uncovering this false story. While the Catholic church has many doctrinal errors, this is not one yet. It was a great listen.

Sermon6/5/13 8:38 AM
Sean  Find all comments by Sean
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“ Great Sermon! ”

Sermon8/18/12 12:05 AM
Sean | Roseville, California  Contact via emailFind all comments by Sean
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What It Is To Have Real Faith
Dr. Mark Allison
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is a very good sermon...thanks Dr. Allison! I have it linked to my Bible blog:

Sermon5/3/12 3:00 AM
Sean | New York  Find all comments by Sean
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I am sorry but the Word of God will always be offensive to man and his nature. We must be very careful, in this day and age not to become fearful of those who are spiritually blind. It is very difficult to see things today through Christ's eyes because of how far our society has fallen, but we must stand strong and continue preaching the Word until we simply cannot any longer. But we cannot let them silence us.

News Item4/23/12 9:18 PM
Sean  Find all comments by Sean
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DAN wrote:
"Liberty University, a bastion of evangelical Christians founded by the late televangelist Jerry Falwell." Oh, the power of the media, lies and lies, what do you expect from this University, Romney who believes with all his heart, mind, and money that their jesus is brother to satan, will make a speech...
Romney is speaking as a politician.

There is a far bigger problem with what passes for christianity within Liberty University!

News Item4/23/12 8:10 PM
Sean  Find all comments by Sean
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"Liberty University, a bastion of evangelical Christians"

No, Liberty University is an illegitimization of evangelical Christianity.

News Item4/18/12 6:45 PM
Sean  Find all comments by Sean
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Capitalism is no more a disease than illegitimacy.

Take note CDC.

News Item4/17/12 9:42 PM
Sean  Find all comments by Sean
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Yes, Arkansas.

Mike wrote:
Is there some non elect non reprobate state in the world of the pre-conceived?

News Item3/21/09 9:54 PM
Sean | Australia  Find all comments by Sean
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Who cares? Its only facebook. Its not like they have stormed a church and took down the church's signage or something. You can't seriously think that God would care that a facebook group was hacked? Neither should we. There are more important things.

Sermon8/17/08 9:08 PM
Sean  Contact via emailFind all comments by Sean
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More Than Humble
J. D. Hatfield
“ This sermon was....... ”
It really did bring a whole new meaning to the word "humility". The movie that we were watching in the youth group "The gospel of John" helped a little bit with sermon. But when you broke it down it really showed the significance of not just feet washing but also forgiveness, Jesus said "Forgive one another, as I have forgiven you." And I took that passage as "oh yeah well thats obvious, of course" but it didn't just stop there. Even though Judas sold out Jesus for 30 pieces of silver and Peter denied Jesus three times in the same night that He got arrested, Jesus still humbled Himself and washed his disciples feet washing off the filth of their feet and washing them clean (showing forgiveness). I was having a hard time forgiving some people and also humbling myself to athority and the sermon shows that it is what I HAVE to, its not an option. You were talking about how the disciples wanted to be the closest to Jesus, like who was the "best" disciples. And that's where I also fell. I wanted so bad to be the "best" christian that I stopped thinking about Christ and started thinking of self and how I could make myself better. Feel free to correct me where I was wrong. God Bless, Give me a call anytime.

Sermon7/26/08 9:39 PM
Sean | USA  Find all comments by Sean
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for this very powerful and biblical sermon. I could grasp how I should and must get a victory over sin.

News Item4/14/08 12:05 AM
Sean | Montana  Find all comments by Sean
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My first statement that you reference was poorly worded and an ineffective argument.
You said that you have done no investigation before stating that there are no scientific facts. What do you know of these "formally fallacious methods?"
The existence of stars, fossils, etc are facts that need no interpretation. How these things came to be is subject to interpretation.
You formed your definition of scientific facts (hypotheses about nature ostensibly confirmed by experimental methods)to fit your argument. I prefer the more impartial:
"In the most basic sense, a scientific fact is an objective and verifiable observation; in contrast with a hypothesis or theory, which is intended to explain or interpret facts"
Would you care to comment on Webster's definition of logic? "(1): a science that deals with the principles and criteria of validity of inference and demonstration: the science of the formal principles of reasoning"
Is it logical to say that there are no scientific facts bearing in mind the definition of logic? How and (more importantly) why did you arrive at this conclusion?
I have to go back to work tomorrow and may not get back with you for some time, but look forward to your response. Thanks for the discussion.

News Item4/13/08 11:30 AM
Sean | Montana  Find all comments by Sean
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Having the ability to use your vocabulary effectively is great evidence for intelligence.

All pleasantries aside, we are clouding the issue with extraneous information. My contention is that you cannot logically make the statement that you did.

Saying that there are no scientific facts is a scientific statement and carries with it the presupposition that you KNOW someting of science. Because the statement is absolute, it implies that you know everything.

As the arguement goes: Even if you only knew half of everything scientific, wouldn't it be possible that there are facts in the other half? You can't be entirely serious about your arguement. I'll ask my question with a little more clarification.

Is it a scientific fact that there are no scientific facts?

It is true that the interpretation of scientific facts can often be incorrect.

News Item4/12/08 11:17 PM
Sean | Montana  Find all comments by Sean
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Neil wrote:
Critics of Darwinism need to drop the useless pejorative "elitist." That term of abuse probably got popularized by Jacobins, Marxists, or Progressives, but serves no useful purpose in this debate. Illogical reasoning, not the existence of academic elites, is the problem.
The term is also popular among critics of Calvinism.
And even Stein needs to understand that there are no scientific facts. True science is an oxymoron.
You speak of illogical reasoning. Exactly what would you need to know to say: "There are no scientific facts." Logically, you would have to know literally everything.

Science deals with knowledge and can be defined as knowledge.

It surprises me that someone with the intelect to use words like "pejorative" would make such an obtuse comment, so I'll ask the obvious question.

Is it a fact that there are no scientific facts? Think about it...

Sermon10/19/07 10:25 AM
Sean | Manchester  Contact via emailFind all comments by Sean
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1988 Talk Back Catholicism Radio Debate
Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley
“ Great Sermon! ”
As an ex catholic and previous despiser of Ian Paisley I have to say he is absolutely right. Once God opened my eyes to the truth about the catholic church I see it as so necessary to expose their dark deeds and point out to dear people that Rome is the wrong way and also the Mystery Babylon spoken of in Revelation 17. I understand now why Dr Paisley was so caricatured in the press as his stance is against the luciferian one world government/one world religion plan.Let us take courage and stand for truth.

Mike Allison

Genesis 47:7-12
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