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OCT 22, 2017
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Sermon The Life and Martyrdom of John Huss | Rev. Erik Guichelaar
David and Karen Biser from Cumberland, MD
"This is a stirring lecture on the life of the pre-reformer, John Huss...."
-6 hrs 
Sermon God Judging Among The gods | Pastor John Pereira
Lisa from Wales
-7 hrs 
Sermon Knee Prints in the Sand | Dr. Ernest Pickering
Florin Motiu from Oradea, Romania
-10 hrs 
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Sermon2/2/16 9:01 PM
Roger | New Jersey  Find all comments by Roger
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(This sermon is no longer available)
“ More info on Freud ”
Hey guys, been a while since I listened to this sermon, so forgive me if this was mentioned, but I have just found research that Freud and Jung were heavily influenced by the Kabbalah! More reason why these guys were devil possessed.....

News Item10/5/15 11:27 AM
Roger  Find all comments by Roger
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Sermon11/23/14 11:26 PM
Roger | Oregon  Contact via emailFind all comments by Roger
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“ Resurrection of Jesus is Proof for all men to beli ”
The gospel is so simple when we go back and look in the book of Acts. The Repentance was preached. The wicked sin one must repent of to be saved is the sin of unbelief. John16:7-9 People have lost site of the proof Jesus resurrection as to who he is. Easter should be every day. The sign to Believe is the resurrection! This is the Jonah sign for us. Matthew 12:38-41 and also look at John 2:22 Romans 10:9 Jesus is the Lord proven by his resurrection. Romans 14:7-9 All must repent Acts 17:30-31 I look forward to your responces

Sermon5/5/13 11:49 AM
Roger | california  Find all comments by Roger
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Jesus Challenged
Calvin Tuininga
“ Great Sermon! ”
Now that is preaching the Gospel, AMEN!!!

News Item2/26/10 5:30 PM
Roger | Northeast  Find all comments by Roger
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Mike, you seem to have missed the whole point on why I commented in the first place. I read this news about Dr. Ryken for the first time on 2/22. I saw that the first 4 "comments: had nothing at all to do with the subject matter at hand. After reading the 4 "comments", I wrote what I did. I found it quite discouraging that I could not join in because of the first 4 comments which had noithing to do with the matter at hand. This, as I said earlier, happens quite often.

Please check for yourself how many comments dealt directly with the subject matter. The answer is 0 .

News Item2/26/10 1:19 PM
Roger | Northeast  Find all comments by Roger
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Thanks for adding your opinion, Rick. Please understand me, I realize that these forums are different than many other forums in that they pertain to God, the Bible, etc. As I said earlier, there may very well be others who would like to respond to the "subject matter at hand", rather than read about the same few people arguing, etc. about something that has nothing at all to do with the subject at hand.

I, myself wanted to share with others, the fact that Dr. Ryken, a great man of God, whom I really enjoy hearing, is leaving Tenth Pres., etc.

I hope that everyone understands why I said what I did.

Thanks again, Rick, for giving me another opportunity to convey exactly why I wrote the 1st. article.

May God bless ALL of us as we use this forum from time to time!

News Item2/22/10 5:07 PM
Roger | Northeast  Find all comments by Roger
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It is very discouraging that the same couple of people monopolize these forums. They seem to be the same couple of people who monopolize many other forums as well. Just look at their "forum history". Some of what they say, I agree with, but that's besides the point. My self, as well as others are in all liklihood hindred from posting here. It could be a great forum!

News Item2/17/10 2:38 PM
Roger | Northeast  Find all comments by Roger
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I have no idea at all why Sermon Audio (which I love), allows some of the comments posted here. Some of these comments have nothing to do at all with the subject matter at hand. This happens quite abit on other "forum subjects" as well here in S.A. I hope that S.A. corrects this problem so that each response is edifying and not argumentative and at times, I believe, even hateful!

Sermon10/17/09 3:17 AM
Roger | El Segrià  Contact via emailFind all comments by Roger
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“ Jesu-Crist: El Do de Déu! ”
Gràcies per aquesta predicació en català. Tot el que inclogueu en català ho escoltarem atentament. Comneixeu la versió catalana de la TBS? 23 Perquè la paga del pecat és la mort, però el do de Déu és la vida eterna en Crist-Jesús, Senyor nostre. 16 Perquè Déu estimà tant el món, que donà el seu Fill Unigènit a fi que tot el qui creu en ell no es perdi, sinó que tingui vida eterna. 17 Perquè Déu no envià el seu Fill al món per condemnar el món, sinó a fi que el món sigui salvat per mitjà d’ell. 18 El qui creu en ell no és condemnat, però el qui no hi creu, ja ha estat condemnat, perquè no ha cregut en el Nom de l’Unigènit Fill de Déu.

News Item8/19/09 11:27 PM
Roger | Northern state  Find all comments by Roger
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I have been struggling being bisexual for many years. I pray to God for help in this matter and still struggle with this. Is there any Christian guy out there who was gay or bi and was delivered from this sin? I know that the gay/bi lifestyle is a great sin clearly taught in the Bible. I don't know from Adam how any church could condone this sin. If there is someone I can share with, I will gladly give you my email address and perhaps you can share. I feel like a hypocrite, struggling with this sin of being bisexual and at the same time agreeing that this lifestyle is sinful. I thought I was saved but now feel I am not. I hope to hear from someone. Thanks!

News Item7/20/09 11:18 PM
roger  Find all comments by roger
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I believe in the doctrine of election because the Bible very clearly teaches it. Even a child who can read will read that this doctrine is clearly in Scripture. How does one explain to a nonbeliever, nonchurchgoer, just what election is all about? Any feedback?

News Item5/7/09 11:48 PM
roger | USA  Find all comments by roger
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Hey Roger,

You are right on. Why aren't there thousands of "AMENS" to this website???Where were the thousands of churches having "National Prayer Day" services? Something tragic has happened in the "Sermon Audio Churches". There should be millions of responses to this 'most important subject'!!

News Item4/8/09 1:10 AM
Roger | North east  Find all comments by Roger
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Yes, Sermon Audio has been a blessing, I believe to many as it has been to myself. As I was perusing some of the speakers and messages here, I came across a woman preacher here on Sermon Audio. I feel just awful that women preachers are permitted to post their messages on S.A. I believe the Bible is very, very clear about women not to have authority, etc. over men. They must remain silent in the local church. I just feel awful.

News Item1/28/09 11:34 PM
Roger | Northeast  Find all comments by Roger
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I find it most discouraging and unedifying that the same people go on and on night after night bashing one another and one another's viewpoints here in these rooms. I struggle daily with trying to walk the Christian life and would so much enjoy coming into these rooms and perhaps get some encouragement, etc. in how I can walk the Christian life easier. I'm surprised that "sermon audio" allows the same people, night after night, to come in these rooms and monopolize the conversations, etc. It's sad to see Christians "at each other" rather than helping each other.

Survey9/3/08 11:08 PM
roger | Northeast  Find all comments by roger
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The article by Fredrick regarding alcohol use among Christians was right on. Awesome! Why has there been no response in these rooms to such an excellent article?? Very confusing!!

Survey9/27/07 10:10 PM
Roger | Prospect Park  Find all comments by Roger
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Can somebody please tell me why the same few people monopolize this site night after night after night? Isn't there anyone in control of this "room"? This room could be a wonderful blessing if it was used properly. There is such backbiting,etc. going on here. What a sad witness for an "outsider/unbeliever" to come in here and observe what's going on. I'm sorry folks, but I'm sure you will agree with me, especially if we want something edifying.

News Item7/8/07 3:28 PM
Roger | Paterson  Find all comments by Roger
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The Bible is very clear that a woman should not be a pastor. Scripture clearly teaches that a "woman is to remain silent" re: in the church. Man is the head of the woman. Jesus called men as His disciples. Another Scripture " women are not to have authority over men,etc. and on and on the Scriptures go. Woman may teach Sunday school to the children, they should "teach the younger women" about the Lord, etc, how to be Godly mothers and wives, etc. Again, the Bible is very clear on this matter. Women have gifts that many men don't have and therefore they should use those gifts, but, obviously not in the puplit.

Survey7/8/07 1:01 AM
Roger | Paterson  Find all comments by Roger
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I feel bad you have misconstrued most of what I've been trying to say.

Survey7/8/07 12:42 AM
Roger | Paterson  Find all comments by Roger
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I'm sorry you misunderstood me for some reason. I did not say my mother was better than my wife. I love my wife dearly. I do not tell her what to wear. I've shared with her what I believe the Bible tells men and women how to dress. We do these things out of concern and love for one another. You probably are younger than myself. If you saw the whole picture as I've seen it through the years, in all likelihood you'd see it the way I see it. Sometimes in life, there is ignorance on certain issues and it's hard if one doesn't know all the facts!!

Survey7/8/07 12:12 AM
Roger | Paterson  Find all comments by Roger
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You do have somewhat of a point in what you say. I'm referring to modest [some inches below the knee] types of dresses and skirts. My mom wore dresses almost to her ankles all the time. She looked like a real lady and always modest looking. If I'm with my wife and she is wearing jeans, I feel as though I'm "kinda" with a guy. If people really cared about true Biblical modesty, they would truly know how long their dresses should be. Unfortunately, womens' clothing today leaves alot to be desired [in the church] !!!!!!!!!
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