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Sermon Noah - A Just Man and Perfect in His Generation | Ken Wimer
Hasim from Australia
-28 hrs 
Sermon 2 A Bond-Slave and Apostle of Jesus Christ | Pastor Blair Bradley
Richard Cornett from IN
-28 hrs 
Sermon Psalm 92 | Daniel Chamberlin
Pastor Steve Shelton from Saint Petersburg, Florida
-30 hrs 
· Page 1 ·  Found: 10 user comments posted recently.
News Item4/1/13 9:30 PM
PilgrimsProgress  Find all comments by PilgrimsProgress
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Heavensabove wrote:
Why all this interrogation of John UK? Have you and your buddies somehow identified him as the weak link on this forum?
For the sake of transparency why don't you give us the same information about yourself as you have demanded from John UK? And while you're at it, produce the verse that makes you a continuist.
I don't know what you mean by all this interogation.
I think it is beneficial to find out where people are coming from.
Don't you?
I didn't say I was a continuist.
I simply asked which Bible verses John might recommend to support his position.
Apologia. Thats all. Calm down.
Sometimes I think people are reading the posts more emotively than they are intended by the poster.
Then you came along and decided to take exception to that question on behalf of John UK. Who for the last ten years has been interogating a person called John Y and anyone else who comes here and then asks HIM the questions for a change.

News Item4/1/13 7:25 PM
PilgrimsProgress  Find all comments by PilgrimsProgress
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John UK. What Bible verses would you recommend to support the cessationist view?

News Item4/1/13 5:00 PM
PilgrimsProgress  Find all comments by PilgrimsProgress
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John UK wrote:
Yes, it is independent and nondenominational, therefore biblical in its structure. The theology is the same as it was in Bible days.
It is non-charismatic, cessationist, conservative and evangelical.
I do not not attend a church.
Its just that it occurs to me that it is very easy for you who belong to an independant Christian group to come to a site like this where you will come into contact with people whose churches have their beliefs clearly written down. Once things are written down they are easy to attack or defend.
You don't subscribe to any previously known Christian group - other than the one you claim is 'universal' and Biblical. But the trouble with this is that we only have your word that the correct interpretation of the Bible belongs to your Christian group. Seemingly independant from other interpreters.

Your position can not be attacked or defended in the same way as say John Y who is (supposedly) RC. Simply because no one here, unless they all attend this group with you, can attack or defend what they don't know.

Whereas you can point to things that are written down, your group is a mystery.

News Item4/1/13 4:31 PM
PilgrimsProgress  Find all comments by PilgrimsProgress
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John UK wrote:
Hiya PP.
The company meets at ********** Place Community Hall in a local town. It is a pioneering work, teaching the scriptures, and hoping for converts so that a church may be constituted. The preacher opens and closes in prayer, and between those he reads and expounds the scriptures. He began in Genesis, and we are still working through it. For a while, he did a short series on all the characters surrounding the events of the cross.
The building where we meet together is not owned by us, but rented every Lord's Day. Fliers and invitations are given out, and we have had many people attend to hear the word of God being expounded. It is a great privilege in these last days of declension.
Does that answer?
Weeelll, not sufficiently.

Would you describe this church as independant in the sense of not being in fellowship with other denominations?

Does not subscribe to any previous theology - eg. is not Lutheran (say) or Methodist or Presbyterian etc ..?

Would you describe the church you attend as 'Charismatic' or 'Cessationist'?

Perhaps I am not asking the question very well.

News Item4/1/13 3:57 PM
PilgrimsProgress  Find all comments by PilgrimsProgress
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Hi John. I see you mentioned 'your preacher'. What is the name of the church this preacher preaches at?

I'm just asking what the name of the church is - often found on a sign outside the church along with its service times.

News Item3/30/13 1:36 AM
PilgrimsProgress  Find all comments by PilgrimsProgress
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Yeah. Thanks for the teachings, but its in a rather self-appointed role don't you think?
Yes, I've come across Hebrews before.
Once again thanks. I especially like this piece. "For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth, much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven."

How long has it been since you have listened to an earthling?

I just wondered what church you attended thats all.

I wish the neighbours dogs would stop barking.

News Item3/29/13 4:41 PM
PilgrimsProgress  Find all comments by PilgrimsProgress
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John UK wrote:
I am part of a pioneering nondenominational, independent, Bible-believing, Bible-teaching group, which is a part of the church of the firstborn. We do not encourage anyone towards Rome, rather away from it.
Sure, the RCC tells lies all the time. And all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone.
I see.
I haven't come across your church before.
I'm probably more of a fruit inspector than a traffic warden so I'll bid you a good night.

News Item3/29/13 3:48 PM
Pilgrims Progress  Find all comments by Pilgrims Progress
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John UK wrote:
p.s. When you have the truth, progress means going deeper into that truth. Compromise or change is jumping onto a slippery slope into apostasy.
Here's a question for you:
What tactics do the RCC employ for trying to get non-Catholics to join Rome? And is it okay to tell lies in order to that end?
Well I'll answer your question if you answer mine.
What tactics does your church (which is?).
Your second question doesn't compute. What does the Bible say about liars?

News Item3/29/13 3:22 AM
Pilgrims Progress.  Find all comments by Pilgrims Progress.
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I'm sure John UK, John Y, Frank, and Chris can answer all our questions .. tomorrow maybe ...
Oh no .. wait .. they ask the questions and they answer them for themselves also!!

On and on and on and on and on and on they go feeding the addiction of their religious imaginations ....

Not a lot of progress here is there. Its my guess they have been having the same conversations for ten years and none of them have listened to anyone else in twenty.
Nice religion.

Sermon12/3/12 10:19 PM
Pilgrim's Progress | Algodones, NM  Contact via emailFind all comments by Pilgrim's Progress
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Abraham's Privilege, Abraham's Grace
Pastor Todd S. Bordow
“ Excellent Sermon! ”
This is an outstanding message, it blessed me greatly. Thank you!

Pastor Pieter Van Ruitenburg
Confronted by the..

Heidelberg Catechism Series
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Bethel Netherlands Reformed
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Tech Talk Zoom // Episode 06
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