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Sermon 8 Wonders of Hell | Mike Allison
Roger Reese from Harvest, Al
"First time I heard this sermon. My wife and I didn’t join this church..."
-11 hrs 
Sermon Q&A-100 - Every Stone Toppled, New Earth, New... | Dr. John Barnett
George Bradburn from Montgomery Co. Maryland
-11 hrs 
Sermon Hold To God'S Unchanging Hand: What'S That In... | Pastor Richard P. Carlson
Sharon Hummel from WY
-12 hrs 
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Sermon3/25/2020 12:01 AM
Marsha Rennie | Peterborough  Contact via emailFind all comments by Marsha Rennie
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Spiritual Threat of Covid-19
Andrew Quigley
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for this message. It is necessary to hear this . It will be shared with my friends and my daughters. We must seek wisdom in these times . People will ask of our faith...and it is true that we can say in response..’Nothing can happen to us without GOD giving permission.HE is sovereign.’ Your solemn words will make us go to our knees and spend time in prayer. Many of us are almost numb because of the rapidity of this pandemic upon us but now there is much work to be done . Thank you for your stern clear words.

Sermon3/2/2020 7:51 AM
Marsha Rennie | Peterborough  Contact via emailFind all comments by Marsha Rennie
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Every Step by Faith
Neil C. Stewart
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you again and again for this particular sermon at this particular time.Is it not amazing that all these things work together for this good ? I have been overwhelmed and feeling like there is no hope for me ...and then prepared for me at this time in my great need ..there are these words of truth. Thank you so much for being obedient to HIS Spirit and preparing these words.

Sermon10/6/19 6:28 AM
Marsha Rennie | Peterborough  Contact via emailFind all comments by Marsha Rennie
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In The Know
Neil C. Stewart
“ Great Sermon! ”
This sermon holds such great comfortt. Please know my deepest gratitude. Sometimes circumstances seem overwhelming and one’s life seems to hold such hopelessness. The people you love are so broken and prayers said in millions of ways seem to be unheard and unanswered. But in sll of this turmoil GOD holds us and HE knows. Thank you for such words of comfort. This psalm is heavily underlined and dated and inked through so many years but your words again lift hope and faith in HIS Presence in the midst of what seems to be unchangeable and unresolvable. Thank you .

Sermon1/20/19 9:15 PM
Marsha Rennie | Peterborough  Contact via emailFind all comments by Marsha Rennie
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Good News-Read All About It
Neil C. Stewart
“ Great Sermon! ”
So a few weeks ago I began to follow the sermons of Rev Stewart . It was a weird happenstance because I came to his work because of an interesting sermon title posted on the ‘currently playing ‘section of Sermon Audio . . However since that time I have worked through many of his sermons and most of the Isaiah series and so look forward to the Book of Mark series This has come into my life at such a needed time. Please know how grateful l am for the scholarly depth of Rev Stewart’s work and the spiritual truths which are clearly and richly presented. His work is a very special gift and I am again appreciative of Sermon Audio and all that is possible because of such a wonderful app.

Sermon11/25/18 6:58 AM
Marsha Rennie | Peterborough  Contact via emailFind all comments by Marsha Rennie
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Baptism - An Introduction
Andrew Quigley
“ Great Sermon! ”
Over the past two years I have listened to many of Andrew Quigley’s sermons and have been so very grateful for the .teaching and the authenticity of his faith .I have come through the Anglican church being both baptized and confirmed and having left that church after many years because scriptural truth made me question some of the beliefs and finally the position taken by the church I attended to welcome a new minister who came as a practicing homosexual with his partner. The church I finally was brought to after much searching was the Baptist church and I have become a member there. I have struggled with the concept of Believers baptism. In our congregation we have a vibrant Sunday Church school and the children brought into our church come from strong believing parents who have exhibited through the years their faith...and yet their children are not baptized as infants...they are welcomed and the church congregation continues to surround them with prayer . Now I am very grateful for this sermon. Dr.Quigley has addressed this issue with great respect for those who have different teachings about baptism . This has been very helpful and I look forward to the sermons which will follow about baptism . Sermon Audio is such a rich resource and there has been such a

Sermon5/6/18 7:22 AM
Marsha Rennie | Peterborough On  Contact via emailFind all comments by Marsha Rennie
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How Can Death Be A Gain?
Andrew Quigley
“ Great Sermon! ”
This sermon answered two very deep concerns in our society We are seeing this change and acceptance of the people who choose to end their life. It has seemed such a strange and confusing thing to me. The reasons given seem valid but in my heart I knew this was not the Will of GOD and I feared this becoming so accepted even by Christians. The other aspect of Celebration of Life ceremonies concerned me too. I was bewildered because into the church this phrase is becoming the norm. As I approach 71 this year death becomes more of a reality . I did not want the term celebration of life to be used in any way attached to my funeral but was not certain of the Biblical reasons for my justifying that choice. I do not want anyone thinking that I treat these days GOD has been so graciuos to give me if to leave them is a celebration. And this meant it wiped out the way I chose to live my life . Again in this sermon I found that there is a Biblical reason for allowing grief and for saying that I do not wish that term Celebration of Life to be used. This is very significant to me and I am so greatly relieved over these two issiues. Thank you so much for your clear presentation.

Sermon7/26/17 6:44 PM
Marsha Rennie | Peterborough on  Contact via emailFind all comments by Marsha Rennie
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Pack Wisdom!
Andrew Quigley
“ Great Sermon! ”
So it is as if this was exactly what I have needed to hear So many things have happened that I was struggling with my faith walk The final touch was for my husband of fifty years to have yet another diagnosis and I was broken again ...did not believeThs has been forty or more years and hard things have been part of it but I knew GOD was present Then this happened in the last few months ...nd now ti was to be forced to stand beside the man I love and watch more suffering I was given a chance to go to your sermons and I went through the Joseph series and still my heart was hard and bitter then this series came along and finally I am weeping and trying to express my bewilderment Finally I am broken and broken and broken some more Thank you for these words They finally got to my heart and I know HE cares and I am deeply weeping but free and It's ok now I intend to listen to all your series and learn more and more and cling to My LORD ...I am so grateful Please excuse any spelling errors I am writing in a park and weeping and finally free of my hard hard heart

Sermon5/17/16 6:57 AM
Marsha Rennie | Peterborough  Contact via emailFind all comments by Marsha  Rennie
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Kenneth Stewart
“ Great Sermon! ”
As I Listened to this sermon yesterday for the second time I realized that I too needed forty days to recommission my lifestyle this point. So I stopped the recording and bowed in prayer to ask GOD to prepare me and recommission me to this new phase of my life. Suddenly there was a phone call and our daughter was in a very dangerous way and proceeding to the hospital in an ambulance. So the next few hours until assurance was given this sermon of second chances held me in a deep grip. Again and again this body of work by Kenneth Stewart has held me and mine in so many ways. Please learn and go back through each one and be taught . We have all been so blessed by this teaching of this faithful servant of GOD who brings HIS Word to life. We are grateful .

Sermon1/17/16 9:00 AM
Marsha Rennie | Peterborough Ontarion Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Marsha Rennie
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Establishing and Comforting
Kenneth Stewart
“ Sermon is full of deep truths ...of quiet known comforts ”
During this recent bout with flu and needing to have wisdom about a difficult situation ...this was the sermon to which I was directed. It was significant because as Kenneth Stewart relates one needs to be established and comforted by old deep truths from the heart. There have been so many tribulations of late that I had been discouraged and disheartened. Was very weary of betrayals and attacks but they have been sorted in HIS timing and HE has contended for me when I could no longer defend myself. The LORD is good and HIS mercy is everlasting and this time will pass and through it there has been much learning and a deeper trust in HIS loving kindnesses

Sermon10/22/15 6:33 AM
Marsha Rennie | Peterborough Ontario  Contact via emailFind all comments by Marsha Rennie
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Morning By Morning
Kenneth Stewart
“ Take time with this sermon ”
When you have been serving and sorrows seem to become more frequent and there are greater losses and so much to ponder...then this talk is significant .There are truths embedded in every part and so much so that you need to pause and listen . This is a sermon you may return to again and again. So much in this will strengthen and deepen your faith .So grateful for this body of work by faithful servants. We are blessed indeed .

Carlisle, PA
Faith Chapel

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