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Sermon Five Reasons for Eternal Security | Todd Nibert
Gary and Janey Hollback from Wheelersburg church
"Thank you again for yet another wonderful message"
-37 hrs 
Sermon Paul's Ministry - He Fainted Not | Jeff Arthur
Philippus Schutte from Australia
-38 hrs 
Sermon Typology of Judas | Daniel Urroz
Rita Beckett from New Jersey
-38 hrs 
· Page 1 ·  Found: 8 user comments posted recently.
News Item4/1/13 9:09 AM
Mr  Find all comments by Mr
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That's exactly what people who reject God and decency and morality asks for. It's a shame , we as the church allowed it because we fallen asleep and allowed them to put us in a corner and make us irrelevant. I don't have to prove that but if I do , look no further than the lying liberal media, schools, society, churches who's doctrine is changed to suit perverted lifestyles, speak out on what the secular world believes in and see what happens. The church had clout and was the moral compass for America . God forgive us

News Item1/23/13 8:50 PM
mr | long beach new york  Find all comments by mr
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Sermon11/4/11 8:28 PM
M. R. | Texas  Find all comments by M. R.
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Do all in Jesus Name
Trevor Rimes
“ Great Sermon! ”
A very helpful-- and very convicting-- message, which gets at the heart of what it means to live a truly Christian life. I appreciated the emphasis on union with Christ as the foundation of the believer's calling to live a holy and Christ-centered life at all times and in all situations. How comprehensive is the principle enunciated in Colossians 3:17, and how frequently I have failed to live according to it. God, have mercy on me, a sinner!

News Item3/22/10 9:01 PM
MR | Qtown PA  Find all comments by MR
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Yes, Rome supports this type of bill because it is socialism...which eventually leads to serfdom. No middle class, just peasants and the ruling class. Rome loves serfdom. Remember the dark ages when Rome ruled with an iron fist over Europe? Rome loves serfdom where absolute power can be wielded by her.

If anyone doubts this could be the case here in America, remember the picture in the news of former presidents Clinton and Bush BOWING to the DEAD POPE not long ago?

So while men are stealing trillions of dollars and calling it a "right" for the recipients to receive money they did not labor for, the word of God has something to say about that. Wealth redistribution is theft. Theft by government.

Maybe it is time to re-read the Declaration of Independence to our children and let 'em hear old Patrick Henry and his call for liberty or death.

News Item4/17/09 12:07 PM
MR | Q-ville  Find all comments by MR
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Shannon wrote "i'm glad that we FINALLY have a president who cares and is really doing what is necessary to fix the HUGE MESS BUSH LEFT!!!! if it wasnt for Barack and the democrats we would all be out of work right now"

Sorry, what is being done by both Bush and Obama in the bailouts they both sent through as a "fix" for the economic meltdown, will only make the situation worse. HOW can trillions more dollars created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve, solve an out of control global credit meltdown?
As for the Dems keeping our jobs, I believe it has more to do with sending American jobs overseas, shutting down our manufacturing based economy for a service-consumption based economy, and a USA financial empire of money shifters in big financial firms. This is unsustainable, and we are finding out the hard way...
Listen to Peter Schiff, and you will know why these trillions of dollars will NOT pull us out of this recession-depression.

News Item4/16/09 9:19 PM
MR | Q-ville PA  Find all comments by MR
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I would like to know how spending MORE money that we do not have (fiat currency with no gold backing) for unconstitutional federal programs we cannot afford, is supposed to remedy an out of control spending problem. HOW can this failed monetary policy be solved by the very people who created the problem to begin with? HOW does sending billions to overseas banks solve our economic slow down, which is the result of overspending, extreme unsustainable debt (credit). How can the federal reserve get by with tell congress, no, we will NOT tell you where we sent all that money? WHY isn't congress auditing the federal reserve? Why has Paulson sent billions to the very firm he used to work for? DO we smell corruption and fraud at very high levels of government, or is everyone wearing white hats in the White House and on Capitol Hill? Tea parties and state sovereignty are a reflection of just how upset America is becoming with the status quo in the Democrat and Republican monopoly of Washington DC. Now Homeland Security essentially labels all conservative, constitution loving, patriot Americans and veterans as potential terrorists.. and Obama wants a civilian defense force to move us closer to a police state that is able to lock up his opposition. Give me liberty or give me death.

News Item2/28/07 11:56 AM
MR | PA  Find all comments by MR
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The church of Rome is under the curse of God, because it preaches "another gospel" and because the church of Rome has placed it's anathema upon all who hold to the true gospel of justification through faith in Christ alone.

Rome is so full of superstition, false doctrine, traditions, unbiblical indulgences, opposition to the Word of God, substitutions for truth, that it is BLATANT APOSTACY.

No wonder Rome discourages the people from reading the Bible, because the Word of Truth sets men FREE from apostacy and unto the One who is the way, the truth and the life. (By the way, Rome is NOT the way, the truth and the life....Christ is.

News Item1/26/07 12:23 PM
MR | PA  Find all comments by MR
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Imagine if they can install these in a satellite and use it to straighten out everybody who is out of more police needed, no prisons, just put every convict into the sights of this toaster gun, and they'll be sure to stay out of trouble. Next, incorporate the use of cell phone technology, and in an instant, any citizen can call in the coordinates and zap their fellow citizen who they are upset with...straight down from a satellite.
Late on that credit card payment, or mortgage? well the banking systems now have a way to make you compliant real fast. A home model can be used to start the fireplace, no matches needed any more...even cook the roast faster than that microwave ever did.
Is that dog not staying in the yard? No "fence" needed, just put on a tracking collar that focuses this gun, and Spot will be in line from now on.
Is the neighbor's dog in your yard? was "sunburn" right?
The super sized model of this thing can do a whole country all at once...if they step out of line, EVERYBODY gets cooked until they give up.
Where will all this end?

Dr. Joel Beeke
The Puritans Got it Right

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