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NOV 24, 2017
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Sermon The Parents of the World's Strongest Man | Dr. Ernest Pickering
Florin Motiu from Oradea, Romania
"Good teaching about the responsibility of parents in praying for their..."
-14 hrs 
Sermon El Evangelio En Un Verso | Mark Conway
Henry Caquimbo from Davenport, FL
-14 hrs 
Sermon Cattle, Fields, and Garments | Jonathan Hutchison
NB from Georgia
-19 hrs 
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Sermon10/21/13 1:09 PM
Kathleen | Ohio  Protected NameContact via emailFind all comments by Kathleen
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Looking unto Jesus
Jim Byrd
“ An evening spent with friends... ”
I think I have always misunderstood Hebrews 12:1, convinced that the "cloud of witnesses" meant all the unconverted people in our lives, watching, criticizing, condemning. But what joy to hear you say that these "witnesses" are the brethren who lived and died to teach us some great lesson about the LORD Jesus Christ. Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sara, all the others listed in Hebrews 11 and throughout the entire Word of God - these all bear witness to us of some specific, glorious attribute of God in His gracious dealings with His loved ones. I thank you so much for teaching this to me, for now, I can run to Hebrews 12:1 with joy to find friends there, instead of cringing back from this verse, knowing how I disgrace my LORD before the eyes of strangers. It was so nice to spend the evening with friends (in heaven and on earth) last night as you were preaching in Almont, Michigan. Thank you so much.

Sermon8/16/13 8:49 AM
Kathleen | Columbus, Ohio  Contact via emailFind all comments by Kathleen
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(This sermon is no longer available)
“ Redemption, by price and by power... ”
A Most Wonderful Message! The LORD answered a specific prayer I had on my heart with this incredible message. I am singing praises again, and dancing with joy once more, to the Great God Who has redeemed us by His blood and quickened us to know it by His power. Oh, how great is the God Who has delivered us from our bondage in the wilderness.

Sermon8/8/13 6:53 AM
Kathleen | Columbus, Ohio  Contact via emailFind all comments by Kathleen
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Somebody Touched Me
Bob Coffey
“ Oh, I really love what you said! ”
Mr. Coffey, What you have said is so very true, that "a bleeding person knows when the bleeding has stopped". The woman who, by grace, crawled to the LORD Jesus (to find all healing by faith), was to the world, the biggest nobody in the crowd. But she was the single "somebody" there that day in the heart, mind and eternal love of Christ our Saviour from all eternity. Thank you so much for this simple, profound message. I have often wondered about this passage, that is, the LORD saying, "Somebody touched Me." It has always been striking and curious to me, I have often asked Him what He meant by this. What an answer to my prayer. The LORD used you to touch me. Thank you.

Sermon8/7/13 7:10 AM
Kathleen | Columbus, OH  Contact via emailFind all comments by Kathleen
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God's Way Of Salvation
Angus Fisher
“ Incredible discernment in His Spirit... ”
He said, "Arise!" And His Word cannot be broken, for He, Himself, is life from the dead. Yes truly, "God hath visited His people"and yes - "IT came to pass!" Thank you so much for this wonderful, wonderful message from our LORD Jesus Christ. Matthew 1:21 is found on every page, gloriously woven through the fabric of His Holy Word. Praise God for His everlasting love.

Sermon5/23/13 4:48 AM
Kathleen | Ohio  Contact via emailFind all comments by Kathleen
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Like Precious Faith
Paul Mahan
“ Oh, How Precious is our LORD! ”
My heart says, "Yes, LORD", by His mercy alone. Christ is All in all. Thank you for this precious word from His precious word.

News Item5/13/13 7:47 PM
Kathleen | Ohio  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by Kathleen
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Does anybody here realize that US Attorney General, Eric Holder, owns the building where Gosnell operated his butcher shop? Every Republican in Congress knows that. Wake up. The left/right thing is to keep us fighting with each other, while both parties take us down the road to tyranny.

News Item5/13/13 4:42 PM
Kathleen | Ohio  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by Kathleen
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Thanks to Alex Jones and the
Infowarriors, we know about GMO foods, cancer viruses and heavy metals in vaccines, chemtrails polluting our soil and water, dangerous toxins and psychotropic drugs being put in municipal water supplies without public knowledge, false flag operations designed and conducted by our own CIA and that portion of our own government that has been taken over by global commercial and banking interests, who are working to de-industrialize the western world, dumb down the population with poison food and mind-controlled teaching in public schools. We know that there is a concerted effort by a small group of thugs to bankrupt our nation, kill children in the womb, kill our elderly in nursing homes and hospitals and to infiltrate our homes with every conceivable surveillance mechanism. We know about how banks and the federal reserve are devaluing the dollar and making our currency worthless. Thanks to Alex Jones, we know they are stealing the pension funds of private citizens, that CPS steals children from decent homes to use kids in sex slavery and worst - not mentionable - activities. We know that Barack Obama is a complete creation of the global cabal, who use him as a front man to accomplish their nefarious agenda. Doom and gloom? OK, well, have a nice day.

Sermon5/8/13 9:52 AM
Kathleen | Ohio  Contact via emailFind all comments by Kathleen
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“ 'A Debtor To Mercy Alone' ”
Pastor Byrd, We were so blessed by Kathy's singing of the Augustus Toplady hymn, "A Debtor To Mercy Alone". It is one of my favorite hymn poems and I especially love the E minor tune, "Trewen". At the close of your service, your whole congregation sang a most wonderful John Newton sacred poem, "How Sweet The Name of Jesus Sounds" to the John Peterson tune, "Bridgewater". I was thinking how Toplady, called home in 1778, never saw the publication of Newton's Olney Hymnal in 1779. And Mr. Peterson (of Scottsdale, AZ) went to be with the LORD in September 2006, a few days before his 85th birthday. He did not hear your webcast featuring his melody. Nonetheless, we are all woven together in His eternal tapestry in time, each redeemed soul, complete in Christ, doing those good works that have been ordained by our loving Father before time was. Your incredible sermon on John 15 is another golden thread. Thank you so much.

Sermon4/26/13 9:14 PM
Kathleen | Ohio  Find all comments by Kathleen
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God Is Jealous
Chris Cunningham
“ Oh, what a message! ”
The promises you have mentioned made my heart soar. These incredible truths lift me up, up, up, hour by hour. Everyday, as the events of the hour rattle my soul and make me afraid, I recall, "He is my Husband. He is taking care of me! He's the richest Man on earth and He loves me! Oh, be still my heart and wait." Thank you, Pastor Cunningham.

Sermon4/13/13 11:52 AM
Kathleen | Ohio  Contact via emailFind all comments by Kathleen
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“ LORD, bring this message to Thy people! ”
Oh, how true this is! They say, "Amen, praise the LORD, God is good"...and all is peace, UNTIL you say, "I'm one of the Holy ones, elect of God from the foundations of the world!" Then the insults begin! They LOVE to say, "We're all brethren" at the same time they say, "Let's not talk about doctrine, it just causes problems..." WHOA! This is the red flag! Danger, Danger. Danger. Thank you, Pastor Bell for this encouraging word. Thank you so much. It's one thing for those in the pew to persecute, but when the pastor of a place persecutes you for believing the truth of the Sovereignty of God in salvation, that is the most painful trial I have ever experienced.

Sermon4/6/13 6:08 PM
Kathleen | Ohio  Contact via emailFind all comments by Kathleen
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The Pergamus Temple of Satan
Dr. Carl McIntire
“ Surprising 'coincident'? ”
Dr. McIntire preached this sermon 30 years to the day of the birth date of our Sumpreme Leader, BHO, who was born on August 4, 1961. We (the American public) cannot, however, verify that date with substantial documentation. All we know is that BHO claims he was born on August 4, 1961. Nonetheless, the Pergamos Altar is a riveting symbol of evil and actually became the architectural model used by Albert Speer in his 1933 design of Hitler's Zeppelin Tribune pulpit. It was excavated by the German archeologist, Humann in 1878, and taken to Berlin. Kaiser Wilhemn praised the placement of the altar in a museum setting in 1902. Did either of these men know Adolph Hitler? No, of course not. But they, like every evildoer, were living and moving in accordance with the Will of Almighty God and His Christ. Fast-forward to 2013, the world is again on the verge of catastrophic war. Dictators and tyranny are rising. Oh yes, our friend and brother, Dr. McIntire, is in glory, without a tear or care concerning the things which shall shortly come to pass here on the earth - and so should we be in the face of these present calamities. We must rest in our LORD Jesus with a "calm and serene frame", as Cowper has said.

News Item3/27/13 1:37 PM
Kathleen | Ohio  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by Kathleen
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Christopher, Since I began writing hymns and gospel songs in 2005, I seem to always be forming verses that rhyme. While I'm waking or sleeping, the words come in, creeping, constantly seeping, through the sieve of my mind...if you get my drift.

Sermon3/26/13 9:40 AM
Kathleen | Ohio  Contact via emailFind all comments by Kathleen
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“ How rare and exquisite! ” the preaching of the glorious Gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ. Pastor Byrd, thank you for the care you take, each and every time you speak, to tell the whole truth of the Person and Work of our Saviour. It is so very evident to us and is such an encouragement. This particular message, like hundreds of others you have preached, outlines the message of Scripture so clearly, so simply. For the folded sheep, for the wandering sheep and for those who are "none of His" - the LORD has a word to each and you have told it. God bless you and so happy to see you recovery from your surgery. We will see you (via webcast) this Sunday, LORD willing and may He bless you in your studies this week.

Sermon2/21/13 8:17 PM
Kathleen | Ohio  Contact via emailFind all comments by Kathleen
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“ What an incredible sermon ”
Pastor Byrd, I have hoped that a great revival would come in our day, a true revival in the Biblical sense - that God's Gospel of sovereign grace would go forth with extraordinary power, be embraced by His elect with great joy as the whole world looks on with astonishment. I have believed and hoped for this, yet always remained hesitant to point to any particular Scripture to defend my inclination. As you described the resurrection of the two witnesses in Revelation 11, for the first time, I was riveted on this passage as proof that I could freely pray, according to His Word, for this, my heart's desire. Your sermons through this entire portion of Scripture are the very best I have ever heard. So much enlightenment has been granted to me through your studies and I thank you. In Christ, I thank you.

Sermon11/29/12 8:00 AM
Kathleen | Ohio  Contact via emailFind all comments by Kathleen
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“ What a wonderful gift ”
Pastor Byrd, We celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary on the day you preached this incredible sermon (November 25, 2012). We consider this message to be the most wonderful gift we have ever received, even though we received it a few days later via SermonAudio. Yes, He was on His way to Calvary from all eternity past and how immense is the thought, the truth, that He met us and all our sin there. And how awesome to know with certainty, that we met Him at Calvary, and in Him, we received the forgiveness of sin and life everlasting in the death that He died. He accomplished all He set out to do. "It is finished!" Praise His Holy Name. Thank you for this word to our hearts.

Sermon9/2/12 8:17 AM
Kathleen | Columbus, Ohio  Contact via emailFind all comments by Kathleen
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Why Did Christ Have To Die?
Don Fortner
“ Truly, the key to understanding ”
Wonderful, Pastor Don, to know, by the Spirit of Christ, that He had to die.I heard one preacher casually say, "He died for me, but He didn't have to..." That simple statement can shake the redeemed soul to the very core. It makes every other thing that preacher says something to be regarded with suspicion. Keep telling, Pastor Don. This whole world is so entreached in the power of the wicked one, that even "free sovereign grace" men can fall into the bad habit of reiterating spiritual mottos.

Sermon4/15/12 3:32 PM
Kathleen | New Hampshire  Find all comments by Kathleen
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Feeding Sheep or Amusing Goats
C. H. Spurgeon
“ Great Sermon! ”
A timeless message so needed in this day of seeker sensitive sermons

Sermon4/19/10 10:46 PM
Kathleen  Find all comments by Kathleen
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This is a really great message and on a level for most children to understand.

Sermon2/24/10 4:58 PM
Kathleen  Find all comments by Kathleen
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Apostolic Orthodoxy
Michael Lopp
“ Great Sermon! ”
sorry I missed it live and in person sounds great here

News Item3/10/07 7:11 PM
Kathleen | Columbus, OH  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by Kathleen
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"Newt" - Any of various salamanders of the Amphibian class of vertebrates. Amphi (Gr.), meaning "on both sides" and bios, meaning "life".

A Bunyan name if I ever heard one.
But they never told us in school that there's a rare NEWT that is also a reptile...hmmm.

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