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DEC 13, 2017
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Sermon Facing Fear of Man | Matthew Hoskinson
Natalie from Oklahoma
"Absolutely convicting and freeing at the same time!"
-7 hrs 
Sermon Israel in Prophecy (Revelation 12:1-2) | Gregory A. Miller
Rnel from South africa
-7 hrs 
Sermon God Pouring Out His Spirit | Charles Lawson
Samuel Foley from East Texas
-14 hrs 
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Sermon7/23/17 6:55 PM
Jeffrey Ludwig | New York City  Find all comments by Jeffrey Ludwig
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Beholding His Glory
Doug VanderMeulen
“ How beautiful to hear of God's glory ”
"Beloved we are now children of God." Pastor Doug tells us passionately that we shall participate in the glory of God, and it is the desire of Christ for us to see, to behold, and participate in His glory. Last week, I heard a sermon saying that Christ was about multiculturalism and painting murals in the hallways of public schools. This sermon is the perfect antidote to that sermon and others like it.

Sermon10/21/12 6:28 PM
Jeffrey Ludwig | Brooklyn, NY  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jeffrey Ludwig
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The Majesty and Mystery of Marriage
Dr. James E. Adams
“ Bold and To The Point ”
This was the third sermon preached or proclaimed by Pastor Adams that I listened to today. I listened to this one because my wife and I had had an argument, and I was looking for help. The help came, and more than help as he emphasized that marriage was more than mere emotions, nor is it mainly based even on something as basic as compatibility. That last point amazed me. Rather, the basis for marriage is as deep as creation itself, and of our individual and social identities. Marriage is not primarily psychological (Adams does not express his thoughts this way, but I am interpreting here) but is spiritual through and through and is foundational. He asks the question, why is it that sex belongs only in marriage. At that point, I stopped the audio and we called our daughter into the room to listen as he gave the explanation. It should be convincing to any young person hearing it, especially if they are already believing in Jesus Christ. Pastor Adams also repudiated the desire to normalize homosexual marriage or unions as being decidedly wrong-headed and leading society astray. It was a wonderful tour do force of Biblical power as the word of God spoke directly from the pulpit into our hearts. Thank you.

Sermon10/21/12 6:21 PM
Jeffrey Ludwig | Brooklyn, NY  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jeffrey Ludwig
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Persecution, Prayer and Power
Dr. James E. Adams
“ Direct and Simply Expressed, Yet Profound ”
This sermon ultimately does not reside "in" us, but comes from an almighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, who can somehow transform the devastation of torture and murderous persecution into tremendous kingdom growth and renewal. We have to get to the point where we can look beyond even the most horrific tales of persecution into the power that is the presence of God, especially as far as evangelism and saving of souls goes. Pastor Adams reveals these truths in a compelling way, and if, like me, you sometimes find yourself more timid than you would like to be regarding your witness, then you will be MOST ENCOURAGED by this sermon. Amen.

Sermon10/21/12 6:15 PM
Jeffrey Ludwig | Brooklyn, NY  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jeffrey Ludwig
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Substitutionary Salvation
Dr. James E. Adams
“ Timely and Powerful Sermon! ”
During family devotion this past week, we have been reading Hebrews 10 & 11. This powerful sermon gathered together our studies in a way that was more clear and at the same time more comprehensive than our own conversations on the topic of substitionary atonement. Especially for the sake of our 16 year old daughter, I had tried to clarify (1) why certain educated unbelievers argue that substitutionary atonement is "immoral" (sic), and explain what the answer to them would be, and (2) to flush out the deep meaning of the substitution (sometimes called "vicarious atonement"). Pastor Adams covered the ground better than I could ever hope to, and my wife and I were blessed listening to it today, 10/21/12. In fact, I listened twice as she had arrived home only after I had done my first run through. Thank you Pastor Adams for this profound preaching.

Sermon9/30/11 5:34 PM
Jeffrey Ludwig | Brooklyn, NY  Find all comments by Jeffrey Ludwig
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A Cure For Depression - Psalm 13
Doug VanderMeulen
“ Great Sermon! ”
I had just written a list of my overwhelming sorrows in an email to a friend, and said that I was turning to Pastor Doug's sermons to seek a word from the Lord Almighty. Then, when I went to the list of recent sermons what did I find?! This sermon! Talk about God's perfect timing! If you are experiencing some serious heartaches, this sermon will not only encourage you, but restore Godly clarity to your muddled thinking about who you are and God's promise-keeping -- His perfect will and covenantal love. Also, we are reminded repeatedly that we are living in (and are contributors to) this evil age. For me, it is very helpful to hear the word "evil" used, and to know that I am contributing to this evil. Yet, because of Christ's abundant love and mercy, He is intervening and ministering to me, and I can rejoice in the abundance of His love and goodness. Amen. Please take the time to listen to this sermon and allow the Lord God Almighty to give you more than a glimpse of His love.

Sermon7/8/11 7:11 PM
Jeffrey Ludwig | Brooklyn, NY  Find all comments by Jeffrey Ludwig
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Two Ways - Two Views - Psalm 2
Doug VanderMeulen
“ A Passionate, Hopeful Sermon for a Sinful World ”
I have been listening to Pastor Doug's sermons for years, and this sermon must rank among the most passionate and profound that I have heard (this in no way should be taken to imply that other sermons are not profound). You see, I have been anguished about the passage into law in New York State of the legalization of homosexual marriage. In this preaching of Psalm 2, Pastor Doug explains that the Psalm reveals that there are two worldviews: those who love God and embrace His sovereign Lordship and those who reject Him. I couldn't do justice to the sermon by reiterating the many points made that expanded on this theme of two worldviews, but I can say that I have found consolation in this sermon. I am consoled that even though I am a sinner through and through I am walking on a path of blessedness desiring to serve my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whereas, as Doug frequently communicates, the world LOVES THE DARKNESS. This is a deep reality that is under our sovereign God who is both severe and merciful. If any reader of this comment is undecided about whether to take the time to listen to this sermon, I seriously recommend that you make the time, take notes, and receive the powerful truths that are expressed.

Sermon3/3/07 5:10 PM
Jeffrey Ludwig | Brooklyn, NY  Find all comments by Jeffrey Ludwig
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“ Our Corruption is Very Corrupt ”
This is an incredible sermon! Pastor VanderMeulen reveals that God sees that the ages old attempt by believers as well as non-believers to make the invisible God into visible images or idols is linked to the American worship of self. God understands this self=worship for what it is: hatred of him. Also, he shares his experience working in prison ministry. He found that the prisoners would deflect facing their criminal guilt by saying that some other criminal was more guilty. He reminds us that we are guilty of the same thing regarding our sins. We compare ourselves to others in order to minimize our own sinfulness. Yet, if we are in Christ it behooves us to admit our sins, for indeed we are beloved children of God and HE HAS SHOWN MERCY UPON US! Jesus Christ, our prophet, priest, and king, came and died for us so that we might be lifted up to eternal life in Him and live as new creations. I have burned 8 CDs for distribution to unsaved co-workers as well as three pastors. Truly, it is a mighty word from the Lord that will be most renewing or salvific for those "who have ears to hear." Thank you Pastor VanderMeulen. (It is possible that this comment might be posted twice due to my confusion about the posting process.)

Sermon3/3/07 4:41 PM
Jeffrey Ludwig | Brooklyn, NY  Find all comments by Jeffrey Ludwig
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“ Our Corruption is Very Corrupt ”
This is an incredible sermon! It is rich with so many Biblical ideas and powerful examples. Pastor VanderMeulen links the ages-old attempt by idolators and so-called followers of God to make visible the invisible God through images with our present-day American worship of self. God does not look at us as "kids will be kids" but sees our worship of self for what it is -- hatred of Him. Further, the pastor shares his experience of working in prison ministry. He tells the congregation that the prisoners would deflect full recognition of their crimes by consistently saying that the other guy did worse crimes. Yes, the pastor sees that we are guilty of deflecting the significance of our own sins. He powerfully preaches how we would rather point to the corruptions in other lives than look at the list of vices listed in Romans and see ourselves in that list. It's such a mighty word from the Lord! I've already burned 8 CD's to give to four Jewish co-workers who have told me they are atheists (I'm a saved Jew myself), my wife's two pastor brothers in the Philippines, another gentleman at work who shares an adjoining office who told me with a great sense of moral superiority [sic] that he is an agnostic, and with a longtime pastor friend who is pentecostal. Thank you Pastor V.

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