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NOV 22, 2017
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Sermon Surety For A. Stranger | Marvin Stalnaker
"Beautiful picture of God’s mercy and grace a must watch."
-19 hrs 
Sermon Why Mercy Seat Church is NOT Incorporated | Matthew Trewhella
Yolanda from AZ
-28 hrs 
Sermon The whole have no need | Greg Elmquist
Cindy dishman from New Castle, Ind
-29 hrs 
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News Item3/8/13 9:29 AM
GregPasty  Find all comments by GregPasty
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Processed meat-the day after-so I got one thing right!

'There is no clear and universal understanding of what is moderate drinking. Its meaning varies between cultures and within cultures according to gender, age, socio-economic status and people's self-reported tolerance'

Trendy bottled beer 'Newcastle' in the US- known as 'Dog' in my home city of Newcastle because it makes you 'mad', the bottle also was the most used offensive weapon.

'Alcohol is implicated in 47% of violent crime'

Which alcoholic drinks sold in UK public houses were available in Bible times? The aggressive brainwashing alcohol industry is Satan's instrument to ensnare millions of souls.

'Abstain from all appearance of Evil' I Thes 5: 22

10 things the alcohol industry won't tell you about alcohol - Doug Sellman

US Alcohol Advertising, Examples

UK'47% of 15 year old girls have been drunk at least once in the last 4 weeks'

An epidemic which makes you weep for these youngsters, but when did your church last mention the dangers of 'alcohol'

News Item3/7/13 6:18 PM
GregPasty  Find all comments by GregPasty
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Christians and Alcohol MacArthur

Fredrick Charrington

The MacArthur links are helpful re: the evil alcohol industry today (I Thes 5: 22), the wine of the bible and why chose to abstain. The Charrington link explains how a brewery heir was converted 'I am responsible for their misery'.

I was converted in 1990 and became an ex-drunkard, once influencing a 16 year old to drink who commited suicide when drunk. I have never met a converted drunkard who drinks even moderately. 1991 I witnessed to Bryan who came to profess conversion. His older brother was into real ale pubs. I told Bryan that he would be a better witness to his brother if he abstained, but Bryan chose moderation and accompanied his brother Steve to real ale pubs. One day after returning home from the pub Steve was drunk, fell and hit his head and died after being in a coma.

We can disagree but maybe you can understand my personal conviction (and many other good men), choosing to abstain for the love of others will guarantee that I do not cause ANY to stumble or fall into misery.

News Item3/7/13 4:29 AM
GregPasty  Find all comments by GregPasty
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Got drunk the first time I had 2 pints of beer (moderation?) Having been brought up in a hard working man's drinking culture,- in prison for something I did through being inebriated. Having seen a friend commit suicide solely due to inebriation. Having seen professional men drunk on 2 pints of larger. Having drunk regularly in student bar seeing 18 year old females tasting their first alcohol drink, staggering around after 2 glasses of wine, being sick and ending up in a strangers bed. Having witnessed the same debate previously on SA , then having a phone call that my 6ft 2 son was on a machine in emergency hospital at the age of 15...through having his first alcohol with friends- 3 glasses of (pop tasting) cider; some one needs to convince me 'moderation' always equals 'safe' BUT you won't convince me that your daughter or son can handle alcohol or always drink moderately, as I KNOW the dangers from real experience!

It was a writer who is against abstinence who writes about watered down wine as 'the common wine' and drank when water supply was bad- often contaminated etc.

Moderate drinkers today are abstaining from alcohol for the same reason as C H Spurgeon was convicted by 1884. I am not against moderate drinking!

Another sausage roll

News Item3/6/13 7:13 PM
GregPasty  Find all comments by GregPasty
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John UK wrote:
You've mentioned this before, brother.
Watered down wine wouldn't get you drunk but it would contain alcohol at a ratio of 20:1 or more (the 20 being water). There was no water supply to homes so this wine drinking was common place. How did they drink in moderation in the Bible if 2 cups of wine today can get you 'drunk'? An interesting question?

Consider how thirsty families would be with no water supply, needing to drink therefore plenty of watered down wine.

Strong drink and undiluted wine in the Bible would get you drunk!

Drinking unwatered wine would be a personal choice, but likewise always the choice of the one who liked to get drunk! Moderation? Well some one define it! The problem is that we know two glasses today can get you drunk, so what was moderation in the Scriptures with undiluted wine and strong drink-was it the same as today? Did 2 glasses make you drunk If so what is moderation then and today?

Modern Drink Industry is different for so many reasons! Read Dr Masters booklet which NEEDS to be considered biblically and especially in relation to the drinks industry. Much easier to read that booklet!

News Item3/6/13 5:40 PM
GregPasty  Find all comments by GregPasty
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Even worse the Government are so concerned about horse meat appearing in processed meat foods...when the horse meat is probably the most healthy part- as no one has noticed any difference in the taste! It is the other ingredients that are the real problem

If one Greggs sausage roll is ok to eat
A sausage roll ; imagine if you had two and began to stagger around like a drunkard; slur your words; utter obscenities; beat up your wife and strangers; take off your clothes; spew up etc. how long before sausage rolls would be banned completely or you would be able to purchase only one on prescription?

Yet 2 alchopops; 2 cans of strong larger; 2 glasses of certain wines can lead to the above behaviour and who in the UK cares-so much for safe drinking? Modern alcohol industry is not the same as watered down wine in the Bible!

only 50p!

Cheaper than a Sausage Roll, why not consider what Dr Peter Masters has to say about the modern alcohol industry and apply it biblically.

If tempted for a second sausage roll that makes you stagger like a drunk...would you risk it? Encourage it?

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