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OCT 19, 2017
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Sermon Chalcedon - AD 451 | Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas
Adriel from UK
"Orthodox teaching from the early fathers but an essential truth for today...."
-18 hrs 
Sermon The High Cost of Passivity | Brian Borgman
-20 hrs 
Sermon Something For You: Maybe | Tim James
Cindy dishman from New Castle, Ind
-21 hrs 
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News Item1/6/14 4:23 PM
Exposure  Find all comments by Exposure
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1517 wrote:
Coming from someone who had a vendetta against SteveR, calling him the very mature term "Troll", I read it based on your vitriol. Plus, SteveR has used a more blunt description of his antagonists relative to the perceived innuendo. If you say you didn't mean as perceived, then I apologize.
I can assure you that had not even crossed my mind until I read your response.

SteveR is a troll, and so I cannot see anything wrong with referring to him by that term. If you wish to befriend the troll that's your business, but he is only here to spread his errors, cause disharmony and post hateful posts!

News Item1/6/14 2:36 PM
Exposure  Find all comments by Exposure
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1517 wrote:
For all the belligerence of SteveR, your innuendo is disgusting.

No innuendo intended by me. You need to look in the mirror to accuse the person who has a disgusting mind.

SteveR claims to be reformed. So my question was an innocent question to know what a grown 'reformed' man would be doing with a bunch of 15 yr old Lutherans, assuming that his comment had any substance, which is doubtful.

News Item1/6/14 2:23 PM
Exposure  Find all comments by Exposure
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[Removed by Moderator Alpha]

News Item1/5/14 10:31 AM
Exposure  Find all comments by Exposure
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[Removed by Moderator Alpha]

News Item1/3/14 6:30 PM
Exposure  Find all comments by Exposure
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penny wrote:
exposure, I've said my peace.....
Shooting at the wrong person! Feel better for it?

Observer, I know that anyone can look it up. Its for the benefit of those who won't bother. Anyway I'm done for now.

News Item1/3/14 5:53 PM
Exposure  Find all comments by Exposure
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penny wrote:
Exposure, you will also be exposed on judgment day when those who were martyred stand before you and you numbered them not and you recognized them not, while they were crying from heaven, Jesus, how much longer?
and this is the very excuse that is giving evangelicals the spirit of antichrist.
no different than those evangelicals that practice abortifacients and have the third mechanism come in and make a new life that they won't ever know about -- there are many surprises when we get to heaven, and lots of eating our words.
Steve R's comment from exposure regarding the coptics, I see no problem with.... I am just going to assume that commenters here have not known missionaries in the ME, but of course, to admit that believers are dying at the hand of globalist-jihad movement puts into question this whole "being safe" apparatus we have put on ourselves.... wow, with all of this idolatry, how could I even begin to worry about what is going on in the Vatican?
what was that noise? I hear so much clanging of gongs.
What are you going on about? I'm only citing SteveR's posts to expose him for the malicious Jesuit troll that he is! Where did I comment on martyrs or abortion etc.?

News Item1/3/14 4:44 PM
Exposure  Find all comments by Exposure
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Examples of SteveR's staunch defense of the 'Gospel'. One has to wonder what Gospel!

9/19/13 8:25 AM

News Item:
Will Rick Warren lead a Christian movement for gun...

GS Texas wrote:
False prophets like Rick Warren are far more dangerous to society than guns in that his false teachings lead many to hell. [snip]

SteveR responds
You are just plain cruel to attack Warren because he might lobby for gun control.[snip]. While Im not crazy about Saddlebacks doctrine, it is a CHRISTIAN Church. To say he is leading people to hell while preaching the Gospel is just hissing noise from a serpent


9/25/13 11:19 AM

News Item:
No communion for Nancy Pelosi: Vatican court head

CS wrote:
Well SteveR....then you are telling them (meaning Roman Catholics) that it (RCC teaching) is a blasphemous lie from beginning to end?
If are a physician of no value!!

SteveR responds
The Blasphemous lie is the claim they (Roman Catholics) arent Christian

News Item1/3/14 12:02 PM
Exposure  Find all comments by Exposure
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Further defense of RCC:

8/24/13 12:43 PM

News Item:
Presbyterian Church (USA) drops In Christ Alone from...

SteveR responds to a post by John UK

......btw-You could learn something from Catholics as they put many parts of the NT into song. Ever heard the Sermon on the Mount sung in Latin? Better than anything written by Luther

Attack on Jim

8/25/13 4:22 PM
News Item:
'Mystical': Pope says 'God told me' to quit

Jim Lincoln wrote:
John Y., you are no more Christian, than a Hindu, who has added Christ to his pantheon of gods.
You first have to cut all ties to the Roman Catholic Church and then find a Christian body to associate with.

SteveR responds
Coming from someone seduced by the cult of dispensationalism, I find your comment very amusing. You are the last person here that has a clue about what true Christian faith looks like

Defense of RCC

8/27/13 3:02 PM

News Item:
Churches changing bylaws after gay marriage ruling

In response to a poster SteveR says:

Catholics worship the TRUE and LIVING GOD, to suggest any less only puts you in danger of hellfire.

News Item1/3/14 11:47 AM
Exposure  Find all comments by Exposure
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SteveR asks for prayers for a list of churches attacked in Egypt. See what follows:

8/18/13 4:16 PM
News Item:
Egypt's Christians target of Islamist anger in wake...

Michael Hranek wrote:
While it is good to pray for anyone attacked by Muslims (including their fellow Muslims) people should not imagine that because a group has been attacked, such as Roman Catholic (quote) churches they are necessarily a genuine church made up individuals truly born again of the Holy Spirit. For those who are not saved, including those who ask for prayer for people being attacked by Muslims, Homosexuals or whatever, believers ought to pray for their salvation (which of course can draw attacks not just from Muslims but from Catholics and others such as pro-Darwinian evolutionists too).

SteveR responds
1) They are Coptic not RCC
2) They were a Church when your ancestors were still worshipping trees, ancestors damned like yourself to perdition
3) My request for prayer was sent out to authentic Born Again Christians, not the spiritually blind that would use tragedy to advance their own futile vendetta

More later

News Item1/3/14 11:32 AM
Exposure  Find all comments by Exposure
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SteveR posts
7/25/13 10:25 AM – Attack on J4J SteveR’s 3rd post on this board!
7/29/13 7:25 AM – Attacks MS
7/29/13 10:08 AM – Attacke MS and Michael and defends RCC
7/29/13 10:52 AM – Attacks Michael H again and casts doubt that he is a Christian

7/29/13 2:19 PM
An exchange which clearly shows what he is all about

News Item:
5 Women Missionaries Beaten Publicly in India for...

John UK wrote:
Thank you for the reminder that papists and true evangelicals are still separated by irreconcilable differences, and that militant popery is still alive and trying to kick.

SteveR responds
Granted, as Calvinists my church would have difficulty worshipping with apostolic churches. However, we would have trouble with 70% of Protestants too.

So yes there are differences. However the repeated accusations on the messageboard that the RCC is the endtime beast are completely without merit. There is no militant popery hunting down Protestants, in fact they have been very ecumenical towards those protestants that want relations. I am against close relations with the RCC, but accusing them of being demonic is a complete misunderstanding of what Christianity is.


To hate the genuinely saved who oppose his agenda and to promote Romanism however he can.

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