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DEC 15, 2017
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Sermon R.C. Sproul Is With the Lord | Adam McManus
Aileen Willoughby from Bradenton Fl
"A soul who loved Jesus above all else us now with his savior - one day..."
-8 hrs 
Sermon Foreigners Bring Gospel to Pagan England and... | Kevin Swanson
Pooyan Mehrshahi from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
-12 hrs 
Sermon Mortifying Ungodly Emotions: Fear, Anxiety & Worry | Brian Borgman
Manny from Northern Australia
-12 hrs  22 
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Sermon6/7/16 12:43 PM
Erin | Texas  Find all comments by Erin
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(This sermon is no longer available)
“ ”
Audio problem is more than a click ... It's audio over audio several seconds apart. So it's like trying to listen to two separate speakers at the same time. Trying to plow through none the less but it's making my arms cross. Lol

Sermon11/14/15 6:39 PM
Erin | U.S.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Erin
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“ awesome awesome podcast ”
Thank you so much. In light of the recent attacks on Paris I am doing my best to inform family and friends that Islam is not the religion it claims to be. All of it is dangerous to all peoples. I pray they are reached with the gospel.

Sermon3/25/15 9:45 PM
Erin | California  Find all comments by Erin
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Saved by Water
Michael Wilps
“ Great sermon ”

Sermon7/1/14 6:15 PM
Erin | Midwest  Find all comments by Erin
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“ Valid Topic ”
Making healthy eating an idol is a modern phenomena that is infiltrating the church. That said, there are people with true allergies, even to gluten, and perhaps this gluten free fad invalidates those who suffer from an allergy. A blood test for our son revealed a myriad of food allergies (even gluten) at the age of two. I'm sure that he didn't mentally will himself to suffer from severe eczema from head to toe, or have his earlobes become so raw that they separated from his body from the age of one until the diagnoses at age two. Strangers would gasp and ask what happened to him. No prescriptions healed his skin until we found the root of his problems. We need to be very, very careful not to assume we know what is happening inside someone else's body based on our own experiences. Well meaning people constantly told me what we should do to heal our son based on their own experience. Well, he was made uniquely by God and we had to find a way to ease his suffering by figuring out exactly what was going on inside his little body. He is now almost four and if he "cheats" on his diet by sneaking food he shouldn't, the evidence shows up within 15 minutes.

Sermon7/1/14 6:02 PM
Erin | Midwest  Find all comments by Erin
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“ Interesting Topic ”
A few years ago I had to address how I was making healthy eating an got to the point where I was bordering on anorexia. That said, there are true allergies that cause suffering for those so afflicted. My son was two when a blood test revealed a myriad of food allergies. His reaction to the foods was severe eczema and no amount of steroids & prescription creams took it away until we eliminated those allergens from his diet. Yes, one of them is gluten. I know that at one to two years of age, he was not mentally choosing to have raw itchy skin from head to toe nor have his earlobes literally separate from his body as a result of the eczema. Strangers would gasp and ask what happened to him. I would agree that the current gluten free fad is silly and have noticed that people who don't know his history often roll their eyes when we bring his own food everywhere we go. The fad seems to invalidate true allergies. Believe me, our three year old would LOVE to be able to eat something off the dessert table at church potlucks, but we can't let him without painful consequences.

News Item3/22/13 11:17 PM
Erin | Ambria  Find all comments by Erin
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This is such an awesome sermon! Everybody should listen to it!

Sermon1/25/13 10:05 AM
Erin  Find all comments by Erin
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“ Not so ”
If you read the bible. It clearly states 3 facts. 1 a post tribulation rapture of the church. Matthew 24-25 chapters are extremely open about the rapture at the second coming. 2 the second coming of Jesus is AFTER those days of tribulation. It's clear! 3 Jesus Christ will reign on earth in Jerusalem with a iron rod and the nations will go up to worship him. Zechariah 14. This is a literal 1000 year reign of Jesus. Satan is bound before the 1000 years start and at the end will be set loose to deceive those who are born into the the reign. They surround Jerusalem, and then are engulfed in fire from heaven. Then there is the great white throne judgment of unbelievers. Then eternality. It's all clear in the bible. Study it brothers and sisters in Christ

Sermon1/11/13 4:43 PM
Erin  Find all comments by Erin
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I just listened to Rick warrens interview and I have to say he stood firmly with the bible. He did in fact say that the bible was his one authority but other peoples authority may be something else. He is to be commended for standing firm. The interviewer was the one who seemed fickle in his faith unfortunately. I found no play if words on ricks part. I will say this when he said there are 3 sets of law and said the 10 commandments were moral laws even in the midst of the interviewer cutting him off I stand by him on what he said. He stood by sin is sin he didn't waver at all and did not seem uncertain about homosexuality. Make sure you do all things in the context of what people are saying and not just this or that part but the whole part. Jesus is Lord. God bless

Sermon1/22/09 4:14 PM
Erin | PA  Find all comments by Erin
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“ So obvious I never thought of it! ”
People so often use the term "real world" - but really what they are referring to is the "wrong world" where God does not exist, or is just a nice heavenly essence, or He doesn't matter. I guess I just had to hear it said out loud that the real world IS the Christian world. God IS real, He IS to be glorified...that is what is real! It's so simple...praise the Lord!

Sermon10/8/08 6:35 AM
Erin  Find all comments by Erin
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Marriage: The Life-Long Bond
Prof D. Engelsma
“ Finally God's Truth is Spoken at Last! ”
Marriage is for Life! The Bible says, “A wife is married to her husband as long as he lives.” 1 Corinthians 7:39 The Bible does NOT say, a wife is married to her husband until she finds someone she likes better! “Whosoever divorces his wife and marries another, commits adultery and he who marries a divorced woman commits adultery.” Luke 16:18 Divorced people are being charged with adultery when they remarry. This means they are not free to remarry! They may believe they are free and clear when the court gives them a divorce decree that says the marriage has been dissolved but Jesus never freed them to remarry and His opinion is the only one that counts! Divorced people are being charged with adultery upon remarriage because the Lord is not giving them freedom to enter a new marriage. Only death frees them. 1 Cor 7:39 The charge of adultery is ONLY given to people who are not married to each other. That means the remarriage is not valid to Jesus because He is actually charging them with adultery...which is sex OUTSIDE of a marriage. Thank you Professor Engelsma for proclaiming the Word of God… Marriage is for Life! “STUDY TO SHOW THYSELF APPROVED" 2 Timothy. 2:15 There is much to study here:

Sermon6/29/07 9:03 PM
Erin  Find all comments by Erin
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“ Download, Memorize and Share ”
This is one of the best sermons I have ever heard! Every Christian should here this sermon. Thank you Pastor Arthur for taking a stand for those that can not defend themselves.

Sermon1/19/07 4:27 PM
Erin | Baltimore  Find all comments by Erin
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This is such an excellent testimony of God's saving grace! Praise God! I have several people who I'd like to give this to!

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