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NOV 17, 2017
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Sermon Eagerly Waiting | Paul Viggiano
Jimmy Hamilton from Staffordshire, England, UK
"Loved this, thank you."
-5 hrs 
Sermon Name the Name | Brian Myers
Yolanda from AZ
-10 hrs 
Sermon Man's Freewill & Election Pt 2 | Jeff Arthur
Lela Ege from St.Louis
-12 hrs 
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Survey8/2/07 9:54 AM
Election 2008  Find all comments by Election 2008
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Ron Paul, our only hope to stop Hillary.

Assuming of course that GWB doesn't impose marshal law and make himself permanent dictator.

Survey7/31/07 8:48 PM
Election 2008  Find all comments by Election 2008
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"the Dem party of today is not the same Dem party of the Great Depression."

I guarantee you the Republican party is not the same party of Lincoln either. It's not about freeing the slaves, it's about enslaving the free, and doing a darned good job.

And Skull and Bones is not exactly mom and apple pie, let alone the way of Calvary.

News Item7/3/07 8:35 AM
Election 2008  Find all comments by Election 2008
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Abigail -- Babylon is modern Iraq, very true.

Something to consider.

Since America has conquered Iraq and since we are the ones ruling it, and since we have erected permanent military bases there, does that not mean that America is now Babylon, since we own it and rule it?

America as Babylon, the one who sits on many waters, with mingled races and peoples, who says, she is safe, nobody can touch her.

Who is destroyed in an hour.

This is what the Bible says.

It's obvious that God's blessing is on Iran, not America, and no wonder. Iran does not abort, does not cater to sexual perverts, and does not elect homosexuals and Satanists into power.

Americans knew good and well that GWB was a Skull and Bonesman and they elected him anyway. TWICE! And we have the Internet, and there's a ton of pics and information on the Bushes and their criminal and Nazi background, Satanism, homosexuality and pedophilia. No excuse for Christians idolizing and following Bush, letting him lead us into preemptive atomic war.

We are doomed. The NWO is coming down on us like a ton of bricks. I wish I could get out of the country before God's judgment comes down while stupid Americans hand over their freedom to Nazis and Satanists because a couple CIA firecrackers went off in a trash can

News Item6/30/07 12:15 PM
Election 2008  Find all comments by Election 2008
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Anonymous nitpickingly said: "Shapshifters...give me a break."

Shapeshifters, as a simile, as in raining cats and dogs, hot as a pistol, or even "chameleon-like" which is a word I could have used to mean the same thing as "shapeshifter."

Shapeshifters, meaning a person who changes his personality and viewpoints and his "line" in order to fit in and be accepted.

The Bible calls them "men pleasers."

I know David Icke says the Illuminati are actual shapeshifters who can assume the form of horrid demonic reptiles. I don't disbelieve this; I can see where it could happen.

But my use of the word was as a simile, not that I'm saying anybody is turning into a literal physical reptilian.

Spiritually -- now that's another matter.

Survey6/29/07 10:37 PM
Election 2008  Find all comments by Election 2008
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(This survey is no longer available)
Alan H, we've been hearing from you and your friends for a long time, about how God expects nothing from us, how virtue means giving up, and sin means trying to study and obey the Bible (ie a works religion so-called).

We've read the flip remarks, the braggadocio about being a so-called weapon of mass instruction ad nauseum, heard how God is making some people disobedient and making some people clean, according to his whim.

We've heard your claims that life goes on as before and there's no need to concern ourselves with Bible prophecy about an end-time antichrist, and to do so is just "paranoia."

Now we have another point of view here, and Dwayne's postings ring very true to me, as do Abigail's.

So do you mind if we just hear some more, hear the man out? Maybe we all might learn something, even if we don't fully agree with every word he says? He's obviously got some really important and powerful information to share.

Maybe you should back off and let him speak before you jump in to condemn, just like when you wrote me off without checking anything I said.

News Item6/28/07 5:42 PM
Election 2008 | Election 2008  Find all comments by Election 2008
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Neil, have you ever, ever checked out ANYTHING of what I've said?

Ever look at the Jesus is Lord website?

You skeered?

And I dare you to google these words:

rudy giuliani, drag, video

And then watch the video! Rudy is a transvestite homo, or worse!

If my warnings are tinny, what will it take to get you and other "Christians" to face the truth?

And I know you've heard it all before. The question is, have you ever bothered to check out any of what you've heard to see if just maybe it might be true?

Question to consider:

Why are the Republicans marginalizing the one candidate who can beat Hillary in 2008? Ron Paul has won every debate, yet the Republicans try to ban him from the debates. And he's a REPUBLICAN! This does not tweak your radar whiskers just a little bit that something very strange is going on? WHY would the Republicans deliberately put up a losing candidate over one that can and would win? And WHY is Fox News backing Hillary behind the scenes?

THINK, Neil!

News Item6/28/07 4:15 PM
Election 2008  Find all comments by Election 2008
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Neil, you need to wake up. Corporate America is not a victim of the government. Corporate America OWNS the government and IS the government. The government is a tool of corporate America, ensuring there never is any real freedom or competition to Corporate America.

Their logos are Satanic, Masonic symbols, and the people who own these corporations own the world and the governments of the world, the media, everything.

They don't need you to defend them from the "welfare state." The welfare state was THEIR idea, along with communism, Nazism, and the wars and death and horror going on all over the world.

They are not capitalists or conservatives. They are NeoCon Satanists, communists, liars, deceivers, and murdering control-freaks whose only pleasure is in murder and mayhem as they serve their god, whose name is Satan.

Their merchandise is meant to corrupt and kill. Their food and water is devoid of nutrition and full of poisons. Their culture will destroy one's soul. Their glitter is not gold, and their medicine is sorcery.

Jesus said it: What man highly esteems, God sees as abomination.

News Item6/27/07 3:33 AM
Election 2008 | Election 2008  Find all comments by Election 2008
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Alan H, If you want to chalk off what I said to personal paranoia and insanity, without even looking into anything I've said, when you're only a click or surf away from finding out for yourself, you are the one who must live with the consequences of what you do, and you obviously wear your ignorance proudly.

The world is in inspeakable misery and just because you are comfortable and satisfied, you think it's always going to be that way.

Well, it won't be, and you are going to eat your words. In fact, things are way worse than I've said, and selfish, mocking people deserve to discover first-hand what's true and what isn't true.

News Item6/26/07 9:26 PM
Election 2008  Find all comments by Election 2008
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"Not everyone is a part of your conspiracy theory... That was what I was referring to."

Can you be specific as to what you disagree with rather than just laughing off everything I said as "paranoid?"

If I said something that's wrong, please just point it out, after having checked it out for yourself first. Otherwise, if you have no information other than a horror at hearing information you don't like and a kneejerk reaction to deny what I say as "paranoid," you should keep your fearful emotions to yourself instead of speaking from fear and ignorance on a public forum.

News Item6/26/07 10:11 AM
Election 2008  Find all comments by Election 2008
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Alan H, Can you spell clueless, propagandized, ignorant and deluded?

If you think I'm wrong about what I've said, why not check it out?

Like the videos online that show Rudy Giuliani dressed in drag? Did you know he dressed in drag to march in the homo parade in NYC? You think this is okay stuff? You like Giuliani? You know his family is big-time mafia? That he moved in with a homosexual and lived with him in his apartment three years while mayor of NYC, claimed he "slept on the couch?" (I suppose you believe Rudy on that too!)

You don't believe me that Hillary meets with Murdach and Roger Ailes of Fox TV on a weekly basis to plot her strategy to become the next president (read queen)?

If you think what I'm saying is just paranoid rantings, at least check out what I'm saying before you pass judgment.

You are living in Disneyland, and it's time to come down to earth and face reality that the real terrorists are our own government (Republicans and Democrats all work for the same people, and the Bushes and Clintons are best friends) and their lying, shapeshifting minions -- who blew up the Twin Towers and murdered 3,000 innocent American citizens, knowing people like you would buy any lame Al Quada conspiracy theory they wanted to throw your way.

News Item6/25/07 6:21 AM
Election 2008 | Everybody is Al Quada!  Find all comments by Election 2008
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Obama is what they call a "rising star," meaning somebody tapped by the criminal globalists to do their bidding.

More "rising stars" include Sean Hannity and the other so-called "conservative" talk show hosts, who are paid liars for the Illuminati, doing a great job pacifying and distracting Christians and conservatives.

Meantime, Rupert Murdach and Roger Ailes meet weekly, if not daily, with Hillary to promote her election as a "conservative" as president. As Alex Jones says, the brokeback horses named Giuliani (mafia gangster, transvestite, homosexual, complicit in 9/11) and McCain (a NeoCON traitor) will be put up by the globalists against Hillary (the demonized thoroughbred), guranteeing her election.

There is only one person who can beat Neocon, cryptoJew Hillary. That person is the man who has won every debate, the one who the Republican lackeys for the Secret Government are trying desperately to marginalize out of the race.

Ron Paul, our last chance to save the country. Otherwise, the concentration camps that Bush the Decider has built will be filled by Hillary. The police state dictatorial powers grabbed by Bush will be used by Hillary to the total destruction of America, bringing on the New World Order and the bloodshed and murder of BILLIONS of people.

Pastor Michael Pickett
Fear not little flock

Luke 12:32
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