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NOV 19, 2017
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Sermon Eagerly Waiting | Paul Viggiano
Jimmy Hamilton from Staffordshire, England, UK
"Loved this, thank you."
-47 hrs 
Sermon Name the Name | Brian Myers
Yolanda from AZ
-52 hrs 
Sermon Man's Freewill & Election Pt 2 | Jeff Arthur
Lela Ege from St.Louis
-54 hrs 
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Sermon12/16/14 2:51 PM
Disciple | The Word of God  Contact via emailFind all comments by Disciple
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Despise Not
Douglas L. Watson
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thanks for drawing us back to our priestly duties. It is urgent that Christians remember that in seeking to restore and save others, we ourselves are saved and restored. Unfortunately, we have allowed the world influence us to expose those who are not like ourselves; at the moment. We join hands with the wicked media that crushes a fallen saint to the extent that it makes it almost impossible for restoration to occur. There are pastors (one I know personally) whose messages are about fallen saints; seldom about the risen Lord. Thanks for reminding us whose WE are.

News Item6/28/13 8:33 AM
Disciple | Nova Scotia  Go to homepageFind all comments by Disciple
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Just a word of caution to my American friends on this suject. Nothing against the Tea Party per se but just for your info - if you look at pre-war Germany, the bulk of Hitler's support was from conservative Christians on the "right" the so-called "religious right." Of course he hated Christianity and just used them. It is a cautionary historical lesson however for Christians to be drawn into these things. See my recent blog on this subject called, "The Satanic Roots of Adolf Hitler"

News Item6/27/13 8:36 AM
Disciple | Nova Scotia  Find all comments by Disciple
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As a Canadian Christian here's what my American friends have to look forward to and see what they are now promoting in the schools in Toronto:

News Item5/6/13 8:23 AM
Disciple | Nova Scotia  Find all comments by Disciple
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PS wrote:
Mike from Florida writes: Isn't Greg Laurie, similar in teaching to the Grahms? Easy belivism, Antinomianism?
Kind of like Lord remember me when you come into your kingdom!
I thing we should be praying for brother Greg rather than picking him apart. Besides your comment doesn't make sense - if you you don't agree with "remember me" you're having issues with the Bible and the Lord Jesus Himself for He accepted the thief's prayer (see Luke 24:42-43). As for "Lordship salvation" and "easy believism" see my blog on the "Examination of Paul Washer's Doctrine of the Gospel" :

News Item4/3/13 9:30 AM
Disciple | Nova Scotia  Find all comments by Disciple
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This is actually a development of what was predicted in the Word of God. Therefore, as perverted as it is - the Christian can be at peace knowing God will take it in hand. The issue isn't the "good ole USA" - God is not especially interested in our Gentile countries. Its about His glory, see my blog: "When Sodom Rules the Land"

News Item3/27/13 7:52 AM
Disciple | Nova Scotia  Find all comments by Disciple
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Don't worry brothers. Our MAN is already in. He will establish His administration over the world before too long. He will smash the nations (including the USA) like a clay vessel and will rule with a rod of iron. Time to drop the politics of the enemy anyway (but lets pray for them meanwhile as we are exhorted to do in 1 Tim. 2).

News Item2/23/13 9:49 AM
Disciple | Nova Scotia  Find all comments by Disciple
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This was from the opposition party NDP (socialist)not from the ruling conservative government which is generally pro Christian. However they have agreed to review the funding under media pressure. But the sodomite movement is full steam ahead in Canadianc society. See what's going on in Toronto schools:

News Item12/17/12 8:45 AM
Disciple | Nova Scotia  Find all comments by Disciple
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Just an add on to my previous comment. Vickie Soto the young teacher hero who was killed shielding her students was a Christian. So God was not absent - He was very much with Vicky. You make God very weird when you say He is not in school because there is no public prayer. Besides, public prayer can be hypocritcical if you force those who are not believers to pray.

News Item12/17/12 8:31 AM
Disciple | Nova Scotia  Find all comments by Disciple
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I do not agree with this fellow. It has nothing to do with prayer. All of those children believed in God. Some of them were from Christians who probably prayed for them that day. School is not church or family. The death of the innocent and out of control violence rather is a sympton of the near coming of Christ like it was in the "days of Noah" violence filled the earth. See:

News Item12/12/12 1:50 PM
Disciple | Nova Scotia  Find all comments by Disciple
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The apsotle Peter says men are "willingly ignorant" of the fact of the Flood - the evidence is everwhere. But just like the so calld "shroud of Turin" even if real finding the ark or what Mr. Ballard is dong will not convince anybody due to the blindess of unbelief. Our attitudes today are exactly as in the days of Noah. If you want to know how peo thought back them check out this:

News Item12/10/12 8:06 AM
Disciple | Nova Scotia  Find all comments by Disciple
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See what happens to Sodom Town when "Sodom Rules the Land"

News Item11/23/12 11:43 AM
Disciple | Nova Scotia  Find all comments by Disciple
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Check out the sodomite agenda in Canadian schools - alarming:

News Item11/16/12 10:18 AM
Disciple | Nova Scotia, Canada  Find all comments by Disciple
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This is a good ruling. It's not the government that's pushing the agenda but activist gay groups trying to promote it through the courts under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (our version of the US constitution). But see what's hapenning in Canadian schools - it's scary:

News Item11/10/12 10:03 AM
disciple | Dartmouth, Nova Scotia  Find all comments by disciple
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Hey friends,
Re: "American exceptionalism." You realize when people who are not US citizens listen to talk of "American exceptionalism" it comes across to them as pride. The US is indeed exceptional (and is a great nation) but every nation in the world is exceptional in its own way. Are you aware that many other countries have representative democracy and have had it longer than the USA? Also, there are countries whose health care outcomes for their general populations are superior to the US (and require less of their GDP to boot), education standards are higher in many Western countries than the US (Canada is 3rd and the US is 17th)and the standard of living is higher with a larger middle class in many countries. I say this not to diss your great country which I admire and respect - but especially as Christians - pride is unbecoming. Further, Where in the NT are we called to moralize or improve the world? Our time, money and energy would be better spent in promoting the Gospel and reforming the Church. In fact Paul says we are not to judge the "world" at all but we are to judge those "within" ie the church - we do well to keep our own house in order (see 1 Cor. 5:11-13). Our warfare is spiritual and not carnal, are we trying to impose Christian morality upon the unconverted?

News Item11/1/12 9:12 AM
Disciple | Dartmouth Nova Scotia  Find all comments by Disciple
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Just a few thoughts from someone who is an American but not a US citizen (Canadian). I think it is a tad narcissistic for anyone to think that an election of a leader in anyone's particular country is what the fate of the world hangs on for ultimately God's providential and prophetic purpose will come to pass regardless. However, Christianity is a heavenly system and it should not be dragged into the politics of this evil world and we should be careful not to help along the coming apostasy - see the following post on my blog: Thankyou for letting an outsider intrude upon your discussion.

News Item12/9/07 7:19 AM
disciple | Los Angeles  Find all comments by disciple
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Some people don't understand the idea of reading the Bible in context. I guess anyone making a negative comment about their parents should be killed. Or maybe to discipline their kid, we should beat our child with a shepherd's staff. When we read the Bible, we have to use the brain God gave us and not take everything so literally. I wasn't able to find the letter on the site, however if Mr. Boissoin advocated violence against homosexuals, he is not acting biblically. Remember what Jesus said were the 2 greatest commandments.

News Item3/17/07 8:48 AM
Disciple  Find all comments by Disciple
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"The Church Impotent: The Feminization of Christianity" by Leon Podles is a very good treatment of this subject.

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