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DEC 13, 2017
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Sermon Facing Fear of Man | Matthew Hoskinson
Natalie from Oklahoma
"Absolutely convicting and freeing at the same time!"
-7 hrs 
Sermon Israel in Prophecy (Revelation 12:1-2) | Gregory A. Miller
Rnel from South africa
-7 hrs 
Sermon God Pouring Out His Spirit | Charles Lawson
Samuel Foley from East Texas
-14 hrs 
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Sermon1/28/17 3:02 PM
DM | Isle of Lewis  Find all comments by DM
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My ultimate assurance
Dr. Iain D. Campbell
“ Great Sermon! ”
"and of the place where once he was he shall no more be known" A voice deeply loved by so many, now quiet, and at rest in the haven he longed to see. A sore day for the Isle of Lewis and the wider Church.

News Item10/14/13 12:30 PM
DM | Scotland  Find all comments by DM
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Penny - yes I have seen the effects of chemo. I am a nurse, and have seen many lives being saved through this means. And also first hand in family, including a child's life saved in our family. No it is not pleasant. But cancer isn't pleasant either. When faced with death without treatment there are any "other" realistic choices. I have seen people choose the 'natural' route, to their death.

Ecc 7:17 "why shouldest thou die before thy time?".

News Item10/14/13 6:24 AM
DM | Scotland  Find all comments by DM
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penny wrote:
DM, sorry, but you lost me at the words "forcing" and "chemo".
You would rather let the child die.....


News Item10/13/13 4:42 AM
DM | Scotland  Find all comments by DM
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If the doctors are forcing chemo, it is highly likely that the cancer is curable. If it was palliative treatment the parents would have a choice in the matter, as ultimately the child would not survive either way, just elongate the life.

The problem lies where parents believe prayer can cure their child and if it is God's will He will cure. We have already read of the (unnessessary) deaths of 2 children in a family where this was the case. Antibiotics could have cured in that instance, but the parents insisted on prayer..

Medical means are God given, we are not to take them for granted or rely on prayer alone.

News Item5/28/12 1:38 PM
DM  Find all comments by DM
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Is BJU a cult? Can someone answer this question any better than myself? here is my humble view. The Bible says to shoot the wolves or point them out.

Absolutely Yes. No question about it. I am 1000% sure of it. A cult is when you have a situation like Chuck Phelps and him becoming a decorated Villain and admired by Bob Jones III for his amazing Cover Up skills so much that he wants a Rapist protector on his board of trustees. Probably to help educat how others can do as good a job as he did.

Watch the trial on you tube and Chuck's own Testimony, you could see that he was lying a ton and he hated anyone questioning him for his purposeful cover up and the court had to even call Chuck a hostile witness because Chuck Phelps changed his story so much.

Plus, this Rapist had 5 Counts of Felonious Agravated rape convictions & Chuck would say, before court, that there was only 1 incident that it was a mutual relationship BUT in court Chuck said 2 incidents & Ernie. Chuck did call the cops but did not have time for a 10 minute written police report but he did have 5 days to help construct a location & a family that would take Tina Anderson in 2,000 miles away and put a cork in her mouth. BJU even after knowing this still wanted Chuck Phelps on their board.

Now what do you

Sermon3/25/12 3:09 PM
D M  Find all comments by D M
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Archive Recording - Richard Cameron...
Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley
“ Very Interesting piece of church history ”
Great to see this video preserved for this generation

News Item1/11/12 9:19 PM
DM  Find all comments by DM
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Bob Jonesism and or its baby known as IFB churches is a cultish religion and very close and very much like what this man says a poem about and how the Holy Spirit told me that my former IFB church really was all that it is saying about religion and I even remember members saying that Jesus couldn't go to our church, because he drank wine but did not get drunk, he didn't dress like an IBM salesman and he was truthful about... all other religified traditions or how Bob Jones preferrences did not have any nor at least inacurate referrences. All IFB church say they are independent we are indepedent Mormons or Ca...tholic. You can;t be independent when Bob Jones (Mason) teaches your kids, from pastors he trained, in churches he helped start and with funds going both ways. LOL Watch this. This sums up Bob Jonesism and IFB churches, same thing, but There is hope. watch think and pray & God will reveal the truth. MoreWhy I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Spoken Word
A poem I wrote to highlight the difference between Jesus and false religion. In ...the scriptures Jesus received the most opposition from the most religious peo...

News Item12/19/11 7:52 AM
DM  Find all comments by DM
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Yes, Ian Paisley is in the Orange Order over in norther Ireland. It is all over your tune on Google. JUst Type in his name and you will even that he is not shy about it over there.

He is a Highh Level Mason. How else do you explain the power they the other Masons let him have.

This is one of at least hundred things to look at on google or you tube.

He is Bob Jones And Chuck Phelps Pal. I mean these guys are real close if you know what I mean. That is the type of activity they do in order to keep secrets tight. No Pun intended.

Globe and Mail RTGAM.20050312.wulst0312/BNStory

News Item12/18/11 8:56 PM
DM  Find all comments by DM
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This is about Ian paisley and his Dual God of Masontry and Christianity and His Connection to Bob Jones III and the university even Chuck (Rapist Protector) Phelps.

Be very caeful of men like these because they talk out of both sides of their mouths.

These Men can not serve two masters according to the scriptures and since Ian Paisley has a brother hood with his Orange Masonic Order and since Bob Jones Can't get enough Masons on his board and since Chuck Phelps LOves a man that can rape a girl so much that he would protect and hide him from police, I say they are all together in their demonic brother hood of luficer in their activities.

News Item12/18/11 2:26 PM
DM  Find all comments by DM
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Sure, a Christian can vote for a morman but he can also fall prey to one as well.

Why would you care to vote at all if you have to vote for a Luciferian and how that would affect Christians.

Listen, Ron Paul is all you need to have any hope in any change of any real value. You are an idiot at worst or a ignorant person at best to think it matters if you have a Luciferian as a Liberal or a Luciferian as a so called conservative. Christians do not need to help nor are they helping out anything by caring about the worst of two evils when it is clear right now who we should vote for and that is only Ron Paul. If you disagree and your saved you will know that I am right in heaven and if you really aren't saved and not going to heaven because you are in a cult and won't leave a religon and throw yourself on the mercy seat of Christ alone then you will be wrongh twice. Bad, Bad Bad advice Mr. Graham and Bob Jones III four years ago said he was voting for this same Morman. Imagine that. You think the Pope is wicked and evil and the anti Christ, Mormanism is as goood or worse really. Have fun Pulling the Plunger for Satan.

News Item12/18/11 2:16 PM
DM  Find all comments by DM
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Ian Paisley talks a great talk but he is a high Level Mason just Like Bob Jones III and his minions. This guy bashes trhe Pope but he is a luciferian himself hiding behind this fake Christianity and STANDARDS. Oh yes STANDARDS, STANDARDS, STANDARDS and Crack Your Nuckle Standards. But, He can't demonstrate the love of God through his real beliefs because he is a High Level Mason just like Bob Jones Is. Ian Paisley wants you to think he has the truth because he bashes the Pope which is okay with me but He is really on the same team. It is just the way these High level Masons want to control the People which is through religon and STANDARDS and not Love and Mercy. Ian Order Of The Orange, Luciferian & Fake Christian for Gain. You will be found out as Bobby Jones III is being Found Out. You and him can share a room in the ninth circle if you do not turn from Lucifer and youyr brotherhood and to Christ the KING Of Kings alone for your retched souls to find Mercy. Then you will know how to promote love and not STANDARDS

News Item5/5/09 4:43 PM
D.M.  Find all comments by D.M.
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Candle Lit wrote:
Now, my question: As Believers, we have "one spirit" - that of the Holy Spirit - right? We have His indwelling presence. We don't have a separate spirit from within making war with the Holy Spirit, do we?
Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of ***SOUL AND SPIRIT,*** and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

If this spirit was the Holy Spirit then HE would not use the Word/sword in this way and certainly not on Himself.

News Item5/5/09 1:34 PM
D.M.  Find all comments by D.M.
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John UK wrote:
What was it ....'died'
"But it is asked, what kind of death God means in this place? It appears to me, that the definition of this death is to be sought from its opposite; we must, I say, remember from what kind of life man fell. He was, in every respect, happy; his life, therefore, had alike respect to his body and his soul, since in his soul a right judgment and a proper government of the affections prevailed, there also life reigned; in his body there was no defect, wherefore he was wholly free from death. His earthly life truly would have been temporal; yet he would have passed into heaven without death, and without injury. Death, therefore, is now a terror to us; first, because there is a kind of annihilation, as it respects the body; then, because the soul feels the curse of God. We must also see what is the cause of death, namely alienation from God. Thence it follows, that under the name of death is comprehended all those miseries in which Adam involved himself by his defection; for as soon as he revolted from God, the fountain of life, he was cast down from his former state, in order that he might perceive the life of man without God to be wretched and lost, and therefore differing nothing from death." (John Calvin)

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