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FEB 18, 2018
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Sermon Rulers Dealing with the King of kings | Rev. Armen Thomassian
Travis from Airdrie, AB
"Amazing sermon! Thank you for preaching the truth and nothing but the..."
-22 hrs 
Sermon The Word of Jehovah Ha Davar | Dr. H. Travis Hubbard
Dr. James M. Phillips from Tehachapi, California & Fish Lake Valley
-28 hrs 
Sermon One Model Marriage | Rev. Ian Goligher
Mobi Listener from West Coast
-33 hrs 
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Sermon1/14/18 3:13 PM
Chris McMorrow | USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Chris McMorrow
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“ Sober Warning To Fake Reformed Churches ”
Once again, leave it to Brian Schwertley to hit the bulls-eye, the first time, on a blustery, windy day, from a thousand yards out. Today's Presbyterian churches have a LOT to answer for. First off, most have made a MOCKERY of God's Regulative Principle. Strange fire is offered regularly each Sabbath day to our thrice holy Jehovah; these ministers and elders think they're smarter and more enlightened than God Himself. Donald Trump can't save America. But strict adherence to God's Regulative Principle, combined with vigorous programs of local evangelism, with the aim of disciplining whole nations for the rule and lordship of Christ, can. When so-called Presbyterian churches embrace Christmas, they betray God. All one need do is read the first five books of Galatians to realize that embracing anything Popish will put a man on the highway to Hell. Therefore, it is SHAMEFUL for Christ's officers to allow Christ's church to sing Christmas songs or place wreaths on church buildings. I disagree with Brian about the singing of Psalms. If congregations were educated about the necessity of adhering to God's ordained form of worship, they would come around. Psalm singing is true worship; it is JOYOUS worship. NOTHING beats worshipping God than with Psalm singing.

Sermon12/31/17 6:06 PM
Chris McMorrow | USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Chris McMorrow
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“ Christ Is The Ark ”
This very detailed, outstanding sermon helps to show that, from Genesis to Revelation, the WHOLE BIBLE IS CHRISTIANITY (all 66 Books). In other words, Justification by Faith ALONE in Christ ALONE is the ONLY way to escape the coming judgment of God upon all of mankind and then being subsequently sentenced to the nether regions of Hell. Biblical Christianity is the one true religion of all of mankind and of all the earth, and all of the other so-called "great religions" are false, fatal, and soul-damning. Be you a Mohammedan, a Roman Catholic, or a Christ=hating socialist and secular humanist, your ONLY hope is to flee to Christ, the second Person of the glorious Trinity.

Sermon9/10/17 7:19 PM
Chris McMorrow | USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Chris McMorrow
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Identifying Presbyterian Statism
Brian Schwertley
“ The 'Church' Effeminate ”
Really is a shame when so-called Protestants embrace the false god of socialism and statism as substitutes for hard work, individual responsibility, diligence, and, above all, dependence upon Jehovah for the supply of every human need. While we do have to be compassionate toward those whose minds have been corrupted by the wicked, secular, Christ-hating government schools, still, in the end, we must recognize that those who willfully live in sin, and apart from Christ's church, will earn the just deserts of a life of poverty and misery. The iron law of God's universe is that a man reaps what he sows -- something that neither politicians nor church "leaders" understand. Brian Schwertley is a modern-day Elijah.

Sermon4/25/17 12:24 PM
Chris McMorrow | New York  Contact via emailFind all comments by Chris McMorrow
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“ Must Listening For All Truth Seekers! ”
Having grown up in it, I believe that Roman Catholicism is Satan's master counterfeit. To think of Roman Catholicism as being a legitimate form of Christianity is like looking at a cat and calling it a dog. From Genesis through Revelation (66 books), God's pure and inerrant Word is crystal clear: we a justified (i.e. acquitted from the strict requirements of keeping God's laws, and the mountains of guilt that come from having violated those laws) through faith in the blood atonement and righteousness of Christ ALONE. The stakes are high. Why? Because there is NO SUCH PLACE AS PURGATORY, which is but one of DOZENS of doctrinal lies taught by wicked Rome. You'd better wake up, my friend, for only Heaven or Hell awaits your soul when you die. As a former Roman Catholic, but now a Bible-believing Protestant, I salute the late great Ian Paisley for his unflinching courage and bulldog tenacity in standing against that great destroyer of souls, Roman Catholicism. My biggest regret, these days, is that there are so few Protestant ministers of Ian's caliber around anymore. Not here in America, anyway. Do you have children? Better keep them out of the satanic government schools, and far from the "church" of Rome. Better bring them up on the mother's milk of the Heidelberg catechism.

Sermon2/26/17 5:08 PM
Chris McMorrow | New York  Contact via emailFind all comments by Chris McMorrow
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“ I Needed To Hear This ”
Today, we who are members of so-called Reformed churches often have to walk a fine line between being zealous for, and being desirous of, biblical worship and the upholding of the Regulative Principle (for example, exclusive Psalm singing and the church's solemn duty to carry out Christ's Great Commission)... while at the same time maintaining a helpful, charitable attitude toward the church's leadership, who often fail to maintain adherence to biblical worship. Moreover, it seems to me that most Reformed churches are extremely insular. As a church member, you sometimes find yourself being put into the dubious position of having to fight city hall. This can be very frustrating, and it sometimes causes you to question your own stock of Christian love. This two-part series by Pastor Schwertley has certainly caused me to question my own.

Sermon2/16/17 9:31 AM
Chris McMorrow  Contact via emailFind all comments by Chris McMorrow
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The Final Judgment
Brian Schwertley
“ Ultimate Reality Check ”
This is a message that every Bible-believing disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ needs to hear. Unfortunately, it is a message rarely heard in Reformed circles today. Moreover, this kind of preaching would serve as a catalyst for Reformed church elders, deacons, and members to GET OFF THEIR DUFFS and start being obedient to Christ's Great Commission. Most Reformed churches today are extremely insular. All men apart from the work of the Holy Spirit applying the blood atonement of Christ to their souls are on their way to Hell. But we in today's Reformed churches barely lift a finger to help save the lost ... we who have been blessed with the knowledge of the Doctrines of Grace. Presbyterianism today is in a sad state of affairs. In addition to no longer worshiping God with Psalms, they do not evangelize their communities - a perfect recipe for dead orthodoxy. Whenever we look up at a clear blue sky ... or take in the beauty of a starry night ... we ought to think of Hell as being the invisible backdrop, for Hell is what awaits every man not justified by faith. Presbyterian seminaries have failed in instilling a sense of duty in all new pastors to reach the lost in their communities. The more frequent preaching of the doctrine of Hell is the anecdote to our wicked insularity.

Sermon1/8/17 10:39 PM
Chris McMorrow  Contact via emailFind all comments by Chris McMorrow
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Rescuing the Wayward
Brian Schwertley
“ Roman Catholics Going To Hell? ”
In all my years of attending Reformed churches, have never, ever heard a pastor say the Roman Catholics will - no, must -- go to Hell believing ... holding to ... false doctrines. Brian Schwertley's sermons should be carefully listened to by all aspiring pastors and seminarians. No one speaks and preaches like Brian Schwertley. Could it be that Brian is America's Martin Luther?

Sermon1/8/17 10:20 PM
Chris McMorrow  Contact via emailFind all comments by Chris McMorrow
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“ A Message For The Times ... And For the West ”
This message should be heard from every Bible-Believing civil magistrate across America and most especially state governors. of course, it should also be heard, and acted upon, by both individuals and heads of households. Finally, liberal pastors need to repent of their liberalism and the singing of effeminate, non-inspired "worship" songs. No repentance, no revival. No revival, then more death and destruction. Thank you, Pastor Schwertley! I often think of you as being America' Martin Luther. Have never heard such fearless preaching. Much needed in today's so-called "Reformed" churches.

Sermon7/12/15 8:54 PM
Chris McMorrow | New York  Contact via emailFind all comments by Chris McMorrow
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“ Great Sermon! ”
You have to ask the question: Are there sodomites on the "Supreme" Court. The answer is, yes, of course; right now, there are 5 sodomites on the "Supreme" Court. How can I say that? Simple. These wicked civil magistrates, by their decision, have demonstrated that they would be perfectly happy living in Sodom. But, as God's Word teaches, they too are destined to suffer the same doom as those who lived in Sodom before it was obliterated by Jehovah. For these wicked "Supreme" Court justices will also "Suffer the vengeance of eternal fire," (Jude, 7) as will every other civil magistrate that validates such wickedness by upholding this demonic, anti-Christian decision in their policies. There are very few pastors and preachers with the moral courage of Brian Schwertley. I often think of Brian as being "America's Martin Luther." May our great God and Savior continue to bless him, and strengthen him, in his ministry.

Dr. Steven J. Lawson
The Preaching God Blesses

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