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Sermon My Beloved Is Mine | Barrett Holloway
Yancey from FL
"I can only say 'WoW!' Such an Heads Up. There's an urgent call for self..."
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Sermon William Branham: Devil Possessed Charismatic... | Jason Cooley
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News Item4/12/15 5:46 PM
Bottom Line  Find all comments by Bottom Line
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RCC teaches a false works/sacramental gospel.
Those who teach it are accursed. Galations 1.
Those who believe it are not Christians.

News Item4/12/15 4:05 PM
Bottom Line  Find all comments by Bottom Line
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Get it straight John Yurich...
RCC teaches a false gospel, all those who teach a perverted gospel are accursed.
All other issues matter not

Blog7/22/07 12:19 PM
Bottom Line  Find all comments by Bottom Line
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Alex from Norway, amen to your post.

The moons and planets out away from the earth are melting and liquifying, and are we goign to blame our SUVs for that also?

Scientists, real not pseudo, say the sun is giong thruogh a hot spell, and this does happen where the sun will wax hotter for awhile. It's perfectly normal.

Not to say that things aren't being done by the very people crying wolf to destroy the atomosphere and the earth (HAARP, Gwen Towers, chemtrails, other things you mentioned).

And yes, the UN wants to tax everybody for how many children they have, control our lives minutely. It's all traced back to eugenics, renamed as the environmental movement and population control, but just as sinister as it was back in the day that it fueled the Nazi movement.

The eugenics movement I've learned started in Britain and the U.S, was exported to Nazi Germany, and then after the war we brought the eugenicist scientists like Mengele back here and set them up with labs to continue their work, to the point that almost every foundation and university leader today is a eugenicist, and the move to depopulate the world in the name of saving it is moving steadily forward.

News Item6/26/07 5:15 PM
Bottom Line  Find all comments by Bottom Line
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Top Line, according to your OSAS thinking, which is, bottom line, nothing but Antinomianism, condemned by the Bible -- baptism is an option and we can just throw our Bibles away. We don't need to study, to pray, to go to church, to get baptized, nothing.

The Devil is thrilled, I'm sure, with your beliefs, shared by many millions of others who love a lie. Just teach people to give up, roll over, and Do As Thou Wilt.

The Bible is a big book. Compare the verses you quoted to the whole Book, harmonize them, see if your wrested verses really say what you claim they do.

I wouldn't step foot inside a Catholic institution, which is Illuminati to the core, but their thinking is actually closer to the truth than yours is.

Anything that condones and supports evil, which you do, is not of God.

News Item6/26/07 3:22 PM
Bottom Line  Find all comments by Bottom Line
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Top Line's "logic": Mark 16:16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned

Note that the second part of the verse does not include the word "baptized."

Therefore only unbelief is taught as being carried unto damnation, - NOT baptism!"


Top Line, Your "logic" doesn't make it here. True, the second part of the verse doesn't say baptized, but that's not proof, as you claim, that baptism is not required. If you don't believe, you go to Hell whether or not you are baptized. But if you do believe and aren't baptized, you still go to Hell.

Why? Because salvation is conditional and faith without works is dead. The first thing we're supposed to do as a new Christian is to get baptized. Failure to do so means the race is lost before it's even run.

It's plain God wants Christians to get baptized. Anybody who wants to argue with God about this basic command is a good-for-nothing Christian, and whatever oil is in the lamp will be dried up,and the withered branch broken off and burned.

But that's okay. Just go ahead and keep telling yourself everything's great and God expects absolutely nothing from Christians, not even baptism. I mean, it's only the future of your immortal soul you're playing with.

News Item6/26/07 10:42 AM
Bottom Line  Find all comments by Bottom Line
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Christian from Switzerland, Didn't Jesus say, Why do you call me Lord, Lord and not do as I say?

Didn't Jesus say to "believe and be baptized?"

Doeesn't this mean that those who refuse to be baptized after conversion are easy come/easy go Christians, since talk is cheap, and calling Jesus "Lord" means nothing if one is not willing to take the first step of obedience, plainly outlined in the Scriptures.

If people will dodge and duck and contort the Scriptures to avoide a 10 minute ceremony involving getting wet before a couple witnesses --

well, what good are they? Would they not fit the description of the second example in the parable of the sower, the one who wilted under persecution?

If you want to call persecution the indignity of getting dunked before a few witnesses. Real Christians can't wait to get baptized, are thrilled and honored to do so, and move on in their walk with God.

If they won't do that, get Biblicly baptized by immersion, these fly-by-nighters certainly aren't going to suffer and die for Jesus.

These "Christians" are as fake as the flavorings that go into Top Ramen noodles.

Bill Parker
The Full Assurance of Faith

Hebrews 10:19-25
Sunday Service
Eager Avenue Grace Church
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Have No Other Gods
Rev. Mitchell C. Dick

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Pastor James Mansfield
What Was Accomplished?

Bethel Baptist Chapel
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#172 The Real Islam & the..

Systematic Theology 2017
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Of God, Through God, To God

Prof. Brian Huiz­enga speaks on God's cov­en­ant with his people.

Sermon: #166 The Real Islam & the..
Dr. James M. Phillips

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