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NOV 17, 2017
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Sermon Eagerly Waiting | Paul Viggiano
Jimmy Hamilton from Staffordshire, England, UK
"Loved this, thank you."
-6 hrs 
Sermon Name the Name | Brian Myers
Yolanda from AZ
-11 hrs 
Sermon Man's Freewill & Election Pt 2 | Jeff Arthur
Lela Ege from St.Louis
-13 hrs 
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News Item9/19/13 8:08 PM
Blessed Peacemaker | Leaving the U.S. ASAP  Find all comments by Blessed Peacemaker
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Jim Lincoln wrote:
We do have to wonder, Where Are Protests Against Murders of Christians!?
Exactly. Many of the Palestinians are Christian, also Lebanese, and Christians and Muslims were living in peace together in Iraq. Phony Zionist Christians don't care about all the murders to Christians done by our own government and the Jews. Will these phony Christians take the mark and worship the Antichrist? Well, of course they will. Will they deny Jesus, or love not their lives so much as to shrink from death (rather than deny Jesus)? Of course they won't.

Then there is the matter of usury -- that nobody is free, all are in bondage to the London Banksters and their out-of-thini-air "money" loaned at 100 percent interest, or more, sinking the world into incredible debt to a few bankster scammers.

Why get hung up on their orchestrated news items, most of which are lies.

News Item9/17/13 11:22 AM
Blessed Peacemaker | Leaving the U.S. ASAP  Find all comments by Blessed Peacemaker
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penny wrote:
Blessed Peacemaker, if you want to know Christ, you must go to the original works and understand what He taught, what prophecies He fulfilled, what miracles He carried out, and what work He accomp. That is the four gospels.
If Calvinists want to know Christ, I suggest they take your advice on going to the original writings of Jesus. Most posters here steer far clear of those words, claim they are "in code to the Jews," and prefer the words of Calvin's Institutes and a few wrested scriptures from Paul's epistles instead. Some like John 3:16 but ignore the preceding scriptures where Jesus says, "My sheep hear my voice and they follow me." That's not the same as "My sheep are chosen and all their sins are forgiven in advance."

It is possible to take the truth, which is the Bible, and wrest and twist it to create a religion more false and evil than anything written in The Satanic Bible by Lavey. That is what the proud, warmongering Calvinist forum posters have done to their shame.

People who claim to be Christian but are so spiritually blind as to advocate for WWIII and the death of families across the ocean so as to please the Jews and bring on the antichrist are Satan's best ambassadors, traitors to Jesus and enemies of the cross

News Item9/16/13 10:39 AM
Blessed Peacemaker | Leaving the U.S. ASAP  Find all comments by Blessed Peacemaker
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jpw wrote:
Talmud..teaching on that he's in hell. Madonna..converted to ..kabal mysticism..
The Talmud and Babylonian Jewish Kabala is the occultic foundational teaching for worldwide secret societies such as the Freemason Jolly Rogers and the rest of organized Satan-worshipping gangsters and pirates who plunder the planet and fleece the sheep. There are not in existence any more satanic or corrupting religious writings on the planet than the Jewish Talmud and Zohar (ie Kabala). Devoning is the physical motions rabbis do to simulate sex with the Holy Serpent, they do it shamelessly in public in libraries when they are studying the Zohar or Talmud, or when they are in front of the Wailing Wall. The Holy Serpent represents all of Jewry, and Judaism is a religion of self-worship. The Holy Bible teaches the meek shall inherit the earth, we are told to humble ourselves, to fear God. Judaism is a satanic religion that teaches its adherents to be at war with God and man in every way.

News Item9/16/13 9:59 AM
Blessed Peacemaker | Leaving the U.S. ASAP  Find all comments by Blessed Peacemaker
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jpw wrote:
Christ is considered a good man in Muslem scriptures..
Muslims do believe the Bible, including New Testament (unlike the Jews who despise the NT). The Koran adds to the Bible, takes precedence when there is a dispute between the two, just as Mormons put the Book of Mormon ahead of the Bible or the Calvinists put the Institutes ahead of it. But Muslims have not twisted the nature of God or Judgment or erected a religion of License to Sin, and walk in fear of the Lord, are humble and righteous people. In the end we will be judged for our works. Jesus came to not only atone for sin, but to defeat it, and Jesus said, "My sheep hear my voice, and they follow me." Our sins are not paid in advance, and past sins previously forgiven can and are put back to our account, even ten-fold, ie when we fail to forgive. Better not to have ever known the Lord, than to know him, have the light, and then wilfully sin. Better to be without a hand, eye or a limb, than to go through life allowing our body to control us into sin. Better to sin in ignorance than in light.

Koran teaches Jesus was conceived by "Word of God" of virgin Mary, taken bodily to Heaven, and is coming again to destroy the antichrist and rule the world in peace. Koran calls him "Messiah."

News Item9/16/13 8:51 AM
Blessed Peacemaker | Leaving the U.S. ASAP  Find all comments by Blessed Peacemaker
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jpw wrote:
and how do we know if this was a US, Qatar or Saudi backed rebel? And if this was to happen in our country, how would we know if we ourselves paid for our own harm?
And I am sure a vibrant discussion from evangelicals will finally ensue on if paying rebels to enter a somewhat stable society, leading to the death of Christians is legitimate if one's agenda is important enough?
Or how do we know it wasn't just a Mossad murderer? Who did 9/11? Who is bombing and straffing all over the planet? The Jews think the rest of us are not even human, call us "goyim" meaning a subhuman -- think it's a virtue to kill us all. Better yet, get us to kill each other, since there are only 14 million of them, and almost 7 BILLION of the rest of us. They will get their (false) messiah to rule the world with a rod of iron, there will be a grand killing fields, and those who licked their boots will be the first to get "the treatment." The Bible says, "all who hate God, love death."

News Item9/16/13 8:46 AM
Blessed Peacemaker | Leaving the U.S. ASAP  Find all comments by Blessed Peacemaker
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Christopher000 wrote:
we worship two distinctly different and seperate Gods, and we live our lives according to two very different instruction manuels. Christians, the Bible..and Muslims, the Koran..Christians: love and pray for your enemy, Muslims: kill them all;
Did you get your examples switched about the "kill them all" part? Don't most of the people here favor WWIII for Jesus against people across the ocean who have done us no harm and who are more righteous than we? Who do you think God is mad at? Them or us? (Hint: Read Jeremiah 50 and 51, Rev. 17 and 18) God judges by the light we have, and they live more righteously with their lesser light than the License to Sinners do with their supposed greater knowledge of God. The one who sins with the light gets to burn hotter than the one who does the same sin in ignorance. The U.S. is a mass rush of lemmings off the cliff into Hell. Take the giant log out of your own eye before you try to take the speck out of somebody else's eye.

News Item9/15/13 11:07 PM
Blessed Peacemaker | Leaving the U.S. ASAP  Find all comments by Blessed Peacemaker
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Jim Lincoln wrote:
most Christians support Israel, not just some, ...Judeo-Christian...superior to the Inadequacy of Islam.
Judeo-Christian is an oxymoron; Judaism is a false, occultic, satanic religion.

Islamic nations are civilized, few prisons, no usury, no poverty, no divorce; low infant mortality, autism, and people in better health with longer life expectancy than U.S. Spiritually, Muslims have more fear of God and love of their neighbor and righteous living than any License to Sin fake Christians that Jude condemns for "turning the grace of God into lasciviousness." The Bible believers who have light but preach and practice License to Sin will burn hotter than any Muslim person who lived more righteously and did so with less light.

There will be hordes of people who are going to be in for a big shock on Judgment Day. Especially the ones who think the second coming already happened and that we are living in a millenium utopia, "Destroying the faith of many." The Muslims await the Messiah Jesus to return and defeat the antichrist. I'd say they are more Christian than the bulk of (fake) Christians in the U.S. who think their sins are all paid in advance so may as well relax and enjoy them all.

Pastor Michael Pickett
Fear not little flock

Luke 12:32
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