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Sermon God's Purpose in His Calling | Gil Rugh
Jim Lincoln from Nebraska
"Barnes' New Testament Notes ¶Romans 8:15 ¶The Spirit of adoption...."
-3 day 
Sermon Trials and chastisement | Mike Walker
Gary and Janey Hollback from Wheelersburg church
-3 day 
Sermon Taking the Rainbow Back | Sean E. Harris
Daman Sood from India
-3 day 
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Sermon11/12/13 1:54 AM
Ben Edwards | Appleton, Wisconsin  Find all comments by Ben Edwards
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The Trial of Faith
Dr. Michael Barrett
“ Great Sermon! ”
How is faith lived out every day? I recall being young christian with dispensational perspective thinking how much better I was than the follower's of God in the Old Testament. How deceived was I! There is great value in putting ourselves in the position of the follower's of God in any age. With the benefit of hindsight, how much more steady would be our faith. If your were a young family man living in Babylon during the exile, knowing what we know today, would you not rest comfortably in faith. Would you fret over the exile and the difficulties of Babylon. No, you would submit, in peace. This sermon will challenge your heart to submit and faithfully act in peace today. This sermon should encourage and challenge you to peaceful submissive faith that leads to right actions. Enjoy.

Sermon9/27/11 12:03 AM
Ben Edwards | Asheville, North Carolina  Find all comments by Ben Edwards
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Christ's Message to the Church
Rev. Colin Mercer
“ A church distracted ”
There was a comment in this sermon which stirred much thought. It relates to the churches distraction with the things of the world. Does not satan wish for Christians to spend much of their time, talents and energy on needless or unimportant things to the Kingdom of God? Would not satan love to see a Christian spending his time in some activity where that activity becomes the focus and not Christ. I fear that too many times Christians get caught up in causes and dreams that are not the true calling of the Church. In this sermon each believer has the opportunity to prayerfully consider what their priorities, as members of a Church, should be. This message is a gentle call to reconsider our priorities. Please listen.

Sermon9/26/11 11:57 PM
Ben Edwards | Asheville, North Carolina  Find all comments by Ben Edwards
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The Unshakable Kingdom
Rev. John A. Hartley
“ A sermon for the young (and others) ”
The theme of this sermon is gratitude. I found the comments about Esau and his ingratitude a lesson for myself. I would like to note that the appeal to young people is strong but full of substance. How many times have you seen Christians wringing their hands about young people turning away from Christ? We all know the statistics of the young people raised in Christian homes and Christian churches that forsake the Church when they become adults. Mr. Hartley addresses this problem straight on without mentioning the dire situation. Rather he calls them to gratitude for the gift that was given to them. This should be a real call to the Christian walk for all who believe not just young people. Listen to this sermon and you will hear of Christ. Very good.

Sermon8/29/11 12:30 AM
Ben Edwards | Asheville, North Carolina  Find all comments by Ben Edwards
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Being As Committed As Christ Is
Rev. Colin Mercer
“ In Whom Do We Trust ”
Another sermon from Mr. Mercer challenging me as to where my allegiance stands. Do you stand in the City of God or Man? This sermon will prompt you to prayerfully consider this question. The point made about how we listen to the sermon is important. If the preacher is God's appointed voice should we not listen as if Christ were in the room at the podium? Should we not seek it out. In see a theme here for a weak (universal) church. Here is similar theme in a sermon: I remember Mr. Mercer's sermon a few weeks ago about Lot living in Sodom. Should Lot have left Sodom many years before or not gone at all? Yes, is the answer. With a culture as we live in how do we know if we, in our hearts or in our circumstances, are living in Sodom? I wish this question were easily answered. This sermon might help bring some clarity with the reminder that today is the day to act.

Sermon8/29/11 12:03 AM
Ben Edwards | Asheville, North Carolina  Find all comments by Ben Edwards
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A Better Country
Rev. John A. Hartley
“ How do we live by faith ”
What is the City of God? How many Christians live firmly in the City of Man? I struggle with these questions. Here you will find a strong call to make Christ your provision. Here the doctrine of separation is articulated and encouraged. Even if you, like I do, subscribe to this doctrine, there is much difficulty in the proper application of the doctrine. I wish there were more focus on how to be strangers and sojourners in this land. This sermon will prove worthwhile to all those who are now struggling with how to live now, today. I encourage the reader to listen.

Sermon8/28/11 12:41 AM
Ben Edwards | Asheville, North Carolina  Find all comments by Ben Edwards
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The man who was too busy
Rev. Noel Hughes
“ Priorities ”
A refreshing sermon on the issue of priorities. Great sin can result when Christians are "busy her and there". This sermon is a must for the mature Christian. It is not always easy to determine priorities. But, if we are to keep our priorities sound, we must listen to sermon. Take the practical advice and this take this sermon with you to prayer as God gives us aid in setting and living the right priorities. You will mature encouragement in this sermon. Thank you Rev. Hughes.

Sermon7/17/11 3:23 PM
Ben Edwards | Asheville, North Carolina  Find all comments by Ben Edwards
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The Ruin of a Family
Rev. Colin Mercer
“ Sermon worth your time ”
Be prepared to be challenged. How does the life of Lot, Abrahams nephew impact your life. Sermons should challenge you apply scripture. This Old Testament passage has great application to each believer. Those of us who pursue securlar interests with nearly all of our time, must hear what is being said in this sermon. The end call is not to some fantastical event but a solemn call to a prayerful and watchful walk with God. And, stay close to Christ in our hearts, social circles, cultural circles, and yes even work circles. Listen and consider. I would like to make not of the way Mr. Mercer handled the difficult issue of when Lot offered his daughters to the crowd. Chaste language never compromised on the disturbing lesson as to why we must be cling to Christ. Listen, you and the Kingdom of God will be the better.

Sermon7/13/11 1:16 PM
Ben Edwards | Asheville, North Carolina  Find all comments by Ben Edwards
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The King Changes: God Does Not
Steve Jennings
“ Challenge how you think ”
I found this sermon insightful and challenging. This sermon points us to look to God in two areas: The troubles governments are facing and how they impact our lives. We are reminded that the lives and times of states and nations are in the hands of God. If you worry about such things listen to this sermon. I would also add the very thought provoking (and true) comment that some people who have much wealth are hated of God. It is worth listening to this sermon to consider wealth and how God uses it to further condemn those he hates. The hand of God in the matters of nations and the matters of wealth are tied together in this sermon.

Sermon7/7/11 9:42 PM
Ben Edwards | Asheville, North Carolina  Find all comments by Ben Edwards
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Really been enjoying these question and answer videos. I highly recommend them to you for your enjoyment.

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Tech Talk Zoom // Episode 06
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