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Sermon Covenanter Alexander Sheilds Escapes Prison –... | Matthew Vogan
CS from Greenville, SC
"This is a beautiful window into the heart of the faithful. When will we..."
-6 hrs 
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Marilyn Brent
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Laurie Bernardini
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Sermon1/7/14 5:10 AM
Abraham | Strathfield  Find all comments by Abraham
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Is Jesus the Son of God?
George Beshay
“ Great Sermon! ”
If you're asking yourself 'Who Jesus is?' Then this will answer all your concerns. Great message!!

News Item3/5/12 3:00 PM
Abraham | Nashville  Find all comments by Abraham
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I am glad to see his stand on this critical issue. Pray that many more will rise to stop the growing tide of Sin.

Sermon9/13/07 10:32 PM
Abraham  Find all comments by Abraham
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The Eternal Election of Grace #3 of 7
Rev. Stephen Hamilton
“ Great Sermon! ”
Absolutely excellent sermon. This brother has incredible passion for the Sovereignty of GOD. This series is a must listen. The recording is not the best, but Brother Stephen does not let up, turning to scripture repeatedly, and clearly teaching how Scripture is taken out of context to prove false views. Spoken with passion and fire. May God continue to shine His light upon you, and use you as His instrument as He sees fit to do.

News Item12/24/06 12:35 PM
Abraham  Find all comments by Abraham
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"The difference between you and I is that I would never persecute anyone so they wouldn't have to endure anything."

This is a lie. You want to force families to let sex perverts into their businesses, to sleep in their beds, and cavort in front of their families and others.

You crash into churches, throw condoms around, parade down the streets in your codpieces and garish drag costumes, straight out of a horror movie.

You molest and seduce young people, ruin their lives. You are known to be backstabbing and cruel, and most of the torture and killing is planned in the White House by homosexuals.

Throughout history you have debauched whole societies and dragged them into the slime.

The Bible says homosexuals have sunk to the lowest level of depravity, that they are reprobate, beyond hope.

I agree. There are homosexuals who are that way because they were deceived or forced into the lifestyle, and they want out. Those people are delivered every day and they thank God for their deliverance.

Take your propaganda to some other board. Any Christians on this board who "sympathize" with you either don't know how wicked you truly are, or they've been brainwashed by government schools and the centralized curriculums foisted on them by the perverts in Washington.

News Item12/24/06 8:02 AM
Abraham  Find all comments by Abraham
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"also NOBODY "comes out of it" and if they claim to have then they are trying to get everyone off their back and stop treating them like dirt."

Jim from WA, How do you know that? Wishful thinking perhaps? Rather, the ones who do come out have to endure the persecution of rabid homo activists like yourself.

The problem with you people is you won't be happy until you turn the entire planet into one big turdblossem like Sodom and Gomorrah. You want people to look at what you do as normal, and it will never happen! No matter how many laws you manage to get passed as you infiltrate the Supreme Court, the federal district courts all over the country, that are packed by wicked sexually perverted men like George Bushes, Sr. and Jr., and Bill Clinton, sexual deviants all (ie homo pedophilia, homo S&M, anything and everything, they don't come any wickeder).

People like you will try your best to rot and destroy from the inside out, but the Bible says the good guys win out in the end and you will all be destroyed.

Is an eternity in Hell worth the thrills you seek in perverted sex?

Bible says, What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?

And you are not even gaining the world -- just disease, shame and misery.

News Item12/23/06 11:12 PM
Abraham  Find all comments by Abraham
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"Standards for right and wrong change over the centuries as we learn more or need a change or just stop thinking certain ways. Humans made up right and wrong and sin etc."

Mel Gibson has a new movie out now, Apocalypto, about the Aztecs, sacrificing 10,000 humans at a time, cutting their hearts out while they were still alive. The movie is supposed to be very historically accurate and I intend to see it, to remind myself of the depths of depravity governments and human beings can sink.

That was their idea of "right." Parents handed over their babies to be sacrificed and then thanked the priests.

So that's what happens when people become depraved and worship the Devil. The sexual behavior goes right along with it.

For example, at Bohemian Grove (a nudist camp for homosexuals who happen to be presidents, congressmen, judges, bankers, media moguls) they also sacrifice (in effigy) a child, call it Cremation of Care. From there they go on to orgy and torture and sacrifice real human beings.

Immorality is indeed made up by men, men who are depraved, who have sunk so low as to worship the devil.

BTW, Jim, why are you posting on SA if you are really a married straight guy and don't believe the Bible or the Ten Commandments?

News Item12/23/06 6:39 PM
Abraham  Find all comments by Abraham
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Jim from Wisconsin -- Read Weston A Price website about the dangers of soy, how it shuts down the tyroid and interferes with the hormonal balance, which is why babies should never, ever be fed soy milk under any circumstances. Adults shouldn't be eating soy either, but especially feeding it to babies is criminal.

"What if a homo had a sex change operation and took hormones. If they were born with a womans brain in a man's body then that would make everything ok wouldn't it?"

Born with a woman's brain, or rather they lust after men just like any other homosexual, but want to make it more acceptable and switch sexes. I've heard oftentimes men who go through these operations change their minds later and wish they hadn't. Kind of too late.

The whole thing is crazy. The world has gone totally nuts, right down the toilet so to speak. Homosexuality is running rampant through America -- it's even in the small towns. It's everywhere. People have just decided to become depraved. God help us all.

News Item12/23/06 6:01 PM
Abraham  Find all comments by Abraham
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"what kind of God would make a person with both sex organs in the first place. If the decision of gender is ok for humans to decide then why is it so wrong to be gay. I think the core of our disagreement is that I believe homosexuality is a physical problem and not a spiritual one as you do."

You are just grasping at straws. Obviously most homos are that way because they want to be, not because there is anything wrong with their genes or body. There's lots of football players, Marines, and tough guys who are homos, because of something wrong in their thinking and their spirit, not their body.

Some men who were fed soy milk as infants have an embarassing problem of being undeveloped may get into the "lifestyle" because they think that's the best they can hope for.

They should just stay celebate, use their infirmity or imperfection as an impetus to lead an even more excellent life. Celebacy is not always a bad thing. People can channel their energy into other things, do more for God, and as Jesus said, better to cut off your hand and pluck out your eye than have either member be the cause of going to Hell.

There's no justification for men (or women) to sink into depravity, and to do it in the name of God is even sicker.

News Item12/23/06 5:27 PM
Abraham  Find all comments by Abraham
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"when I said sodom and gomorrah never happened I meant that it didn't happen because of homos but because a volcano reached its bursting point, which was a total coincidence."

Well, Jim, the Bible says Sodom and Gomorrah did happen because of the homos. Bible says God was sick and tired of hearing the cries coming up from the place, decided there were no righteous men in the city. The word "sodomite" comes from the city of Sodom.

You obviously think the Bible is a book of fairy tales. I guess you'll find out when you die if it was true or not, won't you?

News Item12/23/06 5:21 PM
Abraham  Find all comments by Abraham
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"Have you ever heard of hermaphrodites?
Could you explain to me biblically why God would create a human like that just to condemn it to hell."

A hermaphrodite is not a homo (a person who practices sodomy w/ the same sex) but rather someone who is born with both sex organs. A choice is made in childhood of which to favor, taking lots of factors into consideration.

It's a physical problem, not a spiritual one. Homosexuality is a spiritual problem.

Lots of men are undeveloped also -- such as we read about Dennis Hastert. This is probably due to the soy formulas that have been fed to so many infants, full of phytoestrogens.

This is very sad, similar to someone being born without legs or retarded or some other physical flaw. Or a woman who is barren.

But if people are born without legs or blind or deaf or whatever, it's not to say this condition is to be glorified or used as an excuse for debauchery.

There's no way sodomy can be part of God's plan for anybody's life, because it is a lifestyle of death and disease, destructive to body and soul. Every civilization which has succumbed to it has perished because of it.

News Item12/23/06 3:43 PM
Abraham  Find all comments by Abraham
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"the story about God destroying the two cities never happened. it was a volcano. people can't understand the bible is written metaphorically and take it as literal truth."

Sodom and Gomorrah were literally destroyed, not metaphorically destroyed. Lot was a literal person and so was Abraham. Lot's wife was also a literal person and we are warned in the New Testament not to be like her, looking backwards to what God has condemned.

Some of the things in the Bible are metaphoric, and when they are they are said to be metaphoric -- like dreams and visions. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was not a vision. It happened. Real angels were sent by God to deliver just Lot and his family from the destruction. The homos tried to rape the angels and God supernaturally confounded them. God does do things like that.

News Item12/23/06 3:38 PM
Abraham  Find all comments by Abraham
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"God made homos that way from birth."

Some homos may be femmy from birth (too much soy in the food of Americans) and some are that way because they have been introduced/molested/corrupted against their will as children into the lifestyle. Sexual desire is in the mind.

People are also born liars, thieves, cheats and selfish brutes. That doesn't mean they cater do these base desires.

Somebody has been feeding you a load of bologny. The Bible says Do Not Be Deceived, and if you want to go to Heaven you must curb your homosexual desires, closet them, and if you have to spend your life single, so be it. But, no, you have no right to live like that, and if you do you will destroy body and soul as the Bible says.

And no, the B&B people do not have to let practicing homos into their B&B to hold hands and go ga ga and do all the other perverted and unspeakable things that homos do and should have enough sense to be ashamed and do it in the closet instead of "foaming out their shame" in public, as the Bible says.

News Item12/23/06 8:07 AM
Abraham  Find all comments by Abraham
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Jim from Wisconsin, God did a lot more than keep homosexuals out of the house. He destroyed two cities and everybody in them because of it.

Georgie Bush, our swishy president, is on your side, and your sexual perversions are spreading like a cancer throughout the population of the world,and many in government are corrupted by homosexuality.

The least you can do is orgy in your own homes, not demand to do it in the homes of straight people.

What you do is not just an "alternative lifestyle" that you should be free to flaunt in the faces of God's people. It is wicked sin, and you should have sense enough to know to closet yourself.

Dunnville, Ontario
Grace Reformed Church

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Tech Talk Zoom // Episode 06
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