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OCT 23, 2017
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Sermon 3-Ten Lasting Fruits of the Reformation | Dr. Joel Beeke
B. McCausland
"Valuable elucidations about the foundations of present Western culture,..."
-6 hrs 
Sermon Sola Fide and the Dispute over Justification | Dr. Richard D. Phillips
Elizabeth Chaney from Harrison, Ohio
-7 hrs 
Sermon #52 Angelology | Dr. James M. Phillips
Dakotah from Bakersafield
-8 hrs 
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Sermon4/28/09 12:33 AM
3rx | South Africa  Contact via emailFind all comments by 3rx
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“ Great Sermon! ”
The series: “Ancient Heresies in the Church” is excellent. I particularly, having been confronted by anti-Trinitarians, discover that I was ill equipped defending the Trinity from Scripture. We tend to hold the Trinity as an esoteric tradition that is too hallowed to venture, whereas we neglect Sola Scriptura, the sharp double edged Sword able to divide the matter to the point of Biblical proof. How wretched we are! I have also discovered that I probably held more of a modal view about the Trinity just because I have never been instructed properly, neither have I sought it diligently from Scripture. Currently we have this Thaddeus style fad in South Africa where half the country is running after a man named Angus Buchan, who teaches a moralistic/ Pentecostal/ social uplifting gospel (, with no content no Gospel no Godly conviction. I stand in shambles having to admit that this country has never been truly Christian, but traditionalists. Being third generation presently, you should see the wheels coming off this cart! I stand amazed at the capacity of man for going staying astray!

Blog4/28/09 12:18 AM
3rx | South Africa  Contact via emailFind all comments by 3rx
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I have finished reading/ listening to sermon on the open letter to Angus Buchan. I must commend you on your truthfulness to the Gospel. I am currently listening to a series on Ancient Heresies by Dr. James White and I fear Angus’ Gospel is merely physical bread people feed on, good for now, until hunger sets in again. This morning I read John 6 and it all just became too clear. What a waste to have all those people who listen and then you don’t feed them on the bread of life. Now I have to deal with half my colleagues and family who have been there this past weekend, how to handle it with love and truth, being true to the Gospel and not some man made message of positive thinking.

Blog4/14/09 9:34 AM
3rx | South Africa  Find all comments by 3rx
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Dear Alan,

According to my cousin, he has listened to a radio interview with Angus (week before Easter 09 I think) where the presenter (person named Freek) asked Angus whether he would tell South African Muslims that they have it wrong concerning Jesus as being the only way to God and that one could not come via Mohamed for example. After some gymnastics from Angus (to avoid answering the question) and under duress as a result of pressure from the interviewer to drive an answer out of him, he responded by saying: “No I won’t tell Muslims they have it wrong...”. I have searched the internet for a transcript but could not divvy anything up. Are you perhaps aware of this, i.e. could you point out where we’re able to obtain such a transcript?

There are other things, such as a “heart shaped cloud” that apparently appeared at a venue Angus was talking at. I have also heard that Angus admitted that the woman in his Film (potatoes) was in fact never dead but that the film makers made her out to be to add sensation to the film in order to attract an audience. I could not find confirmation of these things, but obviously would like to obtain more clarity on them, because we all would like to understandfor the sake of educating ourselves.

News Item8/20/07 2:08 AM
3rx | South Africa  Contact via emailFind all comments by 3rx
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I cringe at the thought that I have Dutch blood in my veins, how sick a nation have the Dutch become with their modern and permissive human natures, the epitome of Godlessness! You’re welcome to worshipping your idols, inclusive of our Arabian moon god allah. Just pick up the tab as you pass begin when you die on your way to eternal damnation as the name of allah cannot save a hair on your head! He is not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but that of Ishmael, which is not the son of the promise who is Isaac. Read your Bible, allah is NOT God.

Blog8/7/07 1:06 AM
3rx | South Africa  Contact via emailFind all comments by 3rx
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Maybe I am Peter striking off the ear of Malchus, but I'm so sick of the patheticness of the world when it comes to terrorism. Why do we tolerate it? Should we not strike them 100 fold for each missionary they kill? Or should we resort to Eph. 6:10 and leave what is physical and ONLY deal with the spiritual? Why are we so reluctant to root out evil? Warn them, then destroy them, using maximum force! It's because we tolerate and toy with evil that it's so prevalent. Why suffer Amalek to continually bite us in the heel?

Sermon8/7/07 12:43 AM
3rx  Contact via emailFind all comments by 3rx
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“ Very Encouraging! ”
Never heard of Shaun Wilcock but discovered this sermon since becoming an ardent listener of Rev. Ivan Foster through Sermonaudio. I have never felt as much remorse over South Africa as in the last 13 years since 1994; but it started even before that. What we should explore is how it got to be this way. Why did God suffer the ANC corruption to vest Satan's pulpit here in this country; because of our sin!? What a dear price to have paid, the ruin of a beautiful, functional and prosperous country, to see it go to the dogs and worse! That is this world today, the very world that engineered this entire transition into perdition! The world that we should not be a part of, the world that lieth in wickedness!!! May God judge it soon! May Jesus return soon, come Lord Jesus!

News Item8/7/07 12:25 AM
3rx | South Africa  Contact via emailFind all comments by 3rx
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Why do we even entertain nonsense from terrorist groups holding people hostage? Give them an ultimatum. Tell them if they kill one more hostage we'll nuke their country, then just do it and see if they don't listen. I saw my country go to the dogs because we had no backbone against the ANC terrorists and now Satan is fully in control of South Africa. Do you want to see this happen elsewhere? Sit back and relax you will! Don't underestimate the power of Satan, resist him to the point of death both in spiritand in the body - you do live in both worlds now don't you?

Sermon8/2/07 12:44 PM
3rx  Contact via emailFind all comments by 3rx
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“ Interesting Sermon ”
This is a trip down memory lane for the average Afrikaans speaking South African. Back in the days when apartheid was a hot topic and what exactly to do...Today picking the wrangled fruits from the ANC government tree, with rampant crime one has to conclude that God is judging this Calvinistic nation for their love of money and comfort. The country lives a daily lie that all is well, when all is lost! It is winding down the African road of socialism and ultimate chaos. God help us!

News Item7/30/07 12:26 AM
3rx | South Africa  Find all comments by 3rx
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And to believe the English thought of themselves (in the 19th century) the lost tribes of Israel, a nation chosen by God to subdue all other nations and rule over them, tsk, tsk, tsk! "Therefore let anyone who thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall." (1Co 10:12).

Sermon6/25/07 12:35 AM
3rx  Contact via emailFind all comments by 3rx
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Eternal Value of Noble Work
Mike Harding
“ So-so ”
It’s not that I disagree per se. Yes we do work as onto Christ and not for the boss as such. Nevertheless, as a Christian we ought to view what we do and the time we spend doing it. We should consider the madness driving people to work themselves into a stupor. Work has become the god of many and I must say, for me to excel at my job I will have to sacrifice much of my personal life to achieve that. My job is in the information technology, as a systems analyst and let me tell you, it’s no joke staying abreast of technology. Sometimes I wish some pastors could have a real job. When I say real job, I don’t want to demeaning, for I know nothing of Mr. Harding’s personal life, but I have met many a lazy scoundrel Pastor who has time for golf, meeting with folks over the tea cup and just taking life easy. Then, as if imbued from up high, they assume to preach to us on work! I agree with Mr. Harding, it is important to work and do whatever we do to God’s glory. But what he did not address, is with whom we yoke ourselves while at work and to what ultimate purpose? Whose time do we use and what amount of time do employers demand from us nowadays. Where and when do we draw the line and say that you are now demanding too much work for that honest day’s pay?

Sermon5/14/07 12:33 AM
3rx  Contact via emailFind all comments by 3rx
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“ Contemporary yet Biblical ”
Dr. Cairns emphasises a world view in line with the Bible and the sovereignty of God. How important is it to have such a view when explaining contemporary world events in light of what we hold from Scripture. Again it draws one’s attention to the shame of America, as the epicentre of sinful filth, being pulsated into the world and having to be judged by God at the hands of un-Christian Moslems! How does America respond? By thinking that it is a struggle against flesh and blood… We need to put on the full armour of God cry Him and glorify His majesty; Eph 6:10-20.

News Item5/7/07 12:20 AM
3rx | South Africa  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by 3rx
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Finding "good" in things is hardly a reason to condone them.

Truth is what matters: "[i]But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed.[/i]- Galatians 1:8"

So yeah, expositor - good point!

News Item4/10/07 1:01 AM
3rx | South Africa  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by 3rx
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Unfortunately blind men can't see, no matter how obvious the delusion is. I cannot understand that any sane thinking individual can believe Mormonism, yet they have 10 mil. followers...what is the matter with these people? Even logical thinking could safely navigate you out of this one, but as a Mormon lady said to me: "I believe it and that's all that matters." Well, yeah I guess if YOU believe it, it is reality...Blindness has a cause and death is the condition of the unregenerate - you can believe anything, no matter how preposterous!

News Item3/19/07 12:38 AM
3rx | South Africa  Go to homepageFind all comments by 3rx
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Sinful afflictions are of choice, but that choice is part of man's fallen nature. His fallen nature leads to all sorts of deviations and of course where the most carnal, i.e. sexual, it should by deduction be one of the worst. Homosexuality or any other prostitutive behaviour, even inside the bounds of marriage (heterosexual), where not according to the specific design of the organism is a deviation and by definition sin. Because God's creation is deterministic and has purpose, any contravention of this purpose is sin.

Because God is holy.

Even if (and I do think this could be so) homosexual behaviour is a biological predisposition, it is exactly that, because of man's fallen nature. Man cannot choose against his fallen nature and that is why he so zealously acts it out. None the less, this is in direct conflict with God's holiness. God demands holiness and you can't provide it now can you?

Hence, the existence of God's grace! God is mighty to save you from your sin, and what seems (and humanly is) impossible, is possible for God.

You are at His mercy. Do you want to be healed?

The bottom line is that you have crossed God’s law, no matter what your orientation. You are doomed and only God’s grace can save you from eternal hell. What do you want to do?

News Item1/29/07 12:38 AM
3rx | South Africa  Find all comments by 3rx
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Bro. Williams,

Point taken, however, as I understand it, Biblical prescription on woman teachers is not because heresy is a 100% consequence when involving a woman. You only have to look at Rick W666en and other male hordes to understand that false doctrine does not respect gender.

The gender thing is an authority thing. God, His Son and Spirit are represented as male by the Bible. Gender thus His representation and so also in mankind, with the male as the express head. Female or woman is taken from man, being man’s help. From God's perspective, as I see it from Scripture, authority is God, His Son and man (all male), hence man is the authority of creation and not woman, but his help and under his headship with respect to God.

Agreed, that "Rev" (for a woman) is a Scriptural perversion, but only as far as the sign of authority goes, not intellect or ability. I’ll go as far as to say that only where teaching Scripture/theology to a male infused congregation as an organised body or part of it, it should be considered unbiblical. For a woman to study theology and even lecture it at a university is not necessarily a breech of Biblical prescription. However, entering a congregation (church) and teaching or instructing men I don't regard as Biblical.

News Item1/29/07 12:03 AM
3rx | South Africa  Find all comments by 3rx
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I think Chris M, you're not way off on your comment mate!

What I do find fascinating about America is the fact that they hate Islam so much now, but haven't they paused for a second to think about it. God may very well be using Islam to show them their corrupt state and through that how they have made the world!

That a "hated" religion, so fraudulent and stupid (how did you put it Billy?) has to point America's sins out to itself (and the world), is a SHAME!

Why not clean up the cesspool on 42nd and for that matter in every city of America and leave Iraq. Take the beam from your own eye first, so that you’re able to see well when trying to remove the splint from the eye of your brother.

Face it America, you largely control the destiny of this world, from a human point of view, and God has certainly given you some very conspicuous signs as to His opinion of your nation!!

News Item1/28/07 11:44 PM
3rx | South Africa  Find all comments by 3rx
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Her gender is not the primary issue...her doctrine is. "God's will is not to destroy our world but to heal it." - yep firmly "reclaiming" "transforming" progressive post-millennial “kingdom now!”,style thinking. The "love" of God is emphasised with no regard for His wrath, very Rick Wa666n'ish.

From a pop psychological angle I do agree with her that the "Left Behind" arcade game is a stupid idea. Ugh, so Hollywood, over the top - garbage! Do they have to make a game out of everything? Probably racking in some $$$, i.e. pathos of the god of this world!

It's high time to realise, God is sovereign, Holy and will not pardon the guilty. His love is expressed in that He has provided Grace to save some and that through Christ, BUT his love is also in that He WILL punish the guilty!

This earth is fallen and man has dominion. God alone is Holy and He does not share glory with another. Earth, as we know it, will end - irrespective of man's subjective hope for a better live! Man will die and face judgement, by the Man appointed of God, no matter what Dr. so-and-so wants it to be...woman or no woman...

Is man so self absorbed that he thinks he can make this world a better place?

News Item1/7/07 11:21 PM
3rx | South Africa  Find all comments by 3rx
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Vigilante, although you may enjoy the exposes of Rick Miesel and his self indulgent tough "hard-core" approach, you should also visit the site of his "buddy" Darwin Fish who IS THE ONLY right believing Christian and see the epitome Miesel’s work! It's good and all to be vigilant, but do relialise that we share a very thin fabric called “being human” with righteousness not being the primary colour. So tread easy when you venture into this "holier than thou" mine field!! Let God judge the quick and the dead! Soon Dr. Kennedy will face the Righteousness One, at His appointed time, so also you and I, Rick Mielsel and Darwin Fish. The outcome will be just. God’s justice!

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