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Sermon Cherchez l'Éternel | Vincent Dormieux
Rodica Motiu from Oradea, Romania
"Il faut chercher Dieu chaque jour et confier tout ce que nous avons dans..."
-16 hrs 
Sermon The Blessings & Cursing's Of the Law | Jason Cooley
Bryan from Portland Oregon
-22 hrs 
Sermon The Great Enemy of Gospel Preaching | Rev. David McMillan
Florin Motiu from Oradea, Romania
-23 hrs 
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Sermon4/11/2021 9:28 AM
Wayne R | England  Find all comments by Wayne R
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Forsaking the assembling?
Pastor Chalan Hetherington
“ Must hear! ”
Here is a blessed word in due season for such a time as this, not shying away from the subjects of Covid and self-isolation, but faithfully demonstrating what the scriptures still teach in 2021 and what it is to obey the God of Holy Scripture.

News Item12/27/2020 6:06 AM
WayneR  Find all comments by WayneR
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Jim Lincoln wrote:
...which won't cost you anything...
A thing I learned studying with the Watchtower Society prior to my conversion, be careful with a Bible version that removes or even adds just one letter. John 1: 1 see their New World Translation.

Next look up I Timothy 3: 16 in the KJV and the ending of Mark 16. Look up your own version and compare the NWT.

Study costs you time and effort. The Reformation Bibles v the Modern? The Received Text v The Critical?

WM 177: Jeff Riddle and James White Debate Mark 16:9-20

Debate Follow Up: The Two Most Shocking Things Said By James White in Our Debates

WM 179: Refuting James White's Four Internal Arguments Against Mark 16:9-20

Taylor DeSoto Responding to 20 Common Claims Made Against the TR

If the longer ending of Mark is God breathed, imagine removing it. Or removing GOD from I Tim 3: 16?

Serious business is a God breathed Bible version, so why the shorter e

Sermon12/13/2020 12:32 PM
WayneR  Find all comments by WayneR
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Worth two hours of every Christian's time. Most discerning believers will have already been persuaded as the evidence is easily found and in front of our very eyes; time to wake up to reality if you are pro mask and pro lockdown for all the wrong reasons. God mandates 1 Thessalonians 5:21 “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.”

News Item12/5/2020 7:02 PM
WayneR  Find all comments by WayneR
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In the UK the providence of God has provided an interesting witness as there are very few with his expertise as a former Vice President of Pfizer, who are the very company manufacturing the UK vaccine.

Dr Yeadon’s (former Pfizer VP) Coronavirus Vaccine Safety Petition

There is no indication whether antibodies against spike proteins of SARS viruses would also act like anti-Syncytin-1 antibodies.

However, if this were to be the case this would then also prevent the formation of a placenta which would result in vaccinated women essentially becoming infertile.”


Petition to European Medicine Agency

See it in more detail

See also

As Dr Yeadon knows his stuff I would be very inclined to follow him on twitter, rather than SAGE or government 'experts'

Yardley Yeadon

Watch his interviews!

News Item12/1/2020 8:38 AM
WayneR  Find all comments by WayneR
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Lifelong nurse mourns loss of humanity in NHS under Covid measures, must here for all of us in the UK

News Item11/29/2020 8:14 AM
WayneR  Find all comments by WayneR
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Nov NHS 2020

Son in law's mother wrongly 'diagnosed(?)' over the phone with arthritis, prescribed tablets. Later rushed to hospital sick and dizzy and told instead a circulation problem. Discharged still sick and dizzy and put in the hands of carers. Phone call from carer to go over urgently, to find his mother on sofa being sick and distressed. GP on phone said not to go to hospital, so son stayed over, but his mother very sick and ambulance called. Ambulance saying to each other 'Do not resucitate' in front of family. Son in law checks last hospital discharge sheet and astounded to see 'ecoli'. GP says she went into hospital and came out a skeleton.

At no time was she treated for ecoli or the conditions she first went in. Now in hospital bring treated for those conditions and one missed, complaint of negligence.

Note 'DO NOT RESUCITATE' despite she has no terminal illness.

A personal experience this week. New consultant: 'seems unbelievable they can send someone home worse than when they went in unless they’re terminally ill with the same condition they went in with'.

Who to blame. Be warned.

News Item11/19/2020 6:19 PM
WayneR  Find all comments by WayneR
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Of course we all agree it is a heart issue, but just as relevant is the sneering at the man whom God blesses and maketh rich for a purpose; by either means -the Protestant work ethic 'hard work' or 'inheritence', as the Lord Sovereignly chooses.

There is a Welsh Pastor, the 'christian' gossip was look at him in his new car, how does he afford that. The poor man had part of his foot missing and it was a mobility car, if only they had asked! But note the heart issue.

John is right about trusting in riches, but care is required in judging the rich.

The LORD maketh poor, and maketh rich:
I Samuel 2.7

Genesis 13:2
And Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold

Genesis 24:35
And the LORD hath blessed my master greatly; and he is become great: and he hath given him flocks, and herds, and silver, and gold, and menservants, and maidservants, and camels, and asses.

Proverbs 10.4
Being lazy will make you poor, but hard work will make you rich.

Proverbs 19:14
House and riches are the inheritance of fathers:

Ruth 2. 1
mighty man of wealth...his name was Boaz.

Ecclesiastes 5:19
Every man also to whom God hath given riches and wealth, and hath given him power to eat thereof, and to take his portion, and to rejoice in his labour; this is the gif

News Item11/15/2020 6:22 AM
WayneR | Northumberland  Find all comments by WayneR
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Colin wrote:
I have always struggled with assurance...
How to be Sure

Dear Colin

In God's providence you have found your way to SermonAudio, so why not take advantage of SA' s blessed purpose and listen to sermons from Churches in Phoenix? Maybe you are familiar with David Mook, if not then he would be worth your time.

God's Promise of Intervention

Christian Assurance

The Blessed Assurance of Calvary

Adoption's Atmosphere

Shared Inheritance

What Marks a Christian?

Threats to Assurance

[email protected]

Isa 30.19
he will be very gracious unto thee at the voice of thy cry; when he shall hear it, he will answer thee.

News Item11/8/2020 6:52 AM
WayneR  Find all comments by WayneR
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After the Election
D. Scott Meadows

Disappointed? Cast down? A sermon worth reading to get us all back to trusting God.

News Item9/27/2020 6:16 PM
WayneR | Greetings  Find all comments by WayneR
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John UK wrote:
I wonder if a child had...
Google: 'Bad flu years UK 2017' and note what comes up, should be a link to a UK newspaper. Note the failure of vaccination and the record numbers who died.

Did that information pass us by and why no panic or mandatory masks?

Now see the British Medical Journal


Note he is Professor of Evidence Based Medicine Oxford University. A real expert. Note the number of deaths in a population of 56 million, note how many children. Note the number of deaths over 70 from NHS hospital deaths.

Read Psalm 90: 10.

Are we surprised that elderly people die at 80 who are already ill?

Now read another clinical expert Prof John Lee
'The making of Britain’s Covid catastrophe
A witches' brew of weak leadership, scientific groupthink and the precautionary principle has caused our current crisis'

Armed with facts we can help those muzzled with masks that WHO said are virtually useless and the propaganda spreading fearmongering.

Facts always matter, if we take care

News Item8/23/2020 9:38 AM
WayneR  Find all comments by WayneR
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Carl in Asheville wrote:
Both China and America are competing for top country destined for God's wrath. Who will win?
'Great' Britain.

News Item8/2/2020 4:24 AM
WayneR  Find all comments by WayneR
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Maybe Muslims and unbelievers need to understand (someone tell them) there is still a Christianity which really does hold to the complete authority of Scripture as God's providentially preserved complete revelation, and it is the Received Text accurate translations.

Think how you answer this as it speaks volumes of your own trust in your very own Bible version and the text it is based upon:

RESOLVED: Mark 16:9-20 is uninspired and spurious and should not be considered part of the Word of God."?

Well.....who do you believe????

WM 171: Why does James White refuse to debate Mark 16:9-20?

WM 167: Why do Muslim Apologists love the Modern Text?

Having and loving the KJV is now a modern evangelical hate crime, but shhhhh, don't mention the above as it might stir someone to examine the facts

News Item7/26/2020 7:28 AM
WayneR  Find all comments by WayneR
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Give yourself unto reading. The man who never reads will never be read; he who never quotes will never be quoted. He who will not use the thoughts of other men’s brains, proves that he has no brains of his own. You need to read.

. . .

We are quite persuaded that the very best way for you to be spending your leisure time, is to be either reading or praying. You may get much instruction from books which afterwards you may use as a true weapon in your Lord and Master’s service. Paul cries, “Bring the books” — join in the cry.
Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Interestingly the Prince of Preachers and his dear wife Susannah loved gifting and also reading books together, including Calvin's Commentaries. Good article below and far wiser counsel from the tried and tested and proved good preacher and his godly wife.

News Item7/18/2020 7:05 PM
WayneR  Find all comments by WayneR
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The Lord knows them that are his. And the Lord knows them that are not his.

Packer had some strange ecumenical and other views as apparent from the above article, views which would result in church discipline in many churches. I have had serious reservations re: his trustworthiness since noting his views on Mother Teresa many years ago and his papal love in.

In the UK Cecil Andrews of Take Heed Ministries said this a number of years back:

In conclusion I would say that it is high-time, in fact the time is well overdue, for those who claim to be ‘evangelical Chrisitans’ to totally distance themselves from J I Packer who more that 4 decades ago forfeited the right to be viewed as a faithful ‘evangelical Christian’.

J I Packer and ‘Mother’ Teresa

Even more troubling ...

J I PACKER – ‘Double-Minded’ and ‘Unstable’

Read the above and ponder how we would (or should) react to any posting such in the comments section.

Evangelical celebs can do 'much' harm to the cause of truth.

News Item7/5/2020 10:04 AM
WayneR  Find all comments by WayneR
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WM 167: Why do Muslim Apologists love the Modern Critical Text?

It is far worse the epidemic of modern scholarship that has removed (banned?) the Confessional Text; the KJV disappears in most Reformed Churches, and like the toppling of historical statues, done with not a little triumphalism. Those in the pew are duped into handling that version as though it required the wearing of rubber some dusty archaic artefact or worse still something they have been told needs disposing of because they believe it carries some unknown spiritual health warning that endangers the modern 'church'!

BUT now we see the problem, and the apologist referred to is James White. Check out Jeff Riddle's above article and the same sermons also here on SermonAudio. Note his conclusion.

News Item6/28/2020 7:24 AM
WayneR  Find all comments by WayneR
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45141 died December 2017, 64157 died January 2018. Headline 'Killer flu To blame for 42% spike in deaths across England and Wales'. From the office of national statistics blaming 'circulating influenza' for the record figures.

But that then record seems to have passed most of us by, without any scaremongering.

9th June NHS England #COVID19 stats:

• 95% of deaths have a pre-existing condition
• Average age over 80
• 91% deaths over 60, only 1% under 40

Excluding those with pre-existing conditions:

• 3 deaths under 20
• 35 deaths under 40
• 294 deaths under 60
• 849 deaths under 80

27th June

NHS Doctor Malcolm Kendrick:

GPs often put Covid on death certificates. with no test, masking the deaths that are due to lockdown

A&E visits are down by 50%, a proportion of this large number will die

NHS staff have NOT been working extra hard; A&E has never been so quiet


Depending on your age, compared to Covid you are more likely to die from:

* accident or injury (under-50s)

* a car accident (under-40s)

* flu or pneumonia (under-25s)

Struck by Lightening if you're a child.

So Boris says stay in then get out on a bike,but most of us will have more chance of dying in a bike accident than dying with COVID. Statistical facts and

News Item6/21/2020 9:00 AM
WayneR  Find all comments by WayneR
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When I did have hair I was one of only 1 or 2% in the world as it was red. As blue eyes make up only 17% and I have two, then I was amongst the rare 0.17% with both traits (not two eyes!)

Red hair is due to pheomelanin.

The Bible teaches one blood equals one colour (many shades) equals the one human race.

If we want to counter racism then as Christians we need to stop using the term plural race(s) and use people groups.

There are only two religions... God and man's.

Man's religion has one icon that they do not want to topple...Charles Darwin. Yet his own book The Decent of Man?

'So why isn't Darwin being slammed & banned from schools as statements made in 'The Descent of Man' are inherently racist & fueled racism. If anyone made the statements Darwin made today their books would be banned from libraries and schools' Ken Ham Apr 2019.

Two great helps AIG:

'How Should We Be Understanding and Addressing the National Racism Crisis?' (Video)

'Are There Really Different Races?'

Christians need to grasp the melanin facts and use them. My black friend has a different shade on his soles and palms and even my extreme whitest shade skin turns red and slightly brown in the sun! Bringing up then Darwin,- the statue/ race debate -the Bible has the answer!!!

News Item6/15/2020 3:43 AM
WayneR  Find all comments by WayneR
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Chrisgp from England wrote:
This shows that it is not just evangelical Christians, or so called “right wing bigots” who have fallen foul of this politically correct fascist nonsense .... they even succeeded in getting us to ruin our economy, and close our churches, and keep them closed!!!
'The sexual revolution: The triumph of the state upon the ruins of the family-the counter revolutionary biblical blueprint' C J Williams

The above book was stocked and highly recommended by Peter Masters- Metropolitan Tabernacle Bookshop in the '90's and should be read by every Christian in the UK. Hard to find but a used copy at Abe Books in the UK. The counter revolutionary biblical blueprint'is THE ONLY solution!

It reads like it was written yesterday

News Item6/11/2020 10:26 AM
WayneR  Find all comments by WayneR
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Black Lives Matter have a gofund UK site where they state their aim to abolish capitalism and the police force, whilst bigging up Muslim minorities and of course Homosexuality.

They are rightly called a far left Marxist organisation.

Just like those involved in extinction rebellion, there is another agenda.

Christians should be warning others as the shifting inanimate statues have a dangerous puppet master with a collective loud voice.

We in the UK seem to be collectively losing our Protesting Voice and as silent as the statues on far too many issues. O' for a galvinizing Protestant Voice like that of an Ian Paisley and how much he is missed!

News Item6/11/2020 9:51 AM
WayneR  Find all comments by WayneR
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'Murals, street art, street names, statues and other memorials will come under scrutiny'- Mayor of London this week.

'...every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” George Orwell, 1984


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