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Sermon The Publican's Prayer | Dr. Joel Beeke
"Excellent reminder of God's mercy on sinners."
-22 hrs 
Sermon From Sinning to Winning | J. D. Hatfield
-22 hrs 
Sermon Destinies Final Steps | Brian Bowerman
Priscilla A from Broken Arrow, OK
-22 hrs 
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Sermon4/26/2020 10:28 AM
Cheryl Gorrian | U.S.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cheryl Gorrian
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Five Steps to Genuine Revival
Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley
“ A sermon we all need to hear!!! ”
I have been yearning and praying for revival for years. I just quit smoking 2 days ago; my last stronghold and idol in the flesh, so I can climb the mountain. I want to be as Holy Ghost filled as possible, and gather a group to pray for revival, and I want to shed any worldliness. I wish every Christian could hear this sermon and take it to heart. Forget our dead churches. The original church was a gathering, ecclesia was a gathering, not a building. Let us consider our lives, climb the mountain, and ask God to step down, and pray for conversions. We had no church in our small town. We have a beautiful white clapboard church on the corner, completely preserved, and empty.I prayed for a minister, and one finally came. He asked me what the town needed most; what were their greatest needs. I told him jobs, food, oil for heat, etc. But I said if you can give them Jesus, He will take care of their other needs. Give them Jesus. Well, he gave them programs, music, everything except Jesus. The pamphlet he passes out talks about community, help for problems, cures for loneliness. Not one mention of Jesus in the whole pamphlet. A church entirely without Jesus. God help us all to consider our ways, and climb the mountain, and pray. Disregard the deadness of others, and Step out in faith

Sermon4/13/2020 3:36 AM
Cheryl Gorrian | U.S.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cheryl Gorrian
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“ Fantastic sermon! ”
Once again, Paul Washer preaches to a group of people naming the name of Christ too glibly, and brings them to their knees. This is the preaching we need in this age. Today's Christians need to be reminded of the absolutely staggering fact that God sent us a Savior, considering what we are and what we've done; instead, many act like they're doing God a favor by saying the 2 minute " Jesus come into my heart so I can get my Get Into Heaven Free pass". God owes us nothing, while we owe Him our very breath, and we minimize the amazing sacrifice Jesus made for us by using his crucifixion and death for memes, tweets, tshirts and stupid songs. It's become a #hashtag. I'm glad to hear Paul Washer bring people back to reality. It isn't about us; we were made for God's glory, and He saves us to get glory out of us. Not because we followed all the steps to our best life now or one of our friends dragged us down the aisle to repeat the prayer. What we received from God was a miracle, brought into being by arguably the worst injustice anyone ever suffered: Jesus being rejected, beaten, and crucified by his own people.The fact that He knew it would happen and did it anyway makes it even more staggering. It shouldn't be reduced to a song tagline. ( I would love to know the song they sang)

Sermon4/12/2020 9:23 AM
Cheryl Gorrian | U.S.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cheryl Gorrian
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“ Honest appraisal ”
His life should provide a cautionary tale for all young ministers out there looking to take the world by storm, and make a name for themselves. You are neither more nor less than what God thinks of you. The fame and opinion of this world of empty show are not only irrelevant, but detrimental to a Christian. If a Christian minister has the fame of this world, he probably is riding fences he ought not to ride. I think Billy Graham started out with good intentions. He may have originally thought that by making certain deals, such as with the Catholic church, the end would justify the means; that he could parlay his fame into a ministry that would get him to reach unreached peoples. Unfortunately, that's not how fame works. You can't play the devil's game, and win it for Christ. The only way to win against the devil, is not to play. What he ended up accomplishing is a staggering number of people who think they have "Get Into Heaven Free" cards because they suffered the embarrassment of walking an aisle once, and thus, they never have to worry about it again. Unfortunately, they were never given to understand that they have to pick up their cross and die daily, and that they are bondservants bought with a heavy price. They need our prayers for a real conversion.

Sermon4/12/2020 9:07 AM
Cheryl Gorrian | U.S.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cheryl Gorrian
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Easter Sunday Reading: Matthew 28
Rev. Armen Thomassian
“ Beautiful!!! ”
I !ove seeing all of these children reading the Gospel. They are our future, and will carry the torch of the Church for the next generation; and the darker it gets, the brighter that torch will become. May God bless them and keep them close.

Sermon3/28/2020 12:42 PM
Cheryl Gorrian | New Jersey, U.S.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cheryl Gorrian
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Finally!!! A preacher who has faith! And obviously is preaching in person to real people! May God bless him! Looking at the Christian community, one would think they are all goats. Do we not think that the Gospel is true? Why do we bless our food? It isn't just to give thanks. It is to ask God to protect it from anything that might hurt us. Do we not believe He can protect us from infecting others, getting infected, etc? If we are meant to be infected, it is God's will, and will happen even if we hide in the house with a mask on. We should be the banner carriers right now. We should be the ones showing no fear, inspiring others to Christ, and being a witness that God didn't give us a spirit of fear. Instead, we shut our churches, stop communion, battle over toilet paper and hide in our houses. Let us be the church militant. And the church loving, with the love of Christ. Let us remember that great cloud of witnesses watching us, urging us on, and remember that we will have to answer for our actions, our lack of faith and our unbelief someday. Let us not be ashamed on that day. Corona virus has no more power over us than the lions did over Daniel, unless God wills it. It is in His hands not ours even if our hands wear gloves. Man proposes and God disposes so show no fear Christia

Sermon3/1/2020 12:09 PM
Cheryl Gorrian | New Jersey, U.S.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cheryl Gorrian
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I know this is an old sermon, but in spite of all of the extremely true things stated in this wonderful sermon, the one that stood out the most, is the one the Pastor just mentioned in passing. When he only has about 10 minutes to go, he says something like, People say the closer I get to the end, the faster I talk. In my mind, NOTHING is more indicative of our culture than this point. Why does he need to talk so fast when he gets near the end? Simply because he is not done sharing God's word but the people are done hearing it. Such a thing would be unheard of in a church in China where they would happily listen to God's word for as many hours as they can find a man of God to teach it.Why is it the case here? Unfortunately, because it has been allowed to become a precedent in our society that church only lasts x amount of time. After that people are squirming and looking at their watches. The boldest might even take it upon themselves to chastise the Pastor for running into overtime, which says more about them than the Pastor. The sad thing is that the sheep are willing to keep listening while the goats have put in their time and want out. So preach the word preacher, until the Holy Spirit says your done. If people walk out, well, they left us because they were not of us.

Sermon10/29/19 7:52 AM
Cheryl Gorrian | New Jersey, U.S.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cheryl Gorrian
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Love Not The World
Paul Washer
“ I enjoyed this. ”
I was looking for a sermon clip that represented how I was feeling this morning, and this was it! My dog came in to wake me up at 6:30 am on a Tuesday morning, completely excited. He was jumping on me, dancing around, and acting as if he hadn't seen me in a week. I found myself saying, " Yes, it's Tuesday! Happy Tuesday. You know, we only get one Tuesday a week". You know, being silly the way dog's can make you behave. This verse popped into my head, " This is the day the Lord hath made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it". And I thought, why shouldn't I rejoice that it's Tuesday? God gave us this Tuesday. My dog has the right 💡. I'm the one that's wrong. We should enjoy all of the gifts God gives us. This sermon clip is a good reminder.

Sermon9/29/19 10:53 AM
Cheryl Gorrian | New Jersey, U.S.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cheryl Gorrian
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Contending for the Faith
Voddie Baucham
“ Great Sermon! ”
I thank you Voddie for calling attention to the spurious claims being made by John Shelby Spong. I'm not prefacing his name with his titles. I grew up in the Episcopal church and was in the last class confirmed by Bishop Rath before Spong took over. Back then, 1979, he was just a bishop of the Newark diocese, but even then my parents could see that his ideas were unbiblical. He is primarily responsible for the hundreds of thousands of former Episcopalians like myself, who left the church when it became unbiblical I do miss the church of my youth: singing the Psalms in morning prayer, and the great amount of bible knowledge and knowledge of the Reformation I learned as a child. But I have to thank him in one sense. When he started a lot of the controversy which, as you mentioned, is even today rocking the Christian community, it forced me to examine what I really believed. It forced me to go back and really read the Bible; to see what it actually said. I realized then what God said about changing the Bible...even one word...and it made me a stronger believer as a result. Let us contend for the true faith, brothers and sisters. The church, the ecclesia, is us; the body of believers. We will not be popular, or numerous, but we will stand, and with God's help overcome until the end.

Sermon9/29/19 9:43 AM
Cheryl Gorrian | New Jersey, U.S.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cheryl Gorrian
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“ I love this sermon! ”
I'm so glad to hear someone combat the idiocy people spout today as reasons for believing the Bible is essentially a book of symbolism, allegory and fables; that it isn't essentially true. They seem to feel that if you're educated, you can't believe Christianity, and must believe evolution. It wasn't until I was in college as a Biology major studying the cell, genetics, and physics that I realized evolution, the missing link, etc. couldn't be true. Just the probability of nucleotides alone is 1 x 10 the 80th power. Statistically impossible. And that's just one thing. The big bang theory violates the laws of thermodynamics. My point is if people REALLY studied science, they'd have to believe God created the earth. Scientists are now claiming aliens seeded the planet for this same reason. The science doesn't add up. The math does not work and they know it. So don't feel guilty about not believing the science. Even the scientists don't really believe evolution. After many years of study, I started to believe the Bible, not only because it worked for me, but because the science is false. When people claim they believe the science, encourage them to really investigate it like it did. Where's the missing link? Encourage them to find ANY scientific proof. There isn't any.

Sermon9/10/19 11:14 AM
Cheryl Gorrian | New Jersey, U.S.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cheryl Gorrian
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Cut to the Heart!
Dr. Steven J. Lawson
“ We need truth! Not entertainment! ”
It's obvious from his sermon, that there are fellow ministers in the audience, who will be thinking: He doesn't understand! People won't sit for a long sermon. They don't want a long Bible reading. They want a worship band, and The Holy Gospel Dance troupe. You know who won't sit for a long sermon? Goats! The sheep want sermons. They want Bible reading. They want prayer meetings. Yes, they can keep making the church like the world, and get bigger congregations...but they aren't Christians. What will happen, pastors, if you stop catering to the world? The goats will get bored and leave. You're right about that. But the sheep will spread it through the grapevine: Guess What!!! My pastor has started to preach!! Just preach the word preacher, and let God and the Holy Spirit worry about filling the church. Did Jesus encourage the mega church? No. He understood exactly why they were there. He didn't want an audience. He wanted disciples. Please pastors, preach to the sheep! Someday you'll be thankful you did: When the Lord says, Well done my good and faithful servant. In the meantime, why do you think the sheep are sitting at home watching SermonAudio and YouTube? It's the only way they can be fed. The goats are busy watching Pentecost, the musical with the Tongues of fire danc

Sermon8/31/19 2:40 PM
Cheryl Gorrian | New Jersey, U.S.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cheryl Gorrian
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“ So very true! ”
Some young people argue doctrine just for the sake of being proven right, and showing how pious they are. Unfortunately, the Pharisees did likewise. Even with their correct theology, and unsurpassed evangelistic efforts, they had no charity or "agape" love. It only contributed to their pride. Most need humility more than they need more learning.

Sermon8/31/19 10:04 AM
Cheryl Gorrian | New Jersey, U.S.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cheryl Gorrian
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Bless Your Persecutors
Tim Conway
“ Great Sermon! ”
This was one of the hardest lessons I learned in the Christian life. Our struggle is against principalities and powers. When enemies come against us, they are usually either brainwashed by the world or are unwittingly being used by the devil as a tool. By praying for them, we can not only save them, but reduce their attack against us. For they really know not what they do.

Sermon3/17/19 9:21 AM
Cheryl Gorrian | U.S.  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cheryl Gorrian
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(This sermon is no longer available)
“ Great Sermon! ”
This was a good sermon. It's important that pastors stress to their congregations the importance of not believing everything they hear, but testing it against scripture. I do wish though that he had stressed the main reason that we NEED to be Bereans. In the last days, ie. Now, there will be forces actively looking to deceive us, and there will be a great apostasy. How can people be on guard against being deceived, when they aren't at least warned and expecting it? Hopefully, he will tie this in at a future sermon, to explain the importance of his words, and how vital Christ said it was that we be not deceived.

Bill Parker
Standing Fast in Liberty

Galatians 5:1-6
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