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Page 1 | Page 4 ·  Found: 500 user comments posted recently.
News Item3/12/18 10:43 PM
Ignominious Emirakan | a case of Case  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
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For those who wish to try the data base count of phrases- here's the free software

Those using the software may try the sums of various points in data lists.
Mike would appreciate any corrections if u find a difference

software works out to match his counts with 3 different OS's & systems for me, but u should tell him your OS, & release of software (3.0) for checking his sums
"Son of man"
"Found 196 Occurrence(s) in 192 Verse(s) in 95 Chapter(s) in 14 Book(s) within Entire Bible

Not found at all in 30910 Verse(s) in 1094 Chapter(s) in 52 Book(s)"
Jesus Christ
"Found 196 Occurrence(s) in 187 Verse(s) in 93 Chapter(s) in 25 Book(s) within Entire Bible

Not found at all in 30915 Verse(s) in 1096 Chapter(s) in 41 Book(s)"

Revelation 19:13 And he wasclothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called TheWord of God.
Found 6 as "the Word"&1 as "The Word"=7
John 1:1
John 1:14
1 John 1:1
1 John 5:7

The Case setting is key in counting 7 to emulate Mike's The Word in chart


Burgon's " Last 12 verses of Mark"

Early Manuscripts, Church Fathers,and the Authorized Version

News Item3/12/18 9:54 PM
Ignominious Emirakan | Make fake break take  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
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Connor7 wrote:
A chart u were going to emulate

compares various verses in KJV, NIV, NASB,&NWT. The term "OMITTED" is used when either the phrase or the verse in question is omitted. This table is a very small sampling of contradictory verses, not an exhaustive one.
Some objected to me comparing the NWT with the NIV &NASB. They complain that the NWT is an "obvious" corruption of Scripture on the part of the Jehovah's Witness cult. Instead of complaining about the comparison, they should be wondering why the NIV and NASB so frequently agree with the NWT.

That one?

1chart I like

2nd chart

Chart of the Lord Jesus Christ's treatment

Or did u mean counts in chart I listed? Yes, those counts accurate In #s counted. I agree with those
We all make misteaks(sic)
Shoot missles at the Bible tho, & u end up shooting misses

U listen to White debate Pinto ?
I thot Pinto won

News Item3/12/18 9:22 PM
Ignominious Emirakan | Read the news link  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
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Diane wrote:
Just what I said
Billy Graham noted for drug abuse
See linked news item

headline plays off name confusion

Silly people are easily confused.
" Billy Graham's deadly drug abuse"
&Poly-Sci teacher is Not His dad the (dead )preacher

Those with bone to pick use tragedy to go after an entirely different person.

His dad left behind 10 children, one of whom is this Peter Ruckman, of Chicago, in his obituary.
10 children; Diana Walker, Alabama; Priscilla and Michael Thornton, Pensacola, FL; David Ruckman, Pensacola, FL; Mike and Lynette Ruckman, Pensacola, FL; Peter Jr.
and Heidi Ruckman, Chicago, IL; Jeremy and Valerie Huggins, Wichita, KS; Bryan Huggins, Ft. Walton Beach, FL; Michael and Lydia Huggins, Pensacola, FL; Laura Ruckman; Rachel Ruckman; 18 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren.
preacher's obit
. “Forgetting those things which are behind.” When Paul got through, all he had to say about the past was: “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith”2 Tim. 4:7

News Item3/12/18 6:41 AM
Ignominious Emirakan | three min flip  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
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Dolores wrote:
..Bible says ..
clip of Billy Graham preaching at
Billy Graham Portland OR 1992
TBN played this last Saturday.
He begins by quoting
"“For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.” Mtt12:40

Billy says THAT is what
" the Bible says"
According to Billy
Was he lying??
In 3 minutes time he tells you
" the Bible doesn't say Jonas was swallowed by a whale..."2min& 48 seconds into video

How do u do a stage trick like this?
Be Authoritative
Speak Forcefully
Look the part, ( tall, handsome, clean shaved , suit & tie)
Rely on ¡short! Attention span of "silly women" etc.,
"For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned. "
The Greek word correctly translated in the King James Bible as "Whale" is ketos.
modern Greek dictionary . It's just a Greek/English dictionary. If you look up the Greek word ketos it simply says WHALE.

So listen to 1st minute of Billy Graham?
1.rebukes false Bible-Mt12:37,40

Then demonstrates his equivocating prevarication

News Item3/12/18 6:26 AM
Ignominious Emirakan | Steeling a railroad job  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
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“He, therefore, who is now against domestic manufacture, must be for reducing us either to dependence on that foreign nation, or to be clothed in skins, and to live like wild beasts in dens and caverns. I am not one of these; experience has taught me that manufactures are now as necessary to our independence as to our comfort; and if those who quote me as of a different opinion, will keep pace with me in purchasing nothing foreign where an equivalent of domestic fabric can be obtained, without regard to difference of price, it will not be our fault if we do not soon have a supply at home equal to our demand, and wrest that weapon of distress from the hand which has wielded it.” The Letters of Thomas Jefferson: 1743-1826. To Benjamin Austin Monticello, January 9, 1816

During hearings on the treasonous WTO/GATT monster, French financier Sir James Goldsmith testified in front of Earnest Hollings’ committee. He demonstrated that GATT would gut the American textile market. The following are some quotes from the Washington Times, December 6, 1993; they accurately reflect the late Sir Goldsmith’s statements during the hearings:
"force poor of rich countries to subsidize the rich in poor countries"

News Item3/11/18 9:33 PM
Ignominious Emirakan | Bird flight of fancy  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
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Pecking holes in NothingBurger theory
Woody woodpecker laughs at Doc.

Evolutionists have proposed zero scientifically-supported evolutionary mechanisms that could build up the vast and mind-bogglingly complex DNA sequences necessary to create complex organs. “Natural selection” is not creative. It can only select from existing genetic code. “Mutations” aren’t creative; they are overwhelmingly destructive. Believe me, you don’t want to pass on mutations to your offspring.

Just listened to them tapping away this AM.

I’m glad that I can be my own scientist and weigh the facts for myself. I accept the fascinating true science that has enabled the discovery of these things about the woodpecker (e.g., scanning electron microscopes, CT scanners, force/torque sensors, high-speed cameras, computer simulations, 3D modeling), but I reject the “philosophy pretending to be science” that is haphazardly tossed into these reports.

For those who have eyes to see, the woodpecker is irrefutable evidence of an Almighty, all-wise Creator. To know Him personally, I recommend my favorite book, the Bible, which is the gracious revelation of God’s character and plan of salvation to mankind through Jesus Christ.

News Item3/11/18 9:19 PM
Ignominious Emirakan | count me in  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
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Amazing Number Patterns in the Bible!

This week Mike replied - listen!
1 - reading what the Bible says
2- counting as the bible commands
3- noticing patterns

Son of Man 196 times (49x4)
Jesus Christ 196 times (49x4)
Word of God 49 times (7x7)
Son of God 49 times in the New Testament (only once in OT)
Most High 49 times
The Word of the Lord 245 times (49x5)
The Word 7 times
Husbandman 7 times
My Beloved Son 7 times
His Son 7 times
Firstborn 7 times
Thy Word 7 times in the New Testament
"It is Written" 63 times (7x9) in the New Testament
Jesus and Grace 49 times in the same verse
Holy Spirit 7 times
Breath (form of Spirit) 42 times (6x7)
Thunders (God’s voice) 7 times
God of Israel 203 times (7x29)
Church 77 times (as in the 77 generations of Luke 3)
Kingdom of God 70 times, found only in the New Testament
Assembly 49 times
Bride 14 times
Firstfruits 7 times in the New Testament
Daughter of Zion (or Sion) 28 times (7x4)
Daughter of Jerusalem 7 times
Daughters of Jerusalem 7 times (all in the Song of Solomon, found only one other time in Luke 23:28)
Children of Israel 644 times (7x92)
Congregation 49 times in the Book of Exodus
Good stuff

News Item3/11/18 9:05 PM
Ignominious Emirakan | Dan ten twenty one  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
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Whitewash’ Conspiracy – re: The King James Only Controversy by James White
This book by James White, attempts to show that believing the Authorised 1611 King James Bible to be the pure words of God and the final authority in all matters of faith and practice, is wrong, because:
 There is no ‘conspiracy’ behind the modern versions against the AV1611
 Summary answers to White’s essential postulates are as follows:
No Conspiracy?
John Burgon
“Vanquished by THE WORD Incarnate, Satan next directed his subtle malice against the WORD written..."

A short 800 page refutation of White's disparate dissimulations.

White has played down evidence, e.g. that of Rev J. A. Moorman , that conflicts with or refutes White’s notion of what is or is not scripture, e.g. with respect to John 7:53-8:11.
White has tried to excuse omission of important words and phrases such as “of the Lord Jesus Christ” e.g. in Ephesians 3:14, because similar wording is found elsewhere in the New Testament, thereby condoning the gradual weakening of major biblical doctrines.

"Hey, I this car is missing a Wheel "
"don't worry -lean to the left- it still goes!"
¿trustworthy with respect to “scripture of truth”?

News Item3/11/18 5:18 PM
Ignominious Emirakan | SmokeStacks in PennState  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
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President Trump announced Thursday that he is imposing tariffs of 25% on steel imports and 10% on aluminum imports, with exemptions for Canada and Mexico. The president acted because steel and aluminum imports have helped erode the domestic industry to the point that it threatens national security. Unfair trading practices from countries like China have distorted the global steel and aluminum markets. It is time to halt the damage.

Since 1998, countless steel mills and aluminum smelters have closed. More than 75,000 steel jobs alone have disappeared. Today the U.S. has only one steel mill that can produce the advanced alloys used in armored-vehicle plating; one aluminum smelter that makes the high-grade aluminum needed for defense aerospace applications; and one steel mill that makes the materials needed for infrastructure like electrical transformers.

These tariffs aim to reverse this sorry state of affairs. Companies that produce steel and aluminum have said these tariffs will allow them to reopen mills, expand operations, attract new workers, and maintain critical steel- and aluminum-making skills.

&¿why Congress isn't involved?¡Because no one follows constutional rules!

News Item3/11/18 4:57 PM
Ignominious Emirakan | SeeSaw scene  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
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See below about the "majority" of Greek cursive manuscripts?
Well, “out of more than 250 cursive manuscripts containing 1 Timothy 3:16, all but two or three have ‘God’ in the verse” (Moorman, p. 274). Add to that the additional eleven uncials that have it as well, and things become a little lopsided, don’t they? The majority text of the KJV sits
like an
🐘elephant against 3🐁mice on a seesaw.
And to all of that, Scrivener adds that Ignatius in A.D. 110 and Hippolytus in A.D. 235 quote 1 Timothy 3:16 with “God” in it, as well. Both those citations are 100–200 years earlier than Sinaiticus.
With overwhelming evidence for the KJV English reading; it is now up to you to make up your mind- God Served up Providentially preserved truth?

When you examine the evidence for those things firsthand, you are forced to conclude one of three things:
1. Critical text "scholars"are IGNORANT;

2. These "scholars"are LIARS;

3. Agnostic"scholars" are deceived by the Devil.

The men behind these attacks on your Bible are too brilliant to be ignorant, so they must be either liars or deceived. That’s the work of the Devil John 8:44
The Devil’s job is to question what God said Gen. 3:1&corrupt what God said 2 Cor. 2:17 so he can destroy the Bible &destroy people’s faith in the Bible

News Item3/11/18 3:44 PM
Ignominious Emirakan | Balance  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
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from a book by Jack Moorman entitled Early Manuscripts, Church Fathers, and the Authorized Version.
There are 5,800 Greek manuscripts of the New Testament, in whole or in part. There are dozens of Greek texts that have been published, based on those manuscripts. So when someone talks about the “original Greek text,” the question that should immediately come to your mind is:
“Which Greek text?”
1st manuscript evidence to note is that behind 1 Timothy 3:16. The verse is one of the greatest proof texts on the Deity and incarnation of Christ. The pertinent part of the verse says, “And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: GOD was manifest in the flesh . . . .”
Tho God is expurgated in Agnostic texts by Romanist Greek profs- on what weight?

Whenever you hear someone talk about “the majority of manuscripts” or “the majority text,” he is referring to as many as 874 manuscripts among the cursives alone, Nestle’s critical apparatus symbolizes this text with å. Space does not permit, here, to list those manuscripts, but if I did, the list would take up two full pages of type. That is how many of them there are. Of these 874 manuscripts, 250 have 1 Timothy 3:16. That’s 250 manuscripts against 3 manuscripts; that’s the evidence supporting the KJV reading.

News Item3/11/18 3:03 PM
Ignominious Emirakan | Obserse two faced  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
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Maybe they'll issue a commemorative coin?

The Temple in Zion (Hamikdah Betzion) organization is issuing a half shekel temple tax coin featuring the images of Persian King Cyrus and U.S. President Donald Trump on one side and the Third Temple on the other. This is in recognition of Trump’s support for Israel and his public recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Currently there is no Jewish temple, of course, but the Temple in Zion is one of the groups preparing for the building of the Third Temple. Others are the Temple Institute, the Temple Mount Faithful, and Women for the Temple (who are practicing to bake bread and to dye and weave priests’ vestments, among other things). In 538 BC, Cyrus issued a proclamation ordering the rebuilding of the Second Temple. The Temple in Zion and associated groups hope that President Trump will institute the building of the Third Temple. Hillel Weiss, chairman of the group, says, “The Trump Declaration must continue with a declaration of the role of the Jews in establishing the Temple in its place. Only then will President Trump’s international ambitions come true in the Middle East

Hey Connor - watch that spelling. ¿trafficking?

News Item3/11/18 2:52 PM
Ignominious Emirakan | Change to escargot rail  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
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¡Micro Aggression! Vapours
They said "bullet"
I need my comfort animal!
Get me therapy
And charge it to MediCal!!

¡¡I will rail against this outrage as a snowflake Emirakan!!!

¡Tengo Miedo!
Voy a lorrar

I's afeared&i's gonna weep!!
How much will it co$t 2 scrub the hate name??
No matter. Do it!!

News Item3/11/18 2:45 PM
Ignominious Emirakan | Yikes Wowsers  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
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Apropos - just noticed in Fri Church notes-

[email protected], 866-295-4143)
- New Evangelicalism,
with its brash “repudiation of separatism,” exploded on the scene in the late 1940s and transformed the face of Christianity in my lifetime, and Billy Graham was its most prominent face. (See New Evangelicalism:
Its History, Characteristics, and Fruit, which is available as a free eBook to read or download from

No one did more in this generation than Billy Graham to make the Roman Catholic Church acceptable to “evangelicals” and to build the one-world apostate church. The apex was when he stood outside of the shrine of the Black Madonna of Jasna Gora in Częstochowa, Poland, in 1979, with a Catholic bishop and greeted the pilgrims who were venerating Mary as the sinless Queen of Heaven and interceder for sinners. What could be more confusing than for a Baptist preacher to do such a thing rather than lift his voice against this cursed false gospel? A photo of the event was published in Graham’s own Decisi on magazine in February 1979,

For photo

News Item3/11/18 2:32 PM
Ignominious Emirakan | etymol history  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
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Infallibility of Scripture - are you a Bible believer or a Bible agnostic?

It is a fact that most professing Christians today do not believe in an infallible Bible nor in the infallibility of Scripture in any language. Kinney put together a rather extensive article with various quotes and polls from present day Evangelicals which prove that this is the present state of Christianity all over the world. You may see it here if you wish. It is called “The Bible is NOT the inspired and infallible word of God.”

- Bible Agnostics do not know what the Bible is or where to get one.
"In fact, I found out later that the "great" Bruce Metzger himself put out a Textual Criticism book in which one of his contributors used this word. In his book titled, New Testament Textual Criticism: Its Significance for Exegesis: Essays in Honour of Bruce M. Metzger, a collection of essays by various textual critics. In an essay ..the writer concluded with these words: "In short, THE SITUATION CALLS FOR
This comes straight from the mouth of a textual critic."

Agnostic - Greek
¿Latin equiv?

News Item3/11/18 2:26 PM
Ignominious Emirakan | Here in my Hands  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
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EVERY WORD of God is pure” Prov. 30:5
To the Bible-correcting Fundamentalist, the “Word” of God (capital W) means “the message,” “the principles,” “the fundamentals,” “the teachings”; never the individual words of Scripture that Jesus called “spirit” and “life” John 6:63 The words are subject to the whims of professors, scholars, textual critics,&translators.
In that Bible, if you are “of God,” you will hear his “words,” not just His message John 8:47.
It is the “words” that are pure and preserved Psa. 12:6–7, not just the fundamentals.
The believer is to “live” by “every word” of God Mt4:4&Lk4:4, not just the principles.
It is the individual “words” that are true ( 2 Sam. 7:28), not just some nebulous “Word.”
And it is the individual “words” that the believer is to esteem above his “necessary food” (Job 23:12), not just the teachings.
Let me ask you something:
¿do you have God’s W-O-R-D-S?
NIV is minus over 64,000 words.
NASV missing about 36,000 words.
New King James missing 500 words.
Ditto the other ~333 counterfeit Bibles that have come off the press since 1880.
I have God’s words. I have them in my language. I have every word God wants me to have, exactly as He wants me to have them, and I don’t have to correct one word in that King James Bible-Pr30:5

News Item3/11/18 12:31 PM
Ignominious Emirakan | Moroni Mary muddle  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
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Dr. Tim wrote:
...worships Mary.
course, when we talk about a Roman Catholic goddess who claims to be able to hear 900 million idolaters praying to her all at the same time, we are certainly NOT referring to the Biblical Mary. The Mary of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, &Acts 1 (the last mention of Mary in the New Testament) did not sin against her husband by defrauding him of his marital rights 1 Cor. 7:5- she had at least 6 children by Joseph (Mark 6:3), whom Jesus called “my mother’s children” (Psa. 69:8–9 cf. John 2:17) because His Father was God (John 5:43, 3:16–19, 42, 10:36–38, 14:7–12 &Joseph was their father. Furthermore, the Mary of the Bible was not sinless like the pagan goddess of Catholicism claims to be. She had to offer a sacri ce for her puri cation Luke 2:22 while acknowledging she needed a “Saviour” Luke 1:47
..pagan goddess called “Mary” by the Roman Catholics
(although under different “aliases” in other religions: Juno, Minerva, Venus, Diana, Ashtoreth, Istarte, Lorelei, the El Woman, etc.). When it comes to a choice between “Moses” (the Jews) &“Mohammed” (the Moslems), with which do you suppose she will side? Why Mohammed, of course... a Roman Catholic would swap Moses for Moroni or Mohammed any day- the Koran has a Mary chapter!

News Item3/11/18 11:43 AM
Ignominious Emirakan | Abacus beads  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
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Bible and Bible verse were removed from a POW/MIA display inside an Ohio Veteran’s Administration clinic after the notorious Military Religious Freedom Foundation complained.
The religious artifacts were part of a “Missing Man Table” recently erected by volunteers at an outpatient clinic in Akron.
MRFF founder Mikey Weinstein alleged the inclusion of the Bible was a violation of the U.S. Constitution. He said he intervened at the request of nearly a dozen, mostly Christian, military veterans who utilize the clinic.
& regarding death toll
A psychologist who was killed by a former patient at a veterans treatment facility in California was seven months pregnant.
Twenty-nine-year-old Jennifer Gonzales, a clinical psychologist with the San Francisco Department of Veterans Affairs Healthcare System, is being remembered by friends for her commitment to both her family and her job.
"The gunman who killed three{ ! No! 4 people killed by gunman
Then add killer=
Total of 5 dead people } people "

"AP reported Gonzales was seven months pregnant and"
Propaganda sites ignore dead babies...

News Item3/11/18 8:53 AM
Ignominious Emirakan | Real security threat  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
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Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people” Prov. 14:34

If this nation ever was a “great” nation, it certainly wasn’t because of from ignoring the True God & bowing to screwy Looie

"White folk are going down"FaraCON Sez?Calypso Looie too!

The One who exalted this country to the point where it could whip two world powers twice (England &Germany) is the same One who can bring it down where you lose your shirt to two countries no bigger than Massachusetts (Korea &Vietnam).
Brethren, as the Bible is true ( no doubt in my mind whatsoever that it is),
the greatest enemy America has is not Russia, Red China, Iran, North Korea, or “the Islamic Nation”;
it’s God Almighty.
God is not going to let any nation live the way this nation has lived for the last 60 years &get away with it.
He said of any nation that lives that way that He would “repent of the good” He did to it Jer18:10 "and pluck it up, pull it down, and destroy it Jer. 18:7
Contrariwise, He also said, “If that nation . . . turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do unto them” Jer. 18:8

back to the Bible or back to the jungle

Jer 18:8 is to any nation that will get right& clean up, so it certainly could apply to U.S.
Odds are?Ain't happenin'

News Item3/11/18 8:11 AM
Ignominious Emirakan | pig age pottage  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
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Dr. Tim wrote:
There are brainless dolts--a certain Nebraskan troll comes to mind--and there are brainy dolts such as Hawking. The only reason anyone advocates evolution is because evolution leaves out God, and leaving out God presumably leaves out accountability.
In a pig's eye is
In a Pig's tooth"
in the case of Nebraska Man ( Hesperopithecus)

Makes Evilutionists cuss
As they made quite a fuss
Spinning their myth to us
Toss truth under the Bus
Pig tooth missing linkin' thus.

There were also the editors of the newspaper, the New York Times, chiming in editorially with their own comments about Nebraska Man and the debate surrounding “him.” The New York Times comments centered around the public debates between Osborn and famed creationist William Jennings Bryan, and other pronouncements of Osborn.

Linkin' to the Times?
In a Pig's tooth!

"And he said unto them, Go. And when they were come out, they went into the herd of swine: and, behold, the whole herd of swine ran violently down a steep place into the sea, and perished in the waters.

Lots of pig's tooth untruth jumping into a death sea.

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