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Page 1 | Page 2 ·  Found: 31 user comments posted recently.
Sermon9/25/13 4:07 PM
Al | Michigan  Find all comments by Al
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Pastor Bill, american christians have not spoken out against fornication, shacking up, feminism, etc. How can they now speak out against homosexuality? All sex outside of marriage btw 1 man & 1 wiman is perversion. Who is saying that from the pulpit?

Sermon6/8/13 7:33 PM
Al | Michigan  Find all comments by Al
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“ ”
God is watching them and one day they will give an account for what they do. In that great day of Judgement they shall not escape God's wrath.

Sermon10/22/12 3:34 AM
Al | Boston  Contact via emailFind all comments by Al
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“ Deception ”
I think the word you mention here: "deception", is very important to keep in mind when thinking about the end times. Any enemy of God is capable of mis-using prophecy to scatter the flock. I do not think the church is very aware of how vulnerable it is in this regard. When the end times are talked about, it comes with a warning against deception. His sheep know His voice, but we know the wolf comes disguised. Lets not be naive in thinking the wolf will be immediately obvious, even to the believer. One of my big concerns at the moment is how the end times are sensationalized. Where we don't understand something, our imagination will fill in the gaps. While our ideas are still forming, others ideas can be sown that we take on board as truth. This is why watching is an important part of our spiritual mandate. I like to think of it this way, the enemy of God has been convincing man to war with himself since the garden. If there are false messiahs, there is false prophecy. The disciples were fishers of men, but the enemy is a sea monster who chases the shoal away from the dragnet. I think it's quite likely that we will find ourselves in a state of shock when we get to the "end-times" we thought we knew, and find out that our interpretations were very much propaganda

Sermon11/17/11 7:14 PM
Al  Find all comments by Al
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The Love of the Spirit
Rev. Geoff Thomas
“ Great Sermon! ”

Sermon6/28/11 5:42 AM
Al | Fort Bragg  Find all comments by Al
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I am compelled to share this with you after this excellent sermon. I fully agree with your point and agree that the left and right limits on separation are a matter of individual responsibility and careful application. Regarding application: If you are influencing them, you are separated enough. If they are influencing you, you need to separate more. Thank you; this was great stuff.

Sermon12/2/09 5:01 PM
Al | Colorado  Contact via emailFind all comments by Al
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Good to run across these sermons by Pastor Chuck as I was baptised by him at First Baptist Church of Downingtown in 1986. A lot of well thought out points to consider as I am of the dispensational premillennial persuation. Once again, it was a blessing to hear Pastor Chuck again after all of these years.

News Item12/21/07 7:50 PM
Al | oregon  Contact via emailFind all comments by Al
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Armenianism has invaded most of our churches today. Worship has become a social event and man has added too many things that God has not authorized. Internet: key in "regulative Principles of Worship".

News Item4/6/07 10:27 PM
AL | Elmira, NY  Contact via emailFind all comments by AL
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Dear Mike,
The promotion of such things shows that the church of Jesus Christ is failing and the banner of the cross is faltering. To hold the banner high, we as God's people must prepare the soil of our hearts. Then we can sow in righteousness and reap in mercy. Then we can go as faithful witnesses sowing the seed on the hearts of lost souls and water it or have other brethren water it and then let God give the increase in the salvation of such people. This being the last time should not shock us with such unbelief being as rampant as it is . The Church of Jesus Christ is reaping the sowing of unbelief. It always ends up in liberal or liberalistic ideas which lead to a hedonistic and sometimes perverted views of the person of Jesus Christ and lifestyles to match. The Answer? Preach the old doctrines of salvation by faith more earnestly , prayerfully , and in the power of the Holy Spirit, having a heart that God can bless and a life that is surrendered to that use. It may seem simplistic but I am sure that this is the answer that would bring back the revival that is now dead in the church

Survey4/1/07 10:08 PM
Al  Find all comments by Al
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SanDisk Sansa M250, e250, e280 ... works great. And as other posters had commented - these MP3 players are a great blessing to having access to the Bible and sermons.

News Item1/6/07 5:48 AM
Al | Germany  Contact via emailFind all comments by Al
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You know if you read in acts you will see the prophets were also before the phar. and one phar. who was considered wise spoke up and said. Leave these men alone because if what they do is not from God it will fade away but if it is they could find themselves fighting against God himself. The bible says that people talked in tounges. There where other gifts of the spirit also, as healing. Does God also heal no more? Is their no more prophisies, or dreams? No let it not be said for in the last days his spirit will be poured out on all flesh and men will dream dreams and prophisies. Lets not limit Gods spirit to only a few gift that he has spoken of... But tell the full Gospel!!! May God bless you all and may your eyes be on our savior Lord Jesus, for theses are the last days and his kingdom is at hand!!!!

News Item1/1/07 8:57 AM
Al | Ohio  Find all comments by Al
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Easy to advise, but what would all of you really do? I "think" I think I would go without my Bible and try to be a living one. When you have hidden the Word in your heart you have it with you. As for handing out Arabic literature: bad idea unless you want to be jailed. It is better to comply and then be a living witness and "win some."
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