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Equip and expand your ministry

Since 2000, millions of people in every country around the world have come to SermonAudio to learn more about God and His Word through our collection of over 2.7 million sermons (and counting).

But we’re more than just an MP3 repository. SermonAudio offers a wide range of services that assist the local church in its mission to equip the saints and reach the world.

Equip your people

Apps on Major Platforms

Church members can easily connect with the preaching ministry of your church via smartphone, smart TV, smart speakers, and tablets wherever they go.

Live Webcast & Multicast

No one misses out on a worship service—whether it’s your shut-ins, traveling church members, or someone at home due to sickness.

Articles of Faith

A trusted source of Biblical preaching. We only broadcast churches and ministries that are conservative in doctrine and Bible-believing.

View the Articles of Faith

Expand your reach

Protected by The Vault

All of your sermons are stored safe and secure in our independently-owned physical infrastructure, to protect against cancel-culture. We call this The Vault.

Local Church Finder

Get on the map and become one of the many churches telling us that more people visit their church because of SermonAudio than any other venue.

A Global Audience

Tap into our very large and active listening audience consisting of millions of users accessing sermons and videos from every corner of the globe.

Everyone in our church really enjoys your site. I encourage people to get your app and use it regularly. It is very easy to use. We find it easy to upload our sermons to our site. Our congregation benefits from our relationship with you and we look forward to continuing our partnership.
Like most churches, we are always interested in expanding our outreach. SermonAudio has provided us with a great opportunity for getting our message to many more people. We presently have nearly 200 sermons available, and more are added each week. They can broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere in the world! The potential audience is unlimited, and the cost is minimal. I would recommend SermonAudio to any church looking for additional means of advancing the Gospel.
The staff at SermonAudio has always been incredibly helpful in answering questions about features on the site that we didn’t fully understand as well as in addressing technical problems we have faced. The number of downloads from the site have always been very strong for us. Whenever we use the text feature tool we notice it always has a great impact. We don’t care whether people find our sermons through our own website or through SermonAudio; we just want to get the message out. We also advertise our annual church conference through your site. We can’t tell you how appreciative we have been of your help and services.
We love SermonAudio at Second Presbyterian. We are very happy with your services. Your site has allowed us to offload so much content. We use your site to the fullest extent possible. Our people love the ease of access. Lots of our people have downloaded and use the mobile apps. We value our relationship with you!
We're thankful for the partnership of SermonAudio, helping John MacArthur and Grace to You unleash God's truth, one verse at a time.
Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis have been heard on SermonAudio for over 10 years. We have enjoyed this relationship and are especially pleased that it gives us another venue to distribute the Answers in Genesis message of Creation, Biblical Authority, and Apologetics. Tens of thousands of listeners have been exposed to AiG and these foundational truths through SermonAudio. We highly recommend this ministry, as an additional means to proclaim truth.
We have been on SermonAudio since its very beginning. We receive emails continually from people across the world that benefit from the messages on the site. Many people correspond with us and tell us that there is either no church at all or no church that preaches sound doctrine where they live. They consider themselves to be part of our congregation because they listen to or watch our services each week. Your site provides a tremendous outreach tool for churches! We could not be more pleased with this opportunity.
There are many reasons I am thankful for SermonAudio, but one of the primary reasons is God is using this ministry to train people to become sermon listeners. Neil Postman documents in his book “Amusing Ourselves to Death” how television has radically affected the way people listen. This phenomenon has affected how people listen to sermons, but through the ministry of SermonAudio people are becoming profitable hearers of the Word of God preached.
SermonAudio is absolutely the best way to hear the best men give the best preaching in the world. Here, all in one place, is a collection of the very preachers whom I would most want to hear. Look no further than SermonAudio.
SermonAudio has been providing Tenth with a turn-key, inexpensive, and effective solution for live webcasting and archiving of our sermons, Sunday School classes and special events for over 5 years. SermonAudio has always been responsive to our requests and suggestions, and they continue to add features catering to the churches and audience they serve. We continue to be pleased with their service in support of our mission to reach Philadelphia, the United States, and the world with sound Biblical teaching and they've been a great partner for our ministry.
SermonAudio is a great asset to our seminary and church ministry in a variety of ways. It is also my favorite site to visit to hear sermons. Steven Lee provides warm, personable service and does a masterful job of presenting tens of thousands of sermons in a very accessible way. The variety and quantity of sound Gospel ministers' sermons that SermonAudio posts is unparalleled by any other ministry.
We have enjoyed a fruitful relationship with SermonAudio for many years, and we continue to be immensely blessed by this ministry. We enjoy seeing the many sermon downloads from across the United States and around the World, and are especially encouraged by the numerous email contacts we receive from listeners who write to ask questions or just to encourage us. We praise the Lord for making this internet service available to us and for being able to recommend it to others.
We rejoice at the evidence of God's blessing upon SermonAudio in reaching thousands of people around the world with Bible messages which God has laid upon my heart through the years. The results we have seen so far have encouraged me, under God, to dedicate my life to further preparation of Bible messages for God's people everywhere. Thank you so much for your skills and experience in making this happen. To God be the glory.
In the days of cassette tape distribution, we were thankful to see recorded sermons reaching dozens of missionaries and at times, hundreds of friends of those who heard them live and wanted to share them. Since we have been using SermonAudio we have had biblical sermons downloaded in the hundreds of thousands! We are not only seeing regular downloads, but listeners are contacting us for follow up. The efficiency of distribution and impact on multitudes makes SermonAudio an essential for us for effective stewardship.
SermonAudio enables BJU to extend the preaching of God's Word through the daily chapel program to family and friends of the University around the world.
We are very pleased with SermonAudio. We love the exposure it gives to us as people are searching for sermons. The interface for the site works well and we have always had good interaction with your staff when we had some technical issue to resolve. We have only good things to say about what SermonAudio offers and delivers.
I want to express how big a fan I am of SA. Just on the personal use alone I've been able to enjoy sermons from some of my favorites. The ability to hear sermons read from the Reformers, Puritans, and Spurgeon has been a blessing. SermonAudio is where I would direct people who want to listen to an entire series or see everything in one place. I'm a consumer and contributor of SA and it's the place every Christian teacher should host his/her content for the sake of God's Kingdom. -- Patrick Studabaker, Audio Technician
SermonAudio has been a tremendous blessing. I've tried a number of things to help people access my sermons, and SermonAudio combines the best of a number of technologies. With the ability to podcast directly from the SermonAudio site, and use iTunes, listeners can have access to messages in a format and medium that suits their needs. Also, the comments, transcripts, and other services help the SermonAudio community find the messages as well. I could not be more pleased.
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