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SERMONAUDIO.com Weekly Update - August 18, 2017

Weekly Newsletter | August 18, 2017

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This week's verse:
If riches increase, set not your heart upon them... power belongeth unto God. Psalm 62:10,11

Steven Lee, Founder SermonAudio.com
Weekly Site Tip:
The weekly tip gives you hints on how to make the most of the site!
SermonAudio Tip: Say Hello to the SermonAudio Apple TV Edition!

Celebrating Our 100th PowerClip! Wow! We just completed our 100th PowerClip on the site! PowerClips are short, powerful, animated videos of a sermon clip creatively styled in kinetic type. ... more info! | all site announcements
STRONGLY Recommended Listen of the Week!
A sermon that has blessed our hearts this week. We strongly recommend:

Confronting Error with Condemnation, Not Conversation
Pastor John MacArthur  |  How to Talk to a Heretic

Editor's Comment: John MacArthur brings a no-nonsense message on how to deal with people pedaling false doctrine. We welcome Grace to You to SermonAudio!

Q&A Video of the Week
Brief, straightforward, Bible-based Q&A dealing with a range of topics.
What is the unpardonable sin? | buy dvd

Courtesy Notice: Vacant Pulpit
The following broadcaster has indicated they are seeking a pastor | info | more..
Lurgan Free Presbyterian Church  | Lurgan, Co Armagh, Northern Ireland

SermonAudio Tip: Visually Interpret Your Sermons With PowerClips!
Thursday, August 17, 2017 | Read Article Online

Attention broadcasters!

You may have noticed that the front page of the site sports a short, animated video clip of a sermon creatively styled in what's called kinetic type! Typically only a few minutes in length, these highly-shareable "PowerClips" are simply a way to visually interpret the spoken word with strong, bold typography.

We trust that these carefully-selected sermon clips will be a blessing to you and help introduce you to some of the great preaching we have right here on SermonAudio.

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We receive feedback on a regular basis. It's an encouragement to us and we like to share them along with some thoughts each week with you!
Feedback Friday for 08-18-17

God has assigned every Christian a place of humble service in the body of Christ. There are no exceptions. Willam Myers in his book, Pray: How to be Effective in Prayer, tells of two remarkable people: William Carey, missionary to India, and Carey’s bedridden, almost paralyzed sister. William Carey accomplished a Bible translation of work unequaled in missionary history and has been called “the father of modern missions.” We don’t even know his sister’s name. She is mentioned only as Carey’s sister. But while Carey labored in India translating and printing parts or all of the Bible into forty languages, his sister lay on her back in London and prayed hour after hour, month after month, for all the details, problems, and struggles of her brother’s work. In telling this story of Carey and his sister, Myers asks the question, “To whose account will God credit the victories won through this remarkable man?”

Because of faithful Christians who pray and faithful pastors who preach and teach, God is transforming hearts every day through sermons on this site! Here’s what some of our broadcasters have shared with us about our partnership with them.

But first, some other encouragements!

Look what we have here! An entirely new line of handcrafted pottery mugs sporting our SA logo in two glazing styles: Copperhead and Mocha. Gorgeous! Get your's today!

Paperback Bible. Individual Bible books printed, journal-style, spiral-bound, in quantities per small box .. or as a free PDF download. Coming real soon!

Encouraging broadcaster feedback..

Below is one such feedback from a broadcaster we've received just this past week. We encourage you to contact them and tell them that you saw them here!

Grace Baptist Church, Grover Dean

"Our church is a small church. When our pastor came to us, he was a prison preacher and wanted to stay in touch with the prisoners that were regularly in attendance. We established a CD ministry specifically to these people that soon expanded to other friends of our pastor and the church. We also learned that postage and supplies were expensive. We looked for alternatives and were led to SermonAudio.

We originally joined up with SermonAudio to expand our footprint into livestreaming. We went to those on the mailing list and let them know about SermonAudio. Some switched and some chose an email format that was used to send links to the sermons. We did this to save money and expand our base of listeners. This format works well and we “preach” its value to other churches and pastors. Our church has always been a supporter of outreach and missions. This service allowed us to do that.

One thing we did not consider was that our messages would be going out literally all over the world. Each month we print out the SermonAudio summary and report back to the church. We are constantly amazed that our little church is a messenger to almost every state and many, many countries around the world. Your service and format allows that to happen.

We occasionally look at other numbers. If we take those that attend, those that get CD’s, and those that listen on line, it’s a large crowd. We think about those that listen remotely and imagine how they are listening along with us. We wonder who they are and the circumstances that led them to listen along with us. We can never know unless they tell us, but it really does not matter. They are there.

We thank you for this service. It really is a great bargain. It is professionally done and the technical support is as good as it gets even though it is rarely needed. The process for uploading and managing the database of sermons is smooth and seamless. The user interface is very good."

Join us, support us, and enjoy the stories!
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The following sermons were featured this week! Anyone can feature a sermon. Simply select the Feature Sermon or Text! Feature button on any sermon page..
Buy the Truth and Sell it Not
Mike Allison  |  Pro: 23:23, Psalm 119:1-16, 30-35, 125-128  |  Madison Baptist Church

Tragic Story of Lot's Sellout
Dr. Bob Jones Sr.  |  Genesis 13 8-13  |  Word of Truth

Jesus' Death, my Death, and Your Death
Bob Vincent  |  Dying in a Mental Institution  |  Sermons by Bob and his Friends

Falling Into the Hands of the Living God
Dr. Curt D. Daniel  |  Pulpit Supply 2016  |  Faith Bible Church

Work, For I Am With You
Scott T. Brown  |  Ezra  |  Hope Baptist Church

Bearing the Name of Jacob
Bill Parker  |  Hebrews 11  |  Eager Avenue Grace Church  |  VIDEO

Not Much Really Matters: Make Your Life Count For Eternity
Tom Chesko  |  Special Message  |  Faith Community Bible Church
The Invisible War
T!  |  Dr. Peter Masters  |  Sunday Evangelistic Message  |  Metropolitan Tabernacle  |  VIDEO
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Every day, our editors scour the web for news items of interest in the areas of world events, religion, and technology. Here are some choice news that we found this past week:
Islamic State claims responsibility for Barcelona van attack
NI judge dismisses same-sex marriage cases
SermonAudio Tip: Visually Interpret Your Sermons With PowerClips!
Texas permanently bans taxpayer funding of abortion
Trump quietly putting his stamp on the courts
Franklin Graham Defends Trump, Blames Satan for Charlottesville Unrest
Trump slows federal regs to a crawl in first six months
Fired Google engineer: Company is 'like a cult'
Australians to vote on same-sex marriage
Museum of the Bible: The most technologically advanced museum ever
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Our Staff Picks! This week, we would like to recommend the following excellent messages that we hope will be a blessing to all who listen as they have been to us!
Powerful Prayer  NEW PICK! | VIDEO
Dr. Paul Tripp | Series on the Book of Mark
Show Me Your Glory  NEW PICK! | VIDEO
Dr. Steven J. Lawson | Foundations Conference 2015
Fatal Forgetfulness 700+ | VIDEO
Dr. David P Murray
The Worst Sin I Have Ever Committed 9,400+
Reg Kelly
Having Clean Hands and a Pure Heart 7,100+
Dr. Alan Cairns | Prayer Talk
The Permanence View of Marriage 72,200+
Voddie Baucham | The Sermon on the Mount
The Great God of All Creation 15,700+
A. W. Tozer
The Soul-Satisfying Power of Fearing God 3,900+
Scott C. Anderson
The True Gospel 1,400+ | VIDEO
Richard Caldwell Jr. | Non Series - Galatians
Where is the Lord God of Elijah? Part 2 4,500+
Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley | Where is the God of Elijah?
Transforming by Gospel Grace in Justification 
Milton Vincent | Men's Conference 2013
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