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SERMONAUDIO.com Weekly Update - August 19, 2016

Weekly Newsletter | August 19, 2016

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This week's verse:
I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye. Psalm 32:8

Steven Lee, Founder SermonAudio.com
Weekly Site Tip:
The weekly tip gives you hints on how to make the most of the site!
SermonAudio Tip: Twitter Integration Allows For Auto-Tweet Support

Free Short Video Uploads! We are happy to announce that you can now upload videos that are under 10 minutes in length to SermonAudio for free! Begin uploading testimonials, Q&A, clips, and more! ... more info! | all site announcements
STRONGLY Recommended Listen of the Week!
A sermon that has blessed our hearts this week. We strongly recommend:

How To Raise PURE Kids in a Wicked World • 12,000+
Dr. John Barnett  |  REAL Prayers for REAL Parents

Q&A Video of the Week
Brief, straightforward, Bible-based Q&A dealing with a range of topics.
Is Jesus commanding self-mutilation in Matt 5:30? | buy dvd

Courtesy Notice: Vacant Pulpit
The following broadcaster has indicated they are seeking a pastor | info | more..
Presbyterian Reformed Church of NC  | Pinnacle, North Carolina

SermonAudio Tip: Broadcasters, Upload Shorter Videos for Free!
Monday, August 15, 2016 | Read Article Online


We are happy to announce that you can now upload videos that are under 10 minutes in length to your SermonAudio account for free! Typically all video uploads carried with it a one-time $2 charge to help offset the much more demanding infrastructure costs of supporting video. But as of today, we have decided to eliminate this charge for any future short video upload!

So what are you waiting for?

Upload short testimonials, Q&A videos (more), missions videos, training videos, current event commentaries, sermon clips, conference promotions, camp videos, special reports, video podcasts, or have us create a dynamic PowerClip from one of your sermons and upload it for you! People enjoy short videos and can enjoy it on more TVs and devices including our newly-launched Apple TV app!

Easy and Advanced Embedding!

All videos can easily be embedded on any website using our easy-to-use embed tool. Embed a single sermon or automatically show the newest one. They are mobile-friendly, responsive, and just work great!

Click here to read this article in its entirety online.


We receive feedback on a regular basis. It's an encouragement to us and we like to share them along with some thoughts each week with you!
Feedback Friday for 08-19-16

How precious is God’s Word to you? John Burton wrote a hymn, originally intended for children, that reminds us of the inestimable value of Scripture:

Holy Bible, Book divine, Precious treasure, thou art mine; Mine to tell me whence I came; Mine to teach me what I am. Mine to chide me when I rove; Mine to show a Savior’s love; Mine thou art to guide and guard; Mine to punish or reward. Mine to comfort in distress; Suffering in this wilderness; Mine to show, by living faith, Man can triumph over death. Mine to tell of joys to come, And the rebel sinner’s doom; O thou Holy Book divine, Precious treasure, thou art mine.

May we cry out daily, “I long for your salvation, O Lord, and your law is my delight.” (Psalm 119:174). May we always prize God’s priceless revelation!

We are thankful for many of our broadcasters and listeners who share feedback with us as to how God is using this site to teach and reach many hearts for Christ. Here are a few comments we received recently.

But first, some other encouragements!

"I listened to sermons on your site and I am really blessed. I have tried to find a church that focuses on the Bible but it's been a challenge. Whenever I listen to SermonAudio, I learn new things about God and his ways. God bless you for all the great work you are doing." — John from Kenya (chat)

Above is a snapshot of one of our developer brainstorms from this past week. We're working hard to improve the experience of the site in some big new ways. Stay tuned!

Encouraging broadcaster feedback..

Below is one such feedback from a broadcaster we've received just this past week. We encourage you to contact them and tell them that you saw them here!

Pastor Thomas K. Grant, Bloomington Baptist Church

"SermonAudio is a REAL BLESSING! We have reached more people through SermonAudio than we ever thought possible. We have had people listen to us first on-line and then visit our church.  One Sunday, I was in the coatroom talking and a fellow on the other end heard me and said, 'That must be the pastor.'  I looked at him and said, “Have we met?” He replied, 'No, I am visiting for the first time today but I have listened to several of your sermons on SermonAudio and I knew your voice!’ I personally have enjoyed your site and our church has benefitted from it greatly."

 read more + comment online..

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The following sermons were featured this week! Anyone can feature a sermon. Simply select the Feature Sermon or Text! Feature button on any sermon page..
Unjust Judges, Our National Sin
John Pittman Hey  |  Independence Day Sermon  |  Grace Bible Church

The Church of Social Justice
Robert Rubino  |  Politically Incorrect Titus  |  Fellowship Baptist Church Coney Island  |  VIDEO

Zion Shall Be Redeemed - Part 1
Bill Parker  |  Zion Shall Be Redeemed  |  Eager Avenue Grace Church  |  VIDEO

X Jehovah Witness Speaks #2
Dr. James M. Phillips  |  X Jehovah Witness  |  Discover The Word With Dr Jim  |  VIDEO

How we Know Our Doctrine is True
Elder Samuel Ashwood  |  Romans 6:1; Romans 9  |  Sovereign Grace Church

What Must I Do to be Saved? Part I
Jim Byrd  |  Acts 16:30-31  |  Thirteenth Street Baptist Church  |  VIDEO
more featured | sponsors listing..

Every day, our editors scour the web for news items of interest in the areas of world events, religion, and technology. Here are some choice news that we found this past week:
Target reports sluggish sales following restroom controversy
'I Want to be Known as the Athlete Who Glorified God'
America to hand off Internet in under two months
African Anglicans will never accept gay marriage, vows senior Church leader
Gold Star mom: Khan situation blown out of proportion
51 families declare war on Obama's bathroom rules
Milwaukee sheriff: Riots caused by 'welfare state'
SermonAudio Tip: Broadcasters, Upload Shorter Videos for Free!
Milwaukee Crowd Violent
2012 Pentagon report warned Obama was creating ISIS
SC school board moves to reinstate Lord's Prayer
Tech Companies Apple, Twitter, Google, and Instagram Collude to Defeat Trump
more commentaries | more interesting news...

Our Staff Picks! This week, we would like to recommend the following excellent messages that we hope will be a blessing to all who listen as they have been to us!
#3 The Eternal Danger Of 'Phantom' Faith!  NEW PICK!
Andrew Quigley | 'Drift, Neglect and Listening'
Christian Service: Slavery or Sonship 11,800+
Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson | Christian Service
How to Quiet a Noisy Soul 12,500+
Dr. Jim Berg
Youth Emphasis Message 800+ | VIDEO
Pastor Joe Roof
An Alarm Clock at the Ears of the Saints 3,500+
Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley
Upside Down in the City 3,100+
Aaron Coe
The Faith of Gideon Part II 700+ | VIDEO
Sean E. Harris | Hebrews Series
Purpose of God moving amongst us 2,900+
Rev. Ivan Foster
Displaying Mercy and Truth in Ministry 900+ | VIDEO
Dr. Paul Kingsbury | Pyro Ministry
more staff picks | your picks...

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