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SERMONAUDIO.com Weekly Update - August 28, 2015

Weekly Newsletter | August 28, 2015

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This week's verse:
I am but a little child; I know not how to go out or come in. Give therefore thy servant an understanding heart.. 1 Kings 3:7,9

Steven Lee, Founder SermonAudio.com

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SermonAudio Tip: Fully Searchable Online Bible Section!

Christian Heritage Collection. A collection of original art celebrating the history and heritage of the Christian church. A new way to support SermonAudio that brings together the best of art + missions! ... more info! | all site announcements
STRONGLY Recommended Listen of the Week!
A sermon that has blessed our hearts this week. We strongly recommend the following to you:

#3 Session: Gracious Encouragements for Family Leadership
Milton Vincent  |  Men's Conference 2013

Editor's Comment: Recently stumbled upon the ministry of Milton Vincent and found this sermon in particular to be enormously helpful in providing the tools to battle with sin in family life.

Q&A Video of the Week
Brief, straightforward, Bible-based video answers that deal with a broad range of questions.
How do you explain unanswered prayers? | more..

Courtesy Notice: Vacant Pulpit
The following broadcaster has indicated they are seeking a pastor | info | more..
El Pacto de Gracia  | Chicago Heights, Illinois

SermonAudio Tip: Christian Heritage Collection .. A New Way To Support SermonAudio!
Sunday, August 23, 2015 | Read Article Online


We are pleased to announce the Christian Heritage Collection, a collection of original art celebrating the history and heritage of the Christian church. It is an entirely new way to support SermonAudio and missions that brings together the best of art, history, and mission work -- all in one project.

We have commissioned a widely respected artist in the Southern United States, to produce limited-edition portraits of great men from church history. Men like Bunyan, Spurgeon, Luther. We then traveled to rural Mexico to partner with a missionary whose burden it is to reach the unreached -- the descendants of the Aztecs. We have commissioned him to use the Black Walnut wood found in the surrounding forests to create a beautiful custom frame for each work of art.

SermonAudio has always had a great deal of respect for the Christian giants who have gone before us down through church history. It has long since been our desire to find creative ways to acknowledge our rich heritage, while at the same time supporting the work of present-day missions in their endeavor to reach the unreached.

Learn much more about it, by clicking on the link below:

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The following sermons were featured this week! Anyone can feature a sermon that they enjoyed and wish to share. Simply select the Feature Sermon or Text! Feature button on any sermon page..
Magnifying God's Love for Us
John Pittman Hey  |  The Frailty of Human Love  |  Grace Bible Church

The Call to Enter the Ark
Lou Veiga  |  Genesis  |  Covenant Presbyterian Church

Reconstructionist Math NWO 6
Robert Rubino  |  Christianity  |  Fellowship Baptist Church Coney Island  |  VIDEO

The Long War
Clarence Sexton  |  Temple Baptist Church  |  VIDEO

For My Servant David's Sake
Scott T. Brown  |  Isaiah  |  Hope Baptist Church

John the Baptist: His Message and His Baptism of Christ
Pastor Joseph LoSardo  |  Messiah in Matthew  |  Bread of Life Fellowship

In the Sight of the Lord
Randy Wages  |  In the Sight of the Lord  |  Eager Avenue Grace Church  |  VIDEO
A Charge To The Rich
T!  |  Ken Wimer  |  Message From CD Archive  |  Shreveport Grace Church
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Every day, our editors scour the web for news items of interest in the areas of world events, religion, and technology. Here are some choice news that we found this past week:
Polygamists Point to Gay Marriage Ruling to Sanction Their Sin
Slain Christian's head allegedly bashed by Muslim 'refugees'
Abortion video biomedical company tried to block released
Dow plummets, recovers, dives again
Cruz to Lead 50-State Attack on Planned Parenthood
Ashley Madison: 'Suicides' over website hack
SermonAudio Tip: Christian Heritage Collection
3 American friends tackle and hogtie gunman aboard European train
Planned Parenthood's Goddess Projected Onto Empire State Building
more commentaries | more interesting news...

Our Staff Picks! This week, we would like to recommend the following excellent messages that we hope will be a blessing to all who listen as they have been to us!
From Private Prayer To Public Praise  NEW PICK!
Jeff Lyle | Prayer Series
How to Conquer Conflict in the Church  NEW PICK!
Denis Lyle | Practical Christianity
The Gospel of Jesus Christ 22,000+
Dr. Alan Cairns
Temptations Women Face - Greed 5,500+
Dr. Joel Beeke | Family Living Series 2007
Why You Can Believe The Bible 2,500+ | VIDEO
Voddie Baucham
When the Lord refuses to answer 6,500+
Gerard Hemmings
What a Man is Not 9,900+ | VIDEO
Paul Washer | Principles of Biblical Manhood
Preaching Against Pornography: 10 Fast Facts 4,200+ | VIDEO
Dr. David P Murray | Puritan Pod
more staff picks | your picks...

"The realisation that over 800 sermons per month were being downloaded into China brought home to us here in Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church, a small village congregation in west Tyrone in Northern Ireland, the marvellous opportunity we have to reach others with the gospel via SermonAudio who otherwise would have been far beyond our capabilities. May the Lord continue to bless this unique harnessing of modern technology for the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ."

Ivan Foster, Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church
www.sermonaudio.com/kilskeery | more testimonials

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