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William Romaine 8 vol's
Complete Works of William Romaine
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William Romaine (born 1714 at Hartlepool; died 1795), evangelical divine of the Church of England, was author of works once held in much favour by the evangelicals, namely the trilogy The Life, the Walk, and the Triumph of Faith.

Romaine went to Oxford University, became a priest in December 1738. Later, he worked as a preacher at St. Dunstans, Fleet Street, then as rector of St. Annes, Blackfriars. He was also appointed professor of astronomy at Gresham College, London, although he is not known to have made any contribution to the subject.
Some of his titled works are..
* The Life, the Walk, and the Triumph of Faith
* The Self-existence of Jesus Christ
* Living by Faith in Christ
* The Gospel
* The Legal Spirit slain
* At War and Yet At Peace
* Thy Walk with God
* Prayer
* Walk in Obedience to God

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