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The Sale-Table Ministry - anyone can do this!
MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2007
Posted by: Scott McMahan | more..
Here's something anyone could do to get out the gospel for about
$25-30. I have seen in Books-A-Million that their sale tables usually
have a few really cheap King James and New King James Bibles, usually
around $5 for a complete Bible. (They also have other translations, so
watch out for those.) What I do is buy a few of them from the sale
table, and I usually have a spare box. Then they go overseas...

A ministry called Love Packages sends Christian materials overseas. I
first heard about them back when Larry Burkett was alive and mentioned
it on his radio show, so they've been around a while. They gather up
material and send it to foreign countries with large English speaking
populations. They are able to ship econcomically because they can buy
an entire shipping crate and load it full of material. See their web

For the price of a few sale-table Bibles, a box you probably already
have, and inexpensive book-rate postage, you can help send God's word
around the globe. Once a year, once a quarter, once a month - what
would happen if a few hundred or a few thousand people sent four or
five Bibles? Print out Love Packages' brochures and put them on your
bulletin boards, too!

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