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JW literature in my door
FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2007
Posted by: Scott McMahan | more..
Strange - the JW have never been in my area. Invitation to a brainwashing conference far enough away you wouldn't just pop in on it, so maybe they aren't around here in full force. Hope not.

FOLLOW THE CHIRST it says (bold type!) - not "The Lord Jesus Christ" - and there's a picture of a man with a very modern, neatly trimmed hairstyle and beard and Bible clothes. Jesus is never mentioned by name, just "the Christ", despite the picture.

The back has a big stadium packed with people, looks like Joel Osteen's building actually, but I imagine the real event is in conference room B2 at the Big Old Hotel somewhere... who knows? And smiling happy young people (what do they put in the water?)... and some people in Bible clothes.

One session is: God's Word "Is Alive and Exerts Power" -- ??? I'd like to get the tape of that! Also "precious gems from the sermon on the mount" - that part of the Bible is a favorite refuge of Hindu syncretists. If that isn't enough, you can send off for a booklet "What does the Bible really teach?" I thought you just read the Bible to see what it really teaches, but I guess I was wrong. I guess you can't just read a text and take it at face value, that would be too easy...

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