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I am being called once and sometimes twice a day, at any time during the day, by the "TOLLFREE NUMBER" 877-313-3780. (You can't dial out on a tollfree number, so this is a spoof of some sort). This robocall thing has gone on to the point of insanity. Even if I have some sort of "business relationship" with some company, that doesn't give them any right to harass me non-stop.

This is not just a call now and then, it's an almost daily harassment. I've included a log below of these calls.

I don't know what this number is, but it's non-stop harassment. They dial over and over and over and over. Never leave a message to tell what they want. Just a non-stop, never-ending barrage of robocalls.

I'm on the do not call list, but obviously if you're going to be a sleazy robocaller, you won't care about that.

Whoever these people are, they need to be shut down.

Harassment log:

1-29 2:45pm
1-29 9:36am
1-28 1:30pm
1-28 9:48am
1-27 5:10pm
1-27 9:39am
1-26 1:08pm
1-26 9:24am
1-23 9:42am
1-22 3:59pm
1-21 6:14pm
1-21 9:24am
1-20 9:32am
1-19 12:11pm
1-18 3:30pm
1-16 11:42am
1-15 10:11am
1-14 2:05pm
1-13 3:41pm
1-12 9:35am
1-11 9:51am
1-09 9:57am
1-08 10:05am
1-02 10:42am

(Also 15 calls in Dec 09, before my phone log ends.)

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