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FEB 8, 2016
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David Most  |  Vernal, Utah
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Easter, Lent, Passion week and Good Friday - Holy or Profane, Christian or Pagan?
Posted by: FGGMM | more..
Easter, Lent, Passion week and Good Friday

Holy or Profane – Christian or Pagan?

By Dave Most

Christians celebrate the resurrection of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on what is traditionally known as Easter, but Biblically identified with Passover!

Many times, Christians do things from tradition in ignorance, without knowing where the tradition started or of its background. But in Truth, God has told believers that they are to “test all things” and to make sure that everything they do is in agreement with what He has prescribed according to His Word. I would like to share with you what has been found as I have studied out the background of “Easter” thoroughly. Indeed it has become very obvious that it is rooted directly in cultic paganism and has no Biblical foundation whatsoever.

In fact, the typical holiday of Easter that most professing or ignorant Christians celebrate today is loaded with pagan rituals. For example, the name "Easter" is not a Christian name, but is the English version from the ancient Chaldean pagan title "Astarte," [Isthar] which was one of the titles of Nimrods wife, Semiramis, the "queen of heaven" (Hislop, "The Two Babylons", p. 103). The belief in the "queen of heaven" (Semiramis) and her resurrected son (Tammuz) were a constant spiritual corruption for Israel (Ezek 8:14).

Pagan Easter, which started 5000 years ago, was originally celebrated by the pagan mystery religions of Babylon and most of its predecessors that actually originated with Nimrod, Noah's great-grandson in Exodus 10 who built many cities including Babel and Nineveh. After his death, his wife deified him as Baal/Molech and carried the legend further by saying it was also a day to commemorate the resurrection of Tammuz, who was believed to be the only begotten son of the moon-goddess (Semiramis) and the sun-god (Bel or Baal). In pagan legends, after Nimrod's death, Semiramis was miraculously conceived by a sunbeam, and her son, Tammuz, was killed and was raised from the dead after "forty days" of fasting by his mother.

Many pagan traditions and practices have been added, carried, or brought into Christian worship, especially by the Catholic church, such as Lent, Maunday Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, etc.

"The forty days' abstinence of Lent was directly borrowed from the worshipers of the Babylonian goddess [the queen of heaven]. Such a Lent of forty days, 'in the spring of the year,' is still observed by the Yezidis or Pagan Devil worshipers of Koordistan, who have inherited it from their early masters, the Babylonians" (Alexander Hislop, "The Two Babylons", 104).

"Such a Lent of forty days was observed in Egypt . . . was held expressly in commemoration of Adonis or Osiris, the great mediatorial god. . . among the Pagans this Lent seems to have been an indispensable preliminary to the great annual festival in commemoration of the [supposed] death and resurrection of Tammuz [Babylonian name for Adonis or Osiris], which was celebrated by alternate weeping and rejoicing. . ." (Hislop, 105).

Satan, the great deceiver, has worked diligently for centuries to destroy the truth concerning Mary and Jesus by poisoning man’s thinking with the infiltration of numerous pagan beliefs. These same basic legends are found in counterpart religions throughout the ancient world. "Semiramis" was known variously as Ashtoeth, Isis, Aphrodite, Venus, and Ishtar. "Tammuz" was known as Baal, Osiris, Eros, and Cupid.

It is important to note that these pagan religions continuously infected the nation of Israel. This pagan belief in a "mother goddess and her son," such as Semiramis and Tammuz, was a continual hindrance to God’s people (Jer 44:17-19). This is why God wanted them to drive all of the people out of the Promised Land. It was to the Egyptian goddess "Ishtar," queen of heaven, that the wicked and rebellious Israelite exiles in Egypt insisted on worshiping (Ex 32:4-8).

This organized system of idolatry is effecting the church today just as it did the Jews of the Old Testament. In 155 A.D. The Catholic church added the pagan celebration of Easter to the Sunday mass. By the fourth century A.D., much of the polytheistic paganism of Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and Rome had found its way into the church. For example, the Catholic Church places unbiblical emphasis on Mary, even blasphemously calling her the "Queen of Heaven" and placing her on par with Jesus Christ Himself as "co-redemptrix" and "dispenser of all graces" (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 964-975). As you can see, it was from this source that the ideas of Lent, Mary’s immaculate conception, and of her being the "queen of heaven" originated.

According to early church fathers, the festival of which we read in Church history, under the name of Easter, before the fourth century, did not include the practice of Lent whatsoever. Even Cassianus, the monk of Marselles, writing in the fifth century, and contrasting the early church with the church practices of his day said "that the observance of the forty days [Lent] had no existence, as long as the perfection of that primitive Church remained inviolate" (Geisler,’s Eccles. History, 1846, Vol 2, p. 42).

The forty days of Lent has no Biblical foundation, as it is only pagan! For this vital reason, Christians should not practice Lent, but look forward to the remembrance of our beloved Lord’s resurrection celebrated on Resurrection Sunday.

God condemns the Babylonian Mystery Religion system (Rev 14:8; 17:2-6). Christians are not to accept the beliefs of the pagan dying gods of Attis in Rome, or Adonis of the Greeks, or Osiris of the Egyptians. So the question begs to be asked and answered, Considering the pagan day of Easter, which is filled with its pagan rituals and ideas, should Christians continue to celebrate it, alongside the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ? The clear answer is “No,” Indeed we need to make a distinction between what is Holy and what is profane and separate from the world and its ways!

The True day, Resurrection Sunday, is celebrated to remember the time of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection which occurred during the Jewish celebration of the Passover (Matt 26:17). The Passover celebration began with the "Feast of Unleavened Bread" and was observed for seven days from the 14th through 21st of Nisan (March - April) according to Leviticus 23:6. The significance of the feasts is what God has given to us as Christians to observe!

We realize the importance and significance that God has placed on the Biblical holidays and festivals, meant to turn our hearts toward Him and His Son’s wondrous gift of salvation (7 Feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread, First fruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Day of Atonement, and Tabernacles). The first four have been literally fulfilled by Jesus Christ and we anxiously look forward to the last three. In contrast to the biblical model for celebrations and holidays, many cults have outlawed them as heretical practices of which the Bible gives us warning (Rom 14:5; Col 2:16).

In addition, we see in the New Testament that even the apostles continued to celebrate the Old Testament Jewish ceremonies even though they knew that the Messiah, Jesus Christ, had already come and fulfilled prophecy and Mosaic Law feasts which so beautifully typified Christ as God and Savior (Acts 20:16, 24:17).

As Christians, we are to make sure to remember the significance of the Passover feasts and to celebrate Resurrection Sunday in a fashion that will please God, by NOT including any of the pagan symbols of ancient "Ishtar," such as Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and chickens, hot cross buns (Jer 7:18), and other rituals that find their origin directly from cultic mystery religions. Indeed friends, this is not child's play!

In ALL things, whether of Easter, or Christmas, or CCM or other mundane forms of pagan worship, Christians are to be "Bereans" (Acts 17:11) we are to "study to show ourselves approved unto God" (2 Tim 2:15) we are to “test all things” and we are to “prove what is acceptable to God.” May God be glorified as we separate from the world to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ acceptably!







Category:  Life and Family

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Bible Study System
Posted by: FGGMM | more..
Bible Study System

As a church, we have been learning about how to study the Bible. There are many ways to go about this, however, one of the easiest is to simply "read" it, answering 10 simple questions for each chapter that you read. So, we have a plan. Since Acts has 28 chapters, divided equally by 7, We are reading 4 chapters each day from the book of Acts for 30 days, the same four each day. Then the next month we will move to the next four, and so on and so on. We will read the same 4 or 5 chapters each day for each book and It will take us about 4 years to read and study through the New Testament in this manner.

Then we are also reading the Old Testament, one chapter each day, starting in Genesis one. We read one chapter and then answer the same 10 questions for each chapter. We are going to do 5 chapters each week and It will take us about 4 years to read and study through the Old Testament.

So, we are studying to show ourselves approved unto God as workmen that need not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth! Would you like to join us too?!!! Here are the 10 questions that we came up with.

10 Questions to ask while reading and studying God's Word each day!

1. Pray first and ask God to open your spiritual mind, eyes, and understanding.
2. Write down who wrote the book, when did he write it, and to whom did he write it.
3. Write down Who are the main Characters for the book and for each chapter, and what are the main events of the book and each chapter.
4. Write down the meaning of the passage, (scripture interprets scripture) and what are other scriptures that relate
5. Write down what God is communicating to you personally through the passage and what and how the passage applies to your daily life.
6. Write down what promises, commands, and principles are in the passage
7. Write down how the passage is showing you of any changes you need to make in your life, and what steps you are going to take to implement them.
8. Ask yourself if the passage is showing you of any sin that you need to confess and repent of.
9. Write down the key verse for the chapter, give the chapter a key name, and also anything that you can thank God for.
10. Write down things that God would want you to share with someone else.

These 10 questions will help you to know God's Word as you should, and indeed within 3 1/2 to 4 years you will have a more complete knowledge of God's Word. This is probably one of the main things missing with most Christians, simply that they do not know God's Word as they ought. I hope that this simple method will encourage you to study God's Word as you should. You are certainly welcome to do it along with us as a church in Manila Utah. Here is the web address if you would like to know more about us, and indeed you can communicate with me anytime and I will be glad to talk with you about any thoughts or questions you may have!


God be with you and guide you in your study of His Eternal and precious Word!

In Christ our Savior,

Dave Most

Category:  Bible Reading

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Torah Class with Tom Bradford
Posted by: FGGMM | more..
We have begun a very exciting and life changing study in the Torah, the first 5 books of the Bible, also known as the Pentateuch. Each Torah Class lesson is taught by Tom Bradford and he gives excellent commentary on understanding the Hebrew scriptures from a Hebrew perspective. He also teaches the patterns, types, and correlations that we see throughout the entire Bible. Indeed, we cannot fully comprehend or understand the New Testament, without a proper understanding of the Old Testament. I hope that you will go through this series with us and I can assure you, if you approach this study with an open heart to learn God's Word from God's perspective, even if it means you have to change your mind about some things, (which I have had to humbly do) it will be life changing!

Lesson 1 http://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?sid=1017131321321

May God be glorified in the preaching and teaching of His precious Word!

Serving with you For God's Glory!

Dave Most

5 Generations
5 Generation pictures along with Christmas 07 and winter in Utah

Category:  Genesis Torah Class

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Having Spiritual Eyes and Understanding Opened!
Posted by: FGGMM | more..
Act 17:11 These were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so.

Dear Friends and Brethren, I have been wanting to share this for many days, but until today, did not know how to share it without causing many of you to write what I have to say off. We have heard the above verse preached many times, and to my dear preacher friends, we have preached this passage many times over. However, I fear that indeed, many of us have not done what this verse commands.

There are many good men who are pastors who are faithful to God and His Word, to the best of their ability. But there is a nagging problem between us all and that problem is that we all do not agree on certain areas or things within the Word of God. That simply means that we have not come to the mind of Christ in those areas.

Col 2:8 Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ.

Now many of us as pastors stand solidly in doctrine and in preaching the True Gospel of repentance and Faith in Christ alone and we stand solidly on God's Word, to the best of our understanding, according to our training and various systems of schooling and theologies, according to the various denominational traditions that we have learned and translations that we use. Indeed, we stand rock solid and rigid in the midst of a swaying and very unstable world. However, in that standing, there are times when we ourselves are blinded and unwilling to consider that maybe, just maybe, we need to gain a little more insight and understanding of God's Word ourselves.

Let me give you an example. Years ago now, I met a dear brother in Christ who had recently moved to the area to pastor a small church. As we spent time together and shared things with each other, he graciously pointed out that D25, christmass, was actually faulty and pagan, was started by Roman Catholicism, and was not for believers. I listened to him, but I was blinded by the traditions that I have grown up with and so in my own ignorance, was unwilling to consider what he had to say, even though we both were gracious in our conversation.

So in my ignorance, I went for several more years, until God graciously opened up my spiritual eyes to see that in fact D25, christmass, has pagan origin and is totally and unequivocally unacceptable to God. Eph 5:10-11 Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord. (11) And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

God began to open my spiritual eyes to the paganism of D25, and it's origins, actually going clear back to Nimrod in Genesis 10, and the false worship of Baal and the Sun gods and goddesses and how the RCC brought these pagan worship festivals into their "church" under the guise of Christian and renamed them by blasphemously adding Christs name to them. As I studied these things out finally, God changed my mind and heart about my previous celebrations of these things. I had done it in ignorance but when He opened my understanding, I had to separate from those things. Why was I so blinded and unwilling to consider what my brother in Christ had to say? Was I so pridefully arrogant in my short sighted view? The answer is yes.

That brings me to my point. As I learned these things and then began to share these things with others, then I too was basically written off as a weirdo and a fanatic who had joined up with some cultish heresy camp. But I remembered how I had just done the same thing, only just a few years prior when my brother in Christ had shared these things with me.

Over the years I have been very concerned by how so many good men, especially preachers, have such major disagreements on the things of God. How can that be? Are we all so blind, Are we all so arrogant and prideful? Are we all so solid in our stand for Christ, that we will NOT at least consider what our brothers have to offer? Do we stand according to our traditions and theological systems and denominational doctrines, that we actually miss the Mind of Christ, according to His Spirit? The answer again is sadly, yes!

That is the reason for my post here today. Are we so stuck in our solid stand, that we cannot see the Truth because of "our" personal beliefs based upon our own ignorance? Sadly again, the answer is yes. The saying goes like this, we cannot see the forest because of the trees. Indeed, we cannot see the problems of the pagan holidays, because of our religious traditions and denominational ties. We cannot see other wonderful truths in God's Word, because we, in our ignorance, have not and will not study to show ourselves approved unto God. We sadly fall short of the mind of Christ, as we pridefully and arrogantly sweep away with a wide brush, another brothers insight to God's Word without fully checking and studying it out for ourselves.

These last few years have been a major blessing to me, as God is doing some major doctrinal teaching in my life and has brought me in great humbleness to understand His Word more accurately. I have had to change my mind about some major doctrinal points that I solidly held for many years. But as I have learned these things and then turned and shared these things with my brothers in Christ, many of them pastors, I have been ignored, argued with, and even rebuffed even to the point of being wrongly and falsely accused of cultish heresy, and that by hearsay, if you can imagine that.

I know that we, especially as brethren and pastors, hold strongly to our sincere beliefs that we say come from God's Word, but, let me dare say, that if those beliefs are based solely upon our man made systems of theology, upon our vain denominational traditions, upon our personal translations, KJV onlyism, etc. we can be sincerely ignorant and blind to Divine Truth!

Recently I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the Old Testament from a Hebrew perspective and God has used Torah class to help me learn many new things and God has caused me to have to change my mind about some of the doctrines I hold, because I was wrong in my previous thinking. Talk about humbling me and opening my spiritual eyes and understanding. It has been hard but it has been wonderful and good, coming to the mind of Christ.

So brethren, especially those of you who are pastors, let me encourage us all to be like the Bereans, Act 17:11 These were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so.

Find out if indeed D25 christmass is pagan, find out if Easter is pagan and different than Passover, find out the historical, Biblical teaching of the Torah, the law, the feasts, etc. and how God views the whole of His Word and how it actually applies to believers today! May God richly bless each of you my brethren as you study to show yourselves approved unto God, as workmen who need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of Truth. May we come to the Mind of Christ, according to the Spirit of Truth!

Your fellow brother in Christ our Savior, Dave Most

5 Generations
5 Generation pictures along with Christmas 07 and winter in Utah

Category:  Genesis Torah Class

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Mosaic Law/God's Law
Posted by: FGGMM | more..
Mosaic Law/God's Law

Many good people have been mis-taught God's Word related to this important subject. Many good people believe by their religious traditions that God's law through Moses has now been abolished. Is that true Biblically?

Hardly! Clearly we see many New Testament scriptures showing us that God's law has NOT been abolished and just plain common reading in God's Word shows us this. You know, letting God speak for Himself without our religious prejudice or traditional presupposition.

I was thinking on these things and want to share a very simple illustration that helped me better understand this. In this country, we have a rule of law that governs the society and it's people. We are not to kill, steal, break the speed limit, and so forth. We know those laws and law abiding citizens abide by them. Those laws bring peace and blessing to those who obey them, and bring a curse to those who do not.

When an alien is invited to this country by no merit of their own, they can become a citizen of this country by agreeing to submit to it's governing authority. They do NOT gain entrance to this country by being a good citizen somewhere else. AFTER becoming a citizen of this country, they then must abide by the laws of the land. They are NOT exempt, nor have the laws been abolished just because they showed up! There is NOT a law for the original citizens, and a different law for the alien who has become a citizen.

This same rule follows in the family household. By no merit of their own, a child is born into a family and grows up learning the laws and rules of the household. Those rules apply while living in that household. The parents then decide to adopt a child by no merit of it's own, and they become part of that family. The same household rules apply for that adopted child. The rules have NOT been abolished nor are there two sets of rules, one for the blood child, and a different one for the adopted child. Both must abide by the same rules of the household until such time as they mature and begin their own family, at which time the same process begins again with their children.

This is the same picture of God's law! God choose to begin the nation of Israel through the gentile Abraham. By no merit of his own, God called and chose Abraham and Abraham responded by Faith and obedience to God. Then, By God's declaration, Isaac was the chosen seed, not Ishmael, and by God's declaration, Jacob/Israel was the chosen seed, not Esau. This was national Israel. Later, God then gave His law through Moses about how to live a godly and Holy life. All who responded by Grace through faith were saved by God and then they obeyed God to show their faith in Him. But we need to remember that not all of national Israel is born again, justified, saved, just because they were born into national Israel!

Nearly 400 years later, God delivered national Israel out of Egypt which is a picture of being redeemed from the world, He brought them through the waters of the Red Sea, a picture of baptism, and then, He gave them the law about how to live a Holy and Righteous life, as He led them to the promised land, yet another picture of Heaven.

The law was NEVER for justification, rather, it is the rules of the household. It was the same for the national Israelite, as it was for the stranger/gentile who lived among them. It is the same for the Jew and Gentile today as well. Clearly being a national Jew does NOT save a person. Both Jew and Gentile must come to God through repentance and faith in Him to be saved! Then, they must abide by the perfect law of liberty, the rules of the household. Indeed, there is only ONE body. There is NOT the Jews, and then the Church. No, there is only one body, one faith, one Lord over all who repent and believe by faith, and then demonstrate that faith as they obey the LAW, the Law of God, given through Moses!

Indeed it is a blessing to abide by God's perfect law of liberty. Christ has indeed fulfilled the requirements of the law, and indeed all believers have been freed from the curse of the law, the wages of sin, which is death, but, the gift of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord!

What a blessing to be adopted into the family of God by Faith. Now we are enabled to live a humble, repentant, obedient life as we obey God according to His law for His household. This is what truly shows that we have been saved, as we obey His rules for His children! To God be the Glory, Great things He has done! God's perfect law has NOT been abolished, it is Just and Holy and good! Amen!

God's Mountain Beauty

Category:  Holiness Savlation

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LearningTorah ByGrace ThroughFaith
Posted by: FGGMM | more..
Dear Friends, Family, and Brethren,

I want to write you all and encourage you in the Faith! God is moving amongst His people all around the world and indeed, it is exciting to see and be a part of! For the last several years, God has been showing me more and more in His word, bringing some (often times major) changes in my life, ministry, and doctrine, and at the same time moving me away from religious tradition and man-made theologies that I have been a part of for many years.

As I have shared some of these changes with you all on my posts in FB, I have also found out from other sources, that these changes have bothered some of you and I do understand your concerns, however, what causes me sadness of heart and the most angst from this is that very few of you have actually contacted me personally, if at all to ask me with a humble heart as to what I have been learning and to why I have made these changes for myself and my family and church, I have had personal attacks from several, (boy, that felt real good) but then some of you have just become silent and are keeping me at arms length, as if you are deathly afraid of the Truth. May I ask, have I then become your enemy, simply because I share the Truth of God's Word with you, even though we are supposedly brethren of the very same God and Holy Bible? Is Christ divided? What is most important? Divine Truth, or religious tradition and man-made denominational theology?

I really do understand your dilema though and just want to let you know that I do love you all and only have a desire to share God's Word with you and the things that I am learning. Indeed, aren't we all supposed to be testing all things by the very Word of God?! Yes!!! And as I said, this revival is happening world wide, it is NOT some localized fanatic that is steering some people "away" from God's Word by some quirky and foolish ideas and opinions. Quite the contrary, God Himself is opening the eyes of His people world wide and helping them to see His Word from His perspective and giving them hearts to obey the TRUTH!

Thus I have made some changes in my facebook posts also. I am just quoting scripture and from time to time some very necessary teachings with you that I realize will go against what I used to believe and teach and what you believe as well. Isn't it funny though. this is what Truth does! Truth removes the scales of deception, just like the Apostle Paul. He was VERY Religious, before he got saved, and after God saved him on the road to Damascus, God removed the religious scales and ;traditions from his eyes and showed him the Truth from God's perspective. It took Paul several years to learn the Bible from God's perspective. And then he too began to preach the word, in season and out of season, reproving, rebuking, and exhorting with long suffering and (Diving) doctrine!

The pharisees thought they had things right too, but as we read in the Gospels, Jesus rebuked them on almost every front for their vain, religious traditions and man-made theologies, and He showed them the Truth of the Torah from His perspective. Jesus did NOT teach His own variety of doctrine, rather, He taught only what the Father had given Him. That was the Torah my friends!

Now think with me here. Many teach and believe that God's torah, which means "instructions," which includes the law of Moses, has been nullified, has been abolished, has been done away with. When you follow that line of man made thinking, it means that God the Father wrote down the Old Testament and called it thePerfect, Everlasting, Truth, but since Israel did not obey it, then God decided to abolish that "perfect, Everlasting Truth, and write some new Truth for the Gentiles? Really? So then that means that the New Testament was written and replaces the Old Testament? That just does not make any sense at all. NO ONE can change God's Word and make it say something other that what God the Father has originally said was the Truth! Not the Apostles, not even the modern church!

Now seriously consider the following examples, The Lord Jesus taught and obeyed the Torah, the Disciples taught and obeyed the Torah, the Apostle Paul taught and obeyed the Torah! Check it out friends! Could it be that maybe, just maybe you and I have misunderstood what God's perspective was and is? Could it be that many of us would rather hold on to our religious traditions and man-made doctrines, rather than study Gods Word to show ourselves approved to Him? Could it be that we have all been deceived, been mis-taught, been Biblically ignorant, etc. etc.??? The answer is obvious with a resounding yes!

So I am re-learning my Bible, much like the apostle Paul had to do, and as I go, I am sharing these things with you all. but for the sake of some who are willingly ignorant, I will only be posting straight scripture and a few important teachings from time to time, for those who simply do not want to see these things and are offended by them. However, I have started a new FB page called LearningTorah ByGrace ThroughFaithhttp://www.facebook.com/learningtorahbygracethroughfaith and will be teaching and sharing Bible Truths there with other "like minded" brethren! Coming to the mind of Christ is so important! I do hope that you all will consider and take these things to heart and test what you believe. If you find that you are caught up in religious tradition and man-made denominational theology like I did, I can attest that indeed God will help you to repent and make necessary changes by faith, hard as they may be, so that you are pleasing to Him in your daily living!

Thank you for your prayers for me, my family, and the ministry of reconciliation that God has given me! I would love to hear from each one of you personally, in a private message, or even a phone call, smile emoticon if you have futher questions of what God is doing in my life! Don't just be silent, or talk about me behind my back. I count you as my brethren and I would love to hear from each of you!

With all my love for you all in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior!


God's Mountain Beauty

Category:  Genesis Torah Class

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The Blessings of God's Torah
Posted by: FGGMM | more..
The Torah of God is a blessed thing for those who obey it! God has established it forever in Heaven. May we delight in God's law for Righteous and Holy living!Psalm 119:1-81 Blessed are the undefiled in the way,Who walk in the law of the LORD!2...
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God's Mountain Beauty

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Three Messages from Leviticus 23 on the 7 Feasts of the Lord!
Posted by: FGGMM | more..
What a fascinating study on the 7 Bible Feasts of the Lord from Leviticus 23! 1. http://torahclass.com/old-testament-studies...
[ abbreviated | read entire ]

Utah Mountian Flowers
While at Camp Utibaca, there were all kinds of wild flowers. These are just a taste of God's...

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