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OCT 26, 2016
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Hackberry House of Chosun
Bob Faulkner  |  Illinois
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Love and Marriage. Final in Song of Solomon series
Posted by: Hackberry House of Chosun | more..
  1. Song of Solomon 6:13. Who is the Shulamite? The same woman as throughout the book?

Is the wife/lover of Solomon a poor country girl from “Shunem” in the distant tribe of Issachar, or is she the proud daughter of a king, now the wife of one, a “prince’s daughter” as in 7:1? The commentaries go their separate ways on this one. It seems to me that the best comment was that “Shulamite” is no other than the feminized form of Solomon. She has taken her husband’s name and is being called this here as a badge of honor. Solomon, or a chorus of singers brought into the drama, wants “Mrs. Solomon” to remain that she may be observed a little longer. Such a beautiful sight is she! Solomon himself seems to intervene at the end of the verse, questioning their gazing, when he wants her for himself.

Some have seen Christ and His great love for His own bride the church, in this dialogue. Especially the part about wearing His Name. Solomon becomes Shulamite and Christ becomes Christian. We proudly wear the Name of Him Who loved us.

  1. Song of Solomon 7:4. A nose like a tower? Why such imagery?

Sounds strange to us today, for sure, but Solomon speaks of its location, its beauty, its function, perhaps comparing all of that to a popular edifice he himself had built in the land. Perhaps it was a watch-tower, where men are posted to discern trouble. Properly placed, well-built, beautiful to behold… a good comparison to the nose, or as some translations want it, the face. Everything he saw on his beloved made him think of something beautiful he had seen and loved before. No fault in her. This is what Jesus will see in His bride when she is finally made into His image.

  1. Song of Solomon 8:5-6. What is the meaning of these verses?

I’m speaking of the literal meaning here. We must keep remembering that there is a literal scene being portrayed, whatever the symbolism one reads into it. Verse 5 seems to say that the two lovers, or the newlywed couple, enjoyed one another’s company under a certain apple tree, pointed out by Solomon as they now take a walk in that same area.

And coincidentally - again I am reading the text literally – that very spot is the place where one of them was born. A very special place, to say the least, filled with precious memories. Who continues talking in verse 6, indeed the speaker of 5, for that matter, is the subject of many discussions, which I must bypass for now. The harshness of the language suggests that perhaps it is the king speaking, asking to have the wife’s total devotion, reminding her of the power of love, then of jealousy. He seems to be saying that the fiery flashes of a jealous love are from the Lord. Here jealousy is praised, though there is a jealousy that is outside the bounds of the man of God. He seems almost to be sounding a warning, that his own jealousy would be aroused if she did not take seriously the commitment to which they are entering.

  1. Song of Solomon 8:8-10. Why is this matter of the “little sister” introduced?

Many have declared that from verse 8 on is just an “epilogue”, not really a part of the song. Others say that, no, Solomon was not in touch with our idea of what a song should look like, and here he is just continuing on in his description of things as they were. His wonderful times with the bride, the bride’s birth and birthplace. Now, the sister. This is not some deformed woman about whom they are desperate. It is merely a very young undeveloped girl who one day will have a suitor like Solomon, and will need guidance into her marriage.

Then they have a discussion about what sort of person she will evolve into. Will she be a wall? Or a door? Obscure ideas, maybe. But the one idea that surfaces in the commentaries that makes sense here, is that a”wall” person is chaste, a virgin. No one has been able to break down her defenses. She marries as a pure and holy woman. For this she will be honored by the family. The door imagery then seems quite appropriate. She is loose, yielding, the opposite of the former picture. She will be protected.

The bride now comments on her own development, physical and spiritual, and how Solomon found such satisfaction in her.

Not a divergence from the theme at all. We have this wonderful love. May my little sister have what we have , when it is her time.

  1. Song of Solomon 8:11-12. Why talk of a vineyard now?

No doubt the symbolism is rich here, but I again comment only on the underlying story, which does indeed take another turn here and seems to veer off from the beautiful romance of the earlier chapters. But love, which was at first passion, has now resolved itself into familial concerns (the little sister), and the everyday business matters that a good marriage entails. His good wife is now seen managing some of the agricultural domain that the two have accumulated. Solomon’s vineyard will becared for by others now, and her own vineyard is similarly let out to other workers, as the couple begins its new ventures in the palace and have to leave the rural life behind.

Overall, then, if one must symbolize, here we have a picture of Christ, wooing and winning His Church, becoming committed to her, and asking for the same commitment. The intimacies of our friendship to Jesus, followed by the responsibilities of Kingdom life, are all spelled out, but in the end, verses 13-14 of chapter 8, the over-arching theme of the book concludes: “Let me heart your voice, King, come to me, I need you now and always.”

Category:  Bible Study

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Flowers and Foxes. The Romance of Solomon.
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The Song of Songs. What does it mean?
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Dust vs Spirit. Everything is not vanity after all...
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Solomon Q & A: Too righteous, Death is the end, Life under the sun...
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Solomon Q & A: Life Under the Sun
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1. Ecclesiastes 2:1-11. God promised him wisdom and riches. Were these not good gifts? God’s gifts do not come with an instruction book, but instructions about them are surely in the Holy Book. He has told us that we should not set...
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So what's wrong with wisdom?
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1. Ecclesiastes 1:1. Were there “preachers” in Solomon’s day? What does the title of the book mean? The word refers to one who speaks to an assembly, whether religious or otherwise. Solomon, the King, would evidently...
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Solomon on Fools and the Word of God
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1. Proverbs 26:4, 5. So should you “answer a fool according to his folly” or not? And what does that mean, anyway? Notice how often there are two sides to the story in this book. Here is another demand for digging a little deeper....
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Solomon on Soul-winning and Gluttony
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1. Proverbs 9:1. What is meant by the “seven pillars”? The commentators are once more agreed: They do not know! Most of them suggested that “seven” signals perfection, but that seems to be as close as we can come to an...
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Programming Notes
Posted by: Hackberry House of Chosun | more..
Effective immediately: the NORTH KOREA AUDIO WEBLOG, normally broadcast on weekends, will now be heard as one of the 5 week-day podcasts, when it occurs. There will no longer be a WEEKEND podcast. And, the PHOTO ALBUM on North Korea will also be...
[ abbreviated | read entire ]
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