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JUN 25, 2017
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The Angel that Restrains the Antichrist, and other q & a
SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 2017
Posted by: Hackberry House of Chosun | more..
  1. I Thessalonians 2:16. “So as to fill up the measure of their sins.” What does this mean?

There seems to be a certain amount of grace God gives to every man and nation. A measure, if you will. The Jews were now reaching their limit. God was about to cut them off.

  1. I Thessalonians 2:16. Why does Paul say that wrath has (already) come to the Jews?

Indeed, the destruction of Jerusalem was still years away. The judgments we have seen through the centuries, including the Holocaust, would not materialize any time soon. But Paul says the judgment, the wrath, has already come. The abandonment of those who refused Christ is sealed. They are not going to turn back. Though they may live in every generation with a measure of freedom and happiness, if they continue in their rejection of their own Messiah, their doom is sealed.

  1. I Thessalonians 3:3. About which afflictions is Paul talking?

2:14 holds the key to this question. The Thessalonian Christians were being persecuted for their faith in the same manner as the church of Judaea. It was for this reason that Paul sent Timothy to the Thessalonian church on a mission of comfort.

  1. I Thessalonians 4:4. What is the meaning of “vessel” here?

A vessel is merely an instrument. A man’s own body is probably the vessel to which Paul refers. Verse 3 says essentially the same as verse 4. God wants you to be holy and self-controlled. He wants you to abstain from immoral sexual behavior. Control your “vessel”.

Some believe Paul is talking about the wife here, but the context seems to favor what I have written.

  1. I Thessalonians 4:6. How could one “take advantage of and defraud his brother,” in this context?

There are many ways to cheat (defraud) someone, and this happens even in the church. But the context here is sexual impurity. The implication is that even a brother in Christ is capable of being taken over by lust for someone else’s wife. A solemn warning is given by Paul to avoid this behavior.

  1. I Thessalonians 4:13, 15. If the soul does not sleep, why does Paul use the term “asleep” here?

To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. So says Paul. He would not contradict himself here by suggesting that the soul sleeps until the resurrection.

Jesus Himself used the term when referring to the now deceased Lazarus: He is not dead, He sleeps.

We would say he was dead! Jesus and Paul say, he is asleep. It is a metaphor. A man in a casket certainly appears to be sleeping. His soul has left him. His body is limp, as in sleep.

Fact is, the soul is very much awake, as we see in the Revelation of John, where souls of the martyrs are being clothed in white robes.

  1. I Thessalonians 5:17. How can one “pray without ceasing”?

Pray without intermission, says the Greek. Paul uses this terminology elsewhere in his letters. He says that he prays without ceasing for a particular person. Is this a 24-7 occupation of the apostle, to pray for one person all the time? No, nor can this verse before us be interpreted that way. The idea seems to be, without giving up, without yielding to other unneeded activities. Constant prayer on the knees, or with uplifted hands, is not seen here, nor is even audible prayer enjoined on us. But constant prayer, if nothing but the name of Jesus, is required of us.

A good test of our spiritual condition would be whether we can indeed speak that Name at a moment’s notice throughout the day. This test would surely eliminate much media, and a host of extra-curricular activities. Where the Name is not welcome, we should not be participating.


  1. II Thessalonians 1:4-5. How is persecution of Christians an “evidence of God’s righteous judgment?”

The persecution was unwarranted. Yet the Thessalonians were taking it well. Persevering, believing. Paul seems to be saying that the fact that evil was prevailing here and that righteousness was being tested, shows clearly that God is going to judge the wicked some day. “After all” says verse 6, “it is just for God to repay with affliction those who afflict you.”

  1. II Thessalonians 2:6-7. What is restraining the coming of the wicked one?

It has been assumed lately, and preached widely, that the Holy Spirit filling the church of God on earth, is the restrainer of the wickedness antichrist will bring. Once the church is removed, the Spirit goes with it, and antichrist can have a free reign.

A closer look at this and the relevant passages in Revelation show another picture. Antichrist is indeed being held back, but the holding back seems to be on the other end of things, where he exists right now, waiting to return to Earth. When the restrainer is taken out of the way, antichrist will be free to reveal himself in the miraculous way Paul goes on to describe.

Revelation speaks of a pit from which antichrist arises. It speaks there of a place guarded by angels, who have the key to that pit. Locusts, for example, are released on the earth at a given signal. I believe that antichrist is waiting to re-surface , and only needs the nod from Heaven, and that angel will reappear, key in hand.

  1. II Thessalonians 2:8-10. Does it seem here that the lawless one will be born and raised among us, or that he will suddenly appear?

Antichrist will be a resurrected man. That much we know from Revelation 17. I believe he is full grown at this point, but not on the earth. He is waiting in the “Pit” for the green light from the angel who holds him prisoner. I believe all the speculation about the possible men living on earth today is wasted energy. He was, he is, he will come. He mimics Christ in that regard.

  1. II Thessalonians 2:11. Why does God delude people?

We read elsewhere of the hardened heart. When the cup of grace has been filled and a person is still not willing to acknowledge Jesus Christ, the cup of wrath must be filled. Some of the drops of that drink are delusion, the believing of the lie. God can see when a man is not going to repent.

  1. II Thessalonians 3:14. Is it a good thing to put a brother to shame?

Our goal is not shame. The purity of the church is the goal. Outwardly vocally disobedient people in the Body must be stopped. Separation must take place. The man must see he is out of order, not in step with the holiness of God. The shame that ensues may bring him to repentance. Coddling him and making him feel comfortable in his sin will must definitely not produce a repentant heart.

Category:  Bible Study

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Saved by grace... sealed by the Spirit... brought into unity... and more
TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2017
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When we were kids
FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 2017
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Galatians 4:3. When were we “children”? He is using an example here. Though a child might be the heir of all things in the household, he might as well be a slave until the appointed day has come for him to inherit. On that day,...
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Paul: My Gospel or Else!
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Paul, the real deal. His passion for TRUTH.
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Jesus came so we could get rich? What is "Babylon" today? and more
TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2017
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II Corinthians 6:17. This passage is in Isaiah, here, and in Revelation. How should it be applied? In Isaiah 52:11, God is speaking to Jews who had been exiled in Babylon. Time to come home. Don’t bring anything from Babylon with you....
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Belial, the second Blessing, Paul's Resume, and more...
MONDAY, JUNE 12, 2017
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II Corinthians 1:8-11. What event, possibly, is Paul talking about? Asia, recall, in the days of the apostle, is a relatively small Roman province in what we call Turkey today. Ephesus is in that province, and is probably the trouble he is...
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Gifts for Today? Baptism for the Dead? Fools and Accursed?
FRIDAY, JUNE 09, 2017
Posted by: Hackberry House of Chosun | more..
1. I Corinthians 13:7. Explain: “Love believes all things.” He is gullible when he loves? Just believes every teacher, preacher, book or magazine? No, not that. Though we have seen enough of those people. Knows that a person is...
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Communion, Head-coverings, Spirit baptism, and more...
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1. I Corinthians 10:16. How do we “share” in the body and blood of Jesus? “This do in remembrance of Me.” In our mind is to be the picture of what Jesus did for us. We gaze upon the Tree and the Blood that flowed, and...
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