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UPDATED: 24 May 2014
24 MAY 2014 - Ongoing (Ongoing updates/deletion of links) Blog: Added hiatus note of return; Uploaded new sermon highlight (Lisburn Free Presbyterian Church-Ulster); Added Free Presbyterian Church denominational distinctives. Church Locator: Updated/deleted links Publications Online:...
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Reformed Church of North America
U.S.A. - Canada - Northern Ireland - Japan

Reformed Baptist Church (U.S.A & International) - Directory
Note that Reformed Baptist Churches are NOT a denomination, but are independent "sister" churches worldwide, attesting to the 1689 Londong Confession of Faith.

Presbyterian Reformed Church
Click and scroll down on "Congregations" tab.

(Evangelistic Sermons)

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      Prayer Helps      

How To Perform The Duty Commanded--A Directory For Prayer
(From The Christian In Complete Armour, Part 16)

Meditations For Household Piety
(Some Prayers For The Christian Family)

The Practice Of Piety At Meals, And The Manner Of Eating
(Prayers And Attitudes Of The Family As They Sit And Eat Together)

The Puritan Practice of Meditation: A Core Discipline of Christianity
(From Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation - The Puritan Practice of Meditation: A Core Discipline of Christianity by Dr. Joel R. Beeke, 116 pages - need Adobe to download)
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      Psalmody & Hymnody      

Psalmody of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) -
Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) - "Sing Psalms to God" - "Worthy to Be Praised" Psalmody CD Samples.

Psalms Of David In Metre, The – Scottish Metrical Version of 1650
The Psalms of David in Metre – Scottish Metrical Version of 1650. Sung a capella by an ensemble of Trinity Presbyterian Reformed Church members.
      Publications Online      

Let The Bible Speak Quarterly Magazine (Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster)
(Publication of Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, bottom of page. Archives available - Also, monthly CD available online with various speakers.) History of Let the Bible Speak: Let the Bible Speak Radio Intro: ...

Current Magazine (Free Presbyterian Church of North America)
(Publication of Free Presbyterian Church of North America) - Not (yet) available online.

Lifeline Publications (Free Presbyterian Church of North America)
(Ministry of Free Presbyterian Church of North America)

Free Church Magazines (The Witness; The Explorer; The Master's Trumpet)
Magazines of the Free Church Of Scotland (Continuing)

Free Grace Broadcaster, The
(Publication of Chapel Library. A ministry of Mount Zion Bible Church, FL.)

Banner Of Sovereign Grace Truth, The
(Publication of the Heritage Reformed denomination - See left bar for list of past publication dates)

Inheritance Publishers
(Reformed sermons from the 16th through the 19th centuries, in booklets averaging 30-40 pages each. Specializes in printing out-of-print sermons from old books that are difficult to locate. A ministry of Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation).

Messenger Magazine, The
(Publication of Emmanuel Church Salisbury, U.K.)

Puritan Resource Center
(Although this is a resource that is NOT publishing online (yet), it is being included here to inform others of this Resource Center located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. From website: Its "aim is to assemble the largest possible collection of resources on the Puritans, including antiquarian books...

Quarterly Record, The (Online Edition)
(Publication of the Trinitarian Bible Society, U.K. - The Word Of God Among Nations)

Sword & Trowel
(Publication of Metropolitan Tabernacle, London, U.K.)

Voice Of Truth Magazine, The
(Publication of Radio Missions)

Wicket Gate Magazine, The - A Continuing Witness
(Publication ministry of Reformed Baptist Church, Inverness, Scotland)
      Radio Ministries      

Let The Bible Speak Radio (U.S.A.)
(Radio ministry of the Free Presbyterian Church) Primary Speaker (U.S.A): Pastor/Dr. Alan Cairns

Let The Bible Speak Radio (U.K.)
(Radio ministry of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster) Various Speakers (U.K.): Radio North/Radio North Broadcast

Heart Of The Matter, The
(Ministry of Pilgrims Covenant Church, Monroe, WI. From Description: The Heart Of The Matter's stand is biblical and non-ecumenical, and includes a short news and commentary segment, featuring a wide range of guests from many different nations discussing a broad range of issues.) (Note:***Not all...

Reformed Witness Hour, The
("A distinctively Reformed radio ministry, proclaiming the Truth of the Sovereignty of God" "Faithfully proclaiming the Word of God over the air waves since 1940.")

KFGR Free Grace Radio
(A radio ministry of Trinity Bible Church, Powell, WY. "KFGR is committed to broadcasting expository preachers who embrace the great Biblical doctrines of the Reformation, commonly known as the "doctrines of grace." It is our desire to play Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs that glorify our...

Living Grace Radio Programme
(The Martin Lloyd-Jones Recordings Trust)

Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio
(Note:***Not all types of music on this website are recommended, but there are some traditional and classic hymns, sacred instrumental and choral music, old-fashioned gospel)

Radio Missions
("The Voice Of Truth" & "Old Trailblazer") (Note:***Not all subjects and views are necessarily recommended, but the majority of the sermons are edifying and biblical.)

Redeemer Broadcasting (Christian Broadcasting Network)
Direct link to Listen LIVE: - Heard on: WFSO Olivebridge, 88.3 FM in areas west of Kingston, NY; 105.3 FM in areas in and around Kingston and Rhinebeck, NY; and 90.7 FM in Catskill, NY (Note:***Not all music played is recommended, such as...

Trinitarian Bible Society U.K. Local Meetings
(Various dates, locations, speakers - scroll down at link to "SPECIAL EVENTS"). A few Trinitarian Bible Society meetings from the past are available at:

Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster's Annual Bible Conferences (N. Ireland)
Location: Ballymena Free Presbyterian Church - Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

Free Presbyterian Church International Congress (N. Ireland)
(?) Annually, JUNE. Location: Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church - Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Metropolitan Tabernacle School of Theology (U.K.)
Annually, JULY - All sessions and workshops BSL interpreted for Deaf people - Location: London, U.K.

Emmanuel Salisbury Church Conference (U.K.)
Annually, OCTOBER. Location: Salisbury, U.K.

Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) Family Conferences (U.S.A.)
Annually, AUGUST - Location: "Highland Retreat" in Bergton, VA - U.S.A.

Berean Beacon Conferences
Testimony of Richard Bennett, former Roman Catholic priest.

Radio Missions (The Voice Of Truth) Fellowship Days
Annually: APRIL - SPRING FELLOWSHIP DAY - OCTOBER - FALL FELLOWSHIP DAY - Description: "Our Fellowship Days are a special time for us here at Radio Missions. Twice a year, the last Sunday in April and October, our friends gather from all over the United States and we have a gracious time in our...
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      Seminaries & Schools      

Free Church Seminary
Free Church Of Scotland (Continuing)

      Sermons & Series      

Metropolitan Tabernacle (London, U.K.)
(Archive of Sunday Sermons & Mid-week Bible Studies)

Sermon Audio Live Webcasts
(Various Sermon Audio broadcasters)

Trinitarian Bible Society
(Various messages)

Trinity Baptist Church (New Jersey, U.S.A.)
(Various sermons categorized in topics)

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      Studies & Refutation      

Defending Biblical Justification (various)

      Worship & Devotions      

      Youth & Worldliness