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Buzulak Family
David and Gabriela Buzulak  |  Spring Run, Pennsylvania
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Creation Science Evangelism
The BEST site for creation vs. evolution! Bro. Hovind is one of the only Christians that doesn't copyright his stuff! He wants to get the truth out! More should follow his lead in this area! Also has a $250,000 reward for any empirical evidence for evolution. Still unclaimed!


InfoWars - Alex Jones
Wake up Baptists! George Bush is not a soulwinner, nor is he a Christian! And the Republicans aren't what they say they are! Get your heads out of the sand, and do your research! Quit blindly following this man as the Germans blindly followed Hitler!

The New American
The best magazine proving that the U.S. gov't is corrupt, insincere and empowering the UN! Actual words of actual speeches by our leading liars in the "repubolic" - have you truly read what our President said? Be advised, Catholic slant on some things, but information is correct. Very...

      Recommended Sites      

James Knox
One of the best preachers in America! Baptist, pre-trib, eternal security, KJV only, and soul winners/street preachers to boot.

Bible Believers
Good material, good links for Baptists or skeptics. Beware of Ruckamanism, though.

Way of Life
The BEST of Fundamental Baptist Doctrines, Issues, Church Directory