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JUN 26, 2017
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Cleveland Baptist Church
Dr. Kevin Folger  |  Cleveland, Ohio
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Page 1 of 2   (11 guests)  

1/21/2016 4:17:07 AM
E-Mail: contact via email
Name: Andrew Boone
State: OH
Country: US
I am member of Cleveland Baptist Church, and this a Christ Centered Church my Wife and I have been members now for 9yrs,great church.

1/1/2011 6:42:59 AM
E-Mail: contact via email
Name: keijo
City: södertälje
State: sw
Country: sweden
Let us be happy for new year again with grace and in good will with peace and helping somebody daying to salvation and with be in promises of God with faith and in visions and joy,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

10/17/2010 12:25:16 PM
E-Mail: contact via email
Name: Juliane Szubinski
City: Erie
State: PA
Country: USA
Thank-you for your time and effort to live stream your messages. I was home sick today from my church and remembered yours lived streamed. A tremendous blessing!!

10/24/2008 3:16:18 PM
E-Mail: contact via email
Name: Heinrich prophetelijah
Home Page:
City: Heinenoord
Country: Netherlands
Dear Brother/Sister, Thank you for the possibility to send you this e-mail. Please, read this letter, and believe, it is most important. And please, answer something, by sending a letter. By e-mail, by mail, in person or in another way. So that I know, I can reach believers and they can reach me. I am the one and only prophet Elijah, sent by God as He promised in Malachi 4 : 5, 6. And I/we need your help (I am with a few faithful assistants, real believers). I have to do the works for which God sent me for, and to let you know, what the Lord let me know. But the devil is like a roaring lion, of course in particular against me/us. (We don't give up, notwithstanding the tyranny). Most of the work I have to do for God, I must do for America and for the American people, because they are His special people. In an earlier letter I send to many Christians in the USA, I ask them: Don’t wait too long! It is urgent! Did’nt you want to know before, when the Credit Crisis began and what it brings? I want to tell you about that, but nobody gives me the possibility. Don't, you want to know what will happen soon? Don't, you want to know what the Lord wants from you, in this last days? Don't, you want to know which man the Lord wants to lead the USA? Don't, you want to help that man, to become the president? Where are the real believers in Christ in the USA? Those who in this time really choose for Jesus Christ, to become the highest reward of the Almighty. Where are those who in these last days really choose for the people in America, elected by the Most High? And choose for His favourite land? Does the American people also want to give their land, Gods specially chosen land, with all the blessings they get from God, to the Ishmaelites? To them that come out of the deserts, where God has sent them? Will they do as the Israel lands in Europe did? Here in Holland the Ishmaelites can and may do everything what’s wrong. More and more of them get high/important functions. They will give Rotterdam now a morrocan mayor. And he still has a moroccan passport. It is unbelievable what leftist people have done and what they have destroid, totally ruined. They shall perceive shortly what they have brought about. The absolute horror. Do you want that to happen, in the USA too? Don’t give away the United States of America to the devil, to the satan! Who in the United States wishes to help us to bring out what the Holy Spirit let me know? Make the way free for us! Here, of course in the Netherlands, of course specially in the Netherlands, satan has many henchman and they, all together, make it for us almost impossible to do our work for God. They stop everyone who wants to hear about the revelations that Elijah has to bring, his messages for them. They stop the e-mails that people send to us and that we send to others and take possession of our websites and e-mail addresses. They take from us all our money. Through special unjust taxes. Also by totally unjust jurisdiction. By total crazy sentences. And by stopping and taking in every donation, all those years. Most of the people in the world have still no idea how bad Holland is. In any case they think too positive about the Netherlands. For the prophet of God it is the worst place you can think. The most crazy injustice do they to Elijah. The most idiotic sentences they pronounce over Elijah. The most absurd convictions with only big lies and false distortions of all the facts and by breaking all the laws. Everything is permitted when it is against Elijah, including perjury under oath. The devil does anything to stop me/us. The last months they attach my house and bank account (with almost nothing on it, but I get my old age payment on it, where I work and pay for, 50 years). And they attach my old age payment, where I worked and paid for 50 years). All this happens while I am going to a higher court, in order to appeal against a sentence. I assure you: For all those things there was not any reason. I have really done nothing wrong. Never! I even was never in touch with police althoug they try with a false document They want me to (I must) take a lawyer for all those cases they do against me, (now for 7 years), but I must pay him all by myself. (They pursue me now since 1989 in the most awful way, with the most terrible things and lies). And please believe, we have no money, they have broken us totally, in all those years. We/I ask you: Please find ways to reach me and find ways to help me, so I can do the works of God, specially what I must do in- and for America.   Please stay in contact. And please organise something to help me. You have no idea what the haters of God do against me/us. Holland is full of them, specially they that can do very much against the true believers in God, in Jesus Christ, and they that can do almost everything against Elijah. This is no accusing or begging letter and certainly no letter to arouse compassion. It is a cry for help, from the one and only prophet Elijah. Please forget your own thoughts about who and how Elijah should be, and believe me. If you don’t believe that I am the real prophet Elijah about whom God speaks in Malachi 4:5, 6, be sure, the devil knows it very well. And the devil knows the times, and he knows he has only a little time. And he have the most ugly henchman. The leader of them gets every chance and help from the haters of God, and they occupy almost all de posts where they can do their works for satan. On many several ways he tries to stop the knowledge and the works of Elijah. Please, do everything to help Elijah, so he can do the works of God? Attempt something, organise something to help. But if you do, please be careful. You get to do with the nearest assistants of satan and they won’t stop, for nothing. If you want to do something for the prophet of God, be circumspect, cautious. But please do something, so that Elijah can do the works of God for America. Try to reach me, on [email protected] , or any way you can. For sure, if we receive your message, we’ll answer you. If not, be sure they stop your message. Nothing from what believers send to us, reaches us. Not by mail, by telephone, not by fax, not by e-mails. They stop everything. Try another way, but please do something for the Lord, something for Elijah. Be sagacious by your attempt to reach us and help us. Please see the website of Elijah www.prophetelijah.us Please let me hear something from you, so that we can have hope for help from believers and so that we can pray for you. Will you please, pray for us? And please let this letter read by other real believers and send it around. You shall be blessed for your work for Elijah. I thank you and wish you all the best. Hearty greetings and God bless you very much, Heinrich van Geene, the real prophet Elijah.

4/29/2008 12:57:42 PM
E-Mail: contact via email
Name: Clarence Billheimer
City: Columbus
State: OH
Country: USA
Boy, am I glad I visited this site today and learned about your coming anniversary weekend in August! I hope and pray schedules will work out for both of us to come! Brother Kevin, your message at last year's Sword Conference was so good--I was glad to hear you are still on fire up there! Our pastor at Heritage Baptist in Canal Winchester is a lot like you! I am so thankful God led us to this church. I see Brother Dan Wolvin & Brother Scott Repko now and then; they are doing great here, too. Our website is awesome, too. www.hbcministries.com is the URL. You pray that things will work out for us that weekend in August to visit for at least part of the festivities!

2/1/2008 3:49:43 AM
E-Mail: contact via email
Name: Pastor James Mansfield
Home Page:
City: Billinghay. Near Boston
Country: UK
Pleased to see you on SA and that you are using the KJV. Greetings from Betyhel Baptist Chapel. We hope to call in when we are in Cleveland in June. We are in a small village near where the Pilgrim Fathers sailed from in Boston.

6/24/2007 5:35:07 PM
E-Mail: contact via email
Name: alex whiteside
City: Banbridge
Country: Northern Ireland
I love watching live video from your Church. Great to hear sound bible preaching. Every weds night i enjoy watching the bible study live and your Sunday services, great singing and great preaching from God's word.

10/29/2006 1:44:07 PM
E-Mail: contact via email
Name: darla kay regis
City: cleveland
State: oh
Country: united states
i really love the cleveland baptist church

10/23/2006 3:05:28 PM
E-Mail: contact via email
Name: cara bradley
City: cleveland
State: oh
Country: usa
i visited a church in fla that i have always gone to when i am there.much to my surprise, the church , with the same pastor has gpne far beyond liberal when i opened the door , rock and i do mean rock music was blasting. my heart just sunk and i felt sick to my stomach.
thank GOD for pastor folger who ''stays the course''

3/13/2006 8:19:20 PM
E-Mail: contact via email
Name: cara bradley
City: cleveland
State: oh
Country: u.s.a.
my church, my pastor, my friends, i love them all. our pasdtor is the BEST.

Page 1 of 2   (11 guests)  

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