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Bridwell Heights Presbyterian Church PCASERMONS
Pastor Patrick Hines  |  Kingsport, Tennessee
Our Mission Statement: Bridwell Heights Presbyterian Church desires to glorify God through biblical worship, strengthening individuals and covenant families, and bringin...
Chalcedon Presbyterian ChurchSERMONS
Tim Price  |  Cumming, Georgia
Making the World's Nations Christ's Disciples! Chalcedon is a congregation in the Reformed Presbyterian Church in the United States (RPCUS). We believe that God formed t...
Christ Reformation ChurchBLOG
Jeff Crippen, Pastor  |  Tillamook, Oregon
Through the influence of a 3 year teaching series through Paul's Epistle to the Romans, assisted with materials from teachers such as Lloyd-Jones and R.C. Sproul, Christ ...
Covenant Community OPC
Peter VanDoodewaard  |  Taylors, South Carolina
Covenant Community Church is a congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (www.opc.org). We are gathered to praise the Triune God, to promote the edification of God...
Dillingham Presbyterian Church
Richard Hicks  |  Barnardsville, North Carolina
A congregation of the Reformed Presbyterian Church Hanover Presbytery. We believe the Bible alone is the Word of God; that the Gospel of Jesus Christ should be applied to...
Generations RadioSERMONS
Kevin Swanson  |  Parker, Colorado
A daily radio broadcast, bringing truth and relationships to a lost and lonely world in need of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We train our listeners to think biblically, t...
Greenville Seminary & Mt. OliveSERMONS
Joseph A. Pipa Jr.  |  Taylors, South Carolina
Greenville Seminary is committed to training passionate, articulate preachers of the Gospel in the historic Reformed faith. All degree programs emphasize personal piety, ...
Heritage Netherlands Reformed
Dr. Joel Beeke, M. Kuivenhoven  |  Grand Rapids, Michigan
The Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation aims to remain true to God's Holy and infallible Word as expounded in the Reformed doctrinal standards: the Belgic Confessi...
Heritage Presbyterian Church
Joe Morecraft III  |  Cumming, Georgia
We are a new church in Cumming, Georgia, based on biblical and historical Christianity. We are evangelical and reformed. What we believe the Bible teaches is in the Westm...
King's Reformed Presbyterian Church
Pastors Donnan & Poettcker  |  Palm Bay, Florida
We meet in the Palm Bay area of Florida (just off I-95 at Malabar Road--Co. Rd. 514). We are a young, growing, family-integrated church. Some would call us small, but we...
Ligonier MinistriesBLOG
Dr. R. C. Sproul  |  Sanford, Florida
Ligonier Ministries is an international Christian education organization founded by theologian Dr. R.C. Sproul in 1971 to equip Christians to articulate what they believe...
Matthews Orthodox Presbyterian Church
Nathan Trice  |  Matthews, North Carolina
Welcome to the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Matthews, North Carolina. If we as a congregation can minister to you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us by ...
Paul Tripp Ministries
Paul Tripp  |  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The purpose of this ministry is to place the truths of the gospel (person and work of Jesus Christ) in the middle of the messy and confusing situations and relationships ...
Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship
Rev. Allen M. Baker  |  Bristol, Tennessee
A non-profit organization founded to train and equip God's people to practice Biblical evangelism with anyone, anytime, anywhere, according to the call of Acts 1:8...
Puritan Reformed Theological SeminaryBLOG
Dr. Joel Beeke  |  Grand Rapids, Michigan
Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary is an educational institution whose mission is to prepare students to serve Christ and His church through biblical, experiential, an...
Reformation Church of ElizabethSERMONS
Pastor Kevin Swanson  |  Elizabeth, Colorado
Sovereign Grace United Reformed Church
Rev. Mitchell C. Dick  |  Grand Rapids, Michigan
Sovereign Grace United Reformed Church is a member of the United Reformed Churches of North America that holds to the historic Biblical Christian faith as summarized in t...
Westminster Presbyterian Church
G. Brent Bradley  |  Kingsport, Tennessee
Westminster Presbyterian Church was begun in 1973 by a group of believers who desired to have a congregation that emphasized the following: the infallibility, inerrancy ...
Whitefield Media
Dr. Kenneth Talbot  |  Lakeland, Florida
Whitefield Media is a ministry of Whitefield College and Theological Seminary. The College and Seminary was established in 1980. Whitefield is committed to teaching stude...