Understanding Roman Catholicism
Teaching Ministry on the One True Gospel  |  Dumfries, Virginia
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Our ministry purpose is to compare and contrast authentic, current Roman Catholic teachings and practices with what the Bible teaches on crucial topics such as: God's revelation (Bible vs. Tradition); the means of salvation; Christ's work at the cross; the role of Popes, Bishops, & Priests; the mediating role of Mary in Salvation; Rome's strategy of Ecumenism and it's success among 'evangelicals'; and Rome's key doctrines which remain unchanged since the need for the Reformation (all of them!). John was a Catholic for his first 25 years and became a born-again believer by the grace of God alone at age 47. He has been teaching on his former religion since 2003, principally to fellow evangelicals who do not know about Rome's very different gospel -- which is NO gospel at all per Galatians 1:6-9 -- and also to Catholics who have not heard or understood the Good News of Christ's finished work at the cross of Calvary.

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