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Our First Blog part 1
Posted by: Lew and Andrea | more..
(Oops, had to split up blog, did not know there was a size limit)

Since I've not blogged before and am still ignorant of etiquette and protocols in this environment, this first one may be excessive, clumsy, goofy...and then again, we shall see. Hummm, I believe I will start with some family history (yawn) and then move agonizingly forward through time or perhaps not.

First, I believe I will introduce my wife and I to this blog, I suppose this could this come under the "About us- Who we are" title on the previous page but I will invoke the "1st time blogger clause" and stumble forward. This introduction may require a little clarification before proceeding ( oh no, an intro to the intro). Not long after my wife and I were married I started something, you see, the Lord has blessed me with a wife of noble character and so for every month that has 31 days I give her a note and a small gift. I have called this P31 day, for Proverbs 31, the verses about a wife of noble character. Anyway, the introduction I provide is in the form of a P31 note to my wife from not so long ago:

Happy P31 Day Andrea Marie!

Proverbs 31, I never weary of reading.

Andrea, I am extremely grateful to the Lord for creating the woman that you are. An awesome woman who loves the Lord, who is thankful for her family and husband and has a deep love for them, for him. A woman who is a "Wife Of Noble Character" a woman who understands the brevity of time given us and of those things which are eternal and those not. A woman worth far more than rubies, a woman who keeps no record of wrongs, a woman who is patient, kind, always hopeful and full of love. A woman, who when buffeted, will, like a cup filled to the brim, spill out that which she is comprised...the love of Christ. And in our Lord's gracious tender mercy, He has appointed a time such as this, that He might pour out His blessings on a man who has no right for such a gift.

I love you Andrea Marie my "Wife Of Noble Character"

You are a blessing from God, and I will honor that blessing till my last breath.

Proverbs 31, these words I never weary of, but rather imbibe them, an intoxicating elixir granted me each day...I love you Andrea,

Your Lewie

Guess I can conclude the introduction and proceed. Oh, before I go too far backward I believe I will share an excerpt from my personal notes. In truth, my absence from home "this trip" has prompted this foray into webdom. Not knowing what else to say I guess I'll just proceed with the excerpt:

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Greetings from Lew and Andrea Bannatz! Even though we’ve been a member for sometime this is the first time we have posted anything. That being said, I guess I shall stumble along here in an attempt to comply with the “About us- Who we are” title. Andrea and I are lovers of Jesus and parents of Kyle and Sarah. Kyle moved out some time ago and Sarah just graduated Oakland Christian School and will start going to university this summer. Andrea is my wife, a blessing from God and I am Lew, our church is South Hill Church in Milford Michigan. Andrea is Elementary Principal at Oakland Christian School and I am a husband and dad that works for a dummy company (makes crash test dummies) and am currently overseas (Aug08) and desire to be with my family (homesick). I am not sure if the “About us- Who we are” has been satisfied but for the moment…Anyway, have a great day! Lew and Andrea

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