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I couldn't resist trying to capture an image of the full moon I saw early this morning outside my window.

As I studied the bright, glowing face of the moon in the chilly winter air, I thought about a hymn John Newton had written about the moon. On the evening of July 30, 1776, an eclipse of the moon inspired John Newton to write these words (The Olney Hymnal, No.85):

"The moon in silver glory shone, and not a cloud in sight; when suddenly a shade began to intercept her light.

How fast across her orb it spread, how fast her light withdrew! A circle, tinged in lanquid red, was all appeared in view!

While many, with unmeaning eye, gaze on Thy works in vain; assist me LORD, that I may try instruction to obtain.

Fain would my thankful heart and lips unite in praise to Thee; and meditate on Thy eclipse in sad Gethsemane."

John Newton was keenly aware that all of creation declares the glory of God and he perceived a parable to our hearts, likening the eclipse of the moon to the events surrounding our LORD's atonement, in the garden, at the cross. Truly, when the LORD Jesus took upon Himself the heavy load of His people's sin, His Own Light was diminished, snuffed out. He descended into the darkness of hell, but then by divine decree, the light of God was restored to Him when the penalty for sin was fully paid!
When you look at the moon, what comes to your mind concerning our Blessed Saviour and LORD? Dear one, may God bless you as you think on these things.

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"No Condemnation Now" A NEW HYMN on Romans 8:1
Posted by: Arthur and Kathleen Vick | more..
A New Hymn by Kathleen Shea Vick - "No Condemnation Now" - Based on the Scripture Text from Romans 8:1 - "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit."

HEAR THE MUSIC At The SermonAudio Online Hymnal

ALL MUSIC IS COMPLETELY FREE at our eDocs Tab. We praise God for the privelege of being able to give freely to all who will be blessed.

We continue to pray for a great outpouring of the Spirit of Christ upon the hearts of His people now - in our day - that we who watch, wait and trust in Him would see a great revival. The preaching of The Glorious Gospel of God's Free Grace, unearthing the wells of living water that have been stopped up by the enemies of Christ with their free will religion, must precede the refreshing of the saints and the saving of souls. We pray that great music, expounding the doctrines of Free Grace, would be an earmark of the moving of God in our day. Praise God for the privelege of being a part of it!

The LORD's Music Must Be Free To All!

You may copy, print, distribute and sing the music, but it is NOT TO BE SOLD.

Other Hymns by Kathleen Vick are posted at The SermonAudio Online Hymnal:

FREE Music Notation to Other Sacred Songs and Hymns by Kathleen Vick. Just click the external link here below:

"No Condemnation Now"
Here is a new song I have written on Romans 8:1. The music notation for this Octavo Arrangement is...

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Kathleen Shea Vick
Q: How does one begin to explain the Gospel of God's Free Sovereign Grace in the Person and Work of His Dear Son to children? A: Tell the truth in simple language,...

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