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ACTS Prayer Guide
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This ACTS plan for prayer is designed to be an application of the Biblical principle of praying God's words to Him. Many seem to struggle today in having a meaningful time with God. Prayer is not just telling God what we need. It is our desire that this plan will help you in your walk with God. Following a 30-day prayer list keeps your prayer time from becoming routine. The prayer list can be incorporated right into a New Testament using the letters A-C-T-S. Enjoy a "sweet hour of prayer."

Adoration of God

  • Read a Psalm
  • Read or sing a hymn
  • Praise for God
  • Attributes of God
  • Praise for God the Son
  • Praise for God the Spirit

Confession of Sin

  • Personal sins from your reading of Scripture
  • Sins in Christianity
  • National sins

Thanksgiving for Blessings

  • Blessings from your reading of Scripture

Supplication for Needs

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