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JUL 26, 2014
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Zion Tabernacle
Pastor David Carson  |  Chester, England
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This section shows all user comments posted
on all sermons, products, blogs, and events for this broadcaster

· Page 1 ·  Found: 26 total user comment(s)

Sermon7/2/14 5:07 AM
Florin Motiu from Oradea, Romania  Contact via emailFind all comments by Florin Motiu
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Pastor David Carson
“ Great arguments. ”
Very good arguments. Thank you!

Sermon7/1/14 7:45 AM
Florin Motiu from Oradea, Romania  Contact via emailFind all comments by Florin Motiu
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The Origins of Mariolatry
Pastor David Carson
“ Great warning. ”
This was a very good message. I recommend it to everybody. Satan has a peculiar way of deceiving people with worship of Mary. We see this clearly in Romania, where the Eastern Orthodox Church worships Mary more than the Trinity.

Sermon7/1/14 5:27 AM
Florin Motiu from Oradea, Romania  Contact via emailFind all comments by Florin Motiu
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Neo-Evangelicalism, New Calvinism
Pastor David Carson
“ Great lessons. ”
This was a good and useful message for me. Yes, God call us to separate from compromise and to preach the Gospel for the salvation of sinners. Saved people will be salt and light in this world.

Sermon6/18/14 6:55 AM
Florin Motiu from Oradea, Romania  Contact via emailFind all comments by Florin Motiu
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Henri Arnaud
Pastor David Carson
“ Great lessons. ”
Persecution, perseverance, and God's providence. The sad reality of false teaching destroying what persecution couldn't do!

Sermon2/19/13 10:16 PM
Asa from Arizona  Find all comments by Asa
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Beware of Dogs
Pastor David Carson
“ Great Sermon! ”
So much for " The old fashion altar" Duet. 7:5

Sermon1/8/13 5:03 AM
Mrs. S. from America  Find all comments by Mrs. S.
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Love The Brethren
Pastor David Carson
“ Great Sermon! ”
Plain teaching,easy to be understood.was blessed.

Blog4/3/12 3:29 PM
sola fide from Chester  Find all comments by sola fide
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Reading Intelligent Atheist's comments to date I think any fair minded person will soon realise who is intolerant. "Priests of all religions" have not been involved in child abuse, chiefly RC priests. The RC Church opposed Copernicus, as did many of his fellow scientists. In your first comment you said you approved of all kinds of love, which is why I asked if you approved of paedophilia. Read "The Pink Swastika" for a well documented account of Nazi homosexuality. Ernst Roehm was not executed for being a homosexual but because he was head of 600,000 plus Brown Shirts and had spoken out against Hitler. The homosexuals who were put in concentration camps were mostly Communists or political opponents of Hitler. Some were incarcerated for being homosexual in order to cover up the widespread homosexuality among the Nazis.

Blog4/2/12 5:23 PM
Mike from New York  Find all comments by Mike
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Intelligent Athiest wrote:
"I'm beginning to wonder why I even bothered writing to you in the first place. You'll carry on with your hateful and intolerant ways, quoting from the bible to justify your actions. Unable, to think for yourselves. If such mental slavery is "faith" & "belief", then I'm glad I have no part of it. Don't bother replyimg to me. I for one refuse to communicate with bigots. So I won't be writing to you again"

One can be taught by the teachers selected by Christ, or one can be taught by whatever cultural standards are floating around. Frankly, the mental slavery to God is much more appealing than the mental slavery to the self-centered, intolerant hate-filled snobbery of the culture.

Blog4/2/12 4:49 PM
brainsell  Find all comments by brainsell
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'Unable, to think for yourselves.'

Intelligent Atheist, can you kindly watch the above video when convenient and come back with your critique. The first question is for you to understand 'who is brainwashing who?'

I am interested that you can tolerate the act of sodomy, but unable to tolerate Christian views and the bible gery

(please join the whole word to complete the above link)

The above link will be of interest as a matter of law and how as society has become sexualised that abominable acts have become acceptable.

Why do you tolerate what has always (historically) been seen as an abominable act until decriminalized in 1967 and is still seen as an abominable act by the majority of folk still able to think and reason for themselves?

Please view the video and we await your critique, then I am sure you will want to defend possibly both abominable acts with your intelligent thinking for yourself?

Watch the video and think it through logically, please.

Blog4/2/12 4:07 PM
Intelligent Athiest  Contact via emailFind all comments by Intelligent Athiest
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First things first. I'm genuinely stunned that you've left me most recent statement up on your site. Religion has a long and ignoble history of stopping those that speak against it. If you don't believe me, just ask Capernicus. As for sola fide's comments. Actually no, i don't believe that paedophilia is love, it is a form of child hate. And for a religious person to use the example of paedophilia is hardly wise when you consider that preist of all faiths have long been guilty of that particularly abhorrent crime.

As for the comments on my intelligence?I am going to treat those comments with the contempt they deserve. Unless of course sola fide can prove that s/he has never made a typing / spelling error. The top Nazi's were homosxuals? The only top Nazi I known of to have been a homosexual was Ernst Rohm. And we all know what Hitler had done to him.

I'm beginning to wonder why I even bothered writing to you in the first place. You'll carry on with your hateful and intolerant ways, quoting from the bible to justify your actions. Unable, to think for yourselves. If such mental slavery is "faith" & "belief", then I'm glad I have no part of it. Don't bother replyimg to me. I for one refuse to communicate with bigots. So I won't be writing to you again

Blog4/2/12 3:14 PM
sola fide from Chester  Find all comments by sola fide
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Does Intelligent Atheist believe that paedophilia is love? The Bible, God's word calls homosexuality "vile affections" and "lust". Those that practice these things have been given over to a "reprobate mind".
Intelligent Atheist obviously isn't aware that many of the top Nazis were homosexual. In fact homosexuality was known as the "German Disease" in the Thirties. The only chance that Jewish boys had of surviving the concentration camps was to become the lovers of the camp guards.
Incidentally, "Intelligent Atheist" isn't that intelligent judging by his spelling ability.

Blog4/1/12 1:07 PM
intelligent Christian  Find all comments by intelligent Christian
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God states.
"If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them." Leviticus 20:18.

"Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. 26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: 27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another;" Romans 1:18-27.

Clearly the "LOVING" thing to do is to warn the homosexuals that the wrath of God is to come and that those who reject and change the truth of God as recorded in the Bible, will be condemned to hell and damnation.

The Liberals and the atheists (Psalm 14:1) are conducting hate towards others by not proclaiming what God has stated, ordained and made HIS law.

Blog4/1/12 12:53 PM
Intelligent Athiest  Contact via emailFind all comments by Intelligent Athiest
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I have never heard such vile and ill informed homophobic bigotry as I have coming out of the mouths of people speaking on behalf of the Zion tabernacle church in Chester a couple of weeks ago. "Marriage neeeds YOU" the placards said, And a petion trying to stop same sex marriage being made lawful. When will peoople such as you relise that love in whatever form it takes, and in whatever form it is displayed can NEVER be "sinful" or "wicked". It should never be opposed but shouted from the highest mountain top.

Attitudes such as that displayed by these people ultimately leads to homosexuals being made to wear pink triangles on their clothing and being taken to places called Buchenwald,Treblinks,Bergen - Belsen, & Auschwitz - Birkenhau. But then agin, uou probaly approve of the Nazis because they got rid of all the "christ killing jews".

Just so you know, i am not a homosexual, I am someone who believes in equal rights for all despite race,colour,credd,sexuality, etc. Am attitude that is obviously not shared by you.

I'm fully expecting none of mu comments to be be put up on uour site, as you have no moral courage whatsoever, despite all your claims to the contary. You woyld not recognise the carpenter from Nazareth if he entered your church in person, on that you have my

Sermon9/11/11 12:21 PM
Gregory21 from Wales  Find all comments by Gregory21
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Dispensational Errors
Pastor David Carson
“ Interesting ”
Someone had better inform the Jews that 'Christian' Dispensationalism has cut short Judaism's reign from eternity to a thousand years. No longer is the Roastrian belief of Jewry valid, though Dispensationalism might allow Jewry back on to a newly refashioned world. By the way, who rules? Judaism or Christianity, in the so called thousand year reign? Is it red meat or pink pork chop? It appears, on the surface of things that Christianity shall fall before Judaism, Christ before Moses, law before grace, Calvary an insignificant matter, or as Darby intimated, a mistake, brought about by Jewish unbelief.

Sermon9/11/11 12:04 PM
Wiseman2 from Wales  Find all comments by Wiseman2
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Dispensationalism: An Introduction
Pastor David Carson
“ Thought for the day ”
Strange how Dispensationalists think that they shall stand with the Jews when the Millennial reign shall be introduced. So what religion is going to stand in this day? Judaism, as it does in the minds of thsi school, so demeaning the work of Jesus Christ, upholding Moses, Moses the better man, law better than grace; though they will deny this by lip service. By the way has someone informed the Jews that Christianity, so called, has restricted their reign to a thousand years, and that they shall have to rule alongside Christians? The last thing Jewry spoke of was that their reign was to last an eternity. Some one had best tell them that Dispensationalim has cut short their reign, though it will allow for a replay, that the Jews shall return to a newly fashioned world, along with JW's, those excess of the 144.000 that are in heaven. Another thing. We that speak for the end time profits have a bargain basement deal for Dispensationalists. We guarantee to give full instruction as to how best to communicate with all the Old Testament tribes that shall appears when the old dispensation shall appear. Our language courses cover, Canaanite, Hitite, Perizite, Gergeshite, and many more. Motor cycle training course are also available for that ocassion when a Hitite wishes to learn to r

Blog9/11/11 11:54 AM
William2 from Great Britain  Find all comments by William2
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And all went to hell in a hand basket. Is that new Nick, or old Nick?

Blog9/11/11 11:52 AM
Gregory 21 from Englsnd  Find all comments by Gregory 21
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Sentiment will never see sinners in heaven. We need a return to the Protestant faith, of the preaching of election, not this wishy washy God's loves you nonsense. George Whitefield, and every true Protestant preached upon election lines, emphasing that man was at the mercy of God.

Though to hear two faced, Janus, Paisley, a blood bank was opened up with Romish altars.

Sermon11/21/10 9:31 PM
Luth from Philippines  Contact via emailFind all comments by Luth
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I praise and thank God for this sermon.

Sermon9/12/09 6:36 PM
Cindy Toolsie from Toronto,Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cindy Toolsie
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Woe unto the Pastors
Pastor David Carson
“ Great Sermon! ”
GOD is faithful and true and so is this sermon. Truth at any cost, I believe GOD loves this kind of teaching. Praise GOD! Thank you for your faithful and honest preaching. GOD Bless you.

Sermon8/1/09 10:39 PM
Janet from USA  Find all comments by Janet
• Add new comment
Studies in the Psalms (23)
Pastor David Carson
“ Encouraging Sermon ”
Thank you, Pastor Carson, for your series on the Psalms. I so much enjoy and find spiritual blessing in these as well as in your other messages found here.

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