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NOV 27, 2014
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Sovereign Grace Community Church
Kit Culver  |  Denver, Colorado
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Sermon5/23/14 11:19 AM
Rebecca  Find all comments by Rebecca
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“ Great Sermon! ”
May GOD be pleased to open the ears of believers IN HIM to perceive and understand this message. Please listen

Sermon12/29/13 5:09 AM
Joy Salvetti from Sydney,Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Joy Salvetti
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“ Great Sermon! ”
You pack this sermon and I had to listen to it over and over again to take on the Scriptures that I have known and not necessarily put together. It was worth it and indeed the "Truth sets your Free ". What a Paradox in the Incarnation an so illuminating. Again thank-you.

Sermon12/6/13 9:53 PM
Joy Salvetti from Sydney,Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Joy Salvetti
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“ Great Sermon! ”
I have always hoped that I would one day hear you preach sermons on the Resurrection and now I am not disappointed. You just open so many windows to ponder the greatest Truth of All - and to ponder, appropriate or enter into such great work of our Resurrected Christ - to God be the glory. Now I hope to hear you preach of the Gospel of John some day.

Sermon9/24/13 11:17 AM
DJC49 from Florida  Contact via emailFind all comments by DJC49
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“ Wow! ”
NO ONE preaches/teaches the Gospel as well as Kit Culver! Set aside all the others on SermonAudio.com and listen to this (and any other sermon by Kit Culver). Personally, he makes the lights go "ON" after listening to his sermons.

Blog2/19/13 8:35 PM
sanctified from West  Find all comments by sanctified
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What a Gospel!

Sermon3/14/10 2:45 PM
Seeker from Massachusetts  Find all comments by Seeker
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This is probably one of the most profound sermons on Romans 1:18 that I have ever heard. "The essence of sin is a perverted perspective, by which we view ourselves in relation to God from the standpoint of a self-determining framework."

Sermon3/13/10 6:32 PM
GDEZ from North Augusta, sc  Contact via emailFind all comments by GDEZ
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“ The real word ”
Pastor Kit Culver, How beautiful are your feet. I walk a mile or more with you every day.

Sermon2/19/10 12:46 AM
Jessica from Los Angeles  Find all comments by Jessica
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“ Thank You! ”
I am so thankful for your messages Kit. I have been trying to catch up on your Acts series and just find every one of them so full and encouraging as always! Thank you for being true to the Word of God :) These postings are such a gift!

Sermon11/1/09 4:00 PM
Arthur from Scotland  Find all comments by Arthur
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“ Excellent Teaching ”
An excellent message and concise teaching of Romans Five verses. This can be a difficult passage but Kit Culver takes us step by step and reveals the teaching of Paul, in an enlightening way. Thankyou Kit Culver, I will return to you sermons.

Sermon10/13/09 12:00 AM
Lainey Oliver from western north carolina  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lainey Oliver
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“ Great Sermon! ”
God promised He would send a preacher. He is faithful. Dr. Culver is one of those whom God promised. Take time and listen and grow in spiritual knowledge.

Sermon6/25/09 1:25 PM
DJC49 from Florida  Contact via emailFind all comments by DJC49
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“ Jesus is the FINAL Temple! ”
Despite what some (Pre-Trib/Pre-Mill Dispensationalists) may profess, there will be no third temple in Jerusalem built by hands. And if some try to build such an abomination, it will be a monument to unbelief. Acts 15:14-19 does not speak of the building of a third (Millennial) temple. This is because JESUS Himself is the total fulfillment of what the previous 2 Jewish temples signified. The REAL has come. The shadows and types have passed. Jesus is the Destroyer of the earthly sanctuaries and the builder of the true spiritual sanctuary: Himself and His Church! The final 20 minutes of this sermon will make your head spin -- in a wonderful, blessed way! Another great teaching sermon from Kit Culver.

Sermon6/25/09 12:00 PM
DJC49 from Florida  Contact via emailFind all comments by DJC49
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“ Splendid Sermon! ”
How is Pentecost -- the outpouring of the Holy Spirit -- related to the "Last Days" and the "Day of the Lord" as spoken of in the prophecies of Joel cited by Peter? Listen to this profound teaching sermon and find out! Another gem from Kit Culver.

Sermon6/24/09 7:46 PM
DJC49 from Florida  Contact via emailFind all comments by DJC49
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“ Exceptional Sermon! ”
This sermon is so good, so life-giving, that after listening to it, you will think that you have been "raptured!" Kit Culver teaches that those who are "in Christ" now by virtue of having been born again have already taken part in Christ's Resurrection. That's all I'll say ... you MUST listen to the sermon for the rest of the story! It's absolutely worth 1 hour of your full attention.

Sermon6/21/09 4:44 PM
DJC49 from Florida  Contact via emailFind all comments by DJC49
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“ Learn Christ from the Scriptures! ”
Another wonderful sermon in which Kit Culver explores 3 threads of Messianic typology/prophecy. Kit shows how these 3 threads are woven into the rich, intricate tapestry which is Christ. The King David typology of Christ; the Davidic Covenant of 2 Samuel 7:12-17; and the Melchizedec typology are the 3 threads -- and they all come together beautifully in this dynamic sermon. Listener BEWARE: this sermon has substance! For some it will be strong (maybe too strong) meat. Those who are not all that familiar with the OT Scriptures will not fully appreciate the power and depth of this sermon.

Sermon6/19/09 7:47 PM
DJC49 from Florida  Contact via emailFind all comments by DJC49
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“ An AMAZING Teaching Sermon! ”
This is part 39 of an extraordinary 62 part teaching series entitled "God with Us" -- the Restoration of Sacred Space. THIS series has to be one of the better series on all of SermonAudio. What an adventure! Starting in Genesis 1, Kit Culver takes the listener right through The Revelation tying it all together by showing the intricate and beautiful design of God's ultimate purpose for His creation, the Fall, and His ongoing redemptive plan centering on Jesus Christ. This series is a GREAT overview of the Bible. If you decide to go through the entire series, you'll be saddened when part 62 comes to an end.

Sermon6/5/09 9:21 AM
DJC49 from Florida  Contact via emailFind all comments by DJC49
• Add new comment
“ A Multifaceted Gem of a Sermon! ”
Kit Culver is probably one of the relatively unknown, hidden treasures on SermonAudio. He is a gifted and blessed teacher of Scripture. In this sermon he explores the many ways that Acts 2:14-22 fulfilled OT prophesy. Most importantly, he explains how the OT "Day of the Lord" concept was indeed fulfilled in Christ's death, resurrection, and the outpouring of the Spirit. This is a wonderful teaching sermon. Wonderful! If you've never listened to Kit Culver before: BEWARE! He just might wake you up out of your very limited understanding of Scripture -- it ALL pertains to God's redemptive plan to restore His Kingdom in Christ. BTW, It's a VERY worthwhile usage of your time to listen to his entire 62-sermon Series entitled: "God with Us" Start at the beginning [SID=11407161733] and GROW in your understanding until the end of the series. It's marvelous. One sermon per week is a fantastic idea. Thank you, Kit! God continue to bless you!

Sermon2/21/08 6:03 PM
Jen Uwarow from Hesperia, CA  Find all comments by Jen Uwarow
• Add new comment
“ Getting back to the good stuff! ”
How I miss hearing these every Sunday. It's been a while since I've visited these sermons and it's good to be back! The part about Christ's work being forgiveness of sins PLUS so much more than that...is not often preached! Thanks Kit. We miss you guys.

Sermon1/25/08 12:47 PM
Charles from Arkansas  Contact via emailFind all comments by Charles
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“ Wonderful treatment ”
This is an unusually good scholarly treatment of the book of Esther that glorifies God. I loved it.

Sermon1/12/08 1:34 AM
Joy Salvetti from Australia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Joy Salvetti
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Gold, gold, gold. I started listening to your site when I was leading a Bible Study in Genesis and the usual literal exegesis which I have followed no longer seem to satisfy what seemed to be there in the text. At last after listening to your talks the depth of the first creation started to dawn , let alone the unity of the Scriptures and the salvation history has taken a much richer foothold in my life. I am about a third way through your talks. Thanks so much and I pray others will open up this site and be thrilled the great richness that is there. I have listened to about a third of them so far.

Sermon1/29/07 8:32 PM
Jason from Colorado  Find all comments by Jason
• Add new comment
“ Essential Listening ”
Pastor Kit continues to hit the nail on the head regarding the importance of rightly understanding "Sacred Space". Since sacred space is a creational reality and the Dwelling Place of God is really "the realm in which God is present in relation to His creation", then we should expect that Shalom (and the principle of Shabbat) would characterize His creation. Shalom is absolute, perfect Peace; a peace that speaks of wholeness and total harmony. Shalom connotes integrity-every (created) thing "being" true to its inherent nature and its essential function. Pastor Kit says this: "Viewed comprehensively, shalom is the condition in which every created thing finds itself in perfect conformity to itself and its created function. In turn, this full and faultless self-conformity expresses itself in inter-creational harmony: When a given thing is perfectly conformed to its own created nature and function, it equally exists in perfect harmony with everything else." Amen! And what was "lost" in the (typological) Garden, God has promised to restore! The OT prophesies (in its fullness) of the One to come in whom creation will be restored-Christ the Lord! In Christ is the restoration of all things. And "in Christ" God dwells with His people. In Christ is our Shalom and our perpetual Shabbat!

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